Happy-Go-Lucky ( l5) om (Mike Leigh. UK. 2008) Sally Hawkins. Alexis Zegerman. Andrea Riseborough. 1 18min. Leigh returns with a familiar. yet reassurineg different film. an affectionate portrait of carefree 30-something Londoner Poppy (Hawkins) and the minutiae of her everyday life. About everything and nothing. the downtime and the uptime. this is life-affirming stuff. ('ameo. lz'dinburgh. * Heartbeat Detector ( 12A) 0... (Nicolas Klotz. France. 2007) Mathieu Dulac. Michel Lonsdale. Jean- Pierre Kalfon. 140mm. This French corporate thriller adapted from Francois Emmanuel‘s novel La Question Hurnaine is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Amalric is the psychologist of a German-French petrochemical company who’s asked to discretely assess the mental state of the Paris office’s (‘Ii() (Lonsdale) until disturbing links between his firm and the Nazis start to take their toll. A beautifully executed and horribly convincing filtn. ('arneo. Edinburgh. Heavy Metal in Baghdad ( 12A) (Suroosh Alvi/liddy Moretti. [IS/Canada. 2007) 84min. In 2003 Vice magazine ran a feature about Iraq’s only metal band Acrassicauda. With the help of the magazine team the hard-rocking friends put on a sell—out show in the summer of 2005. This filtn documents the team's lamentable return to Iraq a year later. where they find the band separated by war and a nation in ruin. Part of New (‘inemas of the Arab World season. I-ilrnhouse. Edinburgh.

High Society(U) O.” ((‘harles Walters. US. 1956) Bing Crosby. (irace Kelly. Frank Sinatra. (‘eleste Holm. l()7min. (‘lassic musical entertainment from the MGM studios. in which a rich bitch plays hard to get with a string of suitors. The plot of Philadelphia Story goes out the window. but with stars like these. style is everything. Part of Frank

Marketa, Lazarové

(ioes to Hollywood season. Glasgow l'ilrn Theatre. (ilasgtm'.

Honeydripper (PG) 0”. (John Sayles. LS. 2007) Danny (ilover. (‘harles S Dutton. (iary (‘lark Jr. l22min. It's 1950 in rural Alabama and morally circumspect pianist Tyrone Purvis ((ilover) is trying to save the lloneydripper lounge from bankruptcy and his ass from prison. Although this benign and jolly tale is too long and features too many characters. Sayles‘ ability to spin a good yarn remains undiminished. irreproachable. enviable and all too rare. Glasgow I'ilrn Theatre. Glasgow; Film/rouse. Edinburgh. Horton Hears a Who! (t') «0 (Jimmy Hayward. Steve Martino. LS. 2008) Voices of Jim ('arrey. Steve (’arell. 86min. Animators Blue Sky take a break from their ongoing Ice Age franchise to colourfully realise the universe of Dr Seuss' text. Both (‘arrey and (‘arrell are allowed full rein for their brand of vocal mugging as co-directors Hayward and Martino skilfully guide Horton towards a comforting moral about size not being all that important. lite Edinburgh ()cean. Edinburgh.

I Love You, I Kill You ( 15) (t'we Brandner. West (iermany. 1970) Rolf Becker. Hannes Fuchs. lleltnut Brasch. 95min. Brandner tells the bleak tale of a small village populated by doped workers forced to run a shooting reserve for the rich. Tired of the control. a citizen breaks free and starts hunting illegally. only to find that he has quickly becotne the game. Part of May ‘68 season. Glasgow I'ilrn Theatre. Glasgow.

I’m a Cyborg, but That‘s OK (Saiboguiiman Kwenchana) ( 15) em (Park (‘han-wook. South Korea. 2006) Rain. Lim Su-jeong. Ji-hoon. (’hoi Hee-jin. l()7min. Best known for the Quentin Tarantino-championed ()ldboy. Park ('han-wook's unique take on the romantic comedy is set in an insane

Don’t miss this rare outing of Polish/Czech filmmaker Frantisek Vlacil’s stunning, poetic and brutal tale of medieval clan violence and forbidden love set against a

