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Jack Daniels is many a musician's drink of choice so they make the perfect partner for a series of gigs across the country. This Glasgow date sees live

sets from indie rockers The Broken Family Band, garage from The Brute Chorus (pictured), up-and-coming Scottish five-piece The Seventeenth Century and special guest Adele Bethel (Sons & Daughters).

I ABC. (I/(lhtltll‘r. 7" ti 1'..'.‘1/ H1 11 I é.‘

Alliance. Singer. tto\ elist m r1te1 ol the Scot-s Indie rock tale I/1c()\\/1111\land l.1\1 contributor l)oug .lohnstone \\III also he g1\1ng a spoken \\ot'tl set. l’art ol l)ut_\ l'ree.

I The Marvels, The Wynd, Richard Gray and Flora Cook 'l he Ark. 3 7 \\aterloo l’lacc. 025 7l47. 7.30pm. £4. l’oxser pop.

I Smoked Glass, Boygirlanimalcolour, The Poison Teacups, Seven Deadly Sins and Real Dave lle1u'_\\ (‘ellar liar. S lha Morrison Street. 22.S (I303. 7.30pm. £4. Suaggering rock lroin Smoked (ilass at this lundraiser lor ’l‘he Mind (‘harrt_\.

I Tame Impala, Wounded Knee and Conflict Diamonds Sneak} l’ete's. 73 (‘ou gate. 225 I757 7.30pm. £5. .-\tl\SIL‘ ])\}L‘Ilt‘tlellc‘ l'oclt.

FREE Laptop Lounge Illt‘ Voodoo Rooms. I‘ltt \Vt‘sl Rt‘giSlt‘l' Sll't‘c‘l. 5.50 7000. Split. I.aptop sllo\\ case ol eclectic electronic sounds.

I Rage, Certain Death and Tickle Iiannerman‘s. .\'iddr_\ Street. 55o 3254. .S'pin. £4. Rage .-\gainst The .Machine trihute act raising lunds l'or /.ap.1t1sta health clinics in (‘hiapas. Me\ico and the Autonomous ('entre ol lzd1nhurgh.

I Limbo 'lihc Voodoo Rootns. l‘la \Vcsl Register Sll't‘t'l. 550 Tllhll H.5lllilll lttltl. £4. See Illtl .5.

FREE Empires, The Number Nines and The Simple Touch

\\ histlehinlties. 4 0 South Bridge. 557 5I l4. 0pm. 1:qu rock and countr} hour The Simple 'l'ouch.

FREE Jill Jackson and The 48 lleriot-\\'att l'ni\ersit} l'nron. Riccarton. 45l 5333013111. li\—Speed\sa_\ lrontxxoman Jackson striltes out on her

FREE The Freaky Family The .l .1// Hm. I ( h unhers Stie.tt 220 42‘)S_ ll.30pin. Ste lhu 5.

Friday 13 - ‘-


I Sydney Devine l’a\ ilion 'l‘heatre. l2l Reltlit‘ltl Sll't‘c‘l. 5.52 1340. 2pm «K 7.30pm. £l I £14. .-\n e\ening with the countr} singer S_\dne_\ l)e\ine. (‘harit_\ performance on hehalt ol the Scottish Shots business Benewlent Fund.

I Man Must Die and The Argent Dawn The ('athouse. I5 l‘nion Street. 24S 6600. (\pm. ()\e1'-I4s slit)“. 'l'hrash and death metal.

I Danse or Die and Fridge Magnets ()2 Academ} 2. l2] liglinton Street. 0.S44 477 2000. 7pm. £h. Dance- l‘riendl) guitar sounds from this sell-


sl} letl ‘ll} pt'l' clc't‘llo tllseti tlcalll Illllh. Ipso Facto and Hatcham Social (‘aptain‘s Rest. l.S5(i1‘eat Western Road. 332 7 304. 7.30pm. l)ra1nat1c all-g1rl lour piece \sho recentl_\ supported Maga/ine. See pre\ie\\. page ()5, FREE Daybreak, The Last Saloon, The Harps and The Lost Generation lio\. 43l Sauchiehall Street. 332 5431. Spin. Indie. I The Eric Sardinas Band The le11_\ \lltlLlSlUll ()u 1\ Iirooiniel; m (INNS 3(100S5 .Spm £l.S. liluesiock

