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(Tarlrles 'ot‘tsrt-st moments nary-re "er trest: the t‘eutrtr\ woe atteeted ‘llaxe You l \er' and a tarrlv rauttous \ersror‘ ot Jehnm Cash's 'llrrstrnr Prrson Blues. alongside a solo act‘‘r‘ rendition of 'l". which ’Ou'xl the audleotfe i" good \ort‘e. ‘Srr‘g .3] she t‘hrrped. 'fsourrds 'me church] Mttlt‘tmlt Jays.

68 THE LIST '3 Q.‘ Mar .‘t‘rt‘f‘


Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 19 Feb .0.

Haxrng previously tlrrus lhe lrng lrrrgs upon the world ror at least the small to rnedrum grg venues of the UK. Jon 'Reverend and the Makers' McClure erl he gettrng a rrarrre as the man young Mantthester hands wrll he hassling tor therr trrst hrg support slot Whrle The lrnxrsted Wheel are from Oldham. the regional assoeratron never drd lnsprral Carpets any harm. and rt thrs lot can nanre therrrselves after a Manchester club the sarrre tnav Oasrs drd so much the hetter. When fresh faced. sortvorrxed srnger Jonny Brown rntr'oduees hrmselt to the crowd With the words

'alr'rght. \,"t(><)kers'. thrs estahlrshes the

tone of the set. The Wheel are the essenee of Manchester rand surrounding drstrretsr rortk through the ages. though the trro do tend to staring towards the l‘,rr<:rsm of Aretrr: Mon‘nm s and the power ot The Enemy rather than the dull hlanki trllrng that went :>ut Wllll Northern Uproar. Listen out tor ‘You Stole the Sun] whreh has a great. ramshackle chorus. and Strife. one of those tracks which make herng on the dore sound almost glamorous.

rDa\'rd Pollock;

With shades of Scott Walker. Smog and Simon Bonney by way of Julian Cope and John Cale to his intimately epic. tull-larynxed crooning. Simon Breed‘s wordier than thou late-night troubadouring has been championed by Bad Seed Mick Harvey, the late John Peel and The Magic Numbers. Following several self-released CDs. last year‘s The Filth And Wonder of. . . mini-album featured a song called ‘Cunts. Pricks, Wankers and Shits.‘ A just released full-length collection, The Smitten King's Lament, has a fish, a spider and a scorpion lurking in its eloquently constructed magical-realist narratives

You played Naples with Mick Harvey and are touring there again. So what’s the Italian connection?

O 0" t., r. I . ,v n ;

What about the singer-songwriter thing? It’s become such a bastardised term . . .

How w

s supporting The Magic Numbers at the Corn Exchange?

‘11 :.'.'fi:9‘ '4' r. 2"" .z..:. .I'" " 'l ‘. . The new record’s a lot mo Ieshed out isn’t it? ISM,” qr“ ,, 4. .,' I , {’H, ;, . or "I ,zrr‘r), .' /1. " 'I' W] .l' H'; ". 1“" I, "‘r ’r l' ‘.' 1' I lr‘r’n’j‘rt L; z masses" garrrsrrrrtzsteirw" Oran Mor, Glasgow. Sun 10 Feb POOR EDWAR 00 The Ark, Edinburgh. Tue 4 Mar 0... \Nl‘err rt ‘L')lll('f; tr, r, t'rrrlr Arrrr ‘to 'r‘ £l|l)llllll|llé:f»<)fiilif"'1" T'meta'rta . " r- ' ' ' ' r r txiserltixe prerjezzri‘ str'm, i)“ ll r" .' r' r" .' r r, « there t.‘.-'rtt‘_ the lr‘N-s fir r‘a A; {4- art I. " I z, r ;t r" 2' 7".» t' I: l rrirp Hl/krl .‘.'rt!‘ tt‘er' «.r-rmr‘rt twii'ttfn', frw- ‘. " '7 " : t" .w" " " w /'rrr / rAe a ‘flrgrrr 1' owed a (Ml: l ‘.r,' ‘r t?" 2'. "i s t e” r" r the; area r'rurgh fr-rst'er irrorrrts‘tzr " ’rr' ‘, °"--/\'~ " ;- Tlrr' r: r: o" than on reerrrrl, “.‘xrtl‘ t'rtrnrterrrt; d'ttrris 1' « e'fl'e. .' "1r -,-' 1 {tin .r and apoitalypttr: \tuztg‘r"; r".(:"f;.’t’:rl, n, . ,' 1 r H .r.'. t ; ealmrrrg to r‘rrllegi'r ,rlx. tretrxe Yak ng " w . rrf fr 'r. 1‘ ,‘ i’ 1' It down tur‘ther to just April, Hm"; E [r " " .r plarntrx'e [)arnren Huge st..e '.o.<,r-, .' 5: ‘°. w ,r' '2 l'.” 't'er’n, r'. When We sarrg 'r:r‘,rng ":,sel‘ to sleep. f' " i 'r ‘you (:ould have heard a rant grast- A a' :‘W- l.‘ .'.':rr- r r: drop The prospemt of 'rl'rsses tarlrn'r " ' :°'-:t:’. : . ' w " «He was less a drstractrmrx 'athw a rut/l 1' r, :."‘r " Ma “r '. rteerlerltrrja’porrtt‘rrr pert :‘-W'.r"rr".' my: "' "r attention. .‘J‘rrtr‘ ‘ a sr‘arr'»; :nr " 1‘ yid. F -; «21/11 v 1' r‘orrsrderrrrg tt‘r- Cal'l‘ne r it some f We; '4 37"7‘:" rrraterval, l;er rl‘rrr. farm,- tr i’ll‘fr'",‘.' " e l ’1': .' ;' (were 4" rnterar tru" rvvrw'na rs. "Ur'WW'l w: " a ’L' " e ,' Mark; .22": the atrdrerrre “rorrr t'w‘ z,‘ A? " /‘ nl' "' ’1 T' e' ,’:'I :w "e hearts" Hesar'lthaf ,". :.' fr" ' a' 1 rare, Ghent/wider rresr'rwtf'rw ma: " . 1' " '-1,.','r r '1 2‘ one sung as "‘Ieene' film" a " ';/:'«:’;-: ;, ."v "r: ee', 51”} eurr‘hersorr‘wknee: trer'rrrte' ' .’r .' ' 'Fja' ’;' (If. 'r" r' 1 N we"; " la‘.'.rs' ’spare 'o'rrrr’. a" at} tesarrrrtim': ’: a" ee“ e' ‘e ",’;‘:Y'w" 'r , of a set tl‘at .‘.vjrs Ire/ram”; 'rrmt, r, .‘ ' z" :"r "‘r " ,' .'t' ." H , .‘Jr medroere far tor, e‘te". 57:. «e fie" "r; T! I ,r" ‘E'ttrrtgt Nexzwartds La. "4’, r r

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