asylum. (‘ha Young-goon (Lim Soo-jung) is a young girl who thinks she's a cyborg. Fellow inmate Park ll-soon (Rain) falls for her innocent charm. Whimsical. charming and with moments of violence at its heart. Park‘s film is a kooky kind of love story. (ilas‘gmv I’ll/n Theatre. (ilasgtm: In Bruges ( IX) .00. (Martin McDonagh. lfK/Belgium. 2008) Ralph Fiennes. (‘olin Farrell. Brendan (ileeson. l()7min. Two gobby Dublin criminals hide their time in Bruges. awating instruction from their cryptic and remote gangster boss Harry. lrish playwright McDonaglt. in his feature debut. which wrestles some affecting moments from demonstrative characters. nicely teases out the parallels between the trio and Beckett's Vladimir. listragon and (iodot. Selected release. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (12A) 0” (Steven Spielberg. LS. 2008) Harrison Ford. (‘ate Blanchett. Karen Allen. l22min. See feature. page 26 and review. page «16. General release. Irn-Bru Uncovered (1-2) (Various. th) 90min. View the best of the soft drink's most memorable and quirky ads. The brands creative team will also be on hand to answer questions and tell the untold stories behind the ads. Part of the l.eith Festival. The l.eith Agency. Izilirtburgh. Iron Man ( 12A) 0... (Jon Favreau. l'S. 2008) Robert l)owney Jr. (iwyneth Paltrow. Jeff Bridges. 125mm. Performing a perfectly poised balancing act between taking the fantastical material seriously and treating it with a knowing sense of humour. this smart adaptation locates Tony Stark/Iron Man's story of professional irresponsibility and personal redemption firmly within the context of the war on terror. Kidnapped by Afghan insurgents. Iron Man promptly renounces arms manufacture and instead uses his super- powered outfit to right his wrongs. General I'('l('(l.\'('.

background of Christian sedition against a Pagan population. Gloomy, harsh and totally unforgettable, this is a must for anyone interested in 19605 European cinema. It is long, though (almost three hours), so bring supplies. Jan Culik, senior lecturer in Czech studies at Glasgow University, will introduce this screening. Marketa Lazarové has also just been released on DVD (Second Run).

I Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh, Fri 23 May.

52 THE LIST 22 May—5 Jun 2008

I Served the King of England

(15) O... (Jiri Menexel. (‘zech Republic. 2006) Ivan Barnev. ()ldrich Kaiser. Julia Jentsch. 1 19min. See review. page 46. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow. Jannat ( 12A) (Kunal Deshmukh. India. 2008) limraan Hashtni. Sonal (‘hauhan 140mm. Another romantic Bollywood take on the old ‘money won’t buy you love‘ chestnut. ( 'ineworld Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Joy Division (15) .000 (Grant (ice. lIK/lfS. 2007) 99min. Beautifully cut and imaginatively constructed documentary explaining the swift rise and abrupt cessation of Joy Division (and troubled singer lan (‘urtis ) through rare footage. TV appearances. bootleg recordings. personal photographs and recollections. The filtn rubbishes the ludicrous rock'n'roll myth of ‘live fast. die young‘ to tell the story with humour. warmth and often-painful clarity. Grosrenor. Glasgow. Kiss Me Deadly ( l8) .0... (Robert Aldrich. US. 1955) Ralph Meeker. Al l)ekker. Maxine Cooper. 105min. Private eye Mike Hammer picks up a girl on a motorway. and winds up with a corpse on his hands. Thus begins a quest into the unknown in search of ‘the great whatsit'. Beautifully acted by a group of actors who never really got their due in Tinseltown. author and screenwriter Al Bezzerides‘ script has a kind of disparity and desperation in its meter that is at least ten years ahead of its time. Scotsman Screening Room. Edinburgh. LIP - Imagination to Power ( 12A) ((‘hristian Rouaud. France. 2007) 1 18min. Rouaud juxtaposes old newsreel footage with new interviews in this documentation of the epochal Lip watch factory strike and worker takeover of 1973. Noted as a monumental event in recent French labour history. Rouaud’s chronicle strives to unearth its symbolic significance. Part of May ‘68 season. Glasgow I’ilrn Theatre. Glasgow; I'ilrnhouse. Edinburgh. Ladyfest Avant Garde Film Afternoon (li) (Various) 90min. Screen Banditas presents an evening of queer and feminist shorts. featuring works by American director Maya l)eren and Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait. Part of Ladyfest lidinburgh. A( ‘15. Edinburgh. Leith Short Film Festival: Premiere of Persevere ( ti) (Various. UK. Various) l95min. Lottery funded documentary about l.eith. featuring interviews with l.eithers and some rare archive footage. premiering alongside a screening of the classic l.eith comedy .llikey Brown. Part of the l.eith Festival. [with Dockers ('lub, Edinburgh. Made of Honour( 12A) .0 Weiland. [PS/17K. 2008) Michelle Monaghan. Patrick Dempsey. Kevin McKidd. l()lmin. Tom (Dempsey) is a wealthy New York (‘ity playboy who only realises his best friend Hannah (Monaghan) is the love of his life when she plans to marry dashing stranger (‘olin (McKidd). Predictable ‘menage a trois' rom-com. which relocates to Scotland for some cultural stereotyping. General release. The Man with the Golden Arm (15) O”. (()tto Preminger. LS. 1955) Frank Sinatra. Kim Novak. lileanor Parker. 1 19min. An lilmer Bernstein score. Saul Bass's opening titles and Sinatra at his most intense as an ex-con junkie trying to become a jazz drummer - what more could we ask for'.’ Notable Hollywood movie that broke taboos in its portrayal of heroin addiction still stands tip today. Part of Frank (iocs to Hollywood season. l’ilrnhouse. Ifdinburgh.