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76 THE LIST 5—19 Mar 2009

Music Rock&Pop/Jazz

I The Barents Sea, Amber Wilson and You Take The Bigger Half 'l be To isted \\ heel. "3 Queen Street. 22l 485l. 8pm £2. \\eekl_\ ('oncrete ('ampliie night ol acoustic sounds in neu lctttporat‘) home

I Cassidy, Paper Planes and French Wives 'l he llold (under Admiral liar). \Vaterloo Street. 8pm £5 l’l’ are a (ilasgovs povs er punk surl quartet lrontcd b} Nevs Jerse} \ocalist Jenniler l’ale_\.

I The Go Hawks and The Delaneys Harri}. Zoo (‘lsde Street. ()87() 9()7 ()999, 8pm. (her 14s shovv liidte rockers trom (ireenock

I Griever, Trauma Inc altd Semper Fi Rocket's. l4 Midland Street. 221 ()726 8pm. Metal hands.

I Republic of Soul l’ivo l’i\o. I5 Waterloo Street. 564 8l()(). 8pm. See l‘l'l (i.

FREE The State Broadcasters Sloan's. :\rg_\le Arcade. 357 5387. 8pm. Americana outlil launch their nevs album [711' Slit/i it [In l( where.

FREE Glasgow Jam Session Satnucl l)o\s‘s. 67 7| Nilltsdalc Road. 423 (”07. 8.3()pin. See Thu 5.

I Luva Anna, Tango in the Attic and Franco Neon King This “all \Vah llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22l 5279. 8.30pm. £5. |.u\a .-\nna are the latest crovsd to emerge lrom the Dundee scene. lollovs ing on iron) their males The \'ie\s atid The Law

FREE John Langan, Emma Jane, Susanna MacDonald attd Steph MacLeod The burning Room. l()55 Sauchiehall Street. 339 8866. 9pm. \Veekl} Quiet Riot e\ening ol' singer/song“ritcrs.

I Le Reno Amps and Northern Alliance l3th Note (ale. 5() 6() King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. l.e Reno .-\inps launch their nevs album 'li'iir ii ()IN'II \sith acoustic support lrom Northern Alliances l)oug Johnstone.

FREE Bazodee The Hall Bar. l(i() \Voodlands Road. 352 9996. See Thu 5. I Vakunoht Stereo. 20 2S Rettlleltl

Lane. 222 22.54. l’t‘ogt'essiu‘ space l'oc‘ls.


FREE Dr Ruby’s Musical Surgery The Jan Bar. l ('hambers Street. 22() 4298. 5 8pm. See Thu 5.

FREE lndalusion and Super Adventure Club The (‘a\ es. Niddr) Street South. 557 8989. 7pm. 'l‘icketed. l’s) eltedelia meets povs er pop l'rom lndal'usion. Free tickets available l'rom vsvvv\.themill~li\e.com.

I Dundee Recorded Music Society - Scarlatti and Soler (‘haplainc} ('entre. liristo Square. ()l382 566l7l). 7.l5pm. £2. (iuest speaker Alan l.a\ er} presetits.

I Diana Jones and Doghouse Roses The l’leasance (‘abarel Bar. ()0 l’leasance. 7.30pm. £l2. See Wed I8. I Jools Holland 8: his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra The Jam House, 5 Queen Street. 467 52()(). 8pm. £45. Britain's biggest blues celebrit} tinall} puts in an appearance at his (mt) club.

I Limbo The Voodoo Rooms. l‘la West Register Street. 5.56 7(l()(l. 8.30pm lam. £4. See Thu 5.

FREE 4 Day Weekend and Smokin’ Dolls \\'liistlebiiikies. 476 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 9pm. .-\lternative rock.

FREE The Freaky Family The Jan Bar. l (‘hambers Street. 22() 4298.

l l.3()pm. See Thu 5.


I Rock Platform Regal (‘ommunit_\ Theatre. 24 34 North Bridge Street. 01506 433634. 7.3()pm. £4 (£2). Young rockers perl'orm. I’iirl iif‘S/iring ('iim‘i'rl St'l'lt’fi.


I The Perils The Dog'hoUse. l5 Bronn Street. ()l382 206812. 8pm. £tbc. Brighton group prol‘l‘er hook laden rock.


Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least 14 days before publication to henryGlist.co.uk. Listings are compiled by Henry Northmore and Kenny Mathieson.

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I Evening Concert: RSAMD Brass and Big Band RS.-\.\ll). loo Renlrevv Street. 332 5(l57. ".3llpm. C(15). Kick back \\llll a toot-tapping exemng ol llig Hand tunes.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Classic West End Rosal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchtehall Street. 353 8()()(). 7,3()p|n~ fill) £32 (concessions axailablei. lin|o_\ )(iiir laxourite liroadvsa} and West land shim tunes “till the RSNU and some lightning- (piick ia// musicians and vocalists. l-‘rom the ()ltl—lltlte L‘lttsslcs ()l' (iel‘slt\\ it) ttlttl l’orter to the more recent \sork ol' Sondheim and Ho) d Webber. this concert recreates llte hesl ol the (ioltlelt lara.


I Musician's Choice: Keith Haldane The .lal/ liar. l (’hambers Slt'eel. 22” 4298. 8. l .5pm. £4 (£3 ). litteh month the .la// liar vvill ask a local musician to hand pick a line—up and choose the music tor the night. This month it's drummer Keith llaldane's shot.

FHEE The Blue Valentine’s Music Club The Jam llotlse. .5 Queen Street. 226 438(). 8.3(lpm. Laid-back. semi- acoustic get together lor the Jam House's resident musicians.

