Name Ciaran Hinds

Dom 9 February 1959. Belfast. Northern Ireland

Background Encouraged to act by his amateur actress mother. handsome. oval-faced Hinds began his film career in 1981 in John Boorman's knights-ot-the- round-table romp. Excalibur. He's since enjoyed a prolific career in film. television and theatre. Regularly appearing in supporting roles in films made on both sides of the Atlantic (he made the American gangster drama Road to Perdition and the Irish biopic Veronica Guerin back-to-back). Hinds finally achieved leading man status on the British small screen. starring in literary adaptations Jane Eyre and Persuasion. A more significant role in Steven Spielberg’s Munich and his Julius Caesar in the TV series Rome increased his visibility/credibility in Hollywood. but on the big screen Hinds remains a greatly admired supporting player.

What‘s be up to new? Treading the boards on Broadway in The Seafarer by Irish playwright Conor McPherson. Hinds also has supporting roles in four current and forthcoming films: There Will Be Blood. Margot at the Wedding. the hitmen comedy In Bruges and Iraq War drama Stop Loss.

What he eaye about being cast as iraacibia publisher Dick Kooaman in Margot at the wedding 'There was no reason why I should be involved in a project like that. I think someone dropped out at the last minute. because the call was very sudden: “Can you start in a week?” The next thing I knew I was running across a beach after Jack Black and kicking the crap out of him. I didn’t even get a chance to say hello to him. I did apologise after the first take.‘ Interacting fact Having studied drama at RADA. Hinds began his professional acting career as the rear-end of a pantomime horse in a production of Cinderella at Glasgow's Citizens' Theatre. He was soon playing the lead in productions as various as Faust and Arsenic and Old Lace. and his lengthy stay at the Citz prepared him for a career on stage that's taken him around the world with. for example. an RSC production of Richard III. (Miles Fielder)

I Margot at the Wedding is out on general release now.

62 TH. HST 13—27 Mar 2008

Daddy Day Camp (PU) e Savage. CS. 2007) Cuba (iooding Jr. Lochlyn Munro. Richard (irant. Tamala Jones. 88min. L'nloveable sequel to the equally unlovable Daddy Dav ('are which hails a new low in Goodng career Crude and sentimental. the film relies on bodily- llmd gags that fall well short of the barely - raised bar established by kiddie pratfall comedies such as Cheaper by the Dozen ('tneworld Par/(head. (ilasgmv .’ (‘Hlt'ltllr/(I Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

Dan in Baal Life (PC) ee (Peter Hedges. CS. 2007) Steve ('arell. Juliette Binoche. Dane Cook. 98min. Rooted in warm. middle-class family values and about as predictable and inoffensive as a TV sitcom. [)an ill Real Life is the story of an advice columnist and widower ((‘arelll who falls in love. with his brother‘s girlfriend (Binoche). Lead-footed and lame but mildly


engaging. Carell's pleasantly effortless

comedy style manages to save the film from complete mediocrity Selected releave. Dance on Screen (FL) (Various) 90min. A programme of historical films examining the relationship between dance. movement and the camera. Featuring Maya Deren's A Study irt Choreography for Camera. Yvonne Rainer‘s Trio. Hilary Harris' .‘v’ine liiriationv on a Dance Theme. Elliot Caplan's Beach Birds for Camera and Peter (ireenaway's Rosa. C(‘A. Glasgow.

Deep Sea 30 (PG) (Howard Hall. Canada/US. 2006) Voices of Johnny [)epp. Kate Winslet. JImin. A 3-D digital exploration of the ocean‘s depths and its creatures. IMAX Theatre. (i/asgoii. Definitely, Maybe ( IZA) ee

(Adam Brooks. UK. 2008) Ryan Reynolds. lsla Fisher. Elizabeth Banks. Rachel Weisz. l l lmin. Single. 30-something Manhattan dad Will Hayes (Reynolds) answers questions from his ten-year-old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) about his life before marriage and realises that he still has opportunities with three very different women. Another crapola Working Title romantic drama with Fisher. Banks and Weisz as the ladies in Will‘s life. ('ineii-orld Renfreii' Street. Glasgow; Dominion. Edinburgh.

