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E‘ 111.15: 22.1 ‘I/ 5-111? 157"}: i" Edinburgh

I Ego, Ergo, Aggro The Jan liar. l (‘hamherx Street. 2204298. 8. I 5pm. £3 t£2i Next high energy lunk tour-piece lrom l)a\e('on\1a_\.

I Scott Hamilton with The Sermon Organ Trio Jan (wire. The 1.61. 4/6 (iraxsmarkcl. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £12. Saxophoth Hamilton Joins the Hammond organ-led trio.


I Lea DeLaria Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £12 (£10). The actress and comedian provides an eyeniiig ol‘ outrageous comedy and

m inging ia/I. l’urr o/.'1Iuenen (i/uwmi' International ('omei/y l'i'ilii'iil.

Edinburgh is ' “t .i The Apocalypse Funk Trio The Jan liar. | (‘hamhers Street. 220 4298. 5pm. Funk. soul and cool heats trom guitarist 1)] Aki. I HeadZHead The Jan Bar. 1 (’hamhers Street. 2204298. 8.15pm. £3 (£2). (iraham Rohh and Bill Kyle's _ia// quintet that emerged from the ashes of their highly successful _ia// rock t'usion outlit Head. I Konrad Wisznievvski Quartet .la/l Centre. The Lot. 4/6 (it'axxttttdkc‘t. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £8. The ('oltranc— inspired \th star is back with a hrand new hand that features Irish guitarist Mark McNight and a line-up ot‘ modern ja/l. Guru’s Jazzmatazz The Voodoo '~ Rooms. 19a West Register Street. 556 7060. 9pm. £18. Hip hop-inflected till-lull trom ex-(iang Starr wordsmith (iuru. l‘eaturing Solar and the 7 (irand Players. See preview. page 66. I Skunk Funk The Jan Bar. 1 (‘hamhers Street. 2204298. I 1.30pm 3am. £5. Night of top funk from 1)] Wilk/hooth and live guests with hip hop t‘rom Underling t 14 Mar) and funky grooves t‘rom llute play er Richard Worth‘s six-piece The Resistance (21 Mar).

Glasgow L: ': I; Sermon Organ Trio Bret.

39 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3 ~6pm. l-‘unky Hammond. guitar and ham trio t'rom Malcolm Maclfiirlane.

‘H i The Michael Deans Quintet Bar Bloc. 1 17 Bath Street. 574 6066.

5 8pm. Quintet led by tenor saxophonist Deans. playing a modern hlend ot‘ hehop. jazz and funk.

I Konrad Wiszniewski Quartet (‘ity Halls. (‘andleriggm 353 8000. 8pm. £9. See Fri 14.


7'? l“: Trio Jazz The Jan Bar. 1 (‘hamhers Street. 2204298. 3.30pm. Relaxed afternoon slot with the house trio on piano tor guitar). bass and drums.

I HeadZHead The Jan Bar. 1 Chambers Street. 2204298. 8.15pm. £3 (£2). See Fri 14.

e3» Guru’s Jazzmatazz The Voodoo “A” Rooms. 19a West Register Street. 556 7060. 9pm. £18. See Fri 14.

I Fish Fry The Jazz Bar. 1 Chambers Street. 220 4298. midnight—3am. £5. Scottish jazz. funk. soul and Latin hands join [)Js Erik D‘V'iking and Astrohoy

tor a night ot electronic tuture tiink trom Digital Jones l5 \1.irilollo\\ed hy Atroheat lorm l)l\\.tll I22 \lari

11.; '. vi" ‘1' Edinburgh

I In The Swing Queen‘s Hall. S7 8‘) ('lerk Sheet. 668 2019 3pm £10 \ighi o1 \‘l;1\\le suing

"-‘fBFLt‘ Haftor Medboe and Renee Stephanie ('ate (iiande. I84 Bruntxlield Place. 228 1188 7 9pm Ja// gllllitrhl Medhoe IS ioined hy Stephanie.

