I live in Glasgow and use my bike to go to work every day. but recently I've begun to think that the c0unCil wants to stop me from doing my bit to protect the environment. On my route to work which. incidentally, is only a ten-minute cycle ride from my home. I have to swerve to avoid ten lyes. l've counted theml potholes. That's TEN potholes. It I don't swerve. I will end up getting flung off my bike. probably in front of a passing bus. If I do swerve I get outraged motorists shaking their fists and honking their horns at me. Sorry folks. but I do want to live. Come on Glasgow council. son it out. I don't want to be forced to ditch my bike and join all the other commuters in the dueue at the bus stop.


By email

PUBLIC PROPERTY Re: How to Buy a House (602)

I bought the last issue of The List especially for the property buying feature after the cute cover caught my eye. I'm thinking of braving the market despite all the doom and gloom stories and y0ur feature gave me just the enCOuragement. straight talking advice and honest insight I needed. I'd

The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD or email editor@list.co.uk


warned! John By email

Who chooses your competition winners? l have been entering them faithfully for five years now and I've never won a thing. I had my heart set on KT Tunstall tickets in the last issue but. nope. not a thing. So I'm going to start writing to you every fortnight until I win a bottle of Famous Grouse. You've been

Editor: Okay, John, have a bottle of Famous Grouse on us for y0ur efforts enjoy.


'I he Iuinous (Grouse. Scotluntt's l'tu'oui‘ite \x'Itisky

never bought the mag before but I WI“ certainly be buying it again. I'll let yOu know how my property hunt goes. In the meantime. if anyone has a gorgeous and‘dead cheap! one bedroom flat in the west end of Glasgow to sell. give me a shout.


By email


While I wholeheartedly support grabbing the opportunity to soak up some rays on the rare

Wl’ia't did you thil’ilc?

Eilidh MacAskiIl The Stand. Glasgow. Fri 9 May


'Never seen her before. but she managed to pull off playing a ukulele better than most.‘


IT administrator

'I liked her. she's very funny and very original'

2 THE LIST ??W1;l, 3') .I.ll‘ Q'XJEI


Architectural Assistant

‘She's fantastic. I've seen her a couple of times. it's a very fresh idea'


Sales Consultant

'l've not seen anything like that before, it's good to see something a bit different'

occasions that the Sun comes out in Scotland. I am bamboozled as to where all these sunbathers come from. Can anyone help? Last week I was walking through the Meadows and there wasn't a single millimetre of grass to be seen. it was so busy. They can't all be Uni students skiving when they should be getting down to some serious swotting in the library. Don't they have real JObS to go to? Of course. Alex Salmond and the other powers that be in the Scottish

The Online Poll

Parliament could do us all a favour and declare any day when the Sun comes out a

national holiday.


By email


Re: How to Buy a House (602)

Does someone in The List have a thing for bossy. property expert women? How else can you explain the appearance of Sarah Beeney in this year's issue and Kirstie Allsopp last year? Give me that bloke from Grand Designs any day.




Re: Women in Afghanistan (602)

I would like to express my great admiration for Malalai Joya. who is braver than any British woman will ever have to be. and I hope the event at the Forest Cafe is a huge success. Over the last few decades. women's rights in the UK have taken a huge leap forward. but people seem to have forgotten that there is still so much to fight for. We have Our equality. and we should do whatever we can to help others find theirs. Sarah


In honour of the UK release of the Sex and the City

[BEST READER DEIDRE ‘None of the above unless you count all the foreigners!’

movie, we ask which city has the sexiest residents?

2 0/0

D U N D E E ‘Look at the other two options’

NEXT ISSUE: There’s a festival for every occasion these days, but which would you rather go to - a festival of love,

beer or chocolate?


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