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For anyone who thinks that American stand-up comedy means Bill Hicks, Chris Rock and Joan Rivers, those wonderful people at Comedy Central are setting out to put you straight. A new set of DVDs and 005 should thrust you out of that slumber when the excellent works of three relatively unknown and diverse talents are unleashed over here.

Dane Cook is a controversial figure. Not just for having ‘invented' a weird hand gesture dubbed the SUperFInger or for the accusations that he has become big in the States by winning the style vs content war (one article in Rolling Stone was entitled ‘How can any comedian get as famous as Dane Cook with no jokes?). Worse than those are the accusations of plagiarism which have followed him over the years. The internet debate on this is wide and ranging but before you decide on that, have a look and listen to Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation and make up your own mind on the guy's raw and energetic talent.

Todd Barry may have a face which is familiar to Edinburgh Fringe-goers after his appearance at the Assembly Rooms in 2004. Actually, there’s more chance of you remembering his voice, a slightly pained, whiny, querying tone accompanied occasionally by a slightly menacing glare. Thankfully, for anyone who has regular contact with him, Falling off the Bone includes a short documentary which tracks Barry around New York (accompanied by fellow idiosyncratic Big Appler Eugene Mirman) and proves that his voice is actually agreeably unpained, anti-whine and relatively non- querying. And his stare is perfectly fine. In his stand-up, Barry offers skewed and subtle looks at the ridiculousness and awkwardness of his own life whether he‘s trying to convince women that he's a more hygienic sexual partner than Brad Pitt or the consistent failures of the postal service.

Mitch Hedberg will go down in the annals of great American comics for following the Lenny Bruce/Bill Hicks/Andy Kaufman trail to immortality and dying far too young, in his case from an overdose in 2005. His demise came so close to April Fool's Day that some fans were convinced (and probably still are) that he remains among us. Mitch All Together is a scintillating example of his singular talent, a propensity for obtuse and surreal one and two-liners covering topics such as the madness of hotels not having a 13th floor, the odd concept of bed and breakfast, and the less obvious downsides to being shot with a bow and arrow. (Brian Donaldson)

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Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to comedy®list.co.uk. Listings are compiled by Sian Bevan. Indicates Listpicks entry

Glasgov. Jongleurs Comedy Club Junglt‘utx l(i(‘ Building. ll Rt'llllt'“ \ttt-t't. UV“ "\“tfli” \pnt t.\ \lit'kt't Hutton. lx'mnt llt'\\\l‘tll_\ and Mn \\ ho ' .tlt' on hand llll\ \xu'kt'nd. ltkc \\.lllL'l\ \t‘txtn; io'ktw on .I plattt't lll.t\lt' ttotn point-d} gold lht'tt'K dancing .tllL'l\\.ll\l\. likt‘ lllL' L'lltl \t't'nc t‘l Il‘t’l/t't‘w

The Thursday Show lllt' \‘tantl.

5‘\5\\0Htll.tlltl\ Rikltl. “3‘” Ml“ (M55 \ 5Ill‘lll t" lift. t1 lllk'llll‘t'l\l Snxan ('alntan hmtx llll\ owning: ot good tun and Iapcx lhc \wc l‘llL' l\ ptt'xt‘nttng; Htcndan lk'ittpw}. Kain litidgt‘x. John |,_\nn and “with. \o N \lllL‘ to \.t§ thank )tlll .l\ )0“ lt'.l\t' Watson’s Wind-up ( ilaxgtm l'lllll .l‘llk‘dll‘t'. 1: Row Sll‘t't‘l. 55: .\ l :5 Wall} topical aunt-d} tun at the tt't‘ot'dtng: ol lllfl' St'otl.tttd\ popular \kctt'h \htm. \tat't'tng Jonathan \Vatwn


Improbabble 'l llL‘ ( )tllllott\t‘. 12a lit'ottghton Stu-ct lane. 55" (with.

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The Thursday Show 'l’ht- Stand. 5 York l’lat‘t‘. .558 3‘3. “pm. {7' do; 1.5 ntcntht't'xi. Raynond .\lcat'n\ hmtx tonighl’x linc hnc~up ol \[lllllllfJ cotncdianx. all wt to unqncxttonahl} cntct'tatn _\otn' \wc \ockx/ttghtx oll. lan (‘ogniltx Stuart Murph} & (idl'l') Dohxon. Rohhtc Honhatn attd Andre“ l.L'ill'llltllllll arc all thctc tor )ott.


