I David Donnelly 'l‘hc Voodoo Rtititlix. I‘la \NLNI Rc'ghlcl $0001.55“ 7060 lx‘prn L5, Jan and countr} \upporting ncu thuin lulu/r lira/oz FREE Band Showcase \Vhixtlclunkim. .1 0 South Bridgc. 55" 5| H ‘lpin (all in admncc tor a gig

F’TF’T'T'TLMZ.‘ "5,"."1‘27'3 Iri/Z'rl‘..'."";:Ui",’ 2‘” ,t' Glasgow

I Asia (‘ailing :\cadcin} (iIaxgow 121 Izgllltloli Slit‘t'l. 03-1-1 4"? 2000. 7pm, £22.50 Yt'x gtillal'ixl Stcu‘ IIti\\L‘\ \ctci‘an pro}: and po\\ ci rock noodlci\. aIw lcaluring I:I.I’ druinincr ('arI I’aIincr and loiincr Bugglcx incinhcr (icolt

I )t m ncx.

I Boo Boo Davis 'l'hc I'crr}. :\ittIcr\loit Qua). 'I‘Iic I‘It‘titilltlt'Iét“. llIoUH 3(ill (lh’i Hpin, U). ('Iaxxic .\Il\\l\\lppl I)c|la hlucx troin Janicx 'Boo Boo‘ Hm I\.

I Chris Rea Ro}a| (‘onccrt Hall. 2 SaucIiichaII Strccl. 353 8000. 3pm.

£25 £27. 'I‘hc growl} gtllltll‘hl ix hack on ihc road (but Iiopclull} not thc onc that takcx a \\\III tlit‘ti \otllh to “till.

I The Decent Souls, The Void, Lost Generation and Sober Tongues (Kipilol. 408 Sauchichall Strcct. 33I llMll, Hpin. Indic rock. Fl‘fliil‘i Haight Ashbury, Hercules Mandarin and Nick Milligan Rio ('alc. 27 II}ndIand Slrcct. 33-1 900‘). Spin. Succt Icinalc harinonicx applicd to \ong\ about drinking too much uhixk'} tioin IIaiinl .\\Iihur_\. pliniiig at IIIIN I);ilicc\ on lhc Sand night.

I Ross Clark Acoustic Sessions and Open Mic ()ran .\lor. 73! 735 (ii'cal \Vt'xlct'li Road. 3.57 0200, 3pm. Acouxlic night hoxtcd h) Roxx ('lark.

I The Routes, The Ghosts and Raymond Meade 'l'hc 'l‘u l\lL‘tI \thcl. 7.3 ()uccn Strcct. 22I 435k 3pm. £3. :\|t.counti'_\ lroin 'I'Iic (iIttt\I\ and a \olo \ct I'roin Roncllcx inan Mcadc at lhix \'i\ainclodia night.

Fill??? State of Affairs, The Shermans and The Tracks Box. 431 Sauchichall Slrccl. 332 5-131. Spin. 'I‘hc 'I‘i'ack\ arc an cight-piccc rock'n’roll and will hand.

I Enablers Nicc'ii'Slc':i/). 42] Sauchichall Slrcct. 333 0000. 8.30pm. Punk and hluc collar rocking from c.\- Snanx incinhcr and associalcx.

IFI¥7Ti1§IZ Open Stage 'l‘hc llali Bar. lot) \Voodlaiidx Road. 352 9906. 3.30pm. \Vcckl) opcn inic \cxxion.

I Waysted, Pig Iron and Jack Glass King 'I'ui'x Wah \Vah IIut. 272a St \‘inccnl Sircct. 22| 527‘). 8.30pm. [I250 ()ld \c‘IiUtiI inclal band formed by c\-I It) inan I’ctc \Va) in lhc call) .\'0\ \\ ho no“ proclaim ‘it'x tiiiic to gct \Va) 5ch againf'.

I For Your Sins and Who Shot Jonson? |3th .\'oic (are. 50 (TI) King Slrcct. 553 M38. ‘lpni. .\IctaI and hardcorc.

FPBEE Marlow and idiotCUT Bar Bloc. I I7 Bath Strcct. 57-1 (1060. 9pm.

\larlou makc 'inimc \xiihoul a root H\'c't il~ hcad' and hax c drau n coinpanwn mth thc \oaring cpic xound ol ['2 and Izcho & lhc Buninnicn

. Felix Kubin SIL'rL'H. 2” :5 RL'IIIIL‘ItI Lanc. 222 2254. (icrinan kc}hoard lltttL'\IrU

I Sophie Ellis-Bextor .'\B(‘. No SauchichaII Sircct. 332 2232 (',-\\('I-.I.I.I:I)


. will The Belgranos (ilaxx .-\ic.idc. SL‘HIIHII .-\griculturaI ('ollcgc. Kingx HtllItIlltgx. \VLNI \Itillh Road. .5 35 «1000, I 05pm. oils and 7th hlucx and rock

I The Long Blondes ('ahaici \iiltairc, 3o 38 Blair Sti'cct. 220 (i150 “pin. S()I.I) ()I'I. Sultr} indic rock and \pik} punk troin ihc gii'I-trontcd. inuch Iaudcd. rm chic I.ong BIoIitch

I Linda 'l‘ht' :\l'k. .5 5‘ \\.iIL'I'ItHi I’Iacc. 228 9393. ".3llpin. Uhc -\t )R quarlct troin London.

