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The Reel Well

Fence Collective members Red Well launch their new album, Amid Storms We Arrive. Seamlessly moving

from screaming guitar rock to fragile haunting melodies, at this special afternoon gig with support form Found, Player Piano and special guests.


I Little Comets, Young States and Gdansk King Tut‘s \Vah \Yah lltrl. 373a St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). S30pm, to. :\lt.pop li'orn \eu castle.

I Wednesday 13 lllL‘ (image. 400 Sauchiehall Street. 333 |l30

|’( )S'l‘l’l ).\'l-.l) until 30 Mar.

I X Factor Live Sl-.(‘('. l~iiiiiiesioii Qua}. oxfn ll-lll .tooo. £38.50. See Sun l5.

Edinburgh I Stinking Lizaveta, End of Level Boss, Vakunoht and Jackie Treehorn 'l‘lie (‘iR\'. 37 (illllll‘lt‘ Street. 330 3087. Spin. £5 U». l’ost-rock. metal. sludge. sloner' and doom st} lings \sith ial/ elements and l'.;l\lt‘l'll inl'luenees lrom this l’hiladelpliia instrumental

io\\ er lr‘io.

REE Open Mic \Vhistlebinkres. 4 (i South Bridge. 557 51 H. ”pm. See .\lon ‘)

_.' ‘l ' . l as. 5 I


I Akil and Champion Vs the League l\til‘_\ Blacks. 5t) ()s\\;lltl Sll‘t‘t'l. 343 ll l4. 7pm. till. Jurassic 5 .\l(' steps out solo.

I Stiff Little Fingers Bar'r‘ms land. 344 (iallougate. 553 Join. "pin. {I550 lr‘eland's la\oui'ile delinquent punk sons pla} their l.\‘th annual St Patrick’s Ha} t‘tlllt‘L‘l'l.

I Mr Hudson & The Library, MPHO and Alan Pownall .\'ice'n'Slea/}. 43l Sauchiehall Street. 333 0000. 7.30pm. Ssssshhhl You're in the librar) ithough .\lr' lludson specialises in hip hop beats and piano popl.

I Andripov, Shoons Thurman, Drewidpohehtree and Fee & the Urges l’i\o l’i\o. l5 \Yaterloo Street. 5M .S'I00. Spin. l)o\\ntempo electronica and lo} l'ul pop-rock are among the sounds on ol‘l‘ei‘ tonight.

I Oran Mor Acoustic Sessions and Open Mic ()r'an .\lor. 73] 735 (ireat Western Road. 357 (i300. Spin. See Tue I0.

I Tragedy, La Luna Del Cacciatore and Honesty Fails King Tut‘s \Vah With Hut. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 5370. 8.30pm. to. lit-ax}

\)tlt' / rL/rli’.

Hog; it: P ‘;>,

metal tribute to The Bee (iees. all the wt} lrom .\'e\\ langland.

I Route 56 The Hold (under .v\dmir'al Bari. \Valerloo Street. ”pm. St l’atr‘ick's Ha} celebration.

FREE Stinking Lizaveta and End of Level Boss Bar' Bloc. I I7 Bath Slreel. 57-l (illhh. 0pm. l’ost—i'ock. rnelal. sludge. storiei' and doom sl_\ lings \\ ith ia/l elements and Izastern inlluences l'r‘om this Philadelphia instrumental pt)“ er trio.


FREE Band Showcase \Vhistlehinkies. J (i South Bridge. 557 5| l-l. ”pm. See The l0.


FREE Ayrplay Burns Showcase for New Bands Competition - Heat .-\uld lloose l’ub. l7 .\'e\\ Road. 7pm. See 'l‘uc l0.


I Barbara Dickson l’alace 'l'lieaire. ‘) (ireen Street. (ll5o3 554000. 7.30pm. £33.50 it'l‘).50i. See l’r'i l3.


I Ignominious Incarceration, Scordatura and Citagazi l\ol'} Blacks, 5h ()s\\;lltl Sll‘ecl. 343 4| l-l. 7pm. to. l-"earsome metal hill.

I The Noisettes, Young Fathers and Jack Butler .-\B(’3. 330 Saucltiehall Sheet. 333 3333. 7pm. ()\er'- Hs shim. Scorching lemme punk supported b_\ recent l.l\l co\ er stars Young l-athers. an energetic hip—pop trio lr‘om lidinburgh.

I Sugarland .-\ll('. 330 Sauchieliall Street. 3333333. 7pm. £17.50. ()\er-I-1s shim. (iramm) :\\\;ll‘tl-\\llllllllg countr} duo.

I Diana Jones and Doghouse Roses (‘(‘.\. 350 Saucliieliall Street. 353 4000. 7.30pm. [I I. .\'ash\il|e-lxised singer/song“riler sta) ing true to the old school mountain music traditions. in similar win to .\'anci (iril‘lith.

I Barbara Dickson Ro}al ('oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S000. Spin. £33.50 £34. See Fri 13.

I Blind Curl and The Crips Tron Theatre. (33 Trongate. 553 4367. 8pm.

