Child at heart

Steve Cramer talks to Douglas Maxwell about Childhood, adolescence and his new

play The Mother Ship

t‘s a hit like heing at the controls ol' a iumho jet

alter l'our pints at lunchtime. It‘s e\hilarating httt

terril‘)ing.‘ Douglas .\la.\well is emplo}ing a t_\‘pica||_\ \‘ix'id metaphor for entering into fatherhood. With a child of three months recentl) arrixing ehe/ Maxwell. it might well he the time lot“ this l'requent commentator on themes ol‘ childhood and adolescence to return to familiar ground.

Maxwell‘s new pla}. hrought l'rom Birmingham Rep to his Scottish home territor}. returns to a l‘amiliar emotional heartland in mapping the iourne} tron] ho_\ to man (his adolescents are seldom l‘emalel. 'l‘his rite of passage is alluded to in a succession ol‘ his most warml} recei\ ed pla_\s. l‘rom ()ur lim/ .tltreiit'l. through Dec/tr How u Bronco and on to Helmet. His new piece l'ocuses on a _\oung man who is suddenl} confronted with the disappearance oi his kid hrother. who was disahled alter a near-drowning in earl} childhood.

.\la\well takes up the stor_\: 'lilliot. the central character knows how cruel other kids can he. so rather than heing seen as less than human. he tells his brother that he's not human at all. that while he was underwater. some aliens swapped him. and that he has special powers.‘

This tall tale takes on the status ot tn}th. with lilliot comincing his hrother that hell he picked up h_\ the mother ship later. .\la\well continues: "l‘ime passes. and the disabled hrother lea\ es a message with their stepmother saying the mother ship is coming hack. He then disappears.~ .-\dd to the ensuing search a pregnant stepmother. her partner and a d}sl‘unctional

policeman. and )ou lime a recipe tor a winning coined}.

Yet. the audience .\la\well‘s plat} is lacing can he demanding. Birmingham Rep commissioned this pla_\ as a slot} that would tour schools. Does he haxe trepidations ahotit this group'.’ '\\’ell. it‘s not a pla_\ that‘s/mi l'or teenagers. I'm thinking ol~ it as heing like a “l’(i" or a "II" in l'ilms: it‘s a plat} lor e\er_\one. httt teenagers can come along‘. he says. ‘.-\II the same. i was attracted to it. hecause it‘s a no hullshit audience. ill the} don‘t like it. that audience will shout out: "This is ruhhish." ll thevre not enjo)ing it. tlie_\'ll lidget. put the mohile on. and so on. lt‘\ not like till older audience. where ill tlte_\'t‘e not liking it. the} ‘II sit quietl} and think ahout se\. or wish the} were at home watching The Sopranos. ;\ teenage audience will e\pect to he entertained l'rom the kick-oil. Lilltl tllc)‘ll let )otl know iii the} thillil like it.'

But what is it ahotit Maxwell's work that hrings him hack again and again to the l'ormatixe )c'zti's of )oung

adults‘.’ ‘l think most writers ha\e their own Piece ol

turl that the} consider their own. and go hack to. With great writers. this can he a whole lield in in} case l'\e got a little tin_\ piece ol' real estate that I call in} own. You don't want to he there all _\our lil'e. \er} ol'ten )ou go aw a} l'rom it. In in} case l‘xe written a lot ol~ other work tltatK gone awa} li'om it. httt it‘s so nice to come hack.‘

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 25-Sat 29 Mar.

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