I Inside Out at lllc .'\ltllL'\

lll. illpm iam 2.th 2‘) Mar It‘s been rcsiilcnt at the .'\rLllL'\ xiiit't' WW» .llltl l\ \llll going \lltill}: RL'\ltlL'lll\ \I‘L'thll

I Kaput al the x\tllllll'.ll llpiii ‘arii L4. 2‘) Mar 'lhc monthl} rock‘ii'roll. Liaulrotk. llL'\‘- \l..l\L' .llltl clct’ti'oiiitjuc part} llliltlt' lor ilanting. llll\ is a has} one loi lllll\L' \\ ho likt‘ dark room\ and \tiltl riiuxit

I Karbon Saturdays al Karboii

Ill illpiii iaiii {H tUH. Wet-kl} KCHll .\1t'l'arlant-. Stephen Lu- and Wood} llll\ up the dance sounds. \xhilc l||_\u\ and Stalin \llmil} lull-on urban anthems.

I Melting Pot at the Admiral,

llpm lam. ill). 5 Apr. .-\|| llllllg\ disco- llllll\t' \\ ilh r‘t'sitlciilx Andra-xx Pine and Stilton ('ot‘tllllcl’.

I The Mix Element ai Sll'illllt‘l}tlc Stiiilciitx' l'nion. lllpm iam. £3. \Vu'kl}. (ilaxgott \ lirsl cwr \llltlL'lll Asian lllll\|t.' night. an eclectic llll\ ol hhaiigra. hip hop. llllll}\\l)tltl and Rxll \Hlll l)J\ liohh} B and la) .lagpal and Shandy

I Nu Skool at lllt' Bull. llHllpm 3am. U), \N'ct'kl}. Nick l’t‘tlL‘llL'lx. ('l'ulg 'l'lioiiipsoii. John l{tl\\ antl .-\lt'\. pr'otitliiig a llllt' linc in tlist‘o. nor‘tht'in soul and all llllllg\ limit).

I Off the Record at Stilllltllllllh. llpm ~lam. ill) (to lit-loit- iiiitlnighli. 5 .»\pr. 'l'ht' Sountlhauxhast-1| lt't'lmo shindig; rclui‘iix. \\llll gillt‘xh lo he t‘oiilii'iiit'tl.

I Saturdays at lllL' ('ailioiixc.

llHllpm 3am, to (Hi. \Vcckl). l).l liric ollcrs classic and current rock. glam. mclal. l'urilt metal. goth and break heals \ihilc D] Hill} hells oiil his regular hlcntl ol‘ hip hop. nu mclal. altcriialixc rock and llltlllxll'lill.

I Saturdays with Bobby Bluebell at ()i'aii .\loi‘. l lpm 3am. £8. \Vcckl}. Yup. liohh} l'rom 'l'hc liluchclls. keeping lllL' part} going at the top o' Bum Road. I Shift at Stilllltlllillh. I lpm 4am. t.‘l(l tt‘h’l. 3‘) Mar. l)ccp. minimal lltllINL‘ and lct‘hno \\ ilh Derrick Burns. .ltist‘. the


A perennial favourite on the UK techno scene, Dave Angel guests at Glasgow’s techno bastion the

Soundhaus. ‘Hard, funky techno, that’s the way I'd put it,‘ explains Angel of his formidable mixing style. ‘Techno is all about experimenting with music equipment and it will always move forward as long as people stay true to it.’ {'2 The Base/710nm! SOtl/l(l/7(it/f§. G/zisgow. Fri ‘1 Apr.

I Souldiggin’ at (‘laxsic (il'nlltl.

l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcckl)‘. The team behind l)ccotlancc brings )iiti liw ltillltl\ and a selection of soul. l‘unk. hip hop, tlilllL‘L‘llilll and rarc groin c. With [Us Jot-ho}. David ('raig. (ia\ Soriiriicr'x illc and Yasmin.

I Streetlife at the Beat ('luh.

l lpm 3am. £5. chkl). Stcvic lilcmcnlx and ('raig l.oo\c_jolnl\ bring us their

I Subculture at lhc Sub ('luli.

llpm 3am. l; Ill it'h'i. Wet-kl}. Ham and l)tllllL‘lllL‘\ \\ L'll-L‘Nltllilhllul llllll\C llhllllllltlli L‘UllllllllL'\ to reign \uprcmc. l't'aturing a guest appearance li'om lcchno lcgcntl Km in Sauntlcrxon 15 AD“.

