Music Folk


I Ceilidh Dance 5| BrtdeK ('entre. Uruell 'l‘errace. 555 7668. 7. 30pm. £8 l£5i. Join l)a Hoole} hit an e\erttttg oi traditional llllISIc and dance. Part or (‘i'iltilh ("u/tuna

I Kris Delmhorst (‘aharet Voltaire. Blair Street. 220 6l76 7,30prn. £0. ('ouritr) /l"o|l». from her acclaimed till‘llllh Songs for Hurrii um' and I'ii (' Morin. Part 0/ ('ei/u/li ('u/ture.

I Hay Pool and Ensamble Criollo Merchixton ('axtle School. ('olinion Road. 478 8446. 7.30pm. £|0 t£8i. ('laxxie Suiiig-lzra lllllSlc lrom l’ool. the loriiier resident harpixt at the Waldorl .-\\torra Hotel in New York. ('oloriihtari/ Vene/uelan groo\e\ from harp-drnen ('riollo. Part of ('i'i/iil/i ('ultim'.

I Bodhran Beat The l’leaxance ('aharet Bar. l’lematice. lllo20 8229M. £75. A weekend o| hodhran \ktil'lk\||tip\ and concerts lxee Stilt 3(ll. l’la}er\ arid teachers include Jiliilli} Higginx. (ialua): Junior l)a\c_\. Sligo; Aimee l.eoiiard. ()rkney; .lohnn) 'Ringo' .\lcl)oiiagh. (ialua); Siohhaii ()'l)oiinell. Sligo. I’iirt of (.(‘llltlll Culture.


I Daimh 'l‘olhooth. Jail Wytd. 0| 786 274000. 8piii.£|2 l£l0i. Wild Highland pan-('eltie Virittosil}. Support from l.i\a Knapp. Part of The Blend .


I Buttons & Strings (‘at'e (‘oxxachole RlISSlilli Cultural Centre. Albion Street. 553 0733. 0pm. £6. (‘laxxical Spanish and Riixxian music on accordion and \ ioliii frorii (ieorgie and Andrea (iajjie.


I Isabelle Moretti Merchixlon ('axile School. ('olinton Road. 478 8446. 7.30pm. £10 t£8t. The concert harpixt ix joined h} the lidinhurgh Quartet pla} ing work by Rax‘el. liddie .\lc(iuit‘e arid Andre ('aplet'x ('mite I'itritustii/ue haxed on lidgar Allan l’oe's 'I'lie .llmque oft/re Red Death. I’urt o/t'eilul/i ('ulture.

I Sylvia Barnes 8. Sandy Stanage Wee Folk Club. Ro)al ()ak. llillrliittl'} Street. 557 2076. 8.30pm. £3. l.a\t _\ear'\ Scottish liolksinger' of the Year. Barnex “as a one-time Battlclield Band lead vocalist. She's accompanied h) liife guitarist Staiiage. Port of the ('eili'il/t Culture.

I Bodhran Beat Concert The l’leasance (‘aharet Bar. l’leaxance. 0l620 822916. £75. See Sat 2‘).


I Play Me Something 'l‘olhooih. Jail Wynd. 0l786 274000. 2.30pm. t£5t. l‘illil and talk with Timothy Neat and \oltg\ from Margaret Bennett. I’urt oft/re Blend. I Savourna Stevenson & Alyth McCormack ’l‘olhooth. Jail W) nd. (0786 274000. 8pm. £|2 t£l0i. :\|.\o featurex music from Dona Rosa. I’urr n/"I‘Iie Blend.

Monday 31 .


I Javier Sainz and Linnaea Merchiston Castle School. (‘olinton Road. 478 8446. 3pm. £9 (£7; children under l2 free). l7th centur) Lowland and Highland music performed on the \\ ire-strung clarsach from Sam]. plus traditional Nordic song with music on the harp from Linnaea. Part on 'ei‘li’illi Culture.

I Claire Hewitt and Margaret Collins Merchiston Castle School. Colinton Road. 478 8446. 7pm. £7 (children under l2 freet. Traditional folk tales and stories in song. I’urt ott‘u'lidh Culture.

I Family Ceilidh Merchiston Caxtle School. Colinton Road. 478 8446. 8pm. £6 (children under 12 £3i. the dance music from the Thunderdogs. Part of Ceilidh Culture.

I Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Bruntsfield Primary School. Montpelier. Bruntsfield. 228 l l55. £80 for four days.

82 THE LIST 27 Mar—10 Apr 2008

\\llrl\\|||lp‘ including tiddle. wiig and mixed lllSIFtllllclll. are taught h} wine ot Britaink |lllL'\| )oung traditional lllthlclallS Booking evential int or (it i/ii/li (ill/Ill]?


