Music Folk

I Edinburgh Festival of Music, Speech and Dance: Final Concert Queen's llall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7pm. £8. A show case of some of the highlights froin this year's festival. with classical and Scottish mUsic. ballet and traditional dance. Including the four finalists of the Concerto ('lass. accompanied by the liriends of The Festival Orchestra.

I Edinburgh Fiddlers Annual Contest (ireyfriars Kirk. (irey friars Place. 225l‘)t)(l. 7pm. £811.61. Scottish fiddle on stage. with guest singer Bruce l)avies.

I Alba Flamenca til Bar. o 8 llowden Street. 7.30pm. £101£8i. l-‘lamenco rhythms with a twist of tall.

I Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Recital Stewart Melville College. ()ueensfcrry Road. 622 7246. 7.30pm. £10. Solo piping by Roddy Maclcod. (iordon Walker and (iary West.

I Archie Kenneth Ouaich Royal Scottish Pipers Society. Rose Street Lane South. 225 4 I 23. Annual amateur piobaireaehd tpibrochl cotiipetition for the Archie Kenneth Quaicli.


I The Anna Massie Band .‘vlctairen llall. Main Street. 01786 473544. 7.30pm. £101£8l. She‘s a guitarist. fiddler and more. and the Massie-Ied Band will be joined by Rachel Lincoln. Siobhan Anderson and Killin Primary (iaelic Choir. Port of The Blend I'evrii'ul.


FREE Killin Library Launch Killin Library. Killin. 01567 820475. 4pm. The Blend joins strengths with Stirling Council's library service to celebrate the re-opening of the freshly refurbished library. and features a performance from multi-instrumeiita|ist Anna Massie. Part of The Blend festival.

Sunday 8


I Ian Mckelvie, Little Pebble, Mayhew, Antonia Sedgwick and James Lowe The Ark. Waterloo Place. 623 7147. 7pm. £4. A night of acoustic and indie as McKelvie launches his Colour/ill liP.

I Luckenbooth Wee Folk Club. Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. 8pm. £3. Lanarkshire based four-piece band with four vocalists. cello. whistles. percussion. fiddle. viola. guitar. flute. bou/oiiki and mandolin.

Monday 9


I Catriona McKay & Nils Okland St Andrew‘s in the Square. St Andrew‘s Square. 559 5902. 8pm. £10 (£7). See Fri 6.


I Duncan McCrone Stirling Folk Club. Stirling County Rugby Football Club. Bridgehaugh Park. Causewayhead Road. 01259 218521. 8pm. £tbc. [ix-Clydcsider guitarist and singer/songwriter with bassist Cy Jack and niulti-iiistruiiientalist Stevie Lawrence (ex-Iron Horsel.

Tuesday 10


I Guitarmania Ramshorn Theatre. lngrain Street. 548 3444. 1.15pm. £4. A varied programme of solo and ensemble guitar music played by students from Strathclyde University. under the direction of Peter Argondizza.


I Ewan Wilkinson and Sandy Brechin Leith Folk Club. The Village. South Fort Street. 478 7810. 7.30pm. £6. Young Borders-based singer-songwriter Ewan joins up with the nimble fingers of aceordionist Sandy Brechin.

I Ceilidh Club The Lot. Grassmarket. 225 9922. 8pm. £6. Ceilidh dance with

78 THE LIST 5-19 Mar 2009

live riiiisic and callers to lead you through the steps. .\ltisic from the Roundhouse ('elltdh Band.

Wednesday 1 1


FREE Guitarmania ('raw turd Cate/Bar. t'niversity ()1 Strathclyde. Jordanhill Campus. Southbrae Drive. 950 K438 1.15pm. Sec Ttie 10.

I John Alexander Brel. Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 8pm. £6. (ilasgow-bascd finger picking singer-songwriter launching his Ruin for Sale album. blending folk. blues and country.


I Absolute Beginner Ceilidh Dance Class Bruntsficld Primary School. Montpelier. Bruntsf'ield. 229 1821.

7 8.55pm. £7 l£4i. No partners necessary for this relased drUP-in ceilidh class. \Veat' flat and comfortable shoes.

I Chuck Fleming 8: Co lidinburgli liolk Club. Cabaret Bar. The l’leasance. 650 2458. 8pm. £7 l£6l. Stylish Scots/Irish tunes on fiddle and mandolin from the veteran Scots fiddler.

FREE MacPolvo The White Hart lriri. (irassmarket. 622 71 18. 9pm. Scottish folk entertainment..

Thursday 12


I Martyn Joseph 8. Stewart Henderson Brsliopbriggs Community Church. 21 Park Avenue. 204 51551. 7pm. £14. One of Britain's veteran songwriters

joins forces with poet and Radio 4

presenter Henderson for art ‘evening of cosmic rambling'.

