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Actress Tina Malone is a Las‘ "me W "‘e“ , . . Every day for my dad he died five scene stealer In her. role years ago. as scary Scouser Mimi Maguire in Shameless, First thing you do when you’ve

. . , . tt' ff rk but in reality she s nice ""6 °

Start a new diet. I've jtlSi lost three

as YOU like, a 50ft stone three pounds in five weeks. and Spot for David Cassidy I've had a gastric balloon fitted

because I needed to lose weight and a penchant for

before I chucked myself off a balcony.

Banksy Every year I start a new diet and this one is working because I can't eat First record you ever bought it's as simple as that. In saying that. : ‘Build me Up Buttercup by The though. if anyone thinks it's an easy ' ~. Temptations. option they're wrong. as it's been the '1; most horrific five weeks of my life: I'm - Last time you were chatted up vomiting a minimum of twice every day W , 1 Oh. every day! ilaughsi Usually by With my body rejecting the balloon. but ' guys who are younger than me. it does work. I will be a we ten this strangely enough. and l end up saying year if I've got to chop me head off. i #- I've got bras older than you. and if I a M sat on you I'd kill you and one of the Last extravagant purchase you T" " /' i g" T 93‘5"” chat up lines I usually get is. ‘Hey made me. I'm in the presence of talent'. was I think it's probably when other people you're quite pretty for a fat birdl' It was another handbag. a Chloe bag when I briefly met Susan Sarandon in go 'I love you!' or whatever. Or when for 12:30 guid. which is disgusting but I the toilet when she was doing the people shout down the street after First film you saw that really don't drink or smoke or anything else. Clive Anderson show years ago and me. What's aIv-rays a big shock is moved you so it's a once in a lifetime kind of thing. we had a chat. It was the first time I'd when someone stops you and I think Probably Anne of the Thousand Days ever gone to someone to tell them it's geing to be either “Mimi from with Gene\./ie\.ie Bujold and Richard First crush how amazing I thought they were. and Shameless or 'leo from Brook/e. and Burton. That's one I watched when | David Cassidy l was absolutely she Just smelt of stardom. they go. 'I saw you in a Terence Davies was about nine or ten and thought. obsessed. film when l was in Australia'. i1992's ‘Yeah. I ".vant to act'. First song you’ll sing at karaoke The Long Day Closesi. Those Last book you read If I had to do it. it would probably be a moments are really bi/arre. Last lie you told l/‘t/a/l and Piece by Banksy. Beatles song early. poppy Beatles. How much I've jtlSi spent on a bag to not late. psychedelic Beatles. ‘Love Last time you made an impulse my fella. If it were 49 quid I'll say it's 1:3 First concert you ever attended Me Do' would go down a treat. buy and regretted it (find and if it were 299 quid I'll say it Bingley Hall. Stafford Earth. Wind If I'm really honest. booking a holiday were 90 quid reduced. and Fire. 1977 or 1978. I went to see Last time someone criticised six weeks ago to Egypt. I could kick everyone. I was big into gigs. | your work myself in the head for doing it: it was. First movie you ever went on a remember my parents said I couldn't One critic said I had ‘a veice that without doubt. the worst holiday of my date to go and l jllSi went anyway and got could crack concrete'. which I thought entire life. It was 1979 Saturday Night Fever. battered when I got home! was hysterical. As you can see I'm a bit of a sad I Shameless Series Five 8. Shameless bastard with a memory like an Last time you were star struck First time you realised you were Series One—Five Box Set is out now elephant. I think the one time I've thought ‘F”k famous on 4Dl/D.

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Film Festival The sun made a brief appearance last Moving to its brand new slot in June, this week which can mean only one thing - year's EIFF programme is packed with it's time for The Li'sf’s Summer Festivals gems. In the first of a bumper two-part SDGCial- Order Your CODY nOW for the preview. we talk to the filmmakers and lowdown on the madness mayhem and stars behind this year’s highlights, marvels lined up for the months ahead.

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