I The Strathclyde University Big Band The Jan Bar. 1 ('hamheix Street. 220 4298. 8.15pm. £3 i£2i The Uiil\el'\ll_\ '\ hig hand get domi and play a \L'lL'L‘lltill ot ial/ arrangeiiientx limit their L'\leli\l\ e repertoire.

iv 71'7",“5 1 itJ,t‘.i/_.l ‘klu ‘1; .1


I The Scottish Jazz All Stars lirunton 'l‘heatre. Lady“ ell Way. Musselhurgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £14 i£l2i A stellar line—up and trexh arrangements ot~ traditional \lttple\ u ith this tribute to the ('lyde Valley Stoiiiperx. leaturing toriiier Stomperx 1"ionna Duncan. 15orrie (aims and Ronnie Rae. I Leo Tardin’s Grand Pianoramax and Underling The Voodoo Rmth. 19a West Register Street. 556 7060. 8pm. £8 l'uture l‘unk. spoken \yord ltl\ion lrom S\\l\\ pianist Tardin. l'eaturing guest \ocalixt Mike |.add.

I The Jazz Bar Big Band The Jan liar. l ('hamhers Street. 220 4298. 8.30pm. £3 t£2). Ja/l L‘l;t\\te\1't'0llillll\ l7-piecc cnxemhle.

1"? ill” The Late Great Jazz Jam Session The Jan liar. l ('hamherx Street. 220 4298. 10pm. lixpect a rich mix of styles ax laces old and new drop in to perform mm the HUUSL‘ Trio each \\ eek.

7i: '91 1' :4


I Jazz Bar Quartet The Jan Bar. 1 ('haiiiherx Street. 2204298. 8.15pm. £3 (£2). Drummer Bill Kyle leads thixiau tour—piece.

"-1 fi-l“ Funk Session The Jan Bar. l (‘hamhers Street. 220 4298. 1 1.30pm.

l‘unk guitarists and 1)] .-\ki leads llll\ 1\\t) drummer-l‘uellcd lunk hand.

4111.121 “'1 i',’ 311'.


I Lord Todd Prom Lord Todd Bar. ('amptix Village. l'niyerxity ol' Strathclydc. 548 2435. 7.30pm. £8 (£6: students £4). Strathclyde l'niyerxity (‘oncert Band conducted hy (’olin Suckling. and Strathclyde l'nixerxity Big Band conducted hy John Day iex present a great eyening ol‘ toe-tapping tunes in an int'ormal setting.


I“ “41.7 Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra The Jan Bar. 1 ('hamherx Street. 220 4298. 5pm. ()pen rehearsal. I The Steve Reid Ensemble The Voodoo Rooms. 19a West Register Street. 556 7060. Split. £12. Maxh-up ol‘ 1i\'e and cluh heat\ as _ia// drummer Steve Reid continues litx L‘Ulltthnralltilt \yith Four Tet\ Kieran llehden for some tree lit/l. meets hip hop. neo-t‘olk and

;\ l'ro- hi n k.

I Bobby Wishart Sextet The Jan Bar. 1 (‘hamherx Street. 220 4298. 8.15pm. £4 i£3i. Leading saxophonist \Vixhart changes lllSli’lllllL‘lllS to t'ocux on the piano in this three horn modern _|a// six-piece.

I Tommy Smith & Brian Keliock Jan Centre. The Lot. 4/6 (irasxmarket. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £10. Setting a next musical standard it iih tuo of Scotland's greatest ja/l maestros let lome on imaginative reworking of great standards.

“111.? Organism The Jan Hat. 1 ('hamhcrx Street. 220 42‘” 11 30pm Hammond organ grooch trom tiahtiei l atchm

{51.1 (I'. \l '.""


