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The rep grows bigger

Guru has spent 15 years successfully crossing the border between hip hop and jazz. Here he tells Mark Edmundson about the collective force of Jazzmatazz

'\ e personall} a|\\a_\\ been about ti'_\ ing to ereate new. rele\ant. hot iniixie.‘ states (iiii'ti in a

considered tone that \l[\ \\ ell \\ itli his rap eanon.

'and thanks to in} partnership with the \nper—prodiieer

Solar I‘m able to do that. Not merynw has a Solar." This isn‘t the response I \\a\ e\peeting l'roni a question that \\a\ intended to stir up a little ill \xill tonards his eiinteniporaries. (illl'tl ina_\ not be among hip hop\ inoi‘e attentiongrahhing ruling elaxx. neither

\\a\ he among the \ei'} ill'Sl to break the sound nor ol

the t‘ttt'l'L‘ltl RUCkVIi‘RUHx RU} CL‘S Ul- ltitigi} ix Nng \L‘l. but at a trim and _\otithliil ill—phix he remains true to hip hop\ roots. a dependable eonstant. niarkedl} \till touring ne\\ inaterial ol‘en\ iahle tiiialii}.

"I'his is a highl) eoinple\ ixxiie.‘ eontinuex his latter

da} hrother—in~arinx Solar. 'l'ill‘ one. I know I speak on hehall ol inan_\ people here in the [S when l \a_\ that \\ L'.I'C \t‘l'} dl‘l‘l‘k‘t‘lalht‘ Ul‘ IilL' iiilk‘l lilttl [llk‘\L‘ "Hid \ehool" artists are at |ea\t being able to tour their liltISiL‘ and make an ineoine.’

'l‘hough niie\peeted this is a eoinniendahle \tanee. \xhieh tells oi a no-nonxense dtio eiii‘ientl} \\.idiiig against the tide ot eoiiipai'ati\el} timeless and t'i'eqtientl} negati\ e ehart hip hop joints in the [S

Solar eontintiexz 'It\ a struggle here in .\ineriea to get the industr}. promoters and so on here to start pining the same attention to these artists so tlie_\'re not relegated to going o\er\ea\ .itISI to he able to \xork at their trade. \Vhen hip hop \\a\ king here. \\ hen it started. it \\a\ a eoneept that was born out ot pride. out of t'i'tistration. out ot‘ intelligenee and ereatixit}. .-\ineriea'.\ heeoine. in that sense. a dead /one.'

66 THE LIST '3 .‘

It’\ IS _\eai'\ \Illt't‘ (iang Starr l'oiinding member and standard heai'ei‘ (itil'tl. \Kllil an analogous eoneerii loi pining his dues. ill'Sl exeheu ed hip hop\ \aniphng culture in la\oiii' ol collaborations with h\e ia// tll‘lISIS hit his .lii.';ui/iiii.'.' side project. In the eight _\eai\ that ha\ e passed since the release ol the lli‘ltllllltltlx third in\ta|ineiit. .Sli'i'i't Sold. the adopted Veg \‘oi‘kei' hax eniginatieall} parted eoinpan} \‘.iih leilim (iaiig Starr \taluart DJ Premier and gone his ii\\ll \xa} \\|lil producer Solar on then H (irand label.

.\lter the release ol' a (iiirti solo album the pair hax e turned their attention\ to .la//niata// . eiirrenth ioiiring |a\l _\eai‘\ \oliiine tour. //1(' Hip Hop .i/i'ni‘liei'r i/i’iiik to the l'i’l/lll't I. \xhieh leattirex a txpieall} inlorined line tip ol guests li'oin iiiieh \aiiipled \oiil i.i// inan Hob .ltllllL‘S to hotxhot l'lx' rh_\ Illt‘Slllllil \oiiiigiin.

'l5or me it's reall} haxed on .i loxe loi .\l('ing and a line tor the art l'oi‘iii.‘ \a-u (illl'll oi his longe\it_\ and I‘L‘xiiilllc‘ llll\\liilll:_‘llt‘\\ to rest on ill\ laurel» 'So that ;il\\;i}\ eoinex liixt \xith me. I lixten to t'\c‘i‘}tliiiig. and the \ltlll I like I get inspired h}. So I‘m ne\er gonna \tra_\ too tar limit what I do. Inn at the same time I'm eoitxtatitl} ehallenging in} \eltf

\ou \\ itli Solar on hoard (iiirii l'eels he has hreaehed the ne\i le\el. and both are indignant iliat nix exohition isn‘t reeei\ed in the same \\;i} as the \l.idoiiiia\. Springsteenx or Stings oi lilh \xorld.

"l‘he dit'tei’enee is that the} \\ ere enihi'aeed with their new \lllll.‘ ittlltc‘llh Sonar. 'iiillk‘itlii} the hip hop arena ean wake tip and embrace (iiii‘ii propei l_\.'

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Fri 14 & Sat 15 Mar.

Kathryn Williams and Neil MacColl l'iwn-

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.il: ,iiiifatli: i itflw i ‘tftitiii; air: .Ji lorztear i? Menu"; .iittl [ lanai: 3"" Mr, fiit‘tlf‘; gi't'l l o- Hwiiii Apart, [17. i-"i‘ Nt lit: fie/7"; Q? (IN/nil [‘ii't'. /<:".".‘)r,'.'i,'/:, 1“"; 7.7M; 7 1}“! Nth". ‘. 13);}; “.1, i’V/‘il . ’l) it'll.

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Sub-Opt it”? iiiinii j'i tit trio tiltfllJtiE; its/Ch fiiiik rock (iiittit'rz litiol, Sim-HM“. Hogarth}, If) iii;i'l«.i~’l mt'i ’lii'. li‘-.’(: Moi/.1 (Tat/xiii}! ‘.’i>/f.'ii.'i). [awning/i, In 7-1 1/, 1H! )i in. i“; H);

Guru’s Jazzmatazz 53w: ;;i'r“.'t:‘.‘.t MT. Vow/«it, HMO/III».

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The Damn Shames and The Just Joans A Keen

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Ari Hoenig Trio lire,- tiar,’ iCl’ltltif‘) of this moment New Yarn ilriii'iiim are iir‘iii:a<;lii:<i as he iffitti his tn'c-r; {JV/1:. placing in»; pr:.':,t.'s~)izie approach at the heart of tin”: music instead of just Keeping a tic-at. The l of. {it‘ll/irmrylt, Fri 2i Mm Uta/Xi

Ceilidh Culture A month icng iassomg toryfihgr of scores 9‘ ‘:.’i:tli‘: across the C13; from int,- like; of Karine Pole/art. Jamar; Len/gr: a'vl neaxa/ tipped agar/liner Km Edgar. See Dr‘n’l‘L‘J. page 67. {km/w: venues. i'f'o'inburgn. Fri 27 Mar—Sun 72Apr. i/FO/k/