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I Aye n Aye, The Special Edition and Kashmir Red ()2 Academy 2. I21 liglinton Street. 0844 477 2000. 7pm. £6. Reggae rockers lrom Perth supported by bands from Iilgin and Aberdeen. I Dead Sea Souls ()ran Mor. 731 .715 (ircat Western Road. 357 6200. 7pm. Indie singalongs and guitar sounds. I The Dirty Suits, Slow Motion Replay, Watershed and Croma Barrowland 2. 244 (iallowgate. 552 4601. 7pm. £6. (her-14s show. All bill of local bands. I Echofela Nice'n'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 0900. 7pm. £5. I-alkirk quartet. launching their IiP ‘Rcllcctions ol- a (icntlcman'. I The Lonely Souls and Hooks’n'Crooks AB(‘2. 330 Sauchiehall Street. 332 2232. 7pm. £6. Over 14s show. Rhythm and blues rock band with support l'rom I)enny rockers. I Sergeant, The Japanese Mafia and Val Verde The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 565 1000. 7pm. £8. Jangling indie pop that owes a debt to The [as and The Smiths. I The Bridal Procession, Martyr Defiled, I Sell the Dead and TYOT (‘Iassic (irand. 18 Jamaica Street. 847 0820. 7pm. £6. User-14s show. Line-up oi metal muthas. I “Vin Atlantic Queen Margaret l'nion. 22 l'niy'crsity (iardens. 33‘) 9784. 7pm. £8. Billy and Dinosaur Jr rel‘erences l‘rom 'l‘win Atlantic. I Dean Park Pavilion Theatre. 121 Renl'ield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. £16.50 (£15.50). lintertaiiier I)ean Park sings big band and Motown classics l‘rom his new album ‘Ilell to lleay'en‘. as well as his previous collection The In ('onccrt‘. I Horse Feathers, Beerjacket and Yusuf Azak (‘aptain's Rest. 185 (ircat Western Road. 332 730-1. 7.30pm. Indie l'olk act from Portland. supported by one-man alt.l'olk act Beerjacket. FREE AlrSpiel, Marriot Lane, The Phaetons and Sol Diablos Box. 431 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5431. 8pm. Local line-up headed by Glasgow-based indie-electro-rockers AirSpiel. I Look Left Again, Wrongnote, Southern Remedy and Black Dog Obsession Maggie May's. 60 Albion Street. Merchant (‘ity. 548 1350. 8pm. £5. Varied bill including Brian Wilson l‘anatics Southern Remedy. from File. I No Dice Rockers. 14 Midland Street. 221 0726. 8pm. Rock covers.

Super Adventure Club and

Sixpeopleaway The 'l‘wisted Wheel. 73 Queen Street. 221 4851. 8pm. £5. Indie sounds and laptop beats at this Aerials night. I The Vibe and Ruth Martin (‘ity Halls. (‘andleriggs 353 8000. 8pm. £10. I’ronted by local songwriter Rico Franchi. this band have been described as ‘experitiiental world pop with an epic soundtrack twist'. I Juliet Thrner and Pierce Pettis King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £12. Irish singer/songwriter with a poppy folk/country style and a strong singing accent who has toured with Brian Kennedy. Roger McGuinn and Ron Sexsmith. FREE Kong Samuel Dow's 67— 71 Nilhs‘dulc Road. 423 (1107. 8 _.30pm Rock coyers. I Transfer Audio, Psycho Candy and King Japan 13111 Note Cate. 50—60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Driving indie rock. I Niall Campbell 81 John Broers, The Only Jones, Eoghan Colgan and The Towers Stereo. 20—28 Renlield Lane. 222 2254. Singer/songwriters and indie bands.


