French and Saunders Sl:( ‘(' (‘lydc Auditorium. l'inntcston Quay. 0870 040 4000. 730ptii £24 50 1.2050. Scc l'ri l4 Paul Sinha: King of the World 'l'hc Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 000 (>055. 7.45pm £8 t£7i lhc iiitclltgcnt and chartiniig Siiilia shows (ilasgow why hc's onc ol lhc rising stars ol thc comcdy world. Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'l'ron 'l‘hcatrc. ()3 'l roiigalc. 552 42(i7 8pm U2 it‘ll Scc prcyicw tor Stcwart lA'C.

Miles Jupp: Everyday Rage and Dinner Party Chit Chat lllc Stand.

3 33 \thxllzllttls Road. 0870 000 (i055. l0piii. £7 (tot, l)c|ightlully woi'dcd coiiicdy bascd around dinncr parttcs. puns and storics.


Dwight Slade 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £80.10, A 00001;”! show lroiit tlic iitaii dubbcd a ‘cothcdy lottr dc lorcc'.

The 50p Show 'l‘hc ('anons‘ (iatt. 232 ('ariongatc. 550 4481. 8.30pm. £50p. Two hours ol lrcsh. sttidcttt l'ricndly coincdy l'or oitly 50 shitty pcncc. witli skctchcs and stand-up aplcnty lroiii somc ol tltc |titcicst yotiiig talcnt.

Glasgow French and Saunders Sli( ‘( ': (‘lydc Auditorium. l'innicston Quay. 0870 040 4000. 7.30pm. £24.50 £29.50. Scc l‘il‘t l4. Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'l'roti 'l'hcatrc. (i3 'l‘rongatc. 552 42(i7. 8pm. £12 (£9). Scc 'l‘tic l8. Simon Munnery The Stand. 333 \Voodlantls Road. 0870 ()00 ()055. 10pm. £7 (£6). Munncry is hcrc to sharc morc til ltis lltouglils. skL‘lL‘ltcs. charactcrs arid ltllllilt‘S.

Edinburgh Paul Sinha 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £8 (£7). Scc Jim 18.


Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'l‘roti 'l'hcatrc. (i3 'l‘roiigatc. 552 42(37. 8pm. {l2 (L0). Scc 'l‘uc l8. Stewart Lee: 41 st Best Stand-Up Ever 'l‘lic Stand. 333 \‘l'txxllands Road. 0870 (>00 r055. 8pm. L‘tti (£8). Scc

prcy icw.

Russell Kane Blackl‘riars. 3o Bcll Strcct. 552 5024. 8.30pm. £7 (£5). ('hirpy Kanc ctitcnains thc socks ol‘l' ( ilasgow in his onc—maii show.


lmprobabble 'l‘ltc ()ulhottsc. I 2a Broughton Strch Lanc. 557 (i608. 8.15pm. £2 til i. Scc Thu 13.

Heresy 'l‘hc Jckyll & Hydc. I I2 Haiioycr Strch 225 2022. 9pm. £3. Scc 'l'hti l3, The Thursday Show 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 9pm. £7 (to; £3 mcmbcrs). (‘raig Hill and his w'cc smilcy lacc compcrcs this 'l‘hursday cyctiing. with thc unsmiling biit brilliant Rcycrcnd ()badiah Stcppcnw'ollc lll.


Paul Pirie: Hip Hip Hooray Maggic

May's. 50 'l‘rongatc. Mcrchant ('ity. 548

1350. 7.45pm. {a 0.4). Hypcractiyc

comcdy trom lhc rubbcry Piric iii a

brcathlcss hour ol‘ random thoughts. Alun Cochrane: Things that Have Happened to Me in Life


or in Cafes 'l‘hc Stand. 333 \Mssllands Road. 0.8-0 ()00 ()055 Slim L 10 1 {8i (ilaswcgian Yorkshirctnan (‘ochranc is onc ol thc bcst racontctirs tti thc country. witlt thc ability to spcllbtnd ait .tlltllL‘llc c w ith gciitlc obscryations about stutl Ed Byrne (‘httrch on thc Hill. In Algtc Strcct. l..ingsidc. 8pm U2 tilll 50: Do what you cart to gct tickcts lor this oncoll show troin Hyrnc. in tlic city that saw him through his sttidcnt days Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'lron lllL‘illl‘L'. 0“ 'l rongatc. 552 4207 8pm. U2 it‘h Scc 'l'tic l8 Russell Howard: Adventures lltc ()ld l'rtitttiiarkct. (’atidlcriggs. 3.53 8000 Spin. LI 3 iii ll llc tnight bc all succcsslttl itow hc's on Radio 2 and 0 Music btit Russcll‘s kccptng Ill tottch witli his comcdy rotitcs willt this show abotit his trayails. Sandy Nelson and Friends: Unscripted! 'I‘hc Hull (‘Iuh I42 Halli Lanc. 248 I777, 8pm. to. l)ancc Monkcy Hoy. l)ancc mcmbci Sandy .\'clson prcscnts a ttight ol llllpt'tt\ tscd coincdy Jel‘l Kreisler: Comedy Against Evil Hrcl. 3‘) 43 Ashton l,anc. 342 40m) 0pm. £8 t£7l It's thc itiati who won lhc Hill lllL‘ks Spirit Award.

