Hurrying past James Blunt and Bryan's Adams' new singles. let's start at the only logical place. the ‘Start Beginning' (FDM Records) .0.

with Nizlopi (of 'JCB Song' notoriety) and their relentlessly optimistic. acoustic pop rainbow of a song that could be coming to a mobile phone advert near you.

It seems to be a fortnight for positivity. One of the established acts pumping out the happy tunes this spring is Panic at the Disco who are reliving the first flush of love in ‘Nine in the Afternoon' (Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen) 00 but compared to their unhinged back catalogue it just feels forced. boykillboy fare better with ‘Promises' (Vertigo) OOO . which launches sonorous vocals over clattering guitar pop.

They'd better watch their backs. though. Loitering nearby is a whole gang of would-be usurpers with their own upbeat compositions. Echobeat announce their arrival with the apocalyptic debut ‘Cobra Kai' (Organic)

00. . mixing rock, Karate Kid references and side-swept hairdos. The Metros also swagger into view with their mouthy debut. ‘Education Pt 2' (Columbia) 00 . to which reactions will depend on your tolerance for estuary vowels. Slipping quietly up the outside. Yusut Azak's ‘Gazelle EP‘ (Demo) .00 channels Jose Gonzalez with earnest. frenetic. percussion-heavy acoustica and an insistency that announces him as one to watch out for. Add in 'The Witch' (Domino) 0.. by Clinic who are billed as experimental but sound very like Deep Purple meets the Velvet Underground. and more lush. glamorous electro indie complete with an atonal meltdown in the middle from The Long Blondes in ‘Century‘ (ROugh Trade) .0. and they‘re a jolly old bunch of music makers all round.

But the ones with the most right to be cheery since they have won the highly coveted (joint) Single of the Fortnight are Aussie bro and sis duo Angus and Julia Stone. who are elegantly ‘Wasted' (EMI) 00” with vocals that almost sound like an oestrogen-injected Louis Armstrong and The Xcerts. These clever little Aberdonians manage to combine tight indie rock with heartfelt lyrics and still sound fresh on double A-side ‘Do You Feel Safe' / ‘Listen. Don‘t Panic.‘ (Mannequin Republic) 0000 , which is some very good advice for staying positive. (Suzanne Black)

ROR DUFFY Rockferry lPO|\ dot) .0.

This young Welsh songbird is certainly no Dush Springfield. nor does she have the grit and sass of Ami, Winehouse. but while She may struggle to |l\e up to recent by sterical

media comparisons, Rocwern' proves that

/,. V.’..: V .I-/ 10’ . 1V] ' b "i : ", r(»' t, .1 ti ,. ) wt i‘ i ( H,‘ (1 ( 3

Eifijll fit'(,<ttt?(} ni Kit"

(‘0!) ‘Cét'lill‘it Per

ti'i {CH-it) NEON NEON Stainless Style iLUXl .C.

A concept album about John Deloiear‘. inventor of Matty McFii, '5; motor and acriuitted drug traftckeri by Super Furry Aniriials' Gruft Rhys and hip hop innovator Boom Bib sounds like a dream ticket. although the finished product is low ()l‘: conceptual narrative and high on sleek 80s sheen.

Still, the soundtrack for an irviagiriary blockbuster is ready and warting here, from austere Knight Rider -esuue theme tune austerity *Neon Theriie': to driving Huey LC‘NIS tlouro—pop r'l Told Her on Alderaan'i. Fans of each artist wont be disappointed either: Boorii Bip's rapped ‘Luxun Pool" CHORJSI ‘l'l make you tamousV a grindineg contemporary oddity i.'.i"‘.le Rhys throws himserf r‘to the '..stroas arm: se ‘- c‘onstnasry produced retro boc pedectior‘ o‘ W; endeai. cu".

.Dai. a Per cox


‘EMIA O...

‘l 100k at 50L. and let ready to Dump.’ declares the very first

. ( I 8" It.

