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I Altnation at Baittboo. I Ipiit 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. il~\\tl t'()t)lns t)l rock. titetal. industrial. ptiiik. ltip Itop aitd elcctro W ith dibarry aitd lIaryey ls'artcl.

I The Beat Club at the Beat ('Iub. 9pm 3am. l’rices \ary. Weekly. (iood music. good drinks attd good people, [be music \enue aitd club yttth rooltop smoking terrace. playing Itost to a ti idc range ol musical styles liom rock to disco. 'l‘he locus liere is may iiiticlt on customer care and hay iitg a good time.

I Bulleit Sessions at Maggie May ‘s. Xptn 3am. £5. Ill Apr. A bourbon- sponsorcd night ol dtycrsity. lcaturing old- school blueser (itiitar Shorty. Scots psy cli- i'ockers 'I'he Aliens aitd t‘cIatiye

ncyy comers I'ound. Willi Radio Magnetic and hence I)Js.

I Calling All Disco Kids at Kai-hon.

I Iptit 3am. £4 tl'ree). Weekly, lleskcy attd Big Al drop Itip hop aitd Rth \yhile Rays B attd Iiuan Meleod play classics attd hand otit cash pri/es at this student night. Scott McKay plays house in the lounge. I Croc Madame vs Croc Monsieur at the Flying l)uck. Itlpn) 3am. £3. III Apr. A nets nigltt I'eaturing Iiye bands (Hygiene. 'l'hc 'l‘emplars. Blood Orange aitd My lilyis I.cg). \yith I)Js l‘lindci's and /.y gadlo playing dtibstep. I|)M aitd brcakcoi'e.

I Dig! at l-tiry Mtirry's. I Ipiit 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. I)J .\'oir proy ides your Ii\ oI' rock. pttitk. ntetal atid ska.

I Freakmoves at (ilasgoyt School oI' Art. llpit) 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. l'ltra- line hip hop nigltt tor the students. \y itlt I)Js l)ema aitd Nice. £I lor (iSA students alter ittiditigltt. I‘ree belot'c.

FREE Hi-Fi at tlte Bunker Bar.

9pm 2am. Weekly. l)aye Sinclair plays ittdie atid rock. featuring a guest 1)] appearattce lront 'I'he liratcllis on 27 Mar

as )art of the Bunker Sessions. How’s Your Party? at the Sub (‘Iub. Ilpm 3am. £5. 27 Mar & It) Apr. ’I‘he Subbie's eIcctro-Iiouse Thursday itigltt shindig. featuring \et'y special guests tit Philadelphia hip Itop sensations l’lastic Little (27 Mar) aitd lid Banger's disco-liotlse oy et‘ltu‘d DJ Mehdi ( ll) Apr). I Loaded at Bamboo. Illpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. I.il‘ Rich \y ith some damn line R&B. lileetro-Iiouse. lunk attd soul plus rock'n'roll \sith Ross .\I. FREE Misbehavin’ at the (‘athouse I Ipm- 3am. 3 Apr. I)Js I)olIy Daydream attd Drucil‘er seryc tip a steamy mi\ oI electro. disco. alternatiye attd slea/y sounds. I Psyklopz at Stereo. l lptit 3am. £2. Weekly. A nets. \y'eckly itigltt ot‘ music. art attd Iouche communality. From a collection of \ycIl—knoyy n (iIasgoyy creatiyes. including members ol‘ Big Face attd I'nion ol‘ Kniyes. I Record Player: at (ilasgoyy Scltool MAN. I Ipmw3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Skeyy ed btit deeply danceable house atid techno from tltc Play cr/. \y itlt residents Ilushpuppy. Bottiour Bot and Jackson Stars. I Rubbermensch at .-\B(‘2. I lpm—13am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A night for indie kids and indie l0\L‘f.\. Andy Wilson is it) charge. aitd Paul Needles plays the Polar Bar. I Skint at tltc (‘athotise I Ipitt ~3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. limo. l'unk. punk. crossoy'er. rock. goth and hardcore tunes from 1)] Billy Moat. I Star.Dot.Star at the Bull. I lpm—3am. £3. Weekly. Day-e Barabarosa proy ides a

ltyely selection ol rock'n'ioll tyitlt northern soul

I Super Duper Thursdays .tl tltc (iatagc I Iptn 3am £5 IL 3) Weekly lhc (iaiagc's popular student night \\ Illl (ieit'y l,yt)tis. Stcycn Moody and I” \titly

I Throb at tlte l’l_\lll‘._' lhtck ‘lpnt 3am 11t£2t 2— Mar -\ ntuItt-mcdta group art c\htbition \y lllI pcrlormances. installations. lt\e bands and I).ls

