times (it ('hrlstopher Wallace/Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious BIG (Woolard) 'l‘herc’s not many surprises here for laris ot the big man but the ”Risk is great and a major pIUs point is that Sean 'l’ully' (‘ombs is the film's producer. and has no qualms about dishing the dirt \e/ei tell releine

Now, I . . . l IS) 0.. (Yasutomo (‘hikuma. Japan. 3007) Yasutomo (‘lilkuma Yoshiharu l-uiisawa. Masato Shiga 97mm |.ow budget Japanese naturalistic drama chronicling the attempts (il a retiring 20-year- old lad to venture beyond his comfort lone l’art oI Reality l'iction season l'ilm/imive. [ill/l/mli’ll

Orz Boy: (l’(ii (Yang ya-che. 'l'aiwan. 300M Klian-yi l.ee. (‘hin-Yu l’ang. l'ang Meil’an l 10min. Ya-che employs a mixture ol live action and animation to depict the liery imaginations oI unruly school Iriends Liar No l (Ice) and hat No 2 (l’aiig) I’art ot laiwanese l‘lllll I'estival l‘tllllllltllw‘. lat/iIi/iiil'eli,

The Other Boleyn Girl i IDA) I. lJtlstm ('hadwlck. l'K. 2003) Natalie I’ortman. Scarlett Jolialissoii. laric Bana,

l l5min The "hidden history' ol Mary

Boleyn. sister ()I Anne. lhc second of Henry \‘lll’s sl\ wives. Playing the Boleyn girls. l’ortman and Joliaiissoli are cast against type in less-than-thrilling siblilig rivalry. while the usually excellent Bana (as the King) simply looks led up. But rather than the cast it's probably l’eter Morgan's undercooked adaptation oI l’hilippa (iregory 's overheated novel that's to blame. lirruirun Theatre. lzilin/imje/i.

Our Hospitality (l') O... (Blister Keaton. Jack Blystone. l'S. I923) Btister Keaton. Natalie 'l'almadge. Joe Roberts. Ralph Biishman. 70min. 'l'ypical. but excellent Keaton afIair sporting a family fetid and a Romeo um! Juliet-sly le romance. Part of Tim (‘ameo's (illth anniversary celebrations. (ll/Hell. Ifrliiiliiirg/i.

Paradise Now ( IS) 00000 (Hany Abu- .-\ssad. l‘rance/(iermanyNetherlands/Israel . 2005) Kais .\'ashel. Ali Stillman. |.ubna A/abal. Amer llleliel. 90mm. The tale of two l’alestinian car mechanics about to venture to Israel on a siiicide-bombing mission. Paradise Mm is primarily a buddy-buddy movie. The [K release date was postponed because of the 7/7 London bombings. and since then it's become the first l’alestinian film to win a (iolden (ilobc award arid receive an Oscar nomination. Part of Palestine (‘ultural l'estlval. l-ilnrlmuve. Iz'ilinlmrgli.

Paris 36 ( l5) 0. ((‘hristophc

Barratier. France. 3003) (ierard Jugnot. ('Iovis (‘ornillac. Kad Merad. 120mm. Sugar- coated musical drama set iii Paris in the

e; v t

Palestine Cultural Fenival

I930s the (‘liuruv director Barratier delivers a sentimental and disappointing homage to Jeari Renoir's I936 The (‘rime olfltmilieur lat/rue, (illrsguw film Illeutre. (iluveme l‘tlmltutne. lull/iburgh

The Petrified Forest (PG) 0” (Archie Mayo. lb. 19%) Leslie Howard. Bette Davis. Humphrey Bogart Himln Travellers at a refuge in the Arizona desert are in for a trying time when gangsters on the run enter the scene Artificial and rather obvious talklest from a notable piece of middlebrow Broadway drama. Si utimuti Si reenine Rtmm. l‘aliIi/iureli.

The Pink Panther 2 (PG) 00

(Harald Zwart. IS. 3009) Steve Martin. Andy (iarcia. Jean Reno. 9lmin. This time the hapless detective Inspector (‘louseau (Martin) learns tip with a bunch of international crime fightcrs who are as clumsy as he is l'unnier arid more comprehensible tliali the 2006 first film but still fairly tedious. (ieneml release. Push (12A).. (l’aul Mc(itngan. IS. 2009) ('hris livans. Dakota Fanning. ('olin l-ord. lllmln. A dodgy government agency is genetically transforming citizens ilito an army of psychic warriors and only second- generation telekinetic Nick (livans) and IR- year-old clairvoyant ('assie (I‘annmg) can stop them. Ambitious btit ultimately derivative sci-Ii thriller. (iettel‘ul release.