1‘. ' t H .t T":

(1! if 1'” '. ‘ttlf‘r’. " "1' ; "s’a‘ '7_t'.rT't B: i n

b(i LK

"f‘ .ears f;r'l.,f' At'iei‘s Georgia's set/xv: most tari‘..i..:; tittiirliRE¥tv1.sri\.t: yourself a Boogie: released a studio, l P. but they've ageil weir. New Order Kl lunstail producer Steve Osborne brings retitiiz;itt:1)lst (tenttm slickiiess. The rest is all the band's doing: ‘loud. sexy rock and roll for your pleasure /ones. With the beat pumped up to hot pink as they put it, God knows modern pop needs soiiie of that.

ll‘vlalcolm Jack)

.lA/j LED BIB Live (Babel) COO

This brief. limited edition four-tracker catches drummer Mark Holub‘s guintel storming through four cuts at Pizza Express in Soho last year. Led Bib have all the bluster and fury of the band who trailblazed the unholy fusing of be-bop and punk in the UK Acoustic Ladyland. but they rely on a less punk senSibility for a more sprawling, random reSuIt. Holub is a dynamic sticksriian and the twin alto saxes leading the charge give the guintet a deep. grimy timbre.

While a COuple of these cuts take a bit to really shift into top gear it keenly illustrates the band's ample skills. ‘Work Prospects" is a little bit Black Sabbath. a little bit John Zorn. Creeping and crawling.

Mark We: ens.“


Love Affair

i Mi Di A o...

We can only hope that Hercules and Love Affairs stunning debut single ‘Blind' doesn't soak all the attention away from this great record. because otherWise the new Fast days of disco start here.

Neglecting the affecting contributions of big-nariie guest vocalist Antony Hegarty 0n the aforenientioried track and the soulfully ambient ‘Time Will', for instance. H&LA's controller Andy Butler has a rich and sassy work which holds its own on or off the dancefloor.

Horns are prominent on urbane. funkridderi floor tillers like 'Hercules Theme', ‘Athene' and ‘This is My Love'. Yet. Butler also mixes in Some expertly classx; house dynamics on the gorgeous 'You Belong and a bit of Massire Attack's trippy. after~ hours aesthetic. all of which corribines to create 2008's first great dance record. lDaVid Pollock)


THE TEENAGERS Reality Check 'Mero'rcXL) 0...

Pro"? Franz Ferdinand's 'Do You Want To' to 'il Can‘t Get No) Sat=staction' via ‘D:rrty'. savvy pop stars have always known that the best music is utterly filthy. On this basis. PariSian trio The Teenagers have made a

masterprece with

ll‘ttktf ,'i.i' tale". t Iii ."._

.trrxe'i Kl), ‘».‘.t‘t‘[‘l(‘i; “.t"lit)‘.. blissful l'ltfi’lti'tffi, :ri:.::; ltertlsai‘x Pin v.0, lt‘i.~t~t

tjlttr‘ ltl‘xl’ .‘f. .lfl. ~iiirlw (litr‘ .illa' riitliunl

i(.,}tl"‘i|i.i Pair

is. r mart ;r )Ht

RADAR BROS. Auditorium

.(jlie'iiikai l Jizrlerrjiu ."rt 0...

rada: bros

The West Coast of Scotland 'iieets the West Coast of America here, as Grasgoxr's Chernikal lJrirt‘»:rgro‘inrl pron/rile a UK release for the latest album by this 1A psych ballarleerrrig outfit.

It's really quite lo/el/ too. Jim Piitriarii (son of recording ;,.r,nr;er lel Patriariii prowdes us With a warn and likQfibiQ lesson iii tir, N to recreate the best of ()S/Cll‘1’l‘;"’,()Gt)ill 72 easy steps. Songs like Brother Rabbit. ‘When the Cold Air Goes to Sleep' and ‘Lake Life' evoke PM“. Floyd. George HatrlS()""‘, A/l Things Must Pass and GE'T‘; Clark's NO Other, .vhiie R'it'arvi's drearnr,’ lazy. effect- s/rried falsetfo rec'eates a". old» fashiOned kind of ambient s0und.

’Dav'd Rol'ock,

' "—27 Va THE LIST 69