I Rudeigin Stirling l~ol|\ (‘lulx Stirling (‘ourit_\ Rugh} l'oothall (‘ltilx Bridgehaugh l’ark. (‘aiixeua_\liead Road. lll25‘) 2|.S52I .Spiii .-\ the-piece lr‘oiii l.anark\hire pertoriii traditional Scollhh. Irr\h and .-\iiier‘ican lltlhlc


I Tristan le Govbic and Cheyenne Brown & Seylan Baxter \lcl'cllhlttll ('a\t|e School. ('oliritort Road. 478 8446 3pm. £8. (‘onteriiporar_\ .irr‘aiigeriientx ot Breton and ('elttc harp lllll\lc \\ ith cello I’ill'l (II (it'l/ltlll (ill/lull

I Jamie’s Scottish Evening lidinhurgh 'lihixtle Hotel. l.eith Street. 556 ill I l. 6.45 l0.l5piii. £5l.50i£30i_ .-\ Scttllhll eiitei'tarninerit/drnnei'. \\ ith a \election ol liltISIc. \ttltg. dance tk tood. I Highland Reign l.eith l‘olk ('luh. the Village. South [on Street. 478 "8l0. Spin. £6. 'l‘hexe three lllllSlclttlh i‘egular‘l} pack large \enuex acroxx .-\Iitcl‘lcil \\ ith croudx \\ ho adore their unique brand ot ('eltic folk. North Sea (iax lllcc|\ Braxeheart' l-irndraiwr lor l-ort ('oiiiiiiunit} Wing Young l’eople'x .\lu\ic Group.

I Tzalool arid Fitkin Wall .\|erchi\ton ('axtle School. (‘olittiott Road. 473 3440. 7.30pm. £0) i£8i. 'l'/alool pla_\ the ltltl\lc of lxrael. hoth traditional and modern.

\\ liile electronicx. kc} hoardx and harp eoiiihine in the |lttllt|\ of Ruth “all and (iraliarii l‘itltin in their tic“ \lto\\ ‘Still \Vzit‘iii'. I’urt of (‘i'i'li'iI/i ('u/Iure.

I Ceilidh Club The |.ol. (it'axxlttat'kel. 225 220‘). 8pm. £6. (‘eilidli dance \\l||l caller. .\ltt\ic from Breeliii. I’u/‘I o/ ('ei/i'i/li ('ullure.

I Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Br'untxlield l’riiiiar) School. Montpelier. Bruritxl'ield. 228 l I55. £80 for four day. See Mon 3|.


I Laura Boosinger 'l‘he l’lethtlltcc (‘ahar'ct Bar. l’leaxance. 8pm. £7 l£6i. (ir'eat .'\ppalachian \ingcr and expert

pla} er on dulciiiier. aiitoharp. guitar. and expeciall} liligchl} le hanio. I’urt or ('etliil/i ('ulture.

I Columcille Music Workshop Rotal Botanic (iarden (Caledonian Hall t. lii\er'leith Rou. 552 7l7l. l0.l5 ll.45ani. £4 i£3i. 'l‘he (‘oluincille ('eilidh Band lead these \xorkxhopx open to L'\cl"\t)llc hut L‘SPCL‘ltlH} focuxed lo \\ elcoiiie people \xith learning dixahilitiex. I’urt o/ ('ei'lr'il/i ('iiltiu‘e.

I Celtic Nations in Harmony Merchixton (‘ihllc School. (‘ttlitiittrt Road. 478 8446. 3pm. £9 t£7i lchildren under l2 free). Harp enxemhlex form three ttationx featuring The K) leriiore Harp linxemhle tlrelandi. .\lil ha ur (iorden iBrittan) i and The Hill“ ()i‘chextra \\ ith na (’larxairean (Scotlandl. I’iirl otter/rill) Culture.

I Jamie’s Scottish Evening lidinhurgh 'l‘hixtle Hotel. l.eith Street. 556 0| l l. 6.45 l0.l5piii. £5l.50 t £30i. See Tue 1.

I Scots Music Concert The Bongo Club. Mora) littlhc. Holyood Road. 558 7604. 7.30pm. £10 (£7i. Adult Learning l’ro_iect\ Scotx Mitxic (iroup \hoxxcaw concert. I’iirt ofCei/itlli ('ulture.

I Savourna Stevenson & Alyth McCormack and Grainne Hambly a William Jackson \lerchixton ('a\t|c School. Colintori Road. 478 8440. 7.30pm. £l0 t£8i. Traditional and neul} - composed lltlhlc and song from Scotland and Ireland in a double bill from too of Scotland's best-1m ed harp planer» Part or Ceilidh Culture.

I Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin anlSliC|d Primar} School. Montpelier. Bruntsfield. 228 |l55. £80 for four day. See .\lon 3|.

