old James (iillespie. a sensitiy'e boy haunted by the drowning of a neighbour's .son. Rtllt‘tllt‘llt'l' paints a bleakly realistic picture of(ilasgoyy family life. Ramsay uses meticulous framing. unusual camera angles and atmospheric itiiages to capture the subtle textures of everyday life. as well as complex inner feelings. Part of l.ady'fe.st lidinburgh. (‘ummn Iz'iliri/mrg/i. Red Road ( lb’) .0... (Andrea Arnold. l‘K. 2006) Kate Dickie. 'I‘ony (‘iirran. Martin (‘oiiipston. Nathalie Press. Andre“ Armour. l Hinin. The first feature from Arnold about a (‘("l'\' operator \y ho becomes obsessed yy ith sury eillance. Part of' a project to make three films iising the same characters and different directors. it won the Jury Prize at (’annes. Part of Ladylcst liditibut'gh. ('unu'u. lirlln/ilug/i. l 12) .... lJttles l)assitt. liraiice. WSS) Jean Sery'ais. ('arl Mohner. Robert Manuel. 1 17min. Dassin's enoriiioiisly influential film combines a seminal heist sequence with key elements of noir. lts impact on American cinema can't be understated. It leaves its American cousins of the same era standing. The broads are breastier. the hoods harder. the mood darker. the tension higher and the plotting at once doom-laden and riddled \y ith ironic twists. And Ritili lives up to its name: ‘rough and tumble'. as a nightclub diya explains during a raunchy musical interlude. Jules l)as.sttt memorial screening I't/Ht/mll.\('. Ifr/i/ilHu'g/i. Screen Banditas - New Shorts (t-L) (Various) 90min. .»\ programme of documentary. fictional and experimental shorts made by female directors and practitioners. The selection \\ ill feature Andrea Arnold’s ayyard-yy inning Bin/i. Part of Ladyfest lidinburgh. ('umu). lat/in/uu'gli. Sex and the City: The Movie (l5) (Michael Patrick King. PS. 2008) Sarah Jessica Parker. Kim (‘attral|. ('ynthia Nison. l-lSmin. (‘arrie Bradshayy and the girls are back in a big screen adyentiire that apparently takes on such big issues as fashion. marriage and death. See feature. page 2-1. rey ieyy ed nest issue. (it'ltr'l‘u/ I't'l(’(I.\('. Shotgun Stories ( 12A) 0... (Jeff .Niehtils. ['S. 2008) Michael Shannon. Douglas l.igon. Bal‘loyy Jacobs. 00min. See rey'ieyy. page 47. ('umm. Ifdl‘liliiu'eli. Shrek 2 (l') .0. (Andreyy Adamson. Kelly Asbury. (‘onrad Vernon . 17S. 2004) Mike Myers. liddie Murphy. (‘ameron Dial. Julie .r\ndreyy's. .-\lit()tii() Banderas. John ('leesc. Rupert liyeretl. Jennifer Saunders. 02min. Patchy. episodic sequel to l)t'eattt\\'ot'ks' itispit'ed. satirical riff on Disney fairy tales. this fails to replicate the magic of the original. Back from honeymoon. sysaiiip-dyyelling Shrek and his bride. Princess l5iona are my ited to Visit his iii-lays s. King Harold and Queen Lillian. rulers of the kingdom of liar l‘ar Away. Zorro-like assassin Piiss in Boots (Banderas) is hired to do ayyay \y ith the ogre interloper and restore the natural order. But the plotters haye undereinmated l'iltillilR l()\L'. Sht‘ek's sense of sell-\yol‘th and the loyalty of their asittitie sidekick. Donkey (Murphy ). More contriy ed than cley‘er. the iii-jokey' inoy'ie parodies are funny but buy. The slapdash selection of titttsic is often .sttteal'ed (in to disguise the erratic pacing. Nevertheless. the da/lling fairytale ball liiiale yy ill probably blind Viewers to these many imperfections. lint/tire ('lw/c/muk. ('ly’iIc/iunk. Shutter( 15).. (Masayuki ()chilai. IS. 3008) Joshua Jackson. Rachel 'l'aylor. 84min. Lame linglish language remake of the 2004 Thai horror about a photographer yy ho discoy'crs my sterious shadoyy s on his snaps after u itnessing a horrific accident. B-listers Jackson and Taylor star. Japanese TV director ()chiai dtilis the director‘s hat. .St'lr'i‘lt'r/ I‘r'li'uyi'. Smart People ( IS) 00 (Naoltt Mtirro, l'S. 2008) Dennis ()uaid. Sarah Jessica Parker. 'l‘homas Hadcn (‘hiirch 05min. Dysfunctional :\lllet'ieali faniily comedy that examines the improbable rejuvenation of \yidoyy‘ed linglish professor Lawrence Wetherhold (Quaid). ('onteiiiptuous. irasciblc. narcissistic and