Diary oi the Dead ( 18) eee

(George A Romero. US. 2007) Nick Alachiotis. Matt Birtnan. (ieorge Bura. 94min. With his fifth zombie filtn Romero goes back-to-basiCs with a zombie attack and a video diary made by college students and uploaded to the internet. It‘s more humorous than horrific with Wes Craven. Stephen King. Quentin Tarantino and Guillermo del Toro contributing newsreaders‘ voices but. unfortunately. all this is neither as much fun. nor as smart or as gory as one would have wished. Selected release.

Don’t Look Back (U) eeee (DA

Pennebaker. UK. l967) Bob Dylan. Joan l

i.;: s.


.. .v' . é ' . a-l

Baez. Donovan 06min Dylan on tour in England in 1965. opening up to the camera and meeting up with the likes of Alan Price. Allen (iinsberg and a sycophantic Donovan The songs "The Times They Are A- (‘hanging Subterranean Homesick Blues'. etc a are excellent. and master documentarist l’ennebaker has a good feel for the boredom of the road (unteo. bdrnburgh

Don’t Worry, I’m Fina (Je vale vien, na t’en faia paa)(12.-\ilt’hillippe l.ioret. France. Zoom Melanie Laurent. Kad Merad. Isabell Renauld lllllmin The flight of her twin brother from their family home caUses l.ili (Laurent) to fall into a deep emotional malaise. Stunned by her parents‘ reluctance to search for the youngster. l.ili's depression sees her tail to eat or sleep liospitalised. the girl receives a letter which leads her to find her twin and uncover the reason behind her family ‘s deteriorating dynamics Part of French Film Festival. (ilaveovi l-ilni Theatre. l’tlmhouse. Edinburgh.

Dreams I IS) (Various) Mann. A selection of shorts all chosen for their pioneering use of mythic. nightmarish and psychedelic visions. Featuring ('n ('hien .»‘lndalou. Mevhev of the Afternoon. [Jimenvuinv of Dialogue. Lev Jeut dev angev. Avparaguv and ()ur Ixulv of the Sphere. l'itlrnhouve. [2'iltrilitirgli.

The Dybbuk ( l’(i) eeee (Michael Waszynski. Poland. I‘HX) Abram Morew ski. l.ili l.iliana. Dina Halpern. l25min. This Yiddish language version of Ansky's play tells the supernatural tale of a young bride possessed by the soul of her true love. immersion in Jewish culture is total ~ from the opening shots in a synagogue to the marvelloUs moments of singing and dancing. Part of Yiddish Cinema season. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

The 11th HounPC) eee (Leila Connors Petersen/Nadia ('onners. CS. 2007) 95min. See Also Released. page 50. Selected rel use from Fri 2/ Mar.

The Edge of Heaven ( l5) 0.” (Fatih Akin. (iermany/ Turkey. 2007) Nurgul Yesilcay. Baki Dacrak’.

Tuncel Kurtiz. l2lmin. A multi-character tableau that delicately interconnects multiple characters across ill communication and violence. this is comparable with Alejandro Gonzalez lnarritu‘s flawed Babel. L'nlike in that film. however. Akin refuses to allow melodramatic contrivance to enter the frame jUst ardour and atonement. despair and hope. Highly recommended. l~' Edinburgh.

L’Enfant (The Child) (15) eeee (Jean-Pierce Dardenne/l.uc Dardenne. Belgium/France. 2005) Jeremie Revier. Deborah Francois. 95min. Fighteen-year-old Sonia (Francois) returns frotn hospital with her new-bom son Jimmy. only to find that her flat has been sub-let by her petty thief boyfriend Bruno (Renier). When a ‘fence'


£2 .