I Up The Racket at I-iiettatet

It) 3(lpm 3am l'rce beloie Ill 3Hptti. £4 (£3) .tltct. Weekly I)J 'loast plays indie. soul. Bittpop. rock and punk

I Zero Thursdays at Boho

‘) 3(lpm 3am £3 Weekly l)_I \otinskt. lotiitdiitg member ot the night Btttit. plays to isted ltittk. dirty clcctio and lunky house

Chart & Party

FREE Budda at Btidda noon 3am Weekly. Reopened alter a reccttt icltnb. espcct a misttire ol ltniky house. Rth and Itip hop at ottc ol (iIasgoyt \ layoutttc mainstream party destinations.

I Fat Poppadaddy’s Ghettoblaster at (’omnton. ‘lpm 3am. £5 (£3) Weekly The best mistapes tit lt)\\ll \\ itl) (iotdon 'llarri‘ Millet. l’atil Rea. ('iaig lselinan aiid (‘raig .\lcllugh.


I Autokrat at Barl'ly. I Ipii) 3am. £5. 4 .-\|\l'. l);t\t‘ .\lt‘llslc and .'\lc\ l'lsllcl' l‘lasl out a selection ol minimal tchtItousc and gt'ooyesontc techno.

I Back Tae Mine at tlte I~lying thick. llpii) 3am. £3 beloi'c midnight; £4 £5 alter. Weekly. (ioitig ottt is the neyy

stay mg it). as this ncyy itiglit ollet's boo/c. tea. toast. bands and His to create a houseparty \ tbc.

I The Basement at Soundhaus. III.3IIpm 4am. £0 (£8). 4 Apr. I’rescnttng techno legend l)a\e Angel. In (ilasgoyt ‘s most old-school tccltno club.

I Burly at the Arches. Ill.3llpm 3am. U”. 4 Apr. (iet ottt your leathers. rubbers. canimo trousers attd llnllttl'lns lot' this lriendly club to) butch gay aitd bi met) aged 25+. Aural titillation comes lrom resident DJ .\Iishka and guests.

I Canvas Club at Arta. Illpm 3am, £5 (I'rec). Weekly. l.i\c‘ littnds [)ltts l).l .Ioe I)eehatt playing ltittk and party classics. I Cathouse at the ('athotisc.

I(I.3()pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. thittg high on the lit) metal \yaye. (his is one ol‘ the busiest nights in tour). Rock. grunge. indie and a dash ol' bt'eakbeat across three lloors at (ilasgoyy ’s top \cnue lor rockers and altcrnateens.

I Children of the 805 at ('lassic (irand. I Iptit 3am. £4. Weekly. Another trip doyyn amnesia latte as \xe go back to the Slls. Iior those (it you \\ ho didn't get enough ol it the lirst titttc around.

I Choose Fridays at May Murry 's.

I Ipttt 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. ('J plays a mi\ ol shut to get you iii tItc \yeckend mood.

I Club OMG at BarlIy. I Ipitt 3am. £tbc.

28 Mar. l’ii‘st iii a series ol' nights brought to you by llic‘ nerds behind the counter ttI .-\\alanche. playing indie. rock'n'roll. electro. dubstcp attd more. 'I'Itere's also a tree um (‘I) lor the first 50 guests aitd an open pri/e drayt to \t it) .-\\a|anchc

\ ouchcrs.

I Club Wotever at the Winchester.

S Ipitt. £8 (£5 Ill costume). 23 Mar. A one-oll clubbing e\tra\agan/a lot" the l.(iB'l‘(‘) croyy d aitd their pals. 'l'he perlt)t‘mance/ci)stume theme is 'Watching lllc‘ l)ctecti\es :\ Night Iot‘ (iangsters and .\lttlls'. (‘llc‘ ‘l’l‘lMtlc‘ Dick. joke.

I Crossover at Byblos. I Iptti 4am. £Ill. 4 Apr. A neyy night ol' minimal electro-house l'rom (iraente Dunn and I’hatkat (Shilt ). l'caturing a three-hour guest set from Yousel'.

I Dannix at (‘rib l Ipm 3am. £(y (£4 ). Weekly. [)1 Yayy attd DJ Abena play a mi\ oi" African. reggae. ragga. dancehall. Rth attd hip hop.

