?.'L.‘='.i-_- Open Mic \Vhistlchinlsics. -1 h South Brtdgc. 55“ 511-1 9pm Scc \lon l7.

lilil‘ 1 ’7 35' 1' Glasgow I Kristin Hersh \t .‘\ndicw ‘s in thc Sqtiarc. St x\tldtcw 's \tpiarc. 559 5992 7pm L15.'llic lormci 'l’hiowing Muscs singci ictuins with moic ol thosc songs which conic to hct in thc night

I The Enemy, Figure 5 and The Troubadours ('ailmg .Ncadcm} (ilasgow. |2l lagltnton Sti‘cct. llKJ-l ~17" 2W)”. 7pm SUI l) ()l “l Sc't' Stt122

I The Magic Carpet Cabaret ‘l'chai (him-12 ()tago lanc. 357 ,152-1 Hpm. L2. Jim .\1cx\tcci pt'cscnts a night ol songwritci's and hands.

The Ten to Five Project, Yellow Bentines, One Day Speakers and The Hostiles Box. 431 Sauchichall Stt‘cct. 332 5-131. Spin. llapp} clapp} mdtc pop from 'I hc 'l’cn lo l’nc l’roiccl. and piano pop li‘om 'l’YB.

I Team Waterpolo, Birds of Wales atid Ewan Butler King ltll's \Vah \Vah llttt. 272a St V'inccnt Strcct. 221 5279. 3,3llpm. £5. l’tcston popstct's attracting an tntcnsc amount ol intci'cst at thc momcnt. supporch h} 'l'oronto ottllil. J93 Sixpeopleaway liar Bloc. I 17 Bath Sti'cct. 57-10mm. 9pm. Acoustic guitar aitd laptop hcats.


Kathryn Williams 8. Neill

~ McColl ('aharct Voltairc. 3o 33 Blair Strccl. 22H (i|7(i. 7pm. £15. l‘olk lliIHilll‘L'tl rock li‘om Williams who has pickcd up comparisons to Joni Mitchcll and Ntck l)t'al\c who collahot‘atcs with thll Mc('oll. lhc son ol liwalt .\lc('oll and l’cgg) Sccgci‘ and hall-sibling ol Klt'sl} Md‘oll.

I lndafusion, Rodent Emporium and Kagutsushi llcnt‘} \ (‘cllar liar.

\ lha Morrison \trccl. 22‘ 9393 \pm

L ‘, 'liiplc l‘lll or rock and indic pop

.' .i i Band Showcase \\ lll\llL‘l‘lllhlL'\. J h South litttlgc. 55" 51H 9pm \cc lth l?‘

Glasgow I Sugababes and Gabriela Cilmi Sl'('(‘ ('l_\dc :\Utlllttl’llllll. l‘llllllc‘sloll Qua}. oxm lull Jtioo “pm soil) ()l 1 Hits lrom thc sass} pop lrto With support trom ncw .'\ll\\lL' pop singcr I California Snow Story and The Sunny Street Hi'cl. it) ~13 Ashton lanc. 342 49h!» 7 39pm L2 l:\-(‘amcra ()hscuia mctnhcr l)a\ id Skmmg Ull\L'll\ his ncw outfit and alhttm ("lost in tin ()t mm with support lrom l'rcttclt pop dtio at this Vnamclodia mght.

r Kathryn Williams 8. Neill

v“ MCCOII (‘lasstc (it'atttl. l3 Jamaica Stt'cct. 3117 “32”. 7 30pm, U5. Scc luc ‘s I Kris Kristofterson Roxal ('oncct't Hall. 2 Sauchichall Strcct. 353 Nllllll 7. 30pm. £25 £27.50. (ii'i/Ilcd countr} rock outlaw on a solo acoustic totn. I Overcry, The Ocean Fracture and Theapplesoienergy Nicc'n'Slc-a/_\. Jll Sauchichall Strcct. 33MNllll. 7.30pm. to Altci'natixc sounds lrom thc li'ingcs ol (ilasgow. I Eska Mtungwazi 'I'ht- ()ltl l‘i'tntmai'ltcl. (‘andlci'iggx 353 ls’llllll. Spin ill). Scc Thu 29. 1- ._ :3 Jim Whyte, Tom Gibbs, Andy Sharkey and Tom McNiven Rio (‘alc’x 27 ll}ndland Strcct. 334 9909. 3pm. Acoustic singcivsongwi'ttcrs at this l)anccs on thc Sand night. .' 5 Ross Clark Acoustic Sessions and Open Mic ()ran .\lor. 73] 735 (ircat \Vcstcrn Road. 357 0200. 3pm. Scc \Vcd I9.

SilllllllCllASll kill) K-SHISS PlliSElll ill! GREATEST HIP HOP SlIOil Of 2008

.‘\~ Max-N



80 THE LIST 13—27 Mar 2008

3" .. 3 _ «a

1 l .


