Flatshare cont. '

I Bright quiet top Iloot’ double in clean stair near Leitli Walk. Well equipped and deco- rated. garden views. Sharing with considerate male prol'. Non smoking. Available now. £300 pctn excl bills Tel: 07505 IRS 763

I Short term 16

May - 3| Jul. Large double exec (single prol'. only). email/call for digipics. l‘Rlili Wil-‘i. l-‘Rliii parking. .\'() BILLS. Large kitchen/diner. garden. Iliin quality! U20pw annicburman(a hotniailcom Tel: 0780‘) 02.3547

I Large double exec )0 mins to West lind. FRI-Iii WiI-‘i. l‘ree parking. .\'o Billsl High quality accommodation. Kitchen/diner. King Si/e bed + single Z-bed. £400pw total. email/call l'or digipics. annibur- tnan(n hotmail.coni

Tel: 0780‘) 023547

I Double in cosy secure ground floor flat with stripped woodwork. storage (single only) is in 'l‘ollct'oss. Quiet street near everything going on. Short walk Princes St. No Bills £‘)5pw. Tel: 0780‘) 0235-17

I Sunny Double Room available in beautiful. spacious llat near Shore. Leith. Sharing with 2 easy going males (artists). £300 pctn (includes ("ll 4-6 month sttblet only. Sorry. no l)SS. 07796870412

Lothian Gay 8. Lesbian Switchboard

\|l\\l \\\\\



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sBIAN l-l




V I Saw You Very short haired brunette manager (1’) working in Brcl. Yoti were charging backwards and for- wards and this honest chap was all hot under the collar . . . gor- geotlsl [7603/l

. I Saw You Dancing with vim and vigour at :\B(‘ Saturday l0th .‘vlay. You are the funny lit- tle frog in my throat . . . [7603/2

V I Saw You In l’ollok Park on your purple spangley bike. How far do you think we've come'.’ Fancy riding tandem with me. I'orcvcr'.’ [7603/3

. I Saw You You liked my caramel water. I was presump- tuous. The years went by. our paths crossed on tnore than one occasion. Three's the magic number. btit I'm all for tour. [7603/4


V I Saw You Anna (not in

(‘ity ('al'c) wondering if this is real. (ireat to meet and explore aspects of dating! l‘ancy meet- ing‘.’ 01‘ would you prcler wail-

ing till Lucy's Party. (‘hristmas .

. '.’l J x [7603/5

V I Saw You smiling at inc juggling a newspaper in Waverley. I apologise for the fluffy mop. Wanna smile again‘.’ [7603/6

V I Saw You rocking a 'death before Iles‘h' marker pen tattoo. Yery appropriate? [7603/7

V I Saw You Wonder Woman at lidinburgh Waverley. Yoti were going to the Bristol comics thingamajiggy. l‘ancy another Strange lineountcr at the I’restonpans comics thinga- majiggy‘.’ Spidey [7603/8

. I Saw You watching 80s movies like a wide eyed kitl avoiding the topic oi planning your birthday party! (‘ome on. you know you want to!!! Lx [7603/9

. I Saw You Where are you strange funny thing'.’ Missing whisky and movie nights. [7603/]0

V I Saw You Sue. liriday night's lidinburgli - London train. you w crc reading "Six Degrees" on way to hen week- end in London. would like to get closer than that. (once at \Vatet‘stones'.’ [7603/l l

V I Saw You 24 April while buying tnorning col-lice in Waverley Station. I was shaven headed guy confused by mixed tip orders. You were suited. bearded and looked amtIsed. [7603/l 2

. I Saw You ('raig. coming home after tour. I am glad. I missed youl Xx [7603/l5

\_\;\,\‘\,\f‘lt‘]l;~2, 00.1 llx

PO Box 169, Edinburgh EH3 68G


m l.17.3OPM - 10PM .

\ E

NE - MON & T 7.§9_P_M_—_1OPM )


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