I Dollymixtures at (iuru. 9pm 3am. £(i (£4). Weekly. Nets night at (illrll (not to

be ll‘tl\'c'tl up still) llolly \lt\tttre| lealttrtitg intltc. lock. clcctto and pop in the main iootit hosted by UL Billy \ltlltgan (Kllslllitn \ ipct attd ('ameion ('iatg (‘antpttsl plus \yeekly special g‘llt‘sls I Fear and Loathing in Glasvegas at ls.ttboit I Ipit) 3am £5 (tree) Weekly \eyt ltiday night at Kaiboit \\llll indie aitd iock classics. ltip ltop. RAB and house I Flirtini Fridays at Bolto t) Rtlpnt 3am to Weekly ‘Jtnt In Best' lsli’lt\l.lll\ your yteekcnd \y ith his o\\t) btaitd ol patty tunes aitd lloor liIlcis I Funhouse at Barlly I Iptti 3am £5 (£4) Weekly DJ Paul \cedlcs attd Alpha \litchcll spin psych. punk. soul aitd ina\intum rock'n‘roll. I Hell at (’lassic (irand. I Ipttt 3am £5 (£3) 4 Apt. Ryan aitd 'l'hierry bring yoti another night ol dirty. dark attd minimal house atid techno I Horrorshow at l‘ll‘L‘WilIL‘I'. ‘Ipm 3am £4 i ). Weekly. l-tieyyatcr tiscs its late licence to gIoiiotts elIect with this neyy night l.t\e bands |()ln l).l ('i'atg Mc(iec t'\cl‘_\ \yt‘cls.

V Hudson Mowhawke and

f” Rustie .ti (lie I“ tat-a Wheel. Illpm kin). £5. 2.\' Mat. A special party shots casing the launch ol lltidsoit .\loltayy ke's '( )oopsi' lil’ and Rtisllc\ ‘(’ale dc l’hresh'. Willi support Irom North South l)i\ide atid tltc l.ucky Me l).Is. Sec ptey icyy. page 30. I iBop at l’ollok Social ('lub. 0pm Iain. £5. 4 .\pr. 'l'hc Southsidc‘s premier titgltt ottt. .\ltcrttatiye Slls. indie atid daticc l'oi‘ your attral pleasure. Sec prey ieyy. page 35. 3%) Kinky Afro at tltc Stib ('ltib. " V” Ilpm 3am. £l(). 28 Mar. A 'I'tytstcd l)anceItaIl dt)ubIe-headcr. leaturing the nitl7lllcUIISIdL‘l'dlilL‘ talents (it St Begg atid Deadbeat. calla Mungo’s Hi Fi at the (ilasgtm Wt“ School ol .\n. llpiit 3am. cs (c7). 2.\' .\lar. l)anccha|l. grime. ragga attd dubstep lot‘ your pleasure. Wllll special guest Izarl Si\teen. a lotindation reggae artist. I National Pop League at Woodside Social ('Itib. S.45pm 2am. £4. 28 Mar. I’ostpunk. (RSI). indie-pop. Iattghing. good pc'ttplc. dancing. hearts on sleeyes attd it) mouths. tears. kissing. handshaking and smiling. See prey icyy. page 35. I Numbers at the Sttb ('lub. I Ipttt 3am. £It) (£3). 4 Apr. Analogue (‘hieago house and acid styles. courtesy ol special guests 'l‘.\"l' ('I'add Mullinix aitd 'I'odd ()sbot'n). \y ith Numbers residents Nel aiid Bobby ('Icayer. I Old School at the Bull. Ill.3()pm 3am. £(i. Weekly. liinest old school iii/I. I'unk and soul lroti) ('raig et al. I Pangea at the (ilasgtm School ol Art. l().3()pm 3am. £3. 4 Apr. Dundee drum & bass night. iitakittg its (ilasgots debut. as!» Pinup Nights at the Winchester. Wg‘ ()pm 3am. £5 (£4). 4 Apr. Indie. pttitk. soul aitd electropop. leaturitig Iiye bands Bricolage. There Will Be l‘lrc‘\\()l'l\\ and Ross ('lark. Willi guest I)Js 'l‘he 'I'ecnagcrs. I Popshop at AB(’2. I Ipitt 3am. £(i (£4). Weekly. Nets night at AB(‘2 tsith I’attly (My latest .\'o\c|) attd Simon (lirrors) spinning the likes ol' l‘Nlls. licho K the Bunnymcn attd I{S(i pltis a liye band at ittiditigltt each neck. I Pressure at the Arches. Ill.3llpm 5am. £I5. 28 Mar. Another customarily huge night ol \aried techno l'rom l’ressurc. \yith Slam. I-‘unk d'\'oid. 'l‘cchnasta. Joris \‘oorn (Iiye). Bcroshima. lyan Smagghe. l.et's (io ()utstdc (ll\Cl aitd ()nur (Her. I SIN at Soundhaus. I()pm 3am. £6 (£4). 28 Mar. (ilasgott's real rock and metal club night with resident l)Js ()ti/Iy and Kenny. ('urrent aitd classic rock. metal. alternatiyc attd crossoycr sounds paired \y ith death metal. black metal. grindcore and hellish noise. I Toxic Pop at Bamboo. l()pm— 3am. £5. Weekly. (ieoll .\l aitd (‘raig Layss play quality house music pltis RZKB and hip hop l'rom (Eat in Sommeryille. Rock and