I Dominic Kirwan ()uccn'x Hall.

87 H‘) (.IL't‘k SII'L‘CI. (ihH 201‘). HP”). {I750 lL'I5i. .-\n cxcning ol \olig “IIII onc ot Ircland'x llltt\l popular \ingcrx.

\\ ho incIudcx ballads. Io\ c \ongx. Iriin and counlr) lttthtc and rock'n‘roII in Itl\ show

I The Steve Reid Ensemble 'l‘hc Voodoo Rtitillh. I‘la \cht chixtcr Strcct. 55o 70M). lell. U2. .\Igi\It-tlp ot In c and club Ik‘tilx ax ia/x druininci Slc\ c Rcid continuc\ Itl\ collaboration \HIII I’our 'I‘ci'x Kicran IIchdcn tor \oinc l'rcc Jan. lttL‘L‘I\ hip hop. iico~IoIk and .-\t'ro-tunk.

Hill. it. w


I Be Your Own Pet ()ran .\lor.

73l 735 (ircat \chtci‘n Road. 357 (i200. 7pm. ()xcr- I4\ \hou. Scrapp} lccn garagc plllth \\ ho arc loo c‘ool Ioi' school.

I Richard Bacchus 8. the Luckiest Girls, The Dangerfields and The Black Rat Death Squad SICI‘L'U. 20 23 Rt‘ttlic‘ld I.;iliL‘. 222 225—1. 7pm. to. I‘orincr gtlllttt‘ixl \xiih NY glam pillth I) (icncration \upporlcd h} Bcll'axt punk\ and outlau nccro \urI pulth BRI)S.

I Velvet Revolver and Stone Gods (‘arling .»\cadcin_\' (iltixgtm, 121 Iiglinion Stru‘t. 0344 477 zuuu. 7pm. Shit)

()I "I‘. [ix-incinth ol‘ (iunx‘n'Roxcx, including guitarist Slash. arc joincd h} \nakc-hippcd cx-Sionc 'I‘cinplc I’iloi Scott Wciland on l‘roniinan dulicx.

I Westlife SIi('(‘. Finnicxion Qua}. 03700-104000. 7.30pm. £32.50. Scc 'I‘uc lh’.

I Caragh Nugent, The Wrong Ones, Fool for a Pretty Face and Manson lnc Maggic Ma} 'x. (i0 Alhion Sircci. Mcrchani (it). 548 I351). 8pm. £5 (£3). Singcr-songxx rilcr inllucnccd h} Joni MitcthI and (‘aroIc King.

I Hungover Stuntmen, The Imperials, The Castros and Station Sound I\or) Blacks. 5o

('5 “One of the most distinguished

()oxald \ticct. 21‘ ~11 I~1 \pzz‘. Ln ()xcr IJ\ \Iioxk Indic I‘III

I John Hinshelwood Band Icitdt ()xna. ~12 ()tago I anc. 352-1521 \pni L2 \tai ol lhc \coithh rootx. counir} and lolk Illll\lc ~ccnc play originalx and co\ci~

' Randan Discotheque, Caezium and The Ex-Men I’io\. i ll Sauchichall \trch. 332 5-131 .\pin Sci: I‘ll 14 lot Randan I)I\L\‘IIIL'\IIIL'

I Vulture Speak It h.” ()\ na. 1W I)L‘.III\IUIII)l'|\t'.(\-1”-:2\ .\pin (2 \IinnnaIN poch toIk \oundx

I Tokyo Dragons, Big Linda, Gentleman’s Pistols and lnvain King I'ul\ \\ah \\.iIi Hut. 222.: St Vinccnl Slicct. 22I 522‘) .\ 30pm L7 50 I nicconxlructcd dunih lt‘ckt‘l\ 'Iok}o I)l.igoii\ will a night ot rampaging. lotilwlttlllltlllg' guitar lIaiIing

Down the Tiny Steps, De

Rosa and Northern Alliance

I 30] \iilt' (Kilt'. 2” (VII Kltlj.‘ Slit‘t‘l. 5.53 I033. ‘lpin. Lil Idio\_\nci.itic Icncc ('olIccin c ino\ci and \hakci Ilt'.liIIIltt'\ I’lux Doug .Ioitlixtolit' oi \orthcin .-\IIi.incc play an .tt't‘lhllc \ct.

