On the rebound

Claire Sawers rediscovers her inner child with a crash course in trampolining

y training for this Olympic sport began at a tender age. I was three years old. and a friend had hired a bouncy castle for her birthday party. Back then I wasn't really thinking about the cardioy‘ascular favours l was doing my body. or the muscular workout I was getting. but the appeal of trampolining was the same then as it is now. It's fun. it's easy and providing you haven’t just polished off a three-course meal or downed a something fizzy. it's a painless way of getting fit.

Although trampolining is popular amongst children. a growing number of adults are discovering the benefits of the sport and bouncing their way into better shape. Springing around on an elasticated mat may feel more like playing than exercising. but actually. trampolining is a very efficient calorie burner. and an excellent way to build core strength. As coach Lauren Jeffrey explains when I turn tip for a drop- in adult trampolining class on a stormy Sunday aftemoon. jumping into the air automatically tenses all your muscles from toes to neck. so an hour’s session of bouncing can offer the same benefits as a vigorous step class or a gruelling round of sit-ups. Lauren. 24 and her sister Kayleigh. l9. have won medals in the Scottish National Trampolining Championships. and now teach beginners classes.

Hula Hoopla classes Another blast from the past. this playground game is a great way to tighten flabby waistlines. slim hips and improve your Elvis-pelvis dance moves. Dance Base, Edinburgh (wwwdancebase. couk, 073i 225 5525) pay-as-you-go classes Apr 14—Jun 27. ngn Active. Glasgow (www. virginacti've. co. uk, 0 l 4 7 222 6700) runs Hu/aeroblcs classes.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Peter Kay says it's impossible to look cool when you pick up a Frisbee. FOrget posing and rein in the fun. l't/eekly Frisbee sessions. Sunday afternOOris 2.30pm, The Meadows, Edinburgh, For more info email.- squeezesfz‘ thetangerinecoek. The UK Ultimate Association has a mixed team based at Glasgow Uri/VQfS/l)’. Visit

www. ukultlma te. com

Rayleigh starts me oil with the a tuek ~iump ieradling your knees in mid airi. a pike iiimp (stretching l'oi'yyai'd and touching your toesi and a straddle llslc‘lxlllg legs lllltl lltt‘ \ltlt‘\\;t_\\ splits and touching your toes i. 'lleeause you‘re \yeightless in the air. it makes you



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British Military Fitness

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What you need

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Who should do it Who should avoid it



l’leyrlile.‘ says Rayleigh. notrernv my .rma/eiiieiit as I had .i straddle alter only a leyy minutes ol |lllll[‘lll‘.‘ ()llt' til lllt‘ illllt‘l ill stilltt'lltllij: ‘L'lll\ Hi the \l.l\\ lllllh\


iiiipiessiye .is she links inoyes together into .i giat‘eliil lllllll routine. starting \\llll a straddle. bouncing athletically on her liirin. then rotating Will into a standinz' [iiislllttlt lhis is only liei lliiiil elass. \notliei girl is \yoi'krnj: on a ‘syyiyel hips~ moye.

lly the end ol the hour Ion}: session. liye iiiyented my oyyn \yrlliltly \t'lssiil legs iiiiiyt'. \‘.llt'lt' l narroyyly miss sliding my ankles tlil\\ll lllL‘ \l‘l'lllL's ill lllt' \lrlt' ill lllt‘ mat. and a sell hug. when l llap my arms lielor'e a lull turn and linrsh yy rapped up stiaitiaeket style. .\llllilll_‘_‘ll coordination could do \‘.llll some |tllllplllf_‘

my arm and leg \york. the sensation ol about is good inn. and Rayleigh encourages me to li‘eeslyle \‘.llll moyes l enioy. l‘eelinj: like a cross betyyeen l’etei' l’an and a giant grasshopper. I get more learless with each turn I get on the mat. pinging my sell higher toyyards the ceiling. and knocking years oll myselt \yith eyery bounce,

l cant hide my disappointment when it is time to climb doyrn than the mat onto solid ground alter the L‘lLiss. RL‘tllsc'ii\el'lli:_v ti elllltllttititl play aetiy ity has also reyealed a lun altei‘natiy e to dtill gy tn \‘.ill'ls(itll\.