Marther McBrier: So you Think

You’re a Good Heckler Maggic .‘ylay 's. 50 'l'roiigatc. Mcrcharit (in. 548 I350. 0.30pm. [8 tin). A sccontl call to arms l'rom thc sunny Mclirtcr.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurs. ()mni ('cntrc. (irccnsidc l’lacc. 08707 870707, 8.|5pm. {I I. ('clcbratc thc talciits ol‘ Scan l’crciyal. Junior Simpson and (iary l)c|ancy.

Laughing Horse at Meadows Bar 'l'ltc Mcadows Bar. 42 4-1 Httc‘clcuclt Strcct. oo7 (i007. 8.30pm. £5. Put a spring in your stcp with tltc rind-March comcdy show. l‘caturirig 'l'otitiiiy .‘ylackay. l.ticy Jcnnings. l)anicl lltintlcy. 'l‘hc ch Man. l)aiiicl Sloss. Martin McAllistcr and M(‘ Rick” Mollaltd.

The Stand 'l’hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. .558 7272. 9pm. U) 0.8; L5 lltL‘ltllX‘l‘Si. 'l'hc cycr-smiling. cycrssinging and cycrso camp (‘raig Hill hosts this wcckcnd's

jolliL‘s. \Yillt lalt Moorc. (iary l.ilt|c. l’lttl

l)ill‘cr arid Ailsa Johnston.

Glasgow Andrew Maxwell the (iaragc. 490 Sauchichall Strcct. 3.32 l 120. 8pm. U2. 'l'hc (‘hicl~ littllnitmncr takcs a brcak l‘roni howling at thc moon to show tts somc ol~ his scampish comcdy skill.

Jimmy Carr Sli(‘(‘: (‘lydc

Auditorium. l-innicston Quay. 0870 (Mt) 4000. 8pm. £|‘).50. Morc l‘rom thc dcadpan onc with his wcc llcshy lacc and bcatttil'tilly blcak humour. Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'l‘ron 'l‘hcatrc. (i3 'l‘rongatc. .552 4207. 8pm. £12 (£0). Scc 'l'uc l8. Scott Agnew: Big Boy 'l‘hc Bull. 142 Bath |.anc. 248 I777. 8pm. to. 'l‘hc ludicroust tall onc inycstigatcs a rarc mcrital illncss and his journcy to bccoming a ‘Hig Hoy'.

Sean Lock 'l'hc ()ld lirtiitmarkct.

('andlcriggs. 353 8000. 8pm. U3. 'l'hc than who w‘rotc thc magnificcnt I5 Sror't'ys Hr]qu sltltlllcs onto thc stagc to bamboo/Ic anyonc who thinks hc's just a dim and nostalgia show guy. Alex Horne: Birdwatching Blackl‘riars. 3b Bcll Strcct. 552 5924. 8.30pm. £8 tflii. 'l‘hc wondcrlttl Hornc ttscs his storytclling skills in this touching talc ol~ watching birds.

Edinburgh Jongleurs Comedy Club .longlcurs.

06-23 MARCH I 08

()titnt ('cntrc. (iiccnstdc l’lacc. 08707 87070~ 8 15pm U4 Scc in 2]

The Stand lltL‘ Stand. .5 York l’ldc‘L‘. .553 "2-2 9pm L12 Scc lit 21

Glasgow Lemoncustard Comedy Hrcl. W 4‘~ Ashton lanc. 342 4‘)(»(\ 3pm [3 tt2i Scc Sun In Justin Moorhouse: Who’s the Daddf.’ 'l‘hc Stand. 3.33 Woodlands Road. 0870 ()00 (>055 7 30pm L” IUH g\ cautious pcci into thc world ol parcnting. lroiii a scarcd but \cry ltiiiny comcdtati Jimmy Carr Sl‘.( '(' ('lydc :\lltlllttrltllll. l‘llllllL‘SlUlt Quay. 0870 0404000 8pm {1950 Scc Sat 32 Johnson and Boswell: Late But Live 'l'ron 'l’hcatrc. (i3 'li‘ongalc. 552 42(178pin. L12 ti‘h Scc luc l8. Teddy Bares lircl. 3‘) 43 Ashton law. 342 4‘)(»(», 0pm. to t£5i lxndcartngly luntiy iiioaiititg lroin 'lcddy. who is a rcal pcrson arid not Illsl a sttitlcd toy with onc cyc sitting on thc lap ol a child.