I The Red Well, Found and Player Piano Old St Paul's Church. 3‘) Jeffrey Street. 556 3332. 2pm. £9. Afternoon show of Iel'tlield rock as Red Well launch their new album Amid Storms We

Arr/ii: With support troiii lellow l‘eiicc ('ollectise members and secret special gucsts. FREE The Rab Nowat Band Banneriiian's. .\'iddry Street. 556 325-1 4pm l.ong standing and esti'eiiiely popular coy ers band I Thriller Live i'c's11\.tl .1111L'.111L'. 1 3 2" Nicolson Street. 52*) 6000 4pm .\ Spiii £15 £27.50 See Thu 5 I The Ubiquitous Kings of Rhythm, New Vinyl, Lecorum and Jojocoke \Vhistlcbinkics. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5114 6pm. I'ree beloie midnight; £4 alter. Indie I Emerganza The line. Ii 1‘ \ntdi-y Street. 556 0444. 6. 30pm £tbc Sec 1'11 6. I Foundling Wheel, Dead Boy Robotics and Enfant Bastard \\'ee Red Bar. lidinburgh (‘ollegc ol .v\rt. 1.auriston Place. 22‘) 1442. "pm £5 Ii\perimental electric punk lorm 1"oundling Wheel.

Mr McFaII’s Chamber &

Michael Marra The Bongo (‘lub. Moray iititlsc. 37 litilyt'tmtl Road. 558 7604. 7pm. £8 t£61. last seen collaborating at the inlaiiious .\'oiie ot 111c:\bo\c sessions. .\11‘ .\1c1'a11's olicc again team tip with Marta to [1611111111 new workings ol his songs. pltis instrumental works lroni Zappa to ('uba. Sec prey iew. page 80. FREE Sam Isaac and The All New Adventures of Us (‘abai-ei \‘oltaire. 36 38 Blair Street. 220 6176. 7pm. Young acoustic troubadour. originally from the West Midlands but now based in London. and iiililuenccd by Bright liy es and lid Harcourt. Part ol the ('ab‘s 1)tll)' lice sct'Ics. I Bad Monkey The Ark. 3 7 Waterloo Place. 623 7147. 7.30pm. £4. Indie. I The New Age Jam (‘itrus (11111. 40 42 (irindlay Street. 622 7086. 7.30pm. £7. Jam tribute act. I Hippo and xmrv llciiry 's (‘cllar Bar. 8 16a Morrison Street. 228113113. 8pm. £4. Another ‘(‘hristmas party' with a mixed line-up chosen by Henry ‘s stall. I Flat Iron, Ike Turner’s Fists of Fury, Gospel Choir arid The Fidgets Bannerman's. \itltli'y Street. 556 3254. 0pm. £4. Metal and heayy rock. I Plum 111C Ark. .3 7 \Vatct‘loo Place. 623 7147. 10pm. £4. With more acts to be announced at this Summer Rain Recordings night.


I MacFloyd Regal ('oiiimumty Theatre. 24 34 North Bridge Street. 01506 433634. 8pm. £12 t£l01. internationally acclaimed tribute combo to Pink 151oy d. w ho recreate ton a slightly smaller scale) the stage ellccts the prog rockers were renowned l'or.


I Brotherhood of Man in The 70’s Story Whitehall Theatre. 12 Belllield Street. 01382 434940. 7.30pm. £tbc. See Fri 6.

I The Luchagors, Dirty Wee Middens, 3 Times Round & The Terrors Dexter's Lounge Bar. 24 (‘astle Street. 01382 228804. 8pm. £6 £10. Punk and metal sounds from a band lironted by wrestling star 1.ita. aka Amy Dumas. (her 14s show.


I Upbeat Beatles 1.ochge11y ('enu'e. Batik Street. 015112 418141. 8pm. £15 t£131. See Fri 6.


FREE My Old Blue Terraplane Bar Bloc. l 17 Bath Street. 574 6066. 5pm. Rhythm'n‘blues.

I It Bites ABC. 330 Sauchiehall Street. 3322232. 7pm. £17.50. ()yer- 14s show. Pomp pop motley crew w ho had a couple of hits in the 80s. including ‘Calling All the Heroch reform with new lead vocalist John Mitchell.

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