The Reader l IS) 000. (Stephen Daldry‘. l'S/(iermany. 2008) Ralph l'lL'lllle. Kate Winslct. David Kross. 123mm. In a West (ierman town at the end of the I950s. l5- year-old Michael (Kross) starts a passionate affair with Hanna (Winslet). a tram conductor more than twice his age. But after a few liioiitlis. Hanna suddenly disappears. and it's alriiost a decade before Michael sees her again. By this time he is a law student and she is standing trial for war crimes. (ienerul release.

Rebecca (PG) 0000 (Allied Hitchcock. l‘S. I940) Laurence Olivier. Joan l-‘ontaine. Judith Anderson. 130mm. A re-issue of the wonderfully atmospheric romance. made when Hitch was at his height. The young bride of rich widower Maxim de Winter joins him at his grand mansion. .‘ylanderley. But everywhere she turns. there are memories of his first wife. whose death is surrounded by mystery. Anderson's overwrought (iothlc housekeeper Mrs Danvers steals the show. Slots/nun .S'ereening Room. Edinburgh. Repo! The Genetic Opera ( l8)

0.. (Darren Lynn Bousman. IS 2008) Alexa Vega. Paul Sorv'ino. Anthony Head. 97min. Bousman of Saw franchise fame presents a bloody goth-rock opera about organ repossession. (ilusemv l-ilm Theatre. (iliisgmv; I’ilni/muve. Iz‘ilirilmrgli.


The film strand of this citywide three day festival celebrating all

things Palestinian features Hany Abu-Assd’s darkly humorous and subversive suicide bomber thriller Paradise Now (pictured), Eran Riklis' border land dispute drama Lemon Tree and for those in need of less political fare Michael Khleifi’s magical romp Tale of the Three Jewels.

Ticket deals available. www.palcf.org

I Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh, Fn‘ 13-Sun 75 Mar.

Restless Natives (PU. 000

(Michael Hoffman. l'K. I955) Vincent l-riell. Joe Mullaney. 'l‘eri \ally Wmm Quaint but silly Scottish comedy of dubioUs morals. in which a couple of lads lrom a housing scheme set out to make their lortunc as highwaymen Worth seeing. it only to spot local landmarks and actors l’art ot Made in lidinburgh season l'tlmllulne. Izllinliureli Revolutionary Road i )5) 0000 (Sam Mendcs. l’S/l'K. 2003s) l.eonardo DiCaprio. Kate Winslet. Kathy Bates ll9mm It's I955 iii suburban ('onnectlcut and lirank (DiCaprio) and April (Winslet) are dissatisfied with their white picket tence lives In a bid to reinvigorate their love and quench their bohemian longings they propose a move to Paris. but as their departure date approaches. their best~|aid plans begin to unravel Ambitious adaptation of Yates‘ intense. claustrophobic and quite brilliant novel I)Hlttllltnll, Iltltlll’ltI'L'll

Roam (l’(i) (Darcy Willcnbcrg. Canada. 2005) 105mm. This is the second documentary from director Darcy Wittenberg His first film "l‘he ('ollective‘ won .i slew of awards and is concerned iiiailily with mountain bikes. Ills second film also contains some of the best free-niouritam bikers iii the world arid is beautifully shot. featuring some awesome action. Part of Dreams on Wheels exhibition. l‘llltlllrtltu’. I'filiIi/iureli. Seasons (l’(i) ('l'lie ('ollcctivc. Canada. 2007) (iSmm. liollowing seven of the world's top mountain bikers through the course of four seasons. this brings an air of cinematic grandeur to the daring sport. l-‘eaturmg the l'('l World ('up Downhill ('hampion Steve Peat. Part of Dreams on Wheels exhibition l'ilmlmuse. lz'iliiilmrgli.

The Secret of Moonacre (H 000 ((iabor ('supo. Hungary/l'K/l‘rance. 3009) loan (iruffudd. Dakota Blue Richards. Natascha McIilhone. 103mm. When 13-year- old orphan Maria (Richards) tises an inherited book to enter a magical kingdom she becomes involved in an cco-mythical plot to destroy Moonacre Valley. Decent if slightly over egged adaptation of The Little White Nurse by lililabclh (iliudgc. Selei'tetl release. Sherlock Junior it') 0000 (Blisier Keaton. L'S. I924) Buster Keaton. Kathryn McGuire. Joe Keaton. “min. A cinema projectionist spends his life daydreaming that be is a great detective. arid one day actually finds himself in the movie he's proiectnig. Shown with the Keaton shorts The lane Nevr.‘ uml The Play'housel. with new sound effects and mUsic on the soundtracks. The silent master proves his knowledge of cinematic form and. in terms of sttiiits and laughs. leaves everyone else standing Part of The ('ameo's ()(lth anniversary celebrations.

( ~amen. [Lillilbtll‘g/l.