gtnt iiist uho I1 is been rilling aua} since

the age ol' si\. I The Parlor Mob, White Ace and Dirty Angel 'l‘he In 1sted Wheel. 73 Queen Street. 221 4S5l. Spin. £5. Raller-rattling proper rock hill. I aRe wE theM? Roclsers. l4 Midland Street. 22] 0720 Split. £5. .\'o. _\ou'1'e not. but _\ou do sound a hit like them. FREE Asylum Stillltlel l)o\\ 's. ()7 7l .\'ithsdale Road. 423 0l07. 3.30pm. RHL‘Is c‘l;tSSic‘S. I Goldie Lookin’ Chain and Eastbor’n & 13th Tribe King 'Itit's \Vah \Vah Hut. 2721 St Vincent Stre.tt 22l 527‘) S 30pm. £l0. lht nine piect hip hop cieu \\lltl h l\L‘ 111 1de 1c ’ueer out ol' satirising the IS hip»hop scene. ’(ittns l)on‘l Kill l’eoplt‘. Rappers I)o' gase the Welsh mislits a number 3 hit single hack in 2004. The Thews and United Fruit I5th Note (are. 553 MES. 0pm. Dundonian stunt rock supergroup comprising meinhers ol' l.aeto. .>\\astl and .-\|anios. pltis support lrom (ilasuegian post-punks. I Afrika Bambaataa and Tame Impala The Arches. 30 Midland Street. 565 I000. l0pm. £l.S t£l5 ad\ance1. ()ne of the godl'athers and true originators ol' hip hop behind the seminal ‘l’lanet Rock' \shich helped kick Slttl‘l the entire \c‘c‘llc‘. \Ht} l‘ilc‘h ill “’32. headlining this .Modular Records night. entitled .\’ewreuwland. l’lus .-\le\is Ia} lor l'rom llot (‘hip on the \\ heels ol‘ stee.l I Discharge li lTII\ 260( I\tlL‘ Stre.cl (IS7II 907 090‘) I’US l l’().\l'. l)


FREE Dr Ruby’s Musical Surgery The Jan Bar. I (‘hamhers Street. 220 42‘ltS. 5 .Spin. See Thu 5.

FREE Walk This Way and Shameless Bannerman's. Niddr} Street. 556 3254. 5pm. See l‘ri (w.

50 ()0 King Street.

I Lee Paterson, Demons Eye and Beau Nasties \\'lnst|ehink1es. 4 (a Sotith lirtdg midnight; £4 alter. Indie and rock. I Jeffree Star Sludlo 24. 24 2(\( Road. 55S 375S 7pm. £l2.'l‘\\1sted. sleaI}. transgressue electro pop l‘roin

M} Space celeh Star.

I Randan Discotheque, Snide Synths and The Chymes Wee Red liar. lidmhurgh ('ollege ol~ Art. l.auriston l’lace. 22‘) I442. 7pm. £ll1c. Solo prolect l'rom Scottish artist ('raig ('oulthard \tith a lollt} mi\ture ol mumhling and humbling.

I Wired Desire, Peep Show and White Trash Circus ('aharet Voltaire. 36 3S Iilatr Street. 220 (117(1. 7pm. £5. (‘lussic rocls Irom \Viretl Desire.

I Kick Step, Una Fiori, Can Anyone Fly This Plane, A Torn Mind and Amid Concrete & Callousness The Ark. .3 7 Waterloo l’lace. (i23 7I47. 7.30pm. £4. lilectronic le Irom Amid ('oncrete tk ('allousness. I RBRBR and Over The Wall Sneaky l’ele's. 75 (on gate. 225 I757. 8pm. £3. This Is Music night ol‘ alternatixe neu “aw. indie and electronica.

I SpeakerJak The (iR\'. 37 (iuthrie Street. 220 2W7. 8pm. £4. lligh energ} alternatn e rock.

I We Rock Like Girls Don’t and Sara & The Snakes llenrs‘s (‘ellar liar. S Itia Morrison Street. 223 9393. Hpm. £5 (£41. Blistering punk rock from l’eist} l'emale trio.

I The Stantons, Audrey Sings Nico and Caroline Gilmour lispionage. 4


India Buildings. Victoria Street. 477 7007.

.S’.30pm. £4 t£31. (‘ountr_\ \ihes. but not necessarily countr} songs from The Stantons. while Andre} gixes the fragile rock ol~ Nico a neu slant plus an acoustic shim lroin (iilmour. Raising liunds l'or Red Nose Du}.

I Firebrand Super Rock, Gods of Hellfire and Battle of The War Machines Bannerman's. .‘S'iddry Street. 556 3254. 9pm. £4. Big riffs and power chords with a hill completed h} Jackal— lleaded (iuard ol' the Dead.

I The Answering Machine, CasioKid and Flashguns The Butter). 2 Rmhurgh l’lace. £thc. Melodic. poetic and jototis pop rnUsic from this Manchester trio.


I Barbara Dickson (‘arnegie Hall. liast Port 01383 602302. 7.30pm. £23. The Dunl‘ermline-born singer and actress performs her classic hits. including ‘Another Suitcase in Another Hall'.

e. .557 5l I4. (1pm. l'irt‘t' helorc



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