lAeyboard-loving funnyman David O'Doherty won last year's if.comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe. Before he plays the Glasgow Magners International Comedy Festival this fortnight, he shares some thoughts on hotel sinks, aluminium and royal crushes

First record you ever bought

l'lrif Hill/fer for l'l‘,’ (LUlllllllllllUli, tiiif nit, first arztiial liiirrhase ‘.‘.'.’lf; the fin single of Roland Hat's 'Haf liappiri'

when was six

Last time you were chatted up |<:;in't 'eiiiembei the last time Although I get asked if I ‘wanna XXX (that' on ESkype most days never XXX (:hatted


First film you saw that really moved you

./.'lt‘.’.‘; really srtaied me, It gave me nightmares about sharks (:oming up

through the toilet,

Last lie you told

()li l'rii always lying about what I do. You never want to say you're a «toiiiedian. I'll try to pick the most boring thing. Aluminium is a good

ser‘tor for dullness.

First movie you ever went on a date to Ihaye ne\ei gone on a date to a

iiioyie' \Vh itis this , lflfitisAmerirta'?

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Last time you cried l‘ii‘ per, easily rrfl‘r' iti nail, ll'.‘t"lj)lidfi‘f‘i l'r, at "its? l\.’. rwriia. new”, if l think about it tor, "‘.ll ,h M. riiother rile. l'irili' than nu; M. ,1 if (WW: sa'l s'ie wont l «r, at "art Fm Last great meal you cooked ljust don't get food Seriously If roirld just take a pill orir1e a week altil r‘. it eat the rest of thr- illlit', that ‘.‘.‘(>?liii be fin Last extravagant purchase you made

Ilike olrl keyboards and organsl

rerienth got 'i World \N'ir II US; Air

lore e b itf'e fie ld pump org in It nds

like it has .;een things.

First crush l’nneess Stephanie of Monaco. It was

unrer llllffL‘fi.

First great piece of advice you were given

I read a uiiote from (Iole l’oiter who when asked \Nfilei came first. the musir: or the lyrics. he replied. 'lhe phone (:all' I like that a lot. Last time you were star struck

I get star struck around athletes lhe Munster rugby team came to a show I did in l imeriek last month lrtould see their riiassive necks from the stage and that put the scares up me.

First three words your friends would use to describe you Never home anymore.

Last time you exploited your position to get something

()ri(:e in a hotel the lady gave me the presidential suite because she

had seen something I'd done on

manure’ walk.

it's just like the Spirit of the

Blitz! With

added packaging. I Hanging out on

or whatever it’s called with the sound turned off, just for milady’s trademark 5 ‘giraffe stepping delicately through

l M&S’ new ‘Real British Food’ line: corned beef rolls, chicken and salad ' cream sarnies and jaffa cake puds. Eee,

l I Watching Paris Hilton's New aaarrr

2 THE LIST 5-19 Mar 9W9

the gigantic fake tram on Princes Street; the

Youliibe It h'id two sinks l’lll Sllil Nl‘ Nl l [) lWO SINKS

First time you realised you were famous

Iwoiildn't ti()ll?;|(i(‘,l myself to be famous at all. My mother still (:onfiises

me With my brother

Last time someone criticised your work People have very strong opinions on Youliibe. Usually they des(:ribe things With lots of vowels fSl lllllllllllllll or (EA/\AAAAAAAAAY. lt's

‘.‘.’llf() on Yoiilube are trapped in a well,

like people who

First concert you ever attended My father is a ja// riiusir:ian so I have always gone to his gigs His 1/ piece

big band used to rehearse a lot in our

sitting room

Last time you bought flowers

I don't think I've ever bought anyone flowers. My sister bought me a rartus ind it died lo giiote Demetri M irtin,| am les ;niirturing tli in ide ert

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning

Damn, I can't remember that jokel thought of last night

Last thing you think of before you go to sleep I hope I remember that joke I just

thought of in the morning

I Uzrvrd () [)o/ierfy is Sta/id Corriedy (Ill/f), Glasgow, lri Iii Mardr

ri/ww. g/asgr )W( :r irriedyfr 9:;fival. (,‘r )1!)

.'l[)[)(,’r'llll)(] {if the

closest Edinburghers are going to get

itoanactualtram _. ...- - --.. ' this decade. . m J g lThe launch of . , the Queen's new i g website, w. t!" l royal.gov.uk. Ea 9‘; M‘fi! Contains fun mg: l interactive "" "

‘\ 5. elements like ‘Choose your ' Commonwealth Realm’, and

its own special Prince 3 Philip minisite. No, 5 we’re being serious. I