Ill Vll w lNDlt: FINDO GASK

AND NIGHT rials: TEAM Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 19 Feb 0000


l‘he seasons of Scottish music can he hard to Judge. although there's little doubt we're heading hack into summer right now. So let's enthuse ahout one reason why; Findo Gask. the Glasgowhased guartet who steadfastly defy east. categorisation. Singer Gerard Black carries off the pinched pout of Morrissey channelled through the polished soul croonerrsms of Martin Fry, while around him his hand direct the spirit of Vince Clark llliO the dahcefioor aesthetic of Modular Records. Like nothing you've ever heard helore. and gloriously so. Really. Much music appears pale when held up to the Frhdos' light. but hoth supports here had their moments. Rather unheiptully hacked by a \ideo DT'OJOCIIOH lBlTlllllSCOlli of the titles to Roy Walker’s Catchphrase. Edrnhurgh's Night Noise Team credrtahly stretch for the epic. although their best feature is Singer Sean Ormshy's richly-accented vocal. Bahygod. meanwhile. have recerved posmve notices tOr their literate and sincere ipossrhlx merly so: songwriting. It could go either way; Radiohead or The Unbelievable T'thlt. that lS. iDavrd Pollockl I frndogaskuk

Findo Gask

64 THE LIST 549, Mar 2009

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Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri 20 Feb 0...

Foltou‘rsng on trom the great success ;f

iast tears showcase of twe new sr‘ort cperas trot“ Scottish composers and ‘.Vrzters. the latest Dittijl‘: of Scottisn Opera's P we: ‘53 once aga'n shot-rs tnat the company is onto a awrner. Taking twe (i()ltt[)l(?i(}|\,’ deerse stihjects and making operas from them '2; cowect \rel‘,’ llTl[)T(}SSl‘.'C. 1 an l'l(i“.’i(ill£ll lever. we know that if they don't much like one. another will he a;ong in a tew minutes.

rat‘lrtionaliy strong emotive opera themes of love. death. sex. murder. hetrayal are all there. although there's not much humour in any of them. ‘.‘.’lilt the possible exception of H(i{>{)\’ Ston' hy DaVid Fehnessy and Nicholas Bone. Skilfully mowing through six scenes in =ts 1:3 minutes, Happi Ston' :s thoroughly refined writing. an) the easiest of the t'\. e to :isten to.

More powerful is the darke' drama of Death of a Scientist. by John and Zinnie Harris. where spine-chilling menace highlights the \uiherahilrty of the main character based on tragic government scientist Damd Kelly through totally Integrated script and score. Carol Man,

I Five: 75 continues at the Hub. Edinburgh. Sat 7 8 Sun 8 Mar.

Less than two years old, and already signed to Sony and attracting comparisons to the likes of U2, Arcade Fire and Editors, London quintet Red Light Company seem like they're hurtling on a collision course with the big time. With their debut album Fine Fascination and fourth single ‘Arts and Crafts‘ only just out, The List entered the Red Light zone with singer and guitarist Richard Frenneaux.

How did you meet each other?

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“E'iginv'fo'w»-T' i"-~’~°v‘ . '

\y~:,,‘:) o,,~, ‘1}. AI‘t \f'. 3., x\" ' I . 2W) .(-I} : .3. k' I“ N: 1' : 1- ,; :sm .v'nil That must have been a pretty convincing ad!

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_"“."e We :)(}(:',"."“.'. "':.i"‘ f --~‘

What’s the album about?

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git/oi? t"e tied" unwind”, t a i : 'sf'. n z " '1 .i' '-

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ltl Vll WtXMNlRY Hock THE GILLYFLOWERS Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 25 Feb 0000

In the short term. Edinhurgh's Gillytlowers won't he ahle to escape drawing attention due to the fact their lead singer Kirsten Adamson is the daughter of the late Stuart Adamson In the long term. though. the feeling 1s that they ~ and Adamson in particular

will snare deserved recognition tor heing rust stunningly talented.

You wouldn‘t even know she was Scottish until she opens her mouth though. Looking summeh, in a print dress and cowhoy hoots. and with hleached hlonde hair the likes of which Dolly would he proud. Adamson looks like a Southern country helle She sings like one too. with a twanging delivery on hallads like ‘Wearing Gold' and ‘Co'tintry Boy. a suitahly sassy drawl through 'chh Girl isample lyric: 'I love hlood and gore and I'm into guns I'm into war‘i and a spine-tingling talsetto finale to ‘Leave a Light On'. Yet the slight suspicion persists that she might 'do a Tuhstall' towards the middle of the road it when fame comes calling, Adamson is a complete and distinctive artzst so much so that her father's legacy need never be traded on. iDav:d Pollock. I . my. soace. Q m 't/tegr,’/j.'f/owers

lll Vii wrrti k TREMBLING BELLS

The Bowery. Edinburgh, Fri 20 Feb oooo

‘Does that sound okay" Nerrscn new the liegiriwr‘<; 'it flu-

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show; His eyes are trimeew'n'n; (,r()‘.-.'tr1f<;<:‘/){A(‘Jt"li1‘)(i‘)f;1(‘i(:"x\'(;jl'.'." ‘.‘/lill a fltlll",' stated opr'ii’m either .‘.l. No such luck though t'tt: audience are doing that a.‘.'k'v.'.iard lrtt‘flilflr t'iiuv; when: the; lust want ’o hr- er‘tertairw-d without exchange ot knit ('llJtT or pleasantng thank ,o'. wen, rnu’ t: l n drummer Nelson once of disor'ieritatirrg raj/toikwte“, Scatter and here .‘rith 'nernl/ers of l nick, Luke. this on, adds to The tension

Not that there's an, need tor that The crowd seem largely enthralled t2. the naiondertul noise the quartet tire making. or at least the; strong tie Endowed '.‘/|ill a delicate. 'eed. shuttle. lrerr‘hlrng Bell: are a perfecti, formed experience. a soof'w'v; exponent ot tut..'r:,t low that", pad larrport Cement on winger l anr‘ia Blackwall is a yoca: rnger fur Sand, Denn,‘ part 't“o';'. nth"; Told a draught, hyre at not“ lt‘e' so! 'i‘, are .“.’l(i€:*(},(:(liil”l”1"Tél'tiifi"Chill/"U of Sta'sW or crisp and tufing ‘l look to YOu Like Christ to “.C’ood'r; their rlrtrnrn‘ier net 'eduire'l to look. so worried. ‘Dr'i‘fl’l Pollock.

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