FREE The Freaky Family The Jan liar. l (’hambers Street. 22() 4298.

l |.3()pm. ()rganic hip hop and lit/l} grooves.


I Jazz Singers’ Open Mic 'l‘olhooih. Jail \\'_vnd. ()l 786 274()()(). 8pm. £5 (£3). .-\ chance to gix e it sortie \sell} in a nurturing environment.

EFF] .1 :) {5373.97- 2}: . Glasgow I Lorna Brooks Sill). 459 l)umbarton Road. 33 9()l3. 7pm. £2(). The distinctive. soull'ul voice ol the \s ell- established singer-song“riter at this intimate unplugged shovv.

I Andi Neate \Vootletttl Tennis & Bots ling ('lub. ll) (‘hamberlain Road. 959 I428 . 8pm. £9. :\ mix (it l‘olk and

_|a// from this Highland lass as she pla_\s

lrom her lil'th album (ion-s, Rim/(v A’- Ruvi'nv.

I Niki King ('it} llalls. ('andleriggs. 353 8()()(). 8pm. £ l 2. An Acoustic Altair gig iron) the former l’errier .la// Vocalist ol the Year \\ ith l‘our critically-acclaimed albums under her belt as she pa_vs tribute to the Billie llolida) Songbook.


I The Jazz Bar Quintet The Jan Bar. | ('hambers Street. 22() 4298. 8.l5pm. £4 (£3). Varying line-ups of top musicians. assembled each \\ eek b} inainsta} oi the lidinburgh ja/I scene. drummer Bill K}le.

I Skunk Funk The Jan Bar. 1 ('hambers Street. 22() 4298.

I |.3()pm 73am. £5 (£3). Night of top lunk iron) 1)] Aki and live guests t‘unk trom the nine-piece Soul Foundation (6 Mar) and tree l‘orm funk and hip from (irand l’ianoramax teaturing M(' Mike l.add l l.3 Mar).


I JW‘s Bluesburner ('umbernauld Theatre. Kildrum. ()1236 732887. 8pm. £|2 (£8—£l()). Nevs blues band from

tront runners John \Vardell (guitars/\ocalsi and (his liosd (l‘dssi’nwdls)


I Parkinsons Disease Fundraising Charity Concert ('arnegie llall. liast l’ort. (ll 38.3 602302 7.30pm. £6 (2.5) .-\n evening of light musical entertainment \Hill the Rossth ('oncert Band and other guests.

I The Lonely Souls .-\B(‘2. 33o Sauchiehall Street. 332 2232. 7pm £6 ()ver l4s shovv Rhsthm and blues rock band.


FREE The Mellotones The Jan liar. l ('hambers Street. 22” 4298. 3pm Jiliilil} ’l';i_\lor and band pla} songs bs Mel ’l‘orme and other great ia/l vocalists.

a? Mr McFall‘s Chamber 8-

Michael Marra The Bongo (‘lulx Mora} llottse. 37 llol_\rood Road. 558 7604. 7pm. £8 (£6). Last seen collaborating at the inlamous None ol tlte .‘\bo\ e sessions. Mr Mel‘all's once again learn up vs ith Marra to pertorm nevs \sorkings oi his songs. pltis instrumental vsorks l'rom Zappa to ('uba I World Premiere Quintet The Jan liar. l ('hambers Street. 220 4298. 8.l5pm. £4 (£3). A dill‘erent selection ol the leading ial/ p|a_\ers cotne together (or each session vs ith no rehearsal.

I Fish Fry The Jan Bar. l ('hambers Street. 22() 4298. l l.3()pm 3am. £7 (£5). Scottish ia/l. l'unk. soul and l.atin bands join l)l Astrobo}. l’eaturing the Acid ja/l. hip hop and indie pop ol Meat Pie (7 Mar) and lunk. l‘olk and jan from (iolan Heights ( l4 Mar).

"-2 ‘t. 1' I . “I“ i.‘ '3' (1:; Es .. Migh’vi; -' ' - 'r ' Glasgow I Alan Barnes and David Newton ('li} llttlls: Reetlttl Rooms. ('tltttllerlggs. 353 8()()(). 8pm. £10. Suinging lit/l l'rom clarinettist/altii-saxophonist Barnes and pianist Nevvton. FREE Stuart Brown Trio The 78. l4 Kelvinhaugh Street. 576 5018. 9pm midnight. Innovative drummer leads his own lrio.


FREE Haftor Medboe and Renee Stephanie (‘al‘e (lrande. I84 Bruntslield Place. 228 I I88. 7 9pm. Ja/l guitarist Medboe is joined b} Stephanie.

I Jazz Main The Voodoo Rooms. l9a West Register Street. 556 7060. 7.30pm. £5. Sax-led quartet playing a \side variety ol' music from Monk to Miles.

Edinburgh I The Jazz Bar Big Band The Jan Bar. l (‘hambers Street. 22() 4298. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). Jan. classics from this l7-piece ensemble.

FREE Blues Open Session The ('ompass Bar. 44 Queen ('harlotte Street. Leith. 554 1979. 9pm. All pla)ers and listeners welcome.

FREE The Late Great Jazz Jam Session The Jan Bar. l Chambers Street. 22() 4298. 10.30pm. lixpect a rich mix ol~ styles as faces old and new drop in to perform with the Home Trio each week.


FREE MusiChess The Jan Bar. 1 ('hambers Street. 220 4298. 5-8pm. Weekly chess evening vvith cool live background music.

FREE Tuesday Jam The Jan Bar. | Chambers Street. 220 4298. 8.30pm. Jan. jam from the House Trio.