Legendary Hungarian filmmaker Miklés Jancsé's terrific 1966 film about the slow extraction of

information from arrested insurgents after a failed revolution now looks all too prophetic. Bleak and unforgettable it is impossible not to think of Abu Ghraib when watching this brilliant film. Jancso will be on hand for a post film discussion with writer and filmmaker Mark Cousins.


lFr/mhouse. Edinburgh, Wed 79 Mar. 6pm.

tells him that people pay good money for babies to be illegally adopted. he impulsively decides to sell his own offspring. tnggering a tatetul chain of events Another impressively u'isentimental yet compassionate account by the Dardenne brothers of lite amongst young have-riots in the anonymoUs Belgian indUstrial town of Setaing Part of l'rancographies season Fii’mhouve. bdrnbureh

The English Surgeon I IS) ((icotl'rcy Marsh. l'ls'. Zoom 04min lznglish neurosurgeon Henry Marsh documents the work he is doing in Kiev. and otlers a touching and compelling insight into the difficulties faced by a surgeon when he mUst confront the dilemma of the doctor patient relationship With original mUsic by Nick (‘ave and Warren lillis A Scottish Documentary Institute screening followed by a Q&A with the director and the surgeon (ilavgmi I'll/n Theatre

Fair Play t 15) (l.ionel Bailliu. France. 2006) line Saviii. Benoit Magimel. Marion (‘otillard 99mm A development of his short Si/uavh. Bailliu's satire l-air l’lav turns a IocLiscd lens on the realm of office politics The film focLises on the driven (‘laude (Magimel) who w ill go to any length to bag a promotion. whether it be tireless backstiibbing or caUstic gossip Part of French Film Festival. f‘tlltt/liiuvi’. Iz'dinburgh 51 Birch Street ( IZAI eea (Doug Block. l'S/(iermany. 2005) 90mm Documentary filmmaker Block returns to his family home to unravel the recently surfaced

mystery of his parents‘ marriage. By sifting

through three large boxes of diaries and

conducting candid conversations with other family members. he gently works through the mystery and finally comes to peace with

his two distinctly troubled and complex parents. Special event screening followed by Ode/X with director. I’ilmhouye. Edinburgh.

Fitzcarraldo ( l5) eeeee (Werner

Herrog. Peru/West (iermany. l‘lX2) KIaUs Kinski. Jose Lewgoy. ('laudia ('ardiiiale l58min. At the turn of the century. an

eccentric lrish rubber-baron. known as Fitlcarraldo to the natives. decides to build

an opera home in the Peruvian Jungle, To this end. his massive steamship has to be hauled over a mountain. resulting in a

determinedly realistic South American

odyssey that proved punishing for director. star. and the unfortunate hordes sucked into

making their dreams a reality. But the result

is damned impressive. Edinburgh I-ilni

(iuild. Edinburgh.

Fiatiand (PG) (Ladd lihlinger Jr. l'S. 2007) Voices of Chris Carter. Megan Colleen. Ladd lihlinger Jr. 95min. Based on mathematician Edwin Abbot's 1884 novella.

this animated work investigates what

happens when a square which lives in a two- dimensional universe discovers a life of meaning in an alternate three-dimensional world he names Spaceland. Part of Film Maths at the Movies. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

The Flight of the Red Balloon (PC)

(Hou Hsiao-hsien. France. 2007)

Juliette Binoche. Simon lteanu. Fang Song.

1 l5min. See review. page 50. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

The Game Plan (L') eee (Andy

Ficktnan. US. 2007) Dwayne Johnson.

Madison Pettis. Kyra Sedgwick. ll0min. The (fame Plan follows the fortunes of Elvis-obsessed American football superstar

quarterback Joe Kingsman (Johnson) and his

estranged eight-year old daughter (Pettis)

when she enrols him in ballet school. The

result is overblown and overlong. bland and

formulaic. yet its earnest brand of character


comedy for pre-teens pays off. General release. (Leonard

Abrahamson. Ireland. 2007) Pat Shortt.

Anne-Marie Duff. Conor Ryan. 84min. Like Abrahamson‘s quirky junkie comedy Adam and Paul. Garage is another instance of oddballs living life on the margins of Irish society. which casts stand-up comedian Shortt as village idiot gas station attendant Josie. whose attempts at relationships are painful and heart-wrenching to watch. With lofty ambitions. this sophomore effort suffers

from heavy-handed dénouement at odds with

its winning. smart observations and offbeat comedy. Glasgow Film Theatre.