Sin City (18) 00.. (Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller (special guest director Quentin 'l'arantino). IS. 2005) Bruce Willis. ('live ()wen. Mickey Rourke. Jessica Alba. 124mm. Bleak. hardboiled comic book adaptation from fan Rodriguez (co-directing with creator Miller) truer to its source than anything to date. Despite being rendered mostly in black and white. this isn't a film for the squeamish. Alongside the super stylisation. Sin (‘irv boasts deft storytelling. ballsy performances (from a to-die-for ensemble cast) and a line in bruising humour that‘ll leave you black and blue. Brutal and brilliant. ()(lerm A! The Quay. (iluxgrm: Slumdog Millionaire ( l5) 0000 (Danny Boyle. L'K/L'S. 2008) lrfan Kahn. Anil Kapoor. Dev Patel. l20min. Adapted from Vikas Swarup's novel Q&A by Simon Beaufoy. Boyle's film chronicles a Murnbai street urchin (Skins' Dev Patel) who makes it to the final round of India's version of Who Blinrs to be A Millionaire .". Alternatively hilarious and heart wrenching. grimly realistic and dream-like. romantic and resolutely non- sentimental. watching Slutmlng Millionaire feels like watching six films at once. (ierierul release.

Spartacus ( 15) 000. (Stanley Kubrick. L'S. I960) Kirk Douglas. Laurence Olivier. Jean Simmons. Tony Curtis.

l96min. Terrific. restored version of Kubrick's epic account of a slave revolt in Ancient Rome. Fights. Inst. political intrigue. romance it's got the lot. Screened here in a new 70mm print with previously unseen

footage (Olivier making a pass at cums. no lessi Part ot Kubrick season See preview. page 4-4 I‘ll/nilinuve, l‘fd'iiiliurgli

Star Wars: Clone Wars (PU) 00

(Dave l‘ilom. [8. 2008) Voices ot Matt lanter. Samuel l. Jackson. ('hristopher 1 cc 93mm lamperor l’alpatlne. ('ount Dooku .ilid (ieneral (irievous are poised to rule the galaxy l‘he universe rests in the hands of the daring Jedi Knights. led by Anakm Sky walker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. along with brand-new heroes such as .-\nakin's padaw an learner. Ahsoka lake the more recent Star llaiv films. this is fairly tedious sttill. but it is nicely animated and tans will probably love it (‘iiieuorlll I’lirL/il'lill. (iluvemv. (‘i/ienorlll lullililiureli. I'frlihliiii‘di

Superman Returns 30 t l3.~\i 0000 (Bryan Singer. IS. 3000) Brandon Routli. Kate Bosworih. Kevin Spacey. James Marsden. Marlon Brando l5-1mm l'lie Son of Krypton's return to earth is captured ill three bla/mg dimensions l-eaturing arch enemy l.ex l.uthol (Spacey i hatching another murderous. moncymakmg scheme. and the tragically married l.ois lane (Bosworth) [VAX Illeittt'i'. (illtyg'im

Surveillance ( Its') .00 (Jenmter ('hambers Lynch. l'S/(ielmany. 2003) Julia ()rmond. Bill Pullman. Ryan Simpkms 97min. See review. page 47 Sell-l tell t'i'leitve La Symphonie Pastorale i l.‘.-\i (Jean Delannoy. lirance. Ill-lo) l’ierie Blanchal. Michele Morgan. l.ine Noio l|0min Screening of the very first film shown .it 'l‘he (‘ameo cinema in I949 Delannoy 's drama about a blllid woman whose arrival in a priest's home disrupts the status quo. will be preceded by some ('ameorrelated liiaterial onscreen. Part of The ('ameo's (i0th anniversary celebrations ('lmieo. Icilin/ime/i The Tale 0! Despereaux it”) 000 (Sam l’ell/Robert Stevenhagen. l‘K/l'S. 2008) Voices of Dustin Hoffman. Matthew Broderick. limma Watson. ‘Hllllll British animated feature about the liiedieval adventures of a mouse. a rat and a servant girl. Seleeteil releuve.

Tale of the Three Jewels ( IZA)

m (Michel Khlelfi. Belgium/Spam/ l’alestilic/I'K. I994) Mohanltiicd Nahnal. Hana' Ne'nieh. Bushra Karaman. llllimin. Lightheaned tale of a twelve-year-old and his mad love for the daughter of a gypsy family. filmed entirely in (la/a against an uneasy political backdrop. l’art ol the Palestine (‘ultural Festival. I'llni/iuuve. Iailirilmreli 300 ( l5) 0.” (Lack Snyder. IS. 2007) (ierard Butler. Lena Headey. Dominic West. I 17min. Bloody historical epic based on Frank Miller‘s comic. This is a ftlll ()rl narrative assault on the senses the Sm ('itv- isli visuals only add to the thrill of it all ()(ll'ltll At The Qimv. (flair/(m.


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