Niddry Street South. 557 H‘Ih‘)

The Unconquered [mil in H Mar

7 Winn (xiii 0H] :3 Hit-i it. mil. Set- (ilaxgow. l’;ii\ley Arty (‘entre


Ha Morningxide Road. 52‘) 414-7 ]l’. H. W(‘. WA]

The Mikado l'iiiil Sat l5 Mar 7 itlpm tSat mat 2 i0pmi £10 t£7i 'lhe ladinhiiigh l'niyerxity Sayoy ()pcrgi (iroiip get their tliiee little lllttltl\ in a lWl\l


2 ft-yt-n Street. 53‘) noon Ht. Wt'. WA] The Gondoliers l'iitil Sat l5 Mar

7 lllplll (Sat mat 2 i0me £l0 £l(i 'l'he (iilhert and Sulliyan Society of ladinhurgh perform (iilhert and Sulliyan'y I‘lu' (imitlu/u'ry. the duo's \lllllllt'\l and hriglitext light opera. l'alala'

The 39 Steps 'ltie IS Sat 22 Mar. 7.30pm tWed tk Sal mat 2. i0pmi. £l0.50 £22. :\l)\tillllely nothing llth heeii L'llt lrtim tll|\ rltitl»\top \erxlolt (ll John Buchan\ t'lttxxlt‘ \py thriller. with lotii actory play mg around H‘) role» It\ a Laurence ()ll\L‘l Award w inner. too. \o we presume it doex \llll make SellSL'.

Single Spies Mon 24 Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.10pm iWed & Sat mat 2. i0pmt. £l2.50 £25 A new production of Alan Bennett\ West land liil. \tari'ing the \moolhly lHl'Sttetl Nigel llayery. See

prey iew. page S‘).


l3 2‘) Nletilson Street. 52‘) ()000_ [I], W( '. WA]

Scottish Dance Theatre .000 Wed l‘) Mar 7. l0pm. £9 £l5. SD'I'\ latest progi'amiiie of new and original work lllL'ltltlt‘\ the return of [Hitler/tool. hy l.iy l.oi'cnt. and the world premiere of a hi'and—new piece from llofcxh Shechter. It‘s an Illlpl't'\\l\ e. heautiftil douhle hill. the yo” 0] dance that you can feel really working in your heart.

Peter and the Wolf Wed 36 & Thu 27 Mar. See KltlS llxtlltgx.


IS 22 (il'L‘L‘llSlth l’lace. 0S~H S47 l()()(l. Ill. W('. WA]

Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music Sat 22 Mar. 7pm. £l~i. Join xeyei‘al hundred assorted nunx. Von 'l'rapp mopper in hastin adapted L‘llfltllllS. and hopefully the odd lonely goatherd. and \ing along with tltl\ \ereening of the elaxyie .ltllie Andrewy musical in all its 'l'echnicolor glory. Ah. \top pretending you don’t know the words at the hack. there. We're on to yoti.


(it'itttllay Street. 243 4843. ]l’. H. \\'(‘.


*Vanity Fair Hi 14 Mar Sat 12 Apr tnot Sun/Mont. 7.45 I0pm.

U l £25; tinder lSy half price. A new

stage \L‘hlttll ot William ‘l‘haclteray '\ noyel ahout \ocial climhmg. ayarice. and that \L’llellllllg' mmx Becky Sharp we're on to her loot. adapted by Declan Donnellan and directed by 'lony ('ownic. See preyiew. page SS.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE (‘amhridge Street. 223 140-1, ll’. ll. WC. wM Fugee 'l'hu l3 Sat 15 Mar. 7.30pm «Sat mat 2.30pmi. £l31£5 £3). When I4- year-old Ko]o ltllllhlL‘\ into the [K ‘xyyteni' with no official paper\. and no wortlx in IlllgllSll. he I\ housed in a refuge for under-age axy ltiiii \eekerx. Willi new friend\ ('heimg and Ara hy lllx side he heginy to reconcile his past and find pleasure in the present. until the system heginx to hreak down. ()riginal new work hy Lyceum Youth 'l'heatre. Uprising/In Your Rooms Sat 22 Mar. Spin. £|3 (£8). Raw and arreytingly powerful dance dotihle hill hy llofesh Shechter. one of the l'K'y moxt e\citing. talked—ahout yotiiig L'UlllpUSL'r\. whose work with Seottlxh Dance 'l‘heatre howled oy'er our dance editor last fortriighl.