detached from his children (Ashton Holmes and lillcn Page). \Vetherhold‘s fcckless adopted brother ('huck (Church) and JR doctor Janet llartigan (Parker) attempts to rescue him from his isolation are scuppered by the lack of chemistry betyseen the HM) romantic leads. Selected release.

Some Came Running (t’( i) .000 (Vincente Minelli. l'S. 1958) Hank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Shirley .\lacl.aine. l3tmiin. Sinatra goes on a Voyage of discovery through the bars and gambling dens of stitall-toyy n America. In doing so he becomes torn between lyyo women and his dream of becoming a \sriter. Ncyy print of iiiary'ellous oy erlooked melodrama that‘s populated by ‘ty pes' rather than characters. Part of l'it'attk' (ioes to Holly \yood seasoti. I’ll/ii/inlm'. Iii/in/mre/i.

Space Station 30 (t') (Toni Myers. (‘aiiada/I'S. 3003) 47min. Narrated by Toni ('riiise. this big screen lM:\.\ presentation folloyss real astronauts into the big blue. liiipressiye. but not as ayyesome as it should hay e been. I.lI.-t.\' iii/Irwin: (“anemic

Speed Racer ( t’( i) .00 (Andy \Vachoyyski/l.arry \Vaclioyy ski. l'S. 3008) liniile Hirsch. Nicholas lilia. Susan Sarandon. IR-lmiii. ;\ liyc action thouin ('( i-heayy adaptation of a l‘iotis Japanese teley ision anime about a futuristic family of racecar desigticr-driyers \y ho are pitted against a corporate fat cat. The liliii's message is: business bad. family good. \yinning best of all. Not that this matters in a film yy ith iiiigraiiie-inducing race sequences and stomach-churnirig thrill- l‘ides. (ii'm'l'u/ I’(’/('u.\('.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (Pt ;) 0... (Mark \Vatcrs. l'S. 200S) Sarah Bolgcr. l‘rcddic llighmore. Nick Nolle. t)Smin. l’pon titoy mg into the dilapidated Spidcryyick listatc. siblings Jared (Highniore). Simon (llighiiiore) and Mallory (Bulgcr) find a guide to a fantastical world of facries and creatures in this adaptation of Holly Black and 'l‘ony Di'l‘ei‘li/li's series. They must battle against Miilgai'ath. hoyy ey er. the es il shape shifting ogre \y ho is also after the key to the fantasy lalid of tactics. .Si'lt'rlul re/cuu: Step Up 2 the Streets (t’( i) 0. (Jon M ('hii. IS. 3008) Robert Hoffman. Briana liyigan. \Vill Kemp. l)7miii. Stupid sequel to 2000's dance roiiiancei' Sic/i ('p. lint/tire ('Iyr/c/imi/s. (Yule/hulk.

The 39 Steps ll‘l .... (.-\|fred Hitchcock. l'K. PBS) Robert Doiiat. Madeleine ('arroll. (iodfrey 'l'eale. 35min. Neyy digital print for Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic I‘HS iiiaii-ou-thc--i'un thriller about the accidental immersion of iiisoiicianl (‘anadian Richard Hannay (Donal) into the murky “mid of espionage. Hay ing been framed for murder. Hannay hightails it for the Scottish Highlands \\ ith Madeleine ('arroll in to“. The is eiglil of history has made this wonderful film ripe for readings for symbolism. but at its heart it's just a rattling good yarn. (i/mquu' I‘ll/n 'I‘lii'um: (i/(Iygmi:

2001: A Space Odyssey ( t ‘) 0.... (Stanley Kubrick. l'k. 1008) Keir l)ullea. (iary l.ock\\ard. Leonard Rossitei'. l3‘)miii. Rc-releasc (it ill) neyy \yidcscreen 70min print) of the greatest sci—ti film of all time. 33 years after it “as made. in the year it \y as set. Kubrick‘s gloriously grand architecture secs prehistoric apes timclined into a space ballet featuring a lunar craft docking to the sound of Strauss. This scene prefigurcs an cslended drama aboard a spacecraft bound for Jupiter iiiyoly ing the murderous :\l computer and the giant embryo of a space child signify ing \yhat'.’ The nest step in human cyolutioii'.’ .-\n opaque masterpiece. yyliich suggests so much. yet esplains so little. Which is yyhy

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it‘s a littteless classic. :\t'thttt' (‘. ('lat'ke memorial screening. film/muse.