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. lptn. Scc Sttit to. Bank Holiday Special 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £8 (£0. Ll iitciiibcrsl. laii Moorc. (iary l.tttlc. l’hil l)itl'cr. Ailsa Johnston arid host Joc llccnan liclp you cclcbratc that cstra day till rust.


Fit 0’ The Giggles Absolute Beginners 'l'hc Mcrcat. 28 \Yc‘sl Maitland Strcct. 225 38(il. 8.30pm. Ll Scan Wilkinson hcads up tonight's linc-ttp ol' iicwcr comcdians. gagging at thc hit lmctaphorically l. With rcgular compcrc Kcara Murphy.

Red Raw 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 8.30pm, £2. A chancc l‘or lltosc who lancy thcriisclycs as thc iicxt Billy (‘onnolly can hayc a go bchind thc mic. kindly assisth by Jill Pcacock' and Andy Sir.


Red Raw 'l'hc Stand. 333 \N'otxllands Road. 0870 ()0() (>055. 8.30pm. £2 (£1 iiiciiibcrsl. ’l'hc l‘cstiyal might bc oycr. btit you cart now cclcbratc comcdy tor a couplc ol~ quid with Andy Sir and a shcdload ol‘ aspiring stand-ups.


OOT II: The Second Coming 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £8 lL'ol. (iay-l'ricndly tun as (‘raig Hill aitd Jill l’cacock prcscnt sonic linc coriicdians. such as San l-‘ran's Sabrina Malthcws.


Best of Irish ’lhhc Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870 (>00 (>055. 8.30pm. £7 (£6; £4 mcmbcrsl. St Patrick's Day has just slippcd ottt ol rcach in thc mists ol timc. so rcl'rcsh your ntcmory ol all things grcat and Irish with Brcndan l)ctiipscy. John Lynn and Robbic Bonhaiii.


Best of Scottish Thc Stand. 5 York Placc. 558 7272. 8.30pm. to l£5; £3 mcmbcrsl. Joc Hccnan hosts tonight as thrcc comcdians dcmonstratc JUSI how fantastically diycrsc Scottish coiiicdy can bc. l'rom thc carthy gmtnpstcr Raymond

06-23 MARCH I 08


llllllGS Y0" MIGlli N01 KNOW ABOlli . . .

When l)il\‘.‘lt i ninth and (lt‘lll‘llt‘l Saunders first tho: ll‘. ttifr' .it london's‘ Central School at Stiotw“ and Drama. thov didn't oxat‘tl‘, hit :f oft. Saunders; boltovod l {Ullt‘l‘ yas .i cocky upstart' whtlo [)awri thought Jon was ‘:;nooty and aloot'.

French is CfC‘dlUXl With burnt; tho first person to say the word 'blowiob' on tolevrston. Sho caused a scandal altor her rornark on. somewhat tihStirhrisiriqu, 7hr) lt/ho. back in 198.1.

Saunders collapses; into a lll ol hystcrtcs ovary singlo time i itfll(2ll does her Mick Jaggor impersonation.

Last year French decided to move to Cornwall With hor faintly l(‘ get her memoirs Willl(:ll as 3hr: believes that she has only a low years left on this earth.

Saunders; and lltll)i)l(}. Adrian Edmondson. have boon so determined to shelter their throo children from tho SltOWlMlSIltOSi; lift: that at the ago of nine. daughter Beatrice asked: ‘Murnrny, arr: you Jennifer Saunders?‘

(Brian Donaldson)

Playhouse. Edinburgh, Fri 74 8 Sat 75 Mar; SECC. Glasgow, for: 78 8 Wed 75) Mar

Mcarns. to thc tincanhly l’attl l’trtc \ ta thc wordsmith l’hil l)illci.


The Thursday Show 'l'lic Stand. 333 thxllands Road. 0870 000 (>055. 8.30pm. £7 lib; £3 mcmbcrsl. Stisan ('aliiian hosts this cy citing ol good lttti and iapcs. 'l'hc

w cc onc is prcscnting Hrcndan l)cmpscy. Kcy in Bridgcs. John Lynn and Woody.


Impmbabble 'lltc ()tithotisc. |2a Broughton Strcct Lanc. 557 6608. 8.l5pin, £2 til i. Scc 'l‘hu l3.

Heresy 'l‘hc Jckyll (y; Hydc. I I2 Hanmcr Strccl. 225 2022. 9pm. £3. Scc 'l‘hti l 3. The Thursday Show 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7272. 9pm. £7 (U); L3 inciiibcrsl. Raymond Mcarns hosts tonight's liiic linc-up ol spilling coriicdians. all sct to unqucstionably ciitcnain your wcc socks/tights oll. laii ('ognito. Stuan Murphy (Q (iarry Dohson. Robbic Honhant and Andrcw lcarnionth arc all thcrc tor you.


44 THE LIST 13—27 Mar 2008