The Mother Ship Tue 25 Sat 3‘)

Mar. 7.30pm. £l3 (£8). Douglas Maxwell‘x latest play. performed by Birmingham Rep. See preyiew. page X7.

Outside the Cities


'l‘ay‘ Square. Dundee, 0l3h’2 223530. ll’. H. W('. WA]

Romeo and Juliet l'niil Sat 3‘) Mar. 7.45pm; 2.30pm. £5 £l(i (£2 £l2i. Dundee Rep linxemhle take on ‘the greatest love \tory ey'er toltl' (ah. hut aren't they all. darlingy'H. li\cellent young Scottish aetorx Hannah Donaldson and Key'in Lennon play the star-crowed lovers. Suitahle for ages 12+. Signed performance on Tues 25 March and audio dexerihed performance and ioticli 'l‘ourx on Sat 22 March at 2.30pm and Thu 27 March at 7.45pm.

I FALKIRK TOWN HALL West Bridge Street. Falkirk. 0| 32-1 506850. ll’. H. W('. WA]

The Wall 0... Thu 13 Mar.

7.30pm. £8.50 (£7.50). D(' Jackson’s excellent. sharply ohyery ed comedy ahotit growing up in a small Scottish town. See review. page ()0. Swan Lake Sat l5 Mar. 7.30pm. £l‘) (£17). The Russian State Ballet of Siheria'x interpretation of 'l'ehaikoy‘sky's elaxsie score. The Box it Came In Sat 22 Mar. 2pm. £5.50 (£4.50). Ax the result of a freak online \ltopping incident. our hero is sent hurtling through space. A w hi/I-hang eomhination of computer animation and live [x'rformanee from (‘anoon Theatre. Nope. we'y'e got no idea either.


Kingdom ('entre. (ilenrothex. late 0150261110] [l’. H. W(‘. WA] Black Watch oooo Thu 2"

Mar Sat 5 Apr. 7.30pm. £20 i£|0i (iregory Burke's elegy on the hixtoric regiment. u\ing the words of former \ttltller\ who \ery ed in Iraq. return\ to Scotland after a multi award~wiiinmg. \ell»t)tlt run at the 2006 lidmhurgh l‘t‘SllHtl l‘rmge. national and international toury. If you hayen't \een it yet. we suggext you hightail it to life. l'eelmg ashamed of yourself.


l'niyerxity of Stirling. 0l7h'h 40mm» ll’. H. W('. w.-\|

Fevered Sleep: Brilliant Tue 18 Sat


Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh


22 Mar See Kltl\ lixtingx. page M SUDS Festival 2008 Wed I” Mar Spin £85 i£5i Stirling l'niyerxity Drama Society prexcntx a mued hill of comedy and drama in their annual textual [wrtormance

The Wall mo Thu 20 Mar Spin {lll tUH IX. l.tek\t\tt\ e\ccllent. \harply ohxery ed comedy ahout growing tip in a \mall Scottixh town See reyiew. page 90

Chatsva (Explosion) fit II M.” Spin £ l0 i£hi An t‘\]‘lt\\t\e mi\ ot African and Western dance trom ’l‘ay‘a/iya Dance ('ompany

The Unconquered Sat 22 Mar Spin £ l0 t£oi Stellar ()iimex and playwright 'l‘orhen Betts' award winning play See prey iew. page S"

Adapted by Dectan Donnellan

From the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray Presented by arrangement wrth Samuel French Limited

11. March - 12 April 2008

Tickets £8-£25, concessions from £1

Box Office 0131 21.8 1.848

Book Online www.1yceum.org.uk Group 8+ 0131 21.8 1.91.9


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