Of late. the Singles and downloads review has been driven more towards the indie scene. understandable perhaps, given the lack of creativity in dance music lately. But while all this 'real band' resurgence has been gOing on, electronic music has found itself a new lease of life.

A good starting point is Jamie Lidell's ‘Little Bit of Feel Good' (Warp) 00.0 the first single from his immminent album. Jim, a stand-out piece of future soul co-produced by Berlin's Mocky, with a nod towards the label's electronic roots. There's more psychedelic soul on the new remix package from Pattie Bllngh’s (aka Stones Throw artist Georgia Anne Muldrow) Saga/a album. The mixes come from The Hague's dubstep man 2562 and LA-based Flying Lotus associate Samiyam. both cutting up soul vocals and electronics to great effect (Ramp) 0000

For any of you following progress in the world of dubstep. you'll be sure to know of Kode 9 a. Spaceape. Following on from a string of inspiring releases. watch out for the up and coming ‘Konfusion' 10in (Hyperdub) 0000.. an astonishing piece of dancefloor dub. Also, look out for ‘Trust Nobody“ (Tempa) 000 , a killer new cut from SP, with super dark, half step rhythms.

Similalrly conmpulsive is the new track from Hellocentrics, “Distant Star' (Now Again) 0000 which features Percee P and MF DOOM which is half throwback hip hop rawness. half psyched-out oddity.

In terms of high profile projects. there’s the remix series from Thom Yorke's 2007 solo album Eraser. Previous mixes from Burial, Modeselektor. The Bug. Surgeon and The Field have all scored high. The latest offering doesn't scrimp either, with mixes of ‘Atoms for Peace' (XL Recordings) .00 coming from Four Tet and Cristian Vogel. Well worth a listen.

Finally. on a purist tip there‘s the Anniversary EP (MMM 8. Soundhack) 00000 the first release since 2000 by two of Berlin's true electronic geniuses Erik Wiegand and Fiedel aka MMM 8. Soundhack. Processed electronics. fusing Italio. electro and techno. Also worth a listen is the Astro Hard-Bop EP. another crazed production from s-Max/FYM (Boogizm) O” . German minimalism at its very best. (Steve Glencross)


THE BREEDERS Mountain Battles (JAD) .0

It's been six years since The Breeders released the raw. loose and intimate Tit/e TK. which makes you wonder what the hell Kim Deal and co have been dOing in that time”? Maybe she's been

distracted by the PrxreS reformation. but ittounrain Battles

70 THE LIST 2.“ Mir—73 At" .‘QCS

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‘l ' )‘ I'tI.( I' in: 'glilr‘izi‘)é:<l iii/.asioriall. fir-usuri-t

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Oracular Spectacular l(;()illlllI)l£ti COO.

After first encountering this New York outfit making their TV debut on The / ette/man Show wearing long black capes and romping though their breakthrough tune ‘Time to Pretend, MGMT have only gone up even further in our estimation With this curious and endearing debut offering.

The overriding ‘.’|I)(} is of some lll‘,f3il(fi£li. DIY interstellar expedition. 'Electric Feel' is the Scissor Sisters' own ntethadoned—up Bee Gees homage. while 'Kids' is a barbaric electropop stomp where Donna Summer and The Flaming Lips gleefully show off their mutant. (IOHJOIHCU robot babies. Some of these unearthly spells don't fully cohere. exposing some tenuous songwriting at the roots. but MGMT seem to be tocussed about putting on a show currently. and ti‘ankfull‘, ‘.‘.ie‘re all lll‘ ilvlark Rcbertsoni


BraZillian metailers Sepultura are pretty muCh unt0uchabie in the world of thrash. Their Chaos AD dhO Roots are dassics of the

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genre Ho.‘.e‘.er. fror‘tn‘ia". Max Canalera split froii‘ the band in 1’990. going en ti'. forrr‘. SUUIT‘). .'.".i:l‘ cause: a deep rift between him and the rest of the band including his brother and drummer lggor Nov. the Cayelera brothers are reunited on record for the first time in t2 years. Tracks like ‘Terrorize'. 'Ultra-Violent' anil ‘Bloodbrawl' throttle you With their sheer brutality. and none is more hostile than the hardcore slice of misanthropy ’Neyer‘trust'. But this broiiing intensity is tempered by a ferocious interpretation of traditional Bra/ilian rhythms. leading to some spectacularly intense grooves.

