Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Paul Dale

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The Aerial (La Antena) ll)(ii

CO. llistehan Sapir. .-\rgentina. 2005) Alejandro t'i'dapillcta. Valeria Bei'tuccclli. Julieta (‘ardinalL 00min. See rey'ieyy. page Jo. (i/useun l’i/m 'Iilir'um'. (i/usemi: Alice in the Cities (Li C... lWim \Veiiders. (iermany. l‘)7~li Rudiger Vogler. YcIIa Rotlander. Lisa Ki‘e/er. I 10min. :\ despairing photoiout‘nalist tray elling across the l'nited States finds himself on a journey hack to (iermany in the company of a nine-year-old girl. In the search for her family. he liiids himself hecoming her surrogate parent and spiritual guide. Wise. perceptive and beautifully shot early Wenders. Nets 35mm print. Part of \\'iiii \Vendei‘s i'ett'ospeetiye. (i/usumv I'i/m Thrall/1'. (i/rIyemi;

Alien Adventure 3D lt'i oooo

(Ben Stt'assen. Japan. 3001 ) Voice of John Boyle. Bouli Laniiers. 37min. An alien race looking for a planet to colonise find earth and unfortunately enter a theme park

\\ here they cause much amusing mayhem. /.\I.-\.\' Iii/lt'tlll't'. (i/(ly until

Alvin and the Chipmunks tit

.00 t’l‘iiii llill. t'S. 3007i Jason Lee. I)a\'id ('ross. (‘ameron Richardson. 0 I min. Likeahle pre-school comedy featuring a hunch of pint si/ed chipmunk pop stars and their long-suffering human guardian ll.eei. St'lt't‘lt’tl I'(’/('(I.\(’.

Azur and Asmar: The Princes’ Quest l l 'i one t.\lichel ()celot. Spain/Italy/Belgium/I‘rance. 200m (‘yril .\lotira|i. Karim \I‘Riha. lliam .-\hhass. 00min. (‘liildhood huddies :\/ur and Asmar hecome riyals and enemies in a medieyal Maghreb. With the action lakiiig place in North African Islamic architecture and

oy cr-populated ha/aars. the colourful palatte of the animation and Jul/Hill) Nights-sly Ic storyline is a \s elcomc

throyy hack to the day s before l’isar tore up the i‘tilehook. A compassionate and mature lilm hased on classic legends rather than popular culture. (‘iiii'ii-nrlrl l’ur/tlu'uil. (i/tlyeuu:

Bee Movie lt'i coo (Steye Ilickiier/Simon J Smith. IS. 2007) Jerry Seinfeld. Renee /.elI\seger. .\Iatthe\y Broderick. 00min. Barry B Benson graduates from college to liiid that he still only has one possible career: making honey. l)isilltlsit)netl. he liltiy es to Manhattan \y here he discoy ers that humans steal and eat honey and resolyes to file a layysiiit against the honey giant. Big lloney. .'\n oddly conceiy ed \ehicle for a reluctant star. live .llui'li' deseryes a B-miniis for effort. ('ilii'iiurltl I'jt/I'Ii/im'e/i. lat/iIi/mruli.

Mister i

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead 1 l5) .0” (Sidney Lumet. LS. 2007) Philip Seymour Hoffman. lithan Ilays-ke. Alhert I‘inney. I Itimin. Lumet‘s neyy liliii returns him to his fayourite territory the Iieist gone wrong. (iripping. compelling and full of very fine performances this is the director's best film in years. ()ili'mi xi! ‘l'lii' Quay; (ilusgmi: Bhoothnath ll’(il l\'iyek Shanna. India. 2008) Amitahh Bachchan. Juhi ('hayyla. Shaana l)iya. Litimin. Bolly'ysood fantasy about the relationship between the ghost of deceased old man (Bachchan) and a boy called Banku (Siddiqiii l. ()tlmm xi! ’l‘lu' Qluli'. (i/tlsemi: Cabal in Kabul t 12A) ll)an .-\le\e. BeIgium/l-‘rance. 200(3) ‘)7min. Documentary examining the smallest chs isli community on earth. a former synagogue in Kabul inhabited by the only [no Jeyy's left in Afghanistan. Iintertainingly'. the pair detest each other. one making a living selling amulets to his .\ltis|im neighbours and the other haggling with the same Afghani customers over his illegally produced \y ine. Part of Sheffield International Documentary I-‘esiiyal On Tour. l'i/m/muu'. Iz'tli/i/iiu'e/i.

