P R E Vl [' W M IN ll.il,'xl KAPITAL The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 13 Mar.

Although Kapital's promoter and resident DJ Barry O‘Connell describes his night as plugging a specific hole in the Edinburgh clubbing market, it still draws from a broad spectrum of musical influences. ‘Kapital is mainly minimal techno,’ he says, ‘but we also pride ourselves on booking DJs who can’t be too easily pigeonholed. So any of our nights will probably also touch upon house, tech-house and straight techno at some point.‘

Kicked off in summer of 2007 with guest Alex Smoke and most recently playing host to James Holden, Kapital has since evolved into a quarterly night, rising to bi-monthly this year. O’Connell and his partner in the club Michael Ford (who now lives in Berlin, but who

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returns to DJ at each night) started off with a small- scale party called Underground Playground at the Wee Red Bar, yet made the Caves upgrade when they decided to put on big guests.

Now, O’Connell feels Kapital has enough of a following to be able to invite guests who don‘t have such a high profile, while still retaining the trust of the crowd. One example comes this month with Superflu, aka emerging German production duo Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz, who O’Connell first saw when he was in, ‘the home of minimal these days‘, Berlin. ‘This is their first appearance in Scotland,‘ he says. ‘They have quite a driving sound, it's maybe a bit more upbeat than we’d usually have; we do like to make people dance, but not in a full-on four to the floor way. Mainly, though, they’re just going to be big, and we wanted our crowd to hear them first.‘ (David Pollock)

li’REVlEW TECHNO MONOX__1 00 The Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 6 Mar

In order to celebrate the 100th Monox party. Rubadub's Dan Liirinsky has inVited Monolake and T. o. two of Berlin's most inventive electronic musicians to perform at the Sub Club.

As one of the key contributors to the development of Ableton Live (arguably the most popular music production software in existencm. Robert Henke has exerted an incalculal')|e influence over contemporary electronic music, while exploring the syiitliefsis of sOund. technology and performance through his various proiects as Monolake Regular Monolake collaborator. Torsten Proefrock iT. ti shares Henke's meticulous. experimental approach to music production. and his pioneering hybrid of dubstep and techno. exemplified most recently on releases for Skull Disco and Applepips. has clearly been embraced by Henke: "I've had great fun obserVing the development of more breakbeat-orientated dance music. and l happily realised that I can feel very comfortable in contributing here wrth my own works. on the edge between techno. dubstep or whatever you want to call it.'

Henke is always striving to provide something new that can't be replicated in the borne environment, fully utilising what Only a live show can offer. ‘My live performances have a strong iinprovisational component.” he explains. ‘What 1 DTO\.'|d€ is a concert. not background muSic. Most of my performances are either incorpOrating a viSual aspect. or happen in complete darkness. For my Monolake shows am currently developing a four-channel setup that hopefully Will result in a very unidue sonic experience. Chances are good that the night in Glasgow will expose a bit of that research.' (Colin McKeanl

Name Adrian Sherw0od

Occupation Legendary . producer and proprietor of ()n- U-Sound Records. who over 30 years have cut a s athe of British squat rock dubplates through records by The New Age Steppers. Mark Stewart 8. the Maffia. Tackhead, African Headcharge. Bim Sherman. Dub Syndicate and others. Outside of On-USOund. Sherwood has had a hand in seminal records by the likes of The Slits. The Fall. Medium Medium and Lee Scratch Perry, plus remixes for Cabaret Voltaire. Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.

What’s he doing here? Relaunching dub night On-Ur Sound With Ghetto Priest and percussonist Pete Lockett at Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms one night. then at the Tolbooth in Stirling, premiering ‘| Murder Hate.’ a new commission With artist Graham Fagen that forms part of Fagen's Somehodye/se exhibition at The Changing Room gallery in the same building.

A dub/art soundclash then? This is the second collaboration between Sherwood and Fagen. The pair recorded a version of ‘Auld Lang Syne' with Ghetto Priest for a major installation at Tramway in Glasgow. Last time Sherwood appeared at the Voodoo Rooms. he was manning the controls with Mark Stewart & the Maffia for one of the most incendiary shows of 2008. Witnesses describe being caught in the crossfire of sounds of which they'd never heard the like.

So he likes Scotland? Just don't mention 'Scream Team and the Big Man meet the Barmy Army,‘ a mid-19905 collaboration with Bobby Gillespie and Irvine Welsh. The phrase ‘of it's time' springs to mind.

(Neil Cooper)

I Adrian Sherwood plays On- U-Sound Records at Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Fri 13 Mar. '/ Murder Hate’, The Tolbooth, Stiriing, Sat 14 Mar. Graham Fagen's exhibition Somebodyelse is reviewed in the Visual Art section, page 88.

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