I Super Saturdays at l"ur_\ Murr) \. llpm 3am. £5 1H). Wet-kl}. DJ Mark) I) play chart and L‘llL‘C\t‘ and Rtkli.

I Superfly at \Vootlsitlc Social (‘luh

mi\ ol mccl soul. \c\_\ .l\\C\l luiik. (ills pot‘hc rock. hip hop. pmt punk and llt‘“ lt‘lt‘.l\t‘\ St‘t‘ l‘lt‘\ lt'“. [Mlgt‘ ‘8

I Traxx .il l‘ixo l‘ixo llpm 3am {5 3" Mar The lll\l ol .1 number of \l\g‘\‘|.|l L'\t‘lll\ that Iran arc planning; loi .‘oos‘ [1‘ \‘L‘lt‘l‘ltllt‘ lt‘ll )t'.ll\ lll lllt‘ l‘ll\lllt‘\\, \kllll \pctial guest .lim lllllt'lllM‘ll illuiii and Han

I Nisted 8. Brainfire: Reactor .ii l\oi‘} Blacks .\pm zam till 2" Mai ()iigmal l'l'x haitlgoit‘. gahlxi .llltl raw liom guests \t‘l‘j‘ll}lt‘. loo) Riot and .\l Storm. plus a lull \lll‘l‘ttlllllg cast ol lilx .llltl .\l(\

I Weak at the Knees .it ll.l\lll.l lilant‘a ‘lpm 2am Ur 2" Mai Ill l‘t‘ir} l.tllll\ tl.oiitloii\ .l.i// ('alcl lioslx a next month|_\ night dedicated to rare grooxt‘. ltoogit‘. \tllll .llltl tlrst‘o

I You 8: Meat lhc l‘l}lll:_! Dink

Ill ,‘llpm 3am U ht‘loic midnight.

L4 L5 allt-i Ill .\l.ii loiitl dancing; and tllllt‘l talking; \\llll Ro\.mnt' and Patrick o1 SM) Kltl\ on the ducks l‘\pct‘t much iiitlrc

Chart 81 Party

I Base at tht' 'l‘unnt'l llpm tam LIN t£51.\\'t't'kl} Sketch. (iiat'mc (i and (hits llill'l'l\ \kL'.l\t' .i llllt' lahrrt~ ol limit} liouxt' and RA” .il \lrlt'hcll lanes llllt‘\l tlaiicc t'mpoiiuiii.

I Bordello .il Kll\lllilll llpm iam [5 Wall}. llousc liom (ioitlon .\llllt‘l. and a lllll\lt‘;ll llll\llllt‘ lrom lllll§ \lillrgan and Stcwn l'o}.

Tit-‘75P: Budda at litiiltla \ooii iaiii \Vt‘t‘lxl}. St't‘ 'l‘llll.

I Sabado Saturdays at ll}l\lti\

llpm 3am, LN (Lot. \Vt-t‘kl) lltlll\t' llltl\lt‘ li'om lain 'l‘homson MIN riiaga/incl anil l’aul Rt'a :4?‘:’§“fF-§¢3F’fé§gfléfif"f-Wf . " "

his: m5 r al' fi-(afi3.e;-_:I'~z.r_la9_-a:.1|' . Club

I ABC Sunday al .'\ll( '2. llpm 3am U (£3 l. \Vt't‘ltl} lilCt'lltl. llollsc lllltl pop urth l)J Muppet.

Animal l‘ai'm l)J\. (ii'acmc Dunn. l’liatkat and Jamie Raiiiagc.


Club venues

:11 ABC

300 Sauchiehall Street. 332 2232. This gig venue turns into a massive club night all through the weekend with a mix of indie crossover tracks and freeform mixing.

8:: The Arches

Argyle Street. 0870 240 7528. Probably the biggest venue in Glasgow and home to big names such as Colours. Death Disco and Pressure as well as a few underground treats. See listings for details.

3 Bamboo

51 West Regent Street. 332 1067. A musical programme that takes in modern soul and funky house makes this a favourite venue. Homegrown and Discobadger are usually packed to the rafters. I Barfly

260 Clyde Street, 221 0414. A great club for those who like rock'n‘roll. Funhouse on a Friday is always a good bet. See listings for selected highlights. i Belo

Royal Exchange Square. 204 0101. Bump and grind your weekend

uphcat house-part} sound at this no“

\wckl} rCsitlcnc};

lllpm 2am. £5. 5 Apr. Duncan Supt-r11) illltl (ircgor limontl pro\ itlc a sweltering

I The Beat Club at lllt‘ lit-at ('liih. 9pm 3am. l’rlt't‘s \ar}. \Vt-ckl}. Su- 'l'hu.

away at this massively popular. subterranean R88 club.

it'll Boho

59 Dumbarton Road, 357 6644. Host to Music Saves Sunday and their XFM based roster.

a The Buff Club

142 Bath Lane, 248 1777. A number of fine nights take place at this upstairs-downstairs venue like the great Killer Kitsch on Tuesdays and Burn each Monday. See listings for details.

at Carling Academy 121 Eglinton Street. 08700 771 2000. Host to big one-off parties from Club Noir to Back to The Future. See listings for details.

