Charlie Bartlett( IS) .0. (Jon Poll. l'K. 2007) Anton Yclchin. Robert t)owney Jr. Hope l)a\'is. 96min. Teenager ('harlie's a joker who manufactures fake ll)s and deals his prescribed anti- depression drugs to his classmates. craving popularity to compensate for a fractured family life. Whilst robbed of any wider social resonance. this is an amusing enough take on the agonies of youth. and (liar/('1' Burt/('11 deserves a B+ for effort. (it’nt'ml release.

Chemical Wedding ( IX) 00

(Julian l)oylc. PK. 2008) Simon (‘allow. Kal Weber. Lucy (‘udden. lllbmin. See Also Released. page 48. .S'ltnn't‘uu'. I’tlf.\'l("\' (Ilttl .\(’l(’(‘l(’(l I't'lt'usr'j'l‘mn I‘il‘l .t’U .lluv. College Shows: Stevenson College (li) (Various. l'K. 2008) 90min. (iraduation films frotn the final year students at litlilthtlrglt‘s Stevenson (‘ollegc. I‘illIII/IUHM’. Iftliltlnuglr.

College Shows: Telford College (1i) (Various. t'K. 2008) 90min. (iraduation progrannne from the filial year TY students at lidinburgh's 'l'elford (’ollege. Film/tome. lit/inlnu'glt.

Dance on Screen (l-L) (Various. Various. Various) 90min. Pi'ogrannne of historical films examining the relationship between dance. movetnent and the catnera. This screening features work by artists involved with (‘he/ Btishwick - the New York interdisciplinary art and performance space. With a strong focus on new choreography. the organisation has been acknowledged as a new model for economic sustainability in the performing arts. lieatured artists include Malinda Allen. (’harlie Atlas. Jonah Bokaer and l)ean Moss. ('(Irt. (ilusgou:

Deep Sea 30 (P(i) (lloward llall. ('anada/I'S. 2006) Voices of Johnny l)epp. Kate Winslet. 4 l min. A .i-l) digital esploration of the ocean's depths and its creatures. [MAX 'I’limm'. (i/usgon; Definitely, Maybe ( 12A) 0.

(Adam Brooks. (K. 2008) Ryan Reynolds. lsla l‘ishct'. lili/abcth Banks. Rachel \Yeisl. ll lmin. Single. .ill-soinething Manhattan dad \Vill Hayes (Reynolds) answers questions from his ten-year-old daughter Maya (Abigail Brcslin) abottt his life before tnarriage and realises that he still has opportunities with three very different women. Another crapola Working Title romantic drama with l-‘ishcr. Banks and Weis/ as the ladies in Will's life. ()(/(‘()I1.'ll 'Iltr' Quay. (ilusgow; ()(/(‘(Hl. lit/inlmrgli. Délice Paloma ( IS) (.\'adir Mokncclte. Algeria/l‘rance. 2007) Biyouna. Ay lin Prandi. Daniel l,undh. 134mm. Iconic Algerian singer. dancer and actress Biyouna play s the charmineg shifty Madatne Aldjeria. a general problem fixer and national benelactress who can help with anything from lonely hearts to building permits. The Madame's life is turned upside down when she hires the beautiful Paloma (Prandi) to help her with her scams. Part of New (‘inetnas of the Arab World season. l‘fllll/lullxl’. Iz'tlinlnug/l.

Dinosaurs Alive 3D (l') (l)a\ id (‘lark/Bay ley Silleck. l'S. 2007)-10min. Follow palaeontologists as they scour the globe for some fantastic dinosaur finds. then watch the creatures burst into .il) life. IMAX Theatre. (i/usgoii:

La Dolce Vita ( IS) 0.... ( l‘cderico l’cllini. Italy/l'rancc. 1960) Marcello Mastroianni. Anita likbcrg. Anouk Aimee. 173mm. Papara/lo Mastroianni tttt.\es with the beautiful people of rich Roman society and is ambivalently shocked and fascinated by the vigour of their excessive decadence. liverything you ever wanted from a liellini movie black humour. grotesque sexuality. inspired visual imagination and the wonderful Marcello. See it. SCH/SHIN” .S'i'rn'nlng Room. I-[tlinluuglr