Glasgow I Duncan McCrone St \ndieu '\ in the Square. St \ndrexx'x Square. 55‘l 5"02 7 30pm £7115I lx-Chdeuder xiiigei and guitar pla_\ei. “Hit (5 Jack and Ste\ie laurence. e\-|ion Horxc Lau and Ainslie/Henderson Trio t‘t‘ \. Saueliieliall Street. 352 4900 Spin Llll See lliti 2'


I Jamie's Scottish Evening |ht\l|c Hotel. I eith Street. 556 0| ll

645 10 |5piii £5l 500210. See ltiel I Cheyenne Brown, Seylan Baxter and Ruaridh Pringle 'l he I ol. (iraxxinarket. 225 0022 «\l‘lll £6 «£4» Harp and cello in original airangeiiieiih ol traditional llttl\lc. It“! or (i Ill/ll ('u/tim I Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Brunt~lield l’riiiiai‘_\ School. \loritpelier. Hl'tllllSllcltl. 22S ll55 £80 tor tour d.i_\\ See Mon 3|

Edinburgh I Billy Joe Shaver lhc l’leaxaiice

(‘ahalel Bat'. l’leaxaltce. 7. illpiii £l5 Southern countr} and liliiegr'.i\\ See 5 RL‘thtllS. page "(3. in! or (it'llltlll (ii/tun I Northern Streams Seotlhh Stor'}te|lirig Centre. High Street. 556 057‘). 7.30pm. £|0 l £8i. \liixic ll'itllt acro“ Scandina\ ia (Sudan l)ud.uii .ind he_xond Scotland tBellexue Rende/muxi coritc together. I’iirt o/ ('i'i/iil/i ('ultun‘.

I Strictly Come Scottish Soutlixrde ('oniiiiuiiit} ('eiitre. .\'ieo|\on Street. 667 0484. 7.30pm. Hi) i £7.50t. .'\ll e\eriing ol Scottixh \ocial dancing from Old lime to ('eilidh mm the Bill Richardson Band and caller .'\llll;tlic| ()atex. l’tirt ot (‘i'iliil/i ('u/ture.

I The Cast and David Ferrard lhc |.ol. (il';t\\lll;tl'|\cl. 225 9922. 8pm. £8 l£6i. |‘.t|llthtll'gh \oiiguriterx \\ ith the duo of \inger and fiddle pla} er .\lairi ('aiiiphell \\l||i gllllttl'hl l)a\e l‘r'aricix. and ne\\ alhuiii r'eleaxe from )ottrtg Sciit\/.-\iiierican acti\ ixt \lllgcllgtllldl'hl l‘icl’l'tll'tl l’ill‘l I” (it'llltl/l (ill/lurid

I Jamie’s Scottish Evening lidinhurgh 'l‘hixtle Hotel. l.eith Street. 556 0| l I. 6.45 l0.|5piii. £5l.501£30.00i. See Tue |.


I Muckle Sangs Scollixh Slol‘}lc||ltlg Centre. High Street. 556 957‘).

l lam 5pm. £30 1 £24i iincluding lunehi. .\ \kor‘lxxhop in the art of hallad \inging lctl h} r‘enou tictl \tor}teller/trioeller/xinger' Stanle} Roher'txoti. I’urt of ('er/iil/t ('u/tim;

I Jamie’s Scottish Evening lidinhurgh 'l'hixtle Hotel. l.eith Street. 5.56 (H l l. (L45 lll.|5ptii. £5l.50 i£30i Sec 'l'uc l.

I Northern Streams Concert Ceilidh Scottixh Stor}tcl|iiig Centre. High Street. 556 957‘). 7pm. £10 i£8i. ()rkiie} \lttl'lc\ and \otig\ u ith Siohhan Miller. Jeatia l.exlie and Brian Miller. S.\l(i\ Big Seat ()nxtage lScotlaiidi and Sxohxk il)eiiiiiark l. Part or ('eilul/i Culture.

I Balkan Benefit Ceilidh Band Rudolf Steiner Hall. Sp}|a\\ Road. 337 34l0. 8pm. £0) r£3 £6.50i. |.i\e music for dancing from The Belle Star Band. and special gue\l\ |.itt|e Tito & the \Vohex. l’|u\ an organic bar and raffle u ith all Drill-HS going to Balkan Muxic Camp for War 'l‘raurnatixcd and Special NL‘L‘le ('hildren. l’itrt u/ (‘eiliil/i (‘u/tun'.

I Canongate Cadjers Pollock Hallx. litt|)root| Park Road. 8pm. £7 t£5i. ('cilidh inu\ic. Scoh tune\ and dancing. l’tll‘! “flirt-lull! Culture.

