Honeyhill Bee Farm’s Scottish Heather Honey

4549. £5. 49 at Peckhams

\Nrth if" to Infrr r r

and ’ll‘,llll(,ll‘.'f: rich Ia.,te. heather honey

If terir r dark colour is one I f 8/ ot Il'rn d's unrgue foods. wrth beef 44 ndrng July and Ar uguf't it:hr ()rarnpran foothills feeding on purple heather flowers A brt too strong for some. a wee drop on a pancake or ill a hot toddy and your heart Will be in the

Highlands 0...

“35,13,4er “trumps! l ‘l


WS Robson’s Needside Honey 4549, £4.49 at Earthy, Dobbies and other outlets. www.chainbridgehoney.co.uk

A lovely mix of flower and heather honey from a farm in Nr)rthumberland. but rnewtably the bees forage over the border. lloney, after all. takes pride in the food miles bees clock to produce a single Jar. lhrs has a long. layered flavour and lots of body. Without the oomph of full heather honey. .0...

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Hood of Ormiston’s Scottish Blossom Honey 227g, £2.95 from Real Foods

Another ol’rssr

Heather Hills Farm’s Scottish Blossom Honey

3409, £3.15 at Real Foods. www.heather-hills.com

,rI'. hone, Iron a" f fist

lothran beekeeper. but a paler “oloar Just ,. I'f'I u‘ liar l ea litutn‘t" ll.~.‘~. and firmer set Not so spa/eel ‘.‘.IhIcII pew, put, a '.I a I Tit‘ 'i : lri.".i"".l ffIi' gives a mild flavour ‘or the morning slice soft Inst l" )'l‘ III a z a" I l’wr'hurtrw

of toast lhere is a theory that haI. fever liioswirri ”he, I. "rt"."‘~°.r'! ,. ”:3- sufferers can I/ r Iit fror rn r at ing |()ii;tll‘ .lune. and mild-:2 erw I'Iwr 1le «trutw produced honey. a brt like seasrckn less than neatrw “one; lo I; ,I w I. .I I“

and r( air, rturtr- rel”, III M t" ’ir..(' arr!

czrr-arn .Iaswr“ l 0..

rernr l,‘(llf}f3 it tworksfor sornebut not

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isll'l‘lll'fll 7/: I: ."AlllA \‘f'lill mI

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Nicoll’s of Strathmore’s Flower Honey

227g, £2.85 from Milton Haugh farm shop, Real Foods. www.miltonhaugh.com

Milton llaugh between Dundee and

Urr Valley Heath 8. Wildflower Honey

3409, £3.50 at Herbies

A clear. runny honey from a beekeeper near Castle Douglas. lacking the richness of the set honeys, it's a good Arbroath rs Ill prime position to benefit from lowland flowers in sprrng and or adding rnto a honey an id wh iolegrarn summer heather. Although richer tasting mustard salad dr I: sing 0.. and darker in colour than the bl( ssom varieties tested. it lacked the nuances of

flavour we'd found elsewhere. .0.


Counsellor and novelist

produce, keep an eye out for The Larder, coming soon with The List.

This is a subject close to my heart. For a fantasy breakfast. a fry up. Organic mushrooms. scrambled eggs. bacon —- wrth no fat on - and maybe a sausage. Nice. lovely cherry tomatoes. yum. Oh. and a glass of Coke.

My ideal lunch? I got back from Barcelona yesterday and l had lovely tapas. Cuttlefish With a light batter: those wonderful lrttle pieces of pizza; white asparagus. beautiful: and calamari. All chased down wrth cold. fresh water,

For dinner. I could fly to Nigeria and get my mum to cook. l'd have Nigerian pepper soup which comes in a lrttle Cup and rs really fiery wrth meat in li. For main courses. I like African-American soul food. I love macaroni cheese. but rt has to be Southern style. wrth peppers and cayenne. Some coleslaw and barbegued chicken. and maybe Just one lrttle corn bread on the side. because corn bread rs a brt heavy. (Like that matters now!) For dessert. a warm chocolate brownie made from Valrona chocolate. and real. dairy ice-cream drizzled wrth Tesco toffee sauce. Oh. drvrne! And l'd drink American root beer. I Lo/a Jay's book 707 IMays to get Your Chi/d to Read rs pub/rshed as part of Wor/d Book Day's Ourck Reads series for f 7.99. For more info see www. wor/dbookdar: com and book listings. page 32.

choice for mixrng into yoghurt or museli.

For details on where to get Scottish

I I’ll! LIST has teamed up again with Taste of Edinburgh, the high-profile food festival at the end of May, to find out readers’ current favourite places to eat out. Vote online for your favourite restaurant in either Edinburgh or Glasgow and you’ll earn the chance to win a weekend for two in London to attend the Taste of London event (including first class travel courtesy of National Express and two nights accommodation). Runners up prizes include VIP tickets to the Edinburgh event, which this year has a new home in lnverleith Park and takes place from Thursday 28 May to Sunday 31 May. The restaurants topping the poll will be announced in our Eating & Drinking Guide, which comes out on 29 April. To vote, follow the links at www.list.co.uk

I EDINBURGH! m Suruchr restaurants are currently celebrating the cuisme of the Rajasthan region of India wrth a special Raiasthani menu devised by chefs who come from the state along with weekend entertarnrnent including traditronal Raiasthani puppetry. folk dancing and sitar music. The Maharajas' Cuisine festival runs until 16 March. wwwsuruchirestaurantcom

I I’ll! not! of Byres Road is undergoing another of its fairly frequent bursts of restaurant turnover. Newly installed are mainstream Italian Tony Macaroni, a branch of the year- old pizzeria in East Kilbride (www.tonymacaroni.co.uk), at number four in the former Cafe Francais site, and a third branch of Baby Grand’s upmarket burger-and-steak restaurants Ad Lib, on the comer site previously occupied by of North Bondi (www.adlibglasgow.com)

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