Iii iii/iiire/i.

Terror’s Advocate ( 12A) 0... (Barbet Schroeder. l‘rancc. 2007) l37min. See llilel'\ icyy. page ~15 and icy ieyy, page ~17. (i/rlyunii' I‘ll/II '/./I('(lll‘(’. (i/uyenu;

There Will Be Blood ( l5 ) .0”. (Paul Thomas Anderson. IS. 2007) Daniel Day -|.e\\is. Paul Dano. Key in .l ()‘('oiinor. 158mm. Silyer prospector Daniel

Plailiy ieyy (Day-l .eyy is) and his adopted son mm c to the iinpoy crished eyangelically centred toyy n of Ncys Boston and finds himself in a battle of \\ its against slea/y child preacher lili Sunday (Dario) oy er oil. ethics and the .'\lttel'le;tli Dream. l‘tterly riyctiiig and with Day l.c\yis

play iiig a \sonderfiil part \\ ith a poisonous /eal. .'\tt(let'st)li finally returns to l’imi'li [Him/i /.U\'(’ form. Bruit/(m 'I'lu'um'. Iir/l/i/mre/i.

Timber Falls ( is) .0 (Tony (iiglio. 1S. 2008) Josh Randall. Brianna Bt'oyytt. Betli Broderick. l00min. Sec .-\|so Released. page 48. Slmu'i'uu' ('ini’mu. (‘uul/irit/gt'. (i/uyemi'; Shun-(use (inc/mt. I’uix/m.

Tovarisch - I Am Not Dead ( 12A) .0. (Stuart l'rbaii. l'K. 2007) (\IMHHI. See rcy icyy. page-1S. (i/mgmi I’llni ‘I-lll’tlll‘l’. (i/tlyerlii.

21 (12A) 0. (Robert l.ukclic. IS. 2008) Key in Spacey. Kate Bosyyorth. Jim Sturgcss. 133mm. Spacey play s a professor \\ ho teaches si\ Ml’l' students to card count in this hcayy handed. unfaithful adaptation of Ben .\la/i'icli\ book. \\ hich \yas based on the gambling csploits of card shark Jeffrey Ma. This is lilmmaking by numbers and it's not a \y inning formula. Show «or ('int'mu. (‘mllln'n/ec. (i/mgmi .‘ \ilc [Jilin/illicit ()(um. lat/I'Ii/iiu'g/I.

Under the Bombs ( IS) 00. (Philippe :\ractiiigi. lsrael. 2007) (ieoi'ges Kliabba/. Nada :\boti l'arhat. Rayyya lil ('hab. 03min. l-iliiied during Israel's 33- day bombardment of Lebanon in 2000.

this heartfelt road inoy ie lolltm s \s ealthy Shi'ite \soman /.cina (l‘arhat) and (’hristian taxi driycr 'l‘ony ((ieorges Khabba/ i. as they tray el from Beirut to the dcyastaled south. .-\ractingi steers clear of political scrmomsiiig and instead concentrates on shoyy ing the impact of yyar upon a society ‘s infrastructure and its ciy iliaii population. Part of Neyy ('inmas of the Arab World season. (i/(Iyemr I‘i/m 'Iilu'rilrv. (i/(iyemr: l‘l/lH/llillyt'. lat/inburuli.

V for Vendetta ( I5) 0 (James Mc’l‘cigiic. l'S/(ierinany. 2005) Natalie Portman. Hugo \y'eay'ing. Stephen Rea. John Hurt. ISZinin. .‘ylessy storytelling and muddled action in \y hich a near-future Biitain is siibiiigated by an ()ryy'ellian fascist goy crninent. lloyy eyer. grimy backstreets are iiitci‘cut \y ith images of shiny neyy London. and the political thrust is lost. l'tterly incoherent and \irtually iittyyatchablc. (irmri’iim: (i/(lygmi:

Mauchliiie "DIV Fall‘

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Two stages and over 80 stalls.

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