50 THE LIST I)? May ~:"> Jun 2008

Doomsday ( l8) 0. (Neil Marshall. l'K/l'S/South Africa. 2008) Rhona Mitra. Malcolm McDowell. Bob lloskins. 108mm. ln Marshall's derivative but enjoyable dystopian fantasy. Scotland 50 years on is a no-man's land ravaged by disease. cut off from lingland. and presided over by gangs of catmibals. This may well provide a few guilty pleasures for jaded action fans. but non-genre fans will find this about as subtle as a nail-encrtIsted club in the face. (ir'm'm/ release.

Dreams ( l5) (\"at‘ious) 84min. A selection of shorts all chosen for their pioneering use of mythic. nightmarish and psychedelic visions. l‘eaturing works by Luis But'iuel & Salvador Dali. Walcrian Borowc/yk. Maya l)eren 6’; .-\le.\ander llatntnid. Jan Svankmajer. Su/an Pitt and Law rencc Jordan. lntrodttced by Dr Sarah Smith. lectttrer at (ilasgow Scholl of Art. (iltlsgmi' I'llnl liltt’tlln'. (r‘lusgmi‘.

Dunia ( l5) (Jocelyn Saab. ligypt/l.efmnon/l‘rancc. 2005) Hanan Turk. Mohamed Mounir. l"athy Abdel Wahab.

l l2min. A student of classical belly dancing and poetry. young l)unia (Turk) dreams of becoming a professional dancer. At a contest l)unia remains motionless while reciting Arabian poetry. an act designed to symbolise the restraints placed upon femininity in her society. l)unia stuns the jury and is introduced to an intellectual and activist. eager to support her thesis on ecstasy in Sufi love poetry. Part of New ('inemas of the Arab World season. Film/louse. Edinburgh.

The Edge of Heaven ( 15) O... (liatih Akin. (iermany/l‘urkey. 2007) Nurgtil Yesilcay. Baki l)acrak. Tuncel Ktll'tll. l2 1 min. A tnulti-character tableau that delicately interconnects multiple characters across ill connnunication and violence. this is comparable with Alejandro (ion/ale/ [narritu's flawed lfulu'l. l'nlikc in that film. how ever. Akin refuses to allow melodramatic contrivance to enter the frame jtist ardour and atonement. despair

and hope. Highly recommended. Matinecs only. (omen. [Cilia/Hugh.

The Empire Exhibition 1938: Films in Scotland (Po) (Various. t'ls’. Various) ()0min. A rare screening of seven of the documentaries sponsored by the films of Scotland ('ommittee and

New Cinema“; ‘i 5 or the Arab World

produced primarily for the 1938 limpire lixhibition. The purpose of these films was to promote Scotland both nationally and internationally. (ilusgon' [Vi/m 'I’ltc'um'. (ilus‘gon‘.

Evan Almighty(P(i) 0 (Tom Shadyac. IS. 2007) Steve ('arell. Morgan Freeman. Lauren (iraham. 95min. ()ne- joke comedy about a humble congressman ((‘arell) who is visited by (iod (a painfully smug lireeman) and told to build an ark. With animals lining up two by two. livan is forced to question his maker's mysterious ways during his conversion from straight- laced suit to mystic sage in this tepid religious farce. Iimpire ('lvrlt'lmnk. ('lyrlt'lnmk.

Even Dwarfs Started Small (PG) .0... (Werner Herzog. (iermany. 1970) Helmut Doring. (lerd (iickcl. Paul (ilauer. 96min. Her/og's brilliantly bizarre parable about a remote penal colony inhabited by dwarfs. who stage a revolution in the prison warden‘s absence. This has to be seen to be believed. unmissable. Part of May‘bx season. I‘llntlt()ll.\('. lidinlmrglt. The Eye ( l5) .0 (David Moreau/Xavier Palttd. l'S. 2008) Jessica Alba. Alessandro .\'ivola. Parker Posey. 06min. Alba (in one of her better performances) stars as a blind concert violinist who becomes haunted by terrifying supernatural visions once a corneal transplant restores her sight. Yet another Asian horror remake. this does contain some disturbing imagery early on bttt sticks too closely to formula and brings tto new l'ocus to the genre. .Sr'lt't'lt'r/ I‘r'lt'usr'. Forgetting Sarah Marshall ( IS) .. (Nicholas Stoller. [3. 2003) Jason Segal. Kristen Bell. Russell Brand.