Jongleurs Comedy Club lunglctux. l'(i(' Building. ll chlt‘t-u Slit-cl. “Vii 78" 0707, 8pm. £13. Su- llltl 37.

The Stand lllc Stand. .55.5 \Voodlandx Rnatl, 0370 (till) 0055. H.5llplll, U) its; L5 lllL‘llll‘Cl‘H, Sttxan \ltit'i‘txon l\ lhc \ct'} ahlc conductor on Illl\ mincd} train. \lttpplltg to inancl at the talcnlx Hi Brendan Hunting. (lat) [Mam-y John 1,}nn attd \Vood}. .-\ll ahoat'd. latt'


Jongleurs Comedy Club

Jonglcut‘x. ()tnni ('cntt‘c. (it'L‘ClhltlL‘ l’lat‘c. 08'0" VtfllT h.l5ptn. {I l. ('otncd} ll‘ollt Stlk}. KL‘llll l'at'nan. Roh Dating and the magical .\land_\ Knight. ’l‘hc ticket include cntt') to thc altcrxhou cltth. tn yaw _\ou'rc tcchng utta hoogicliciottx. The Stand The Stand. .5 York l’lacc. 5.53 "3‘2. ‘lptn. U) It's; £5 lllL‘llllk'rw. 'l'hc cwr-popular Raynond \lC;tl'll\ hoxtx llll\ \wckcnd ol' guaranteed laughx trotn thc cwr-rchahlc Ian ('ognito. the met- nnprmixcd Stu tk (Barr). Rtihhic Bonhain and (‘at'oltnc Mahc}.


Halama Oklasky and Nowaski 'l'hc .-\t'chc\. 35.5 .’\rg)lc Strcct. 505 lllllll. ~pm. £l5. l’ohxh cotncd} \lltl\\. Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglcurx. l‘(i(' Budding. ll chtrcu Strcct. “Vii "8' it'll". hplll. £15. Scc Thu 3"

The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 53.5 Woodlandx Road. 05'” (Mt (3055. 9pm. U2. Scc in 28.


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I’m Sorry I Haven’t Got a Clue Not all”: collective age 'ztttlm no to it." lll(35§f3f.‘; l yttolto'p (sail lt-t . Brooke l£l\’l_’)l, (Low and Heat. the young Stit’llltl, (,7 tilt: curt; Will be casting age moments, out the ‘.‘.’ll‘(l()‘.‘.’ .‘.’lll‘ this band, performance. 8w,- r'; limos. Fest/M H7t.’(lll(?. [tit/tl/tl/t;lr, 8:1," (30 Mar.

Stewart Lee ll(:llill‘l'<fl Tr' Woodlands Howl after W, March gig, tilt: Him who “tom't'f lltlllt,’ E;(ltl(;(3/‘_: :ttto W,- ‘at, 3.0 furttuest morning at a“ tttw: latxgortttng (Channel -1: .vlli U: (l0illtl his thing for flv: t,£tll“:l(l‘, tonight. [30 two to tilt; ’l‘l,’ as he's; Just departed MN. 110‘). lht: Stand. Glasgow Mort [Apr

Scott Capurro llw; cattsm' cotntcal bitclt in Sat l rat spouts; lortn about at‘-,’t‘t~.t‘g that Will Mend ll1(:l‘l’;‘}i ten/it," of senst‘tmltties. lite Stand. Edinburgh. lltt/ MAp/i

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Edinburgh Jongleurs Comedy Club Junglcutx. ()tnnt ('cntt‘c. (ilt'L‘lhltlL‘ l’lau- “Vii” VOW)" \ 15pm 2.14 Su- in IN. The Stand 'l llL' S'a'td. .5 Y1 ilk l’lau'. 55% '72") ‘lpin. :13 Su- ll! 33


Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service 'l he Stand. Ni \‘HNKllitlltl\ Road. MSW) ()le 6055. N 5llplll. L5 ‘2.4; Ll lllL'llllk'rH. 'l‘hc lo}al lillltl\'.L'l\ (ll thc Sunda} Scrx igc rcturn. although now (oner to \ltghacl Rcdtnond'x Sahhath dcn arc \xclwtnc. 'l'ontght lcaturcx gag- lllL‘l\IL'r Gar} Dclanc}. Andrew l.CitrlllHlllll. lulatnc Malcolntxon and ('hrt\

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