T Peep Show Bat Bloc. ll” BathSticcl.5—'-1(ill(ih ‘lpni Bad ho} guticr punks troni I.i\ing\lon,

I Rubies \icc‘n'SIca/y ~12I Sauchichall Sum-i. N1 woo, ('.-\.\'('I~.I.I.I:I)_


I Jewel 8. Esk Presents Ihc Bongo ('Iuh. .\lora_\ IIou\c. 32 IIoI_\rood Road. 558 "(304, 7pm. ‘2 3. .\Ii\cd Iinc-up ol handx lroin tIic l't'\pcclctl lIIlI\lL' Colli‘xc.

I Trash Fashion and Dance Lazarus Dance (‘aharci \‘oliairc.

3o 38 Blair Strch 220 (il7o. 7pm. u», /.citgci\t-\urling ncu ran-ix,

I The Nilight Sad, Make Model and Eagleowl 'l‘hc liquid Room. ‘lc Victoria Slrcct. 225 25(i—l. 7pin. L'Ill, .Io) I)I\i\itilt/.\I} Blood} \XiIt'ItltltL‘ inl‘Iucnccd oultii.

' ' "l i Magic Mojo Jam Session

IIic :\l'k. 3 7 \Vatct'loo I’Iacc. 22X 9393.

/.3(lpin. Soul. iunk and \xorld llltl\lL‘. .-\II inu\ician\ \xclconic.

I The Mighty Moth Magnets 'l'hc I’Icaxancc ('ahai'ct Bar. (30 I’Ic';i\;iiicc'. 7.45pm. H 0.2 uith inoih L‘tHItllltc' or no\c|l§ inusical ilixll‘tllttt‘llll. .\'o\c|t} indic act \iho pronnsc ‘noi so much a gig. as a inuxicalwn}xiicaI- cnioinological c\pcricncc'.

I Miss Le Bomb and Wounded Knee 'I'hc Voodoo Rooinx. I‘)a \cht chixtcr Strccl. 55o 71W). Hpin lain. £5 (£4). 'I‘hc Black Spring I).l\ inan tIic dcckx lei\ clcclro-pop Iroin .\I|\\ I.c Boinh and c\pcriincnial \oundx lroin \Voundcd Klic‘c‘.

I Chris Rea I’|a_\hou\c. IH 22 (irccnxidc I’lacc. 03—14 84—7 I(i(i(I. lell. £22.50 £27. Scc \Vcd It).

I Discharge and Stutter Bunny ('itrus ('Iuh. 40 42 (irindla_\ Sircct. (‘22 708(1. Spin. L'lll. I’unk inclal.


He’s an Oxygenius Sorr‘». terreole iron to start with. .Jtir'o'u IL?‘.L)IilIlOi‘id", (itiXx‘l (l! 3512"“ changed the ‘av ‘o o‘ itoittilzi' 'num :tiusl us. your: know it you heart t on its; release three writ iitt docadt ~‘ ago lo (.eleorate the 30 MRI! dormersary. may, gonna lie performing ll:o1\.'.'.'ioiething IT‘. t; entirely on this; tour.

It’s a first For tho Illtll trim,- PM", the :39 yearold musician and composer is performing hit; (Zitlfiiill‘ album absolutely two With no hacking tracks or hard (I.:;k hack up. He's also (I()l.'i( II on all the original old analogue S;\,/ritiie5;i/r:-rs. he used (see picture about». ‘.'i’IlI(.I‘- are now mostly antiques

And we’re getting it first tor some reason, the French fancy liltfl Chosen to launch his world It)th ll‘. Glasqow ~ so we‘re getting the first Shift of the whole crazy escapade. Who are we to argue?

He’s a pioneer cIEtliO pretty much single-handedly popularised various genres, trow electronica to Synthpoi) to ainhient, Without nun there WOuld be no Daft Punk or Air, which is reason alone to how down below the houttanted. silken shined enigma.

He’s a record breaker Jarre has several times held the world record for the largest ever gig, most recently in 1997, when he played before a remarkable 3.5 million people (yes. that's right; for Moscow's 8:30lh anniversary. (DOug Johnstonei

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. Sun 76 Mar.

Family entertainment with the cream of Scotland’s young classical and jazz



oi «oi Lind

children’s &


iii \(tiIiJIIIi

ihc nai ion \Utllh orrhvsir

- iii.- tulll'DIIJI u-iill:

orchestra of scotland

Scottish Arts (Ouncu

27 March - Aberdeen Music Hall

( Concert sponsored by Maday Murray & Spens LLP)

Tickets: 01224 641 122 28 March - Perth Concert Hall Tickets: 0845 612 6324 29 March - City Halls Glasgow Tickets: 0141 353 8000

Sponsored by Standard Life

6 April - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Tickets: 0141 353 8000

5 April - Perth Concert Hall

Tickets: 0845 612 6324

3 no q B) H m U) G o a Q) 3 o.

76 TI‘IE LIST ‘3—22 Ma! 2005