(Henry Northrnore)


(Not Applicable) .0.


The Ritchie in this trrumvrrate is Scottish drummer Stu. and his work wrth the likes of Colin Steele and the excellent Trianglehead will mean he needs no further introduction in these parts. Anyone who has followed the more esoteric directions being explored On the London Jazz scene is equally likely to have come across the work of trumpeter Tom Arthurs. while baSSiSt Jasper Hoiby is an assooate of the F-lRE Collective.

This is the trio's debut reCOrding. and burlds on the lines of enquiry eprOred in their UK tOur in late 2006. Spare. even skeletal harmonic and rhythmic frameworks suppon their probing. fractured experiments with

L‘: cited .1. .c.

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'riteroa that fitters :ne"°.‘. T atrscrt‘ the iistelie'. .iltht ugt‘

probapw, not for those who insist oi‘ swing at the heart of their (as: experience

iKertn. l.latt‘ieson

(fiRlME VARIOUS Channel U: Vol 2 iGLit) O

The newest, street-level incarnation of London's underground R&B fixation is Wider acknowledged as

b; ssline. Thus the plucky pups at Gut are either lagging behind the pack or mopping up the last smears of grime on this compilation of self; proclaimed ‘sickest sounds from the urban underground,

The content smacks of the la/y and the derivative With comically poor, if well-meaning raps laid over pitched up, saccharine soul samples. The rolling out of cliche after cliche suggests there's a bloody good reason why British urban music rarely permeates beyond the familiar local hotspots. Whether sOunding the death knell or blazing the crop. this is still poor.

(Mark Edrnundsom


Couples (Reugh Trade) 0...

This Sheffield fivesome have always seemed rather Clinical, their debut Someone to Drive You Home SOunding a little too self-aware and over—thOught at times.



A‘KKI 5 \ \l\a\ K \n 5{)\ x \l

n 0. ".im“ gt". '. ca. 'ec 'pe ' t)" .‘1 'z?"‘tl’k.‘ti‘ic t‘ (“M 9' :sgc‘. vecf'o'xt‘a .‘i".t .1' ft. .ts.‘0'tt.t')t guitars t"‘.2".i\:es To exoke H N " “0'3 (".1 f‘a'i‘. BlO'itI t‘. d. ‘\ let‘m‘u. Dawn 809.1081 or. and Grace Jones all .it the sarne ttrr‘e

Cilaife’s‘ #2 .la'k t’ooili'ig and sultry ti «using on 'elationshiim past an) present with cleuer i‘criipi‘illirtg lyrics and siiarip. imp vulture referenes and although there itit‘ fewer of the outfits trademark instantanei>usly iatle tracks this time around. the record claws its way under your skin from first listen (liiiiraiieous anit sublime iCainilla Pu:



lAtlantic lloinesithoiii

Estelle has paid her dues on the UK RéfiB Circles before departing stateside. A riieeting With US R&B star John Legend led to her signing to his Horneschool stable and this. her second album is executive produced by t egend. The list of serious muscle in the productionseat Mark Ronson Black F .’f:(I Peas' Williarii. Swix/ Beat/ and Kar iye West, \Nyclitfe Jean would suggest stakes rand hopes) are high for tliif. {)TC‘CCClUU‘). but charni.rig vocal talent from west London. Less corny or contrived than many pop contemporaries. Estelle's langurd delivery and warm. Sunshiny tones to her VOICE: makes this chunk of Surnrriery funk. She successfully meshes up loose reggae pop With Jittery 9'68 FODQIICS and bumping hip hop while never los:ng her English twang. iMark Robertson)