PREVIEW INDIE IPSO FACTO The Captain's Rest, Glasgow, Sat 14 Mar

Last time uber-bobbed female quartet lpso Facto were in Glasgow. two of their number were aloft the shoulders of their companions in the auditorium of the 023 Academy. gomg nuts to reformed post-punk fabulists Magazine's encore of Captain Beefheart’s 'I Love You. You Big Dummy.‘ The fact that over the course of the evening lpso Facto had not only played a set of Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Sophie Ellis Bextor inspired indie as support. but had also helped out Howard Devoto and co on backing vocals. demonstrates Just how keen they were to let their hair down.

“Magazine are our favourite band of all time.' says vocalist and guitarist Rosalie Cunningham. 'so when they asked us to play with them. it was an honour. but we didn't want to go the whole tour Without seeing them play.‘

With a name derived from latin legalese. a bass drum logo reconstituted from Lindsay Anderson's film, ‘If' and a cover of Lesley Gore‘s 1964 proto~feminist classic. ‘You Don't Own Me.‘ recorded for a Raybans ad. lpso Facto are clearly keep good company. With a trio of limited edition 7-inchers under their nintage belts. a forthcoming collaboration With Mark Ronson sounds even more glamorous.

‘He came to our Christmas party.’ says Cunningham. 'and approached us saying he wanted to do something different. We've got Our ideas about what would make a good Single and he‘s got his. In this instance. though. I suspect he'll have the final word.‘ (Neil Cooper)



Tolbooth. Stirling. Fri 6 Mar: Eastgate. Peebles. Sat 7 Mar; Carnegie Hall. Dunfermline. Sun 8 Mar; St Andrews in the Square. Glasgow. Mon 9 Mar

Harpist Catriona McKay may be best known for her role in Fiddler‘s Bid and her duo with Chris Stout. another mainstay of the Shetland outfit. but she is also an innovative explorer of less well- travelled musical roads.

Free improvisation and electronic music are also a regular part of her activities. and this Tune Up tour will provide an opportunity to pull all of that together in an intriguing double bill with the Nils Okland trio.

She is joined by Chris Stout, pianist Phil Alexander. Swedish nyckelharpa player Olov Johansson and Alistair MacDonald's live laptop electronics in Flbe. a project first heard at Celtic Connections as a New Voices commission in 2008. and will be using the chromatic harp made for her by Starfish harps in Ballachulish.

‘These are all musicians I had been working with at a very deep level. and bringing them together is very exciting. I set about trying to write material that would give all of them something to work on, and would also reflect my interpretation of their particular styles and strengths.’

Nils Dkland was originally penciled in for the Flée project, but couldn‘t make the date. and Catriona has written a segment for him to play on the tour. The Norwegian fiddler is about to release a new solo album, Monograph, on the ECM label. but will lead his trio here. (Kenny Mathieson)

PREVIEW M )f L'ix THE BOXER REBELLION Garage. Glasgow, Mon 16 Mar

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