She‘ll always be remembered for her time fronting alt.rockers Throwing Muses during the 90s. Despite also fronting power trio 50 Foot Wave, here she performs solo to back up her most recent album Learn to Sing Like a Star. Covering everything from gothic folk to impassioned screaming Hersh remains one of modern rock‘s most enigmatic vocalists. St Andrew's If) the Sgt/(m3. G/(ifigOH’, fun :35 Mar

I Devil Sold his Soul and Miramar Disaster King 'l'ut's Walt Walt llut. 272a St Vincent Strcct. 22l 5279. 8.30pm. £7. l’owcr mctal in thc \cin ol' 'l‘ool. Will llawn and thc l)cl'toncs lrom cx-mcmhcrs ol~ Mahumodo. which w ill prohahly tttcatt somcthing to thosc it's tttcant to mean something to.

'Fa :1 ‘1 Open Stage The Halt Bar. lot) Woodlands Road. 352 9990. 8.30pm. Scc WM 19.

I The King Hats, Eye Contact Leads To . . ., Baby Bones, Kyle Cuthbert, The Retrosexuals and lamchemist Stcrco. 2t) 28 RL‘illlL‘lLl Lane. 222 2254. 3.30pm. £3. :\lt.pop and clcclro rock sounds.

-‘ L {3 A Thousand Suns Bar Bloc.

I 17 Bath Strcct. 57-1 ()(l()(). 9pm. l.ihcrtincs/('oral-inllucnccd hand lrom Stcwnagc.

I Wintermap l3th .\’otc (tile. 50 (ill King Strcct. 553 loll-4, 9pm. lnstrumcntal rock.


I Jackie Leven and Northern Alliance ('aharct Voltairc. 3o 38 Blair Slt‘cct. 22H ()l7(). 7pm. [7. Tim rcspcctcd film has collahoratcd with iimclist Ian Rankin on his last alhum. Part of ('t'ilitl/i ("u/lurch

I Sinaloa, Don’t Mess with Texas, Kaddish and Carraway llcnr} 's (‘cllar Bar. 8 lha Morrison Strcct. 228 9393. 7.30pm. £5. l’ost-rock/scrcattto hill.

.' , gW. I... ., 5. “at 4 - f


I The Black Rats, Cartoons Raised Me, Coriolis and De Jour Capitol. 468 Sauchichall Strcct. 331 Ill-ll). 8pm. l-‘ccdhack-drcnchcd indie pop l-l’om ('oriolts.

I Does it Offend you Yeah?, Cut Off Your Hands and George Pringle King Tut‘s Wah \Vah Hut. 272a St Vincent Strcct. 22| 5279. 8pm. £8. ()Vcr- 14s show; l)a)glo. clcctro punk scenestcrs from Iinglandshirc.

I The LA Barons and Outlook lxor}


Blacks. 5o ()swald Slt‘ccl. 248-11 l4 3pm. £5. lndic rock hill.

I Three Bad Jacks and The Termites Barll). 2h“ ('ltdc Slrct'l, 087” 907 0999. 8pm. £9. litill tht‘ottlc rockahill} trio. inspircd h} Strummcr. ('ash and lllk' likc.

I Yoshi Ntc‘c'ii'Slc';i/}. 42] Sauchichall Strcct. 333 0900. 8.30pm, Disco/rock/htp- hop collision from Yoshi.

f i 7 Beyond This Point are Monsters, Gasgiant and My Cousin I Bid you Farewell Bar Bloc. I I7 Bath Strcct. 57-1 (illho 9pm, lipic. instrumcntal post-rockcrs l'rom Nottingham hcadltttc. I Butterhook, Odessa and Ross Gilchrist Maggtc Ma} ‘s. (ill Alhion Strcct. Mcrchant ('it}. 543 1350. L5 lL'3i. Local rockcrs llL‘iltlllllC,


:zi :1 Doug Johnstone Watt-rstont-‘s. I28 l’rinccs Strcct. 22o 3mm. (rpm. l‘rcc ltickctcdl. Young Scottish ilullior/lilllslu makcr Doug Johnstonc launchcs his ncw hook. 'I‘lul ()ssumt. hascd on thc CXplllll\ of a lictional lor is it'.’l hand. szpccl a rcadmg and cxcn somc songs.

I Azriel, Yashin and My Actions Your Exit The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Struct. 225 256-1. 7pm. {lhc lzmo and hardcorc. with morc acts thc.

I lsosceles and Come on Gang! The Voodoo Rooms. l9a \VCsl chislcr Slrccl. 556 7060. 8pm lam. £5 (£4). 'l'hc Black Springs [)Js prcscnt thc art pop ol lsoscclcs.

I Threads, Mongolia and End the Agony licnry's (’cllar Bar. 8 Ina Morrison Street. 228 9393. 8pm. £5. Lecds‘ 70s rockcrs Threads hcadlinc with Irish stoncr rock support.

7- 52-33 The Freaky Family The Jan Bar. I (’hamhcrs Street. 22‘) 42%. 11.30pm. Scc Thu 13.


I EastFest Platform 1. l Stowe Brac l()ff Canal Street). 889 3693, 7.30pm. £3-£5. Night of local talent. l'olk. IndlC and singer-songwriter action with a mixed line-up featuring Macxc ()‘Boylc. [)anicl Heal}. The Miss's and Ashley Lawson.