I Mike Heron and Jacob’s Pillow The Pleasance ('aharet Bar. l’leaxartce. 8pm. £10 t£8i. Founding member of the legendar) p\}chedelic/\\orld ll‘llhlc group The Incredible String Band. Part (I! ('ei/iil/i Culture.

Glasg I Pankaj Udhas king\ lheat e. Bath

Street. 0870 060 nuts 7 10pm 1:

lhe .'/:..'.‘i:...'

1 1 l0: \inget li‘tll\ |ll\ neu .tll‘tllll


I Orkney Song Workshop l\'o\.il oak. liitiiiiiart Street. 552 2"“6 2 4pm 1‘ t15t .learta | exlie leatlx thtx “oilnhot‘ on |}llc\ lroiii liei ll.tll\c ( liknm lxlex I’m: 1"(illf'luill (fldlfl’t

I Jamie‘s Scottish Evening l'diiiltiiigli llll\||t‘ Hotel. I eith Street. 55o olll oH llll5priif5l501£illISee Inc 1

FREE Traditional Music and Song Session Royrl ()ak. lntiriiiai} Street. .557 2‘l‘h "pin \ll \xelcoiiic I’iirtul

(it ilrillt (14.71am

I Peter Griggs St lohiik (hutch. l’iiricex Street. 22" 2565 2 30pm llitlldllt‘lh pleaxe \ii ec |\'\||\ \et lioiii .i \xideI} ti.i\e||ed gtiitaiixt and u‘llll‘ttSt‘l I Sandy Brechin and Pete Clark \\ee l'olk (hilt. Howl Hale |ll|\ Street. 55" 2"”6 .\ 30pm £3 lop .tccttlthitllhl Brechin It'lll\ \|.tl tiddlei ('lailt l’l‘II!";(~(ll/lllll(‘1'!lll,‘


I Jamie’s Scottish Evening ldiiihiirgli |llt\||c Hotel. I eitli Street. 556 0| ll 6 45 Ill l5piii £5l 50t£§0i See inc |.

I Julie Fowlis ()ueeii'x Hall. ("leik Street. 35‘ 8000 "put £15 l£l 3i (iaeln xiiigerlriitilti lll\|llllllt'll|.t|l\| ('t'I/ii/li (ti/rim

lot or

Edinburgh I Jamie’s Scottish Evening lidirihiirgli 'l |ll\||t' Hotel. l.eith Street. 550 0| I | 6.45 l0.l5prii. £5l.50it ith See 'ltie l.

I Cantara l.euh t-olk (‘Iuh lhe \ illage. South l~ort Street. 428 7Sl0 7. 30pm Ur |.Cl|||-|\il\ct| lttlh/t’ttch ollllll

I COllldh ClUb lhe |.ol. (il.i\\|.t'l. 225 22‘)”. Spin. £6. Dance to Hceltegoleei'ie. I’iir‘t o/ ('i'i/ii/li (‘ultun

Edinburgh I Columcille Music Workshop \c'lxoii Hall. MacDonald Road. l.eith. l0.l5 lids;th [4 SH i t. See \\t‘t|2

I Jamie’s Scottish Evening ladinhur'gh llllSllc Hotel. l.eith Street. 556 0| 1 l. 6.45 l0.l5pni £5l.50 i£30i See 'l'ue l.

I Lauren MacColl Trio lhc l’lt'dmtlltt' ('ahar‘et Bar. l’leaxance. lll478 6| 3750. Spin. £7 t£6i. Young. hr‘illiant. anard

\\ inning traditional fiddler. hacked h} piano and guitar. l’urt ot ('ei/u/li (’iiltun'.

I Lauren MacColl Trio St Andre-u \ lll the Square. St Andre“ 'x Square. lll478 6| 3750. 7. 30pm. £8 t£6i. Sec Tue 8


I Luka Bloom (’aharet Voltaire. Blair Street. 7pm. £10. 'l‘icltetx 08444 77 lllllll. |.tika lBarr} Moorei IS the _\ounger \ongurrting brother of ('hrixt}. and ha» \ince l‘)78 recorded l5 acclaimed album» I Jamie's Scottish Evening lidinhurgh 'l‘hixtle Hotel. l.eith Street. 556 0| l l. 6.45 l0.l5piii. £5l.50 l£30r Sec Tue |.

I Ceol is Orain ('olumcille ('entrc. \c'\\h;itl|c‘ 'licrrace. 447 7404. 7. 30pm. £7 t£5i. Night of (iaclic lllUNlc and \ong featuring Margaret ('allan and the Lothiari (iaelic Choir. Part of ("er/rilli (illllIlI'l’.

I Salsa Celtica Brunton 'l'heatre.

Lad} \tell \Va}. .\|u\\elhurgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £|4 t£l2i. ('uhan iii/I. African. Latin and Celtic grooxex. Come along earl} for a Sillsit lexxon.