Rock&Pop Music

t5 Beautilul ballads and bad taste in the \ rctor'ian Bar

I The Emmas, Isis .intl BoyGirlAnimalColour l’ixo l’ixo. l5 “.llt'lltti‘ \ll't‘t‘l. 3(‘4 bl”ll bplll l-Pl‘t‘dl indie. .ilt rock and pooer pop

FREE Open Mic \laggre Mass 50 'lr'origate. \lerchanl ('it_\. 54S I350 Spin \L'L' \Vk'tl l l

FREE Oscar Charlie .llltl Boycotts ()ran \lor‘. 7 3| 7 35 (iieat \Vester'n Road. 3.57 h300 .Spm lickeled \lore lree lr\e music .it the \teekl} .\lill

FREE The Phaetons, Ohio, The Doledrums .llltl Diobane Bo\. -1 Kl Sauchielrall Street. 333 5-13l Spin Night ol indie rock'n'roll sounds

I The Red Show, State Freed .llltl The Empathy Rtk‘kL‘I'S. l-l \lltlldlltl Street. 33I 073!) Spin. lndie rock line up

I Talking to Strangers, John Knox Sex Club .llltl Convoi Exceptionel lllL' 'li\\ ISlL‘tl \VllL'L‘l. 73 Queen Sll't‘el. 33l ~1S5l Spin. L11. \HISL‘ pop/rock lr'om

lvl S. plus ('al\imst rocking lr'oni .lls'S(' and a llll\ ol lolk. hip-hop and electro lr’om ('l'..

FREE Open Stage The Hall Bar. lhtl \Yitittllalltls Road. 3.53 ‘N‘Hi. S 3llplll. See \Ved l I.

I The Boy Least Likely To and The School King Tut‘s \Vah \Vah lltit. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 537‘), S. 30pm. {p.50 Bittersweet indie pop li'om the headlining duo.

I Bronto Skylift, Shield Your Eyes and Pneu l 3th .\'ole ('ale. 50 ()0 King Street. 553 lo3S. 0pm, 'l’hr'ee-minute poo er pop punk li'om BS. \\Illl supports lr'om |.ondon and l‘rance.

I Pulled Apart By Horses and We Versus the Shark Stereo. 30 25' Rt‘lllit‘ltl lane. 333 33.54. l.L'L‘tls

altrocker's headline.


FREE Ross Galloway 'l‘lie Ja/I Bar. l ('harnbers Street. 330 4398. 5pm. See \\'ed 1 l.

I Lyle Lovett Queen's Hall. 87 st) (‘lel'k .Sll'L'Cl. (ihS 3lll‘), 7pm. [36. Multiple (il'dllllll) .-\\\ar'd \sinnmg countr'} singer. \xho's also dabble in acting and \sas briel‘l) married to Julia Roberts in the 00s.

FREE The Golden Hour liorest (kite. 3 Bl'islti Place. 330 4533. 3pm. l.oose cabaret e\ening \tith “ortls. music and

\ ideo madness \\ ith a The Lox! ll'or/i/ theme. hosted b} the splendidl_\'-named R}ar‘. Van Winkle. with readings from Rosie lithcrington. l.a\\rie ('lapton. Robin .l 'l'homson and lirica Hull}. and music l'rom Bill} liar and others. BY()B. I Sleeping Martyr Bannerrnaii's. \ldtll‘} Sll‘cel. .550 335—1. 9pm. £4. (iollttc metal.


I The Enemy (‘tit'l'tlll lltllls. 'l‘llc lisplanade. lll(i3l 5(i7333. 7pm. US. See Sat 1-1.

St Andrews

FREE James Lowe Aikmari's Bar. 33 llcll Street. lll 33-1 477—135. 9pm. Melodic. ct'tm d~plcilsillg acotrstic set from lidinburgh singer songuriter' Lou e.

Thursday 19


I Hip Parade (‘lassic (iraiid. 18 Jamaica Street. S47 0830. 7pm. to. See l-‘ri (i.

I The Last Republic The ('athouse. l5 l'nion Street. 348 ()(illh. 7pm. £6.50. ()\er—l-ls slit)“. Anthernic quintet from South Wales.

I The Maccabees ()ran Mor. 731 735 (ireat Western Road. 357 6300. 7pm. L'l0. Brighton \ ia South London urchin rockers a ho rex el in the names ()rlando. llugo. l‘elix. Rupert and not forgetting drummer Roben Dylan Thomas.

I Airship, Acrylic Iqon and The Darien Venture Niee‘n'Slea/y. 42! Sauchiehall Street. 333 0900. 7.30pm. lipic sounds from Mancunian headliners.

What did you think?

Scottish Opera - Fivez15 Oran Mor. Glasgow. Sat 21 Feb

Anne Dunbar

NHS Manager

I liked the whole concept I like contemporary opera in bile Sizes Nice to see a younger audience here.

Alex South


A good eventing out. I do like a bit of contemporary opera. and they were five completely different stories.

Ben Luxon

Retired Singer

Absolutely great. Wonderful evening. A. combination of humour and the macbre. Lovely Singing and acting. A big success for Scottish Opera.

Cartlona Campbell

Actor The highlight was Remembrance Day, | always like a bit of murder.

I Scott/sh Opera Five: 75, The. Hub, Edinburgh, 6 8i 7 Mar.

I America Ro3al (’oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 8pm. £33.50. ()ne ol’ a fey. legendary bands to emerge from the 1970's country-rock scene. llits include 'I Need You'. 'V'entura llighua) '. “Don't ('ross The River‘. and. ol~ course. 'llorse With No Name‘.

I A Band Called Quinn and Swimmer One The Buff (‘lub. I42 Bath Lane. 348 I777. 8pm. 1.5. A sultry dose of electro-pop from ABCQ, launching their new album Sim Mmm Stars. out mm on Neon Tetra Records. with epic lel‘tfield pop from Swimmer ()ne. pIUs cabaret guests.

5—19 Mar 2009 THE LIST 75