Various venues, Tennessee, Thu 10-Sun 13 Apr 00.00

Friday night's shenanigans began with dinner at BB King's before moving onto the Mercy Lounge for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It was an amazing set in an intimate venue.

On Saturday. we went to Lynchburg where every drop of Jack Daniel's is made and toured the distillery to see how the whisky is made and even got to do a wee tasting. There were plenty of bands from all over the world and games laid on before we were driven to a huge wooden shack on top of BBO Hill for the JD Set Legendary Mash. The first band was Carbon/Silicon were really melodic but punky. Hard-Fi who were up next got the crowd jumping with an upbeat set especially during ‘Living for the Weekend' which perfectly captured the mood of the whole event.

Later. Carbon/Silicon collaborated with Hard-Fl for the encore with a track from each band. ending the night on a high with a brilliant rendition Of ‘ShOuld | Stay of Should I (30'. Even though it was long journey. it was a trip of a lifetime and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! (Louise Meenan)

I For more information, log onto www. the/dset. co. uk

Lousie and («I-R- friends

68 THE LIST 9? May-4) Jun 9008



King Tut‘s, Glasgow,

Thu 15 May .00

In case you missed the memo. pop punk is cool again. and judging by those on this Give It a Name festival Spin off tour. beards are too.

But the trouble with all four bands being rotating headliners is that inevitably at some point in the tour the best known groups will be on first. This is the case tonight. Four Year Strong are head and shoulders above the others. and are. ludicrously. on second. After a series of massive singalongs. and some strange interpretive dancing from the crowd. there‘s a mass exodus and only a handful of vaguely interested kids (presumably waiting for their mums to pick them up) are left to watch Meg 8 Dia and The Colour Fred.

Dwindling numbers aside. tonight highlights the pitfalls of getting big fast on the internet: bands who aren‘t quite prepared are catapulted from oblivion into countries they're probably not ready to tour. Still. this is ‘Introduces‘ and everyone on the bill shows an inkling of potential. A bit more practice. a few more gigs and a lot less time online definitely wouldn’t go amiss. (Rebecca Moore)


Faur Year Strong


So who’s playing?

queue early.

this a regular event?

(Camilla Pia)


WHITE RABBITS Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 2 May 0000

Frightened Rabbit. Fleet Foxes. Sam Sparro there's a veritable woodland of new bands and artists out there at the moment. so what sets New Yorkers White Rabbits apart?

The fact that they subscribe to the 'if in doubt. get a second drummer‘ school of thought for one thing, the dual onslaught of their two sticksmiths giving considerable power to the ‘honky-tonk calypso' sound. Such a self-styling is mostly tongue in cheek. but worldly rhythms do form the epicentre of their appeal. with Caribbean. Afrobeat and even jazz motifs showing up in their tunes next to more conventional rock patterns.

With their preppy getup and chiming piano White Rabbits have inevitably been compared to fellow sprightly Big Apple dwellers Vampire Weekend. Given the euphoric rush of ‘The Plot‘ and 'While We Go Dancing'. and all the wanton instrument swapping. Arcade Fire are another obvious touchstone. while the scratchy offbeat guitar chops and general reverbiness of ‘March of the Camels' evokes the spooky ska of The Specials. whose cover of Dylan’s “Maggie's Farm' the Rabbits channelled. most-excellently. as an encore. (Malcolm Jack)

Tomorrow's music today. This issue: The Sauchiehall Crawl

For most of us, spending a night crawling down Sauchiehall Street is not an entirely new concept, but add 11 bands in three different venues for the price of one ticket to the equation, and you’ve got something pretty special. Created by Rooftop Movement, the first ever Sauchiehall Crawl springs into existence at such musical institutions as Nice’n’Sleazy, The Beat Club, and ABC2 this month, and Lori Anderson from the Glasgow-based independent music promotions company tells us exactly what will be on offer.

Firstly, how did the whole shebang come about?

It was inspired by London’s Camden Crawl. an event that allows music lovers to roam freely in and out of different venues and discover bands they wouldn't normally have heard of. With both local and touring talent available every night in a growing number of new and established venues. we realised Sauchiehall Street was the perfect location to host the Scottish equivalent of the festival.

This year we've got a wide range of artists. including Chemikal Underground's The Phantom Band. The Twilight Sad. Make Model. How to Swim. Jo Mango. El Padre. We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Ads. De Rosa. Ross Clark and

Galchen. Entry to the venues will be subject to capacities so make sure you

You can count on it. So are you planning to make Oh yes. we hope to eventually involve more bands and venues and establish ourselves as an annual independent music and arts festival that is widely

recognised for bringing together and showcasing the best new talent.

I Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Sun 7 Jun.


Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sat 19 May 00..

An afternoon at Scottish Opera was the setting for Judith Weir's delightful A Night at the Chinese Opera. First performed in 1987 but amazingly only now receiving its premiere north of the border. the opera is instantly engaging. With a light touch. her score and libretto are witty. colourful and beautifully shaped. Opening to a scene where the eye is drawn to huge Chinese vases. the shimmers of the music are dark and sinister. perhaps a foretaste of what is ultimately to face Chao Lin. the central character.

The Chinese Opera of the title is a play set within the context of the opera. The stery of both run parallel. with the middle of the three acts being taken up entirely by The Orphan of the Chao Family. lts three actors are very funny. their blood splattering antics effective in their telling of the stOry as one character after another kills themselves. Lee Blakeley’s production is ingenious. as are the orchestra and cast in delivering Weir's striking and evocative score. (Carol Main)

I Also at Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Thu 22 May; Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. Wed 25 and Fri 27 Jun.