arrie would not be impressed. She may

be decked out in stylish Versace threads,

and clutching a Fendi bag. but Sarah Jessica Parker is struggling to remember who designed her shoes. ‘Um, I can’t pronounce the name correctly . . .’

She might not have every designer label tripping off her tongue (incidentally. the shoes were Brian Atwood) but for the thousands who will don their shiniest Manolo Blahniks for the film release of Sex and the City next week.

Parker will forever be Carrie Bradshaw. even if

the reality is somewhat easier on the cocktails and lighter on the Jimmy Choos.

When Sex and the City strutted into our collective consciousness in I997, unashamedly gyrating between pre-feminist romanticism and post-feminist brash, few anticipated the effect it would have, least of all its star (and producer). Parker. Running for eight seasons. the show was celebrated as a cultural (and sexual) revolution for the small screen. capturing as it did the highs. lows and rapacious libidos of its Manhattan quartet: Carrie (played by Parker), the shoe lover and sex columnist; Miranda (Cynthia Nixon). the no-nonsense lawyer; Charlotte (Kirsten Davis). the high-fashioned gallery manager, and PR agent and resident sexpot Samantha (Kim Cattrall). ‘When the show first aired strangers would be very frank and candid and just tell me very personal and intimate details of their lives,‘

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It's one of the most talked about films in recent history but will Sex and the City live up to the hype? Sarah Jessica Parker is confident it will, as Anna Millar discovers

remembers Parker. ‘lt was very surprising. but understood why. The show was connecting with an audience: this was the first time there was that voice and women were responding.‘

Born in the small town of Nelsonville. ()hio. and one of eight siblings. Parker admits her role as fashion icon and sexual liberator has. at times. been ovenvhelming. though her subsequent turns as a fashion and perfume designer. suggest the (‘hoo does occasionally fit.

It also perhaps explains why the show's style guru and friend to Parker 0— Patricia l-‘ield is back at the style helm for .S'A'I‘("s big screen close-up. Pictures of Field’s creations: the high shoulder pads. the giant corsages. the crazy clashes of colours and cuts were captured by the world‘s media during filming last year. and Parker admits to the odd midnight llit to Field’s trailer to try on her latest inventions.

‘Fashion was part of the story.~ says Parker. ‘The hits are enormous and the misses are comical. I‘ve never said “no” to Pat. liven if something looks absurd to me. nothing is funnier than an absurd outfit at three or four in the moming after a l4-hour day on the set..

Which is not to say that the film will be all sass and no substance. At the heart of the TV show

Kirsten Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah . Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

was the friendship of four women. who wait/ed is... off the small screen in 2004. better-loved. sexed and dressed then when they arrived. Taking their

reprise their much loved roles in the movie of SATC. Below, scenes from the film, which also stars Chris Noth, far left