1 10min. Writer and star Segal is Peter Brettcr. a composer who gets dumped by his soap star girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Bell). Heading to Hawaii he bumps into her and her new rock star boyfriend Aldous Snow (Brand). who steals the show in an otherwise predictable and grating romantic comedy. (it'ltt‘nll l'l'l('(l.\t‘.

Funny Games ( Is’) 000.. (Michael Haneke. (iermany. 1996) Stisanne l.othar. l'lriche Muhe. Frank (iiering. l03min. A wealthy family are subjected to an increasingly horrific series of ‘games' by two young men. beginning with

Recent Arab cinema in all its di microscope for a second year in this excellent nine-film

humiliation and ending in torture and tnurder. The horror-thriller set tip seems familiar. but l'imny (fumes is one of the most innovative and shocking films to reach our screens this decade. Chilling. calculated. cerebral. brilliant. ('mm'o. Iz'tllnlnu‘glz.

Future Shorts (li) (Various). The

A rt‘ltm‘. (ilusgow‘.

Games of Love and Chance ( 15) (Abdel chhichc. France. 2003) ()sman lilkharraz. Sara Forestier. Aurelie (ianito. l23inin. Bored young Kimo’s (tilkharral) eye is caught by his classmate. Lydia (Porestier). rehearsing lines fora school play. Against all the odds and risking a lifetime of ridicule by his friends. Kimo succeeds in getting himself cast alongside the target of his school-boy obsession in a production of Marivaux‘s A (ionic ofloi-v and ('ltum't'. (ilusgow I’i/m 'I'lmrln'. (iltts’gon‘.

Guys and Dolls (t') .00 (Joseph I. Mankiewicl. IS. 1955) Marlon Brando. Jean Simmons. l’rank Sinatra. \"ivian Blaine. Stubby Kaye. l50min. The unusual mixture of the mumbling (Brando) and the musical (Sinatra and Blaine) conspires to generate a certain depth of feeling in this version of the familiar and inventive musical. Part of Frank (ioes to Hollywood season. Film/louse. [filth/Hugh.

Hamlet ( l2) .0. (Michael Altnereyda. l'S. 2000) tithan llawke. Bill Murray. Kyle Macl.ach|an. Sam Shepard. Julia Stiles. Diane Venora. l l lmin. American indie director Almercyda thrusts Shakespeare's best-know n play into the modern world. a New York of penthouse apartments and stretch limousines. of cut- throat big-business and cIaustrophobia- inducing technology. Denmark is now a tnulti-national corporation. Macl.achlan's ('laudius its new president having succeeded the recently deceased ('li()

and the dead man's son. Hawke‘s moody Hamlet. a (ieneration-X slacker. Altnereyda finds novel. off-killer juxtapositions of words and itnages that defamiliarise lilies we’ve heard dozens of times before. .\'ot everything works (the actors’ success with the verse is varied). but when the ideas come off. we see the play afresh. (ilus‘gmt‘ I’llm 'I'lu'ulrr'. (i/usgon‘.

versity goes under the

season. Nadine Labaki’s recently-released Lebanese beauty parlour comedy Caramel starts things off. Other highlights include poignant dramas Under the Bombs and Marwan Hamed’s epic adaptation of Alaa Al Aswany’s controversial novel, The Yacoubian Building. Elsewhere, North Africa gets a look in with Algerian drama De'Iice Paloma about a female fixer (played by Algerian superstar singer, dancer and actress Biyouna). Also, don‘t miss Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti’s mad tour diary documentary, Heavy Metal in Baghdad. If, however, it is Sufi music and belly dancing you seek, then look no further than the sumptuous musical Dunia (pictured). Ticket deals are available for this season. www.filmhousecinema.com

I Fl/Il)l)OLIS(-). Edinburgh from Fr) 30 May.