5 Carnival Arts Centre

2nd FIOOr, 34 Albion Street. 946 6193. Occasional club nights with often ethnic themes at this Merchant City haunt

The Cathouse

15 Union Street. 248 6606. The most popular nu-metal and goth club in the city just check out those queues to get in over the weekend.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Art space that throws the occasional one off special club

event. See listings for details.

3 Classic Grand

18 Jamaica Street, 847 0820. New venue with regular clubs and live music including Club Olum and Porno.

37% Club Living

69 Nelson Mandela Place, 248 7333. New venue with a full complement of rockin' late evening to early morning weekend sessions.

Club 69

40 New Sneddon Street, 552 5791. It's experimental and funky techno all the way at this great venue. The guys from Rub-a-Dub are in charge musically. See listings for details.

3 Corinthian

Ingram Street, 552 1101. Upper-crust clubbing for those who like to spend. spend, spend. Smart clothes are a prerequisite over the weekend.

I Crib

375 Sauchiehall Street, 333 9919. Glasgow's only dedicated Urban and R88 venue. If you're looking for R88. dancehall, soul. grime and hip hop then this is the place.

5 Cube

34 Queen Street, 226 8990. Clubs hardly come

more popular than this. A massrve clientele and a funky soundtrack characterises the Cube weekend presentation. The Perry Anderston Quay. the Broomielaw. 553 0606. This floating venue on the Clyde plays host to various one-off nights. and the genius monthly that is VEGAS! See listings for details.

iii Fury Mury’s

96 Maxwell Street. 221 6511. No pretensions - just pure partying at this classic venue down near the Clyde.

£3 The Garage

490 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. Classic student venue playing perhaps the most obvious party tunes. See listings for selected highlights.

Glasgow School of Art

167 Renfrew Street. 332 0691. Record Playerz (on Thursday) and Divine (on Saturday) every week make this student venue always a winner. See listings for details.

a Guru

520 Sauchiehall Street. 332 0755. Indie. pop. electro. rock'n‘roll aeross four rooms at this new venue. See listings for details.

.71 7'19

The Admiral Bar, 72 Waterloo Street, 221 7705. A great new venue that has just managed to get a new Sam licence. at Karbon

4 Buchanan Street. Springfield Court, 221 8099. Relatively new club with a mix of nights. Student night TlT is always full with Electroball Fridays giving it a bit more of an edge. e“: Oran Mor

Byres Road, 0870 0132 652. Huge Gaelic-style venue in the West End that plays host to the funk and jazz celebration that is the N00 Groove. See listings for details.

8: Polo Lounge

Wilson Street, 553 1221. The gay community of Glasgow votes with its feet every weekend. making this the most popular club of its kind in the city.

I Queen Margaret Union

University Gardens, 339 9784. Various club and club-orientated gigs occur at this student debauchery emporium. See listings for details.

I Riverside Club

Fox Street, 569 7287. Home to Glasgow's only queer alternative Utter Gutter and disco den Melting Pot, this small

socral club is an epicentre of cool. See listings fOr details.

£2 Soundhaus Hydepark Street. 221 4659. House. techno and live venue wrth Off The Record & DEFF and Monox every month. See listings for details.

it; Sub Club

Jamaica Street. 248 4600. The best club in Glasgow? Optimo Sundays and Subculture Saturdays seem to corroborate the claim. See listings for details. 5 The Tunnel

84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000. A venue famous for its well-dressed crowd and popularity. Dance tunes dominate the weekend. of course. See listings for selected highlights.

1; Universal

157 Sauchiehall Lane. 332 8899. This smart venue hosts drum 8 bass and laid back Club nights. making it a varied space in which to relax. See listings for details.

I Woodside Social 329 North WOOdSIde Road. 337 1643. A selection of indie and mod clubs make up the monthly programme at this charming west end institution. See listings for details.

38 THE LIST 2? Mar-10 Apr 3‘08