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Poppy is admitted very much against her will. Poppy flaps under N‘s wing and realises that she has a tricky battle ahead to convince the authorities that she is

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The point where the axis swings between madness not ‘a nutter‘. and sanity, the fiscal-led emphasis of modern health When we think about it with cold-eyed clarity, politics and the desire to find our place in the world mental illness is about as funny as a Jim Davidson are at the heart of this excellent drama based on the comeback tour, but the superlative performance of debut novel by Clare Allan. Freely admitting to having Anna Maxwell Martin as N is laced with many spent almost a third of her life in psychiatric moments of subtle humour. Naomie Harris as the establishments, Allan clearly knew what she was eponymous Poppy goes more for a full-blown scary writing about and director Benjamin Ross (The Young descent into madness when her campaign to prove Poisoner’s Handbook) brings out both the poetic and her sanity goes drastically down the tubes. A tragic elements of the story with finesse. damning indictment of NHS politics, the drama

A self-confessed ‘dribbler‘ called ‘N‘ is a long-term portrays a deranged, empty world in which people are psychiatric patient at the Dorothy Fish day hospital not even numbers; they can simply be a letter. and has little intention of leaving when the enigmatic (Brian Donaldson)


Brian Donaldson finds that a strong stomach is required to get through some of the upcoming dramas and documentaries

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