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Peer Gynt is up for the Best Production Award

Nominees revealed for 2008 Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland

Words: Anna Millar

undee Rep has been hailed as the

frontrunner for the 2008 (‘ritics'

Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS). The Rep heads the bill with 13 nominations across 9 categories. including Best Performance in both the male and female categories. Best linsemble. Best Design. Best lfse of Music and Sound. Best Director and Best Production.

Other popular favourites include the

(‘itizens Theatre with six nominations and Wee Stories. with the Joyce McMillan. (‘ATS co-comener. said: ‘Although there are some obvious front-runners among the nominees. even the smallest professional companies can produce work that competes with the best.” The ten awards ranging from acting and directing to sound and design were open to any professional theatre work produced in Scotland between May last year and April this year.

(‘ATS said recognition was also given to the National Theatre of Scotland (.\'TS) for their role as a co-producer. working with both venue-based and touring

8 THE LIST 7?. May :3 .Jun 2008

companies. and in turn their work receiyed l5 nominations.

The lint/H'I'Ur's .Vt'tt‘ [Vi/l (\Vee Stories/NTS l. l’('('/' (ian (Dundee Rep/NTS). Angels in America ((‘iti/en Theatre) and Sims/zinc on It’ll/t (Dundee Rep) will light it out for the coyeted Best Production gong.

Last night. Dundee Rep‘s artistic director James Brining said of the nominations: 'We are absolutely delighted that ottr work in the last year has been recognised in this way. We haye a Very dedicated and talented staff at the Rep and these nominations are a measure of just how strong and committed the team is.~

The CATS winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at Oran Mor in Glasgow as part of the West End Festival on Sun 15 Jun. Tickets for the ceremony, priced £15, are available in person from Oran Mor or through Tickets Scotland, 0870 220 11 16,



I Annie Lennox has been honoured by The British Red Cross for her outstanding humanitarian work for families affected by HIV and AIDS. The singer will receive the British Red Cross Services to Humanity Award at a Royal Charity Gala Evening on Thursday 12 June at London’s Great Room. Previous recipients of the award include the late Luciano Pavarotti.

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THE FLYING SCOTSMAN, the film based on the life of Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree, has taken the Grand Prix prize at the Sixth Russian International Festival of Sport Films.


OOIZIT.COM, a new online social networking site dedicated to supporting unsigned local musicians, is scouting for talent. The site is already attracting unsigned artists, Scotland-based bands, DJs. music producers, venues. events and fans of great music who can all sign up and create their own online profile at for free.

MONO 3N GLASGOW has announced the lineup for this year’s Hey You Get Off My Pavement! festival. Camera Obscura, Foxface, Belle & Sebastian‘s Stevie Jackson(and band) and The Pictish Trail will all appear at King's Court on Sun 29 Jun.

THE BAKEHOUSE BISTRO on Dalry Road, Edinburgh is to be used for a new night of live music, the Cowgate Cartoon, a mixture of cabaret, burlesque and music hall entertainment. The first show takes place on Thu 12 Jun.


writer/ director Andrea Arnold has won funding for her next feature project, Fish Tank, from the UK Film Council through its New Cinema Fund. Other recipients in the same category include lane Cam ion and Morag MC 'nnon.





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