indie \Hlll electro lrom Sose in the lounge

I Tronic at Blacklrtars I 1pm 3am £8 (£5) 4 Apr Dedicated to the lull spectrum ol Itye electronic music. ysith l‘roubleshtmtcr. Darkmode. Rob Park and lillc‘ (‘hclsea (itrl\

I Vice at the ('athousc I Ipttt 3am £5 (£1) Weekly IU Martin Bates (\liMl hosts an indie rock party on Icy cl tyto yttth tunes old and next. ltottt Arctic Monkeys It) /eppelin

I XXL at (‘rtb Itlpm 3am. £(i (£4) Weekly lIesky and Big Al play hip hop. dancehall and grime \thile Ray Woods plays old \kttol classics

Chart & Party VP”. Budda at Budda. Noon ~3am \\ eckly See Hill. I Let them Eat Cake at Byblos,

I Ipiti 3am. £5 Weekly. A broad-ranging night ol cross-genre party tunes lrom The Ihrty Mac and Stuart .\Ic(‘orrtskcn. I Mojo at Ktishton l Ipit) 3am. £5. “t‘t‘lsly l\\() rooms ()I dlsc‘tt. old-school Iiip hop. indie and house I Playful at Play. I lpiit 3am. £b (£5). Weekly. Rth. house and indie rock. I Sweatbox at the Tunnel. 1 Iptit 3am. £5 (£3) Weekly. Ra B aitd hip hop lrom I)Js .\aecm aitd Yasmin in the ntatn room. yt ith (ieoll M and (ireg M's house sounds through the back.

" w m, «3' seem»: . (:3. : “gt; a l bits-1'? .-


I ABC Saturday at .-\B('. l Ipm— 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Sotil. rock'n'roll. indie and electro \y ttlt (Berry Lyons attd l)ayid Sinclair.

I Absolution at (‘Iasstc (irand. Ill.3npm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Rock. metal. industrial and punk to liven tip your Saturday itigltt.

I All Tore Up at Blacklrtars.

Inpin 3am. £5. 5 Apr. Maximum rhythm aitd blues. rock'n'roll aitd rockabilly. ()Id taxes at tltis top night.

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret l'nion. ()pm 3am. £4. 2‘) Mar. A goth-punk and nit-metal soundtrack inciting ritual tittirtilic‘;ttit)it attd cross-burning among the black-clad ltordes. Maybe.

I Canvas Club at Arta. ltlpnt 3am. £5 tl’ree). Weekly. See liri.

I Club Antics at BarlIy. I lpm-3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Nets Saturday night residency. sery iitg tip a delectably' unpredictable mix ol' indie. punk. electro and cull classics designed It) get you dancittg.

I Club Noir: Backstage at the Winchester. Illpm 3am. HI). 5 Apr. The burlesque night slips iitto something a little more comlortablc for a pared down. intimate. spin-oil night with the same glamorous ethos bttt no burlesque shows. I Colours at the Arches. It'lpme3atn. Hi). 5 Apr. Another big night ol' house as (‘olours are joined by Darren Iimerson. I)eadmau5. (iioyanni lierri and Andy King.

I Divine at the (ilasgoyy School ()I' An. I Iptn 3am. £4 (£3). 5 Apr. Glasgow's longest-running club residency presents a unique blend of soul. lunk. ska and psych dtig deep Iron) the Dome sound archives. I Downstairs Mix-Up at the Twisted Wheel. It).3l)pms3am. £3. 2‘) Mar. Indie aitd electro.

I Firewater at Firewater. noon—3am. lirce bel‘ore Ill.3l)pm; £4 (£3) after. Weekly. The Usual selection of rock and indie classics to get you through your weekend.

I Glitter Bitch at Barfly. I lpm—3am. £6. 5 Apr. A new night of electro filth.

I Homegrown at Bamboo. I0pm—4am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Stevie Sole plays a lunky. soull'ul home set with Miguel playing Rat-B and Dominic Martin supplying the funk and jazz.

I I Love the Garage Saturdays at the Garage. II).3I)pm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Brian .\IcMaster plays all your l‘ayourite classics in the main hall while Kenny soars through alternative indie and retro classics in the Attic.


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