" ‘. Angie 8: George King \lalmaixon Hotel l'diiihuigh. 1 loyyei l’lace. leith.-16\ 5000 8pm .|.i// \tk'dlhl le.itl\ llll\ |.t// \uppei

I John Burgess Trio Jal/ t'eniie. lillL'1.01.>1(\(il.t\\lll.tll\k‘l.~10- 5:11”

8. 30pm £8 (‘onteiiipoiaiy ia// tioiii the lenttt \.t\ lilalt


I Eska Mtungwazi lolhooih. .Iail \\'_x ml, ot‘so jiiooo 8pm {13 igioi l'unk-lolk \iitll li'om llll\ \tuniiing \tk'dllSl \xlio'x \yoiked \yith the lllu'\ti1 (iorilla/. ('ouitiiey Pine and \itin Sauhney

Edinburgh V The Apocalypse Funk Trio The Jan liar. | ('haiiiheis Street. 220 4298. 5pm. See Hi 14. I Billy Thom Quartet The .la/l liai. l ('haiiiherx Street. 220 .1298 8.15pm £3 t£2i The Scottish di'umiiier‘x \uinging iaz/ llllll,

Ari Hoenig Trio .la// ('eiitie. llie " 3 lot. ~1/6 (il';t\\lll;tl'1\e1. 0122-1 619769, 8.30pm. £8.50 \eiy Yoik tll'llllllllel'1101'ng l\ ioined h} lellim .\'e\y Yorker (iilad llt'lx\t'lill.tlltl on guitar and home-haxed lXISSISl l‘.l1.’tll litlt'tott loi‘ an eyening ol' manic heat\. I Skunk Funk The Jan liar. l ('hamherx Street. 220 4298. 11.30pm 3am. £5. See Hi 14. .. it'lr“ if Glasgow i .1 ' Mike Rogers Quartet Biel. 39 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3 6pm. Roget'x and his quality quartet tlt'll\ er their (m n interpretations ot’ some ol the best the (ireat American Songhook has to tiller.

7 "1T The Michael Deans Quintet liar Bloc. l 17 Bath Street, 574 6066. 5 (Split. See Sat 15. I Graeme Stephen Sextet (‘iiy llilll\. ('andlerigg\_ 353 8000. 8pm. £9. 1nliltrating ('eltic littlxlc‘ \kllll totally next rhythms and \oundx. Aherdeen horn guitarist Stephen's hand L‘Hllllilllt'S some leading llllhlL‘lttliS l'rom the lolk and ja/l \kitl‘ltlx.


3": '1 3‘ C Trio Jazz The Jan liar. I ('hamherx Street. 220 4298. 3.30pm. Sec Sat 15.

I Kim Edgar The Lot. 4 (ii‘axxmai'ket. 225 9922. 8pm. £8 t£6i :\L‘t)li\llL' pop. jaH and original entltpoxiitnth on piano. guitar and \oice Trotn local liltiSiClttll Kim lidgar. l’urr u/ (‘ei/ii/li ('ullure.

I World Premiere The Jan Bar. I ('hamhers Street. 2204298. 8.30pm. £3 t£2l. A dillcrent \clcction oi liye leading _ia// play ers come together for each session \yith no rehearsal.

I Fish Fry The Jan Bar. 1 ('hamhers Street. 220 4298. Midnight 3am. £5. See Sat 15.


THUR 27 Miiii UMBo 15081215+MMW SAT29 MAR


THUR 3 Am I.“ mm+mmm SAT 12 APR




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I Chris Clark 8. Nigel Clark (‘ate (‘oxsachok. Rll\\11m(‘ullliritl ('entre. .38 Albion Street. 5530733. 9pm. £6. Jan standards from gu1tarist and composer Nigel Clark. joined by guitarist and \ocalist (‘hrix ('lark.


WWI: Becc Saunderson and Graeme Stephens (‘at‘e (irandc. 18—1 Bruntstield Place. 228 l 188. 7~-9pm. Liye ja/l.

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