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The Forgotten Valley has only just been discovered by intrepid exploir is, a mystical, surreal world, where people come together to embrace the abundance of top quality music, performers, fine food, fun and trolicsi

Taking place between May 23-25th, with the backdrop of thra- breathtaking Lake District, this magical experience, entwined with the best \live acts and theatrical performers, from across the country, is a weekcrir'l

\{j to love, laugh and get lost in... .. _ \ Extensiye family “(sagging ml 'chiia'réns?entertainment, § W with workshops and the Forgotten Valley Carnival Parade. tQ' Iii,"'jiILLi'TfLIilfiIILIJ '.','Iilfilf,.IiiIZI'TT.iLIL.'I'1'.,IL.,. J WEEKEND CAMPING: 531/00 TO BOOK: Ticketline 0871 424 4444 g

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