California Dreamin' l 15)

O... i(‘ristianNemescu. Romania. 2007i Armand .-\ssante. Jamie lilman. Ra/yan Vasilescu. 154mm. See rcy ieyy. page 47. Film/muse. lat/inlmre/i.

Caramel lP( ii .000 (Nadine

I .ahaki. I-iance/l .ehanon. 2007i Nadine Lahaki. Jasmine Al .\lasri. ()Smin. ('harming. hitter-syscet dehut feature from uriter-director Lahaki that centres upon the ‘Si Belle' heatity parlour in the Lebanese capital and the dramas of the female clientele. The film is iinpressiyely acted by a mostly non-professional cast. While there are no references to the on- going strife in Lebanon. this is still a political film. and a tender tribute to female solidarity. .-\Iso shoyy ing as part of .\'e\y ('iiienias of the Arab World season. .St’lt't‘lt'd I't’lt‘tlyr’. Cassandra’s Dream I mm .0 (“body Allen. l'S/l'K/I’rancc. zlltlh’l liyyan .\lc( ii‘egor. ('olin I‘arrcll. ’l‘om Wilkinson. IllSmin. See Also Released. page 43. (incisor/ll ly’r’n/n'ii' Street. (i/rlsg‘nu‘.’ (.I'Ilr'it‘urlt/ I’fl/III/llll't’ll. lz'i/in/im'cli. Celluloid Sinatra: An Illustrated Talk ('li( ) of film London and Sinatra aficionado. Adrian \Voolton. deliyei's an illustrated oyei‘y ieys of the actor's long career and shoyyhi/ life. Part of l"rank (ioes to Ilolly'yyood season. I'i/nilioim'. l'ftliIi/mre/i. Change of Address I l2.-\i oo llimmanuel .\Iouret. l-‘rance. 200m liinmanuel .‘ylouret. I’rederique Bel. l‘anny Valette. 85min. See reyieys. page 48. Glasgow l-i/m 'l'lit'uln'. (i/tiseon'.‘ l'il/ii/must'. Int/iii/mru/i.

we;semamdahsw~- 4 337 7" 5"!

w'vV-zr‘i-fgx‘V‘F-ii‘m" 7

Last chance to see Harmony Korine’s delightfully whimsical and surreal comedy about celebrity impersonators and Scottish island communes. Watch out for a great cameo by the legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog. Diego Luna, Samantha Morton and Denis Lavant star as fancy dress amalgams of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin respectively.

I Fi/m/iouse, Edinburgh, Wed 28 8. Thu 29 May.



THURSDAY 19 JUNE / 8.00PM / 212

Club classics and the RSNO collide in a performance that brings to life Gabriel Prokofiev’s incredible Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra.

DJ Beni G will orchestrate smooth sounds, Hip Hop beats and explosive orchestral samples to create a unique audio visual experience and after

show party.



Rock icon Elvis Costello joins the Royal Scottish National Orchestra for a unique evening of orchestral music, including extracts from his first full scale classical work ll Sogno and some of his most famous songs from his eclectic and illustrious career.


\u'h‘i‘v‘lr 'rwii \V/ l ,ill ll. wiyly l l. " x

Your favourite gaming music played live by the full might and power of the RSNO 8. Chorus, performing to exclusive synchronised cutting-edge visuals, state—of-theart lighting and special on-stage interactive segments.



22 May—5 Jun 2008 THE LIST 49