I Paul McKenna Band St Andrew 's in the Square. St Andrew 's Square. 559 5902. 8pm. £3 (£61. A skilled blend of Scottish and Irish traditional music with contemporary songwriting from this energetic five-piece.


I Michael Marra l‘alkirk Town Hall. West Bridge Street. 01324 506850. 8pm. £12 l£l()l. Scotland's prolific songwriter. part-piano blues. part- guitar folk and part-rock. delivered in his unique vocal style. and Dundee patois.

I Falkirk Folk Club Session l-‘alkirk Folk Cltib. The Polish Club. Arnot Street. ()I324 613395. 8.30pm. £2. An informal night of music and song.


I Heidi Talbot with John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine (‘(‘A. Sauchicliall Street. 352 4900. 8pm. £12. The ex- Cherish the Ladies Irish songstress with support from Boo Hewerdine (who penned 'Patience of Angels'l and a certain Bothwell fiddler.

I Arabic Dance Night St Andrew ’s in the Square. St Andrew's Square. 559 5902. 7.30pm. £15. iigyptltttt dance and music with Princess liarhana.


I Box Club Brunton Theatre. Lady well Way. Musselburgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £13.50 (£1 1.50l. Four young Scottish accordions plus guitar. drums and double bass. Box Club burst with energy as they fuse elements of traditional. ja/I/rock and world music into one big sound.

I Teannaich Pollock Halls. Holyrood Park Road. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). Dance to a funky ceilidh dance band.


I Blend Schools Concert Tolbooih. Jail Wynd. 01786 274000. 1.30pm. Concert which marks the end of a series of Scots Song workshops. The perfomiaiice will also feature professional musicians who introduce children to a range of traditional instruments. Part of The Blend Festival.

FREE Music in the Bar Tolbooih. Jail Wynd. 01786 274000. 7pm. The fun

continues after lolbootli's 5pm Itiii'iiv \ielrr I fine. with traditional sessions in the bar from “pm I’d/r wt Inc “It m.’ I-('\!li‘11f

I Bannockburn Ceilidh \ll‘el't llalls. Dumbarton Road. 017% 47 3544

7.30pm midnight £95llitindei los £7.50» \liisic frorii the l-raser \lc'lsiriiiiiii ('ellldlt lialtd Proceeds lovvalds Bannockbui'n Riding for the lhsablcd FREE Festival Club lollmotli. Jail \Vynd. 01786 274000 8pm midnight the Blend atmosphere continues in the bar with [Us and live music sets l’iirr or In.- Ii’li'ni/ It vrriiil.

I Mary Hampton and Mar Karbasi ’l’olbootli. Jail \Vynd. 01786 274000 8pm £14 t£l2i. A unique voice in the new acoustic scene. llamptoii performs alongside Kai'basi. who sings in ladino. Spanish and Hebrew I’iiir or [In [Hi In! Ii'vriiirl.

Glasgow FREE Ceilidhs at Lauries laiirics Bar”. King Street. 552 2123. 8pm See Sat

I Mirel ('ity llalls. ('andler‘iggs. 3.53 8000. 8pm. £10. Known for their strong melodies and \ocals. w itli singer .\liriani in a fivesti'ong acoustic electric line tip. the band has rust spent months in the sttldlo.

I CLASP Competition llie \atioiial Piping Centre. .\lcPliater Street. Cowcaddens. 35 30220. Competitive events for amateurs organised by the Competitive League for Amateur Solo Piper's.


I Burns’n’Blues: The Merry Muses ('uitibcrnauld 'l‘lieali‘e. Kildruiii. 012 36 732887. 8pm. £10l£7 £81 I,\ ‘strictly for adults only' performance of Robert Burns‘ bawdiest songs.


FREE Music in the Bar 'l'olbooili. Jail \Vynd. 01786 274000. noon. Saturday at The Blend l‘iestlutl kicks oil with :1 free traditional music session in the bar in] u; The Blend I't‘vlli'rll.

I Roots Dub Workshop 'l'olbootli. Jail \Vynd. 01786 274000. 2pm. £8. Skip and Pete lead a workshop looking at the origin and nature of roots reggae. rhythms and sounds. Open to all. please bring your own instruments. I’urr o/ The li’lenil I‘i'vlii'irl.

I Traditional Music Workshops with Marc Duff 'l‘olbootli. Jail \Vynd. 01786 274000. 3pm & 4.30pm. £5. l-.\~ ('apercaillic maestro Duff leads a whistle workshop at 3pm and a bodlii‘an workshop at 4.30pm. All are welcome. bring a whistle in the key of ‘l)' and bodlirans will be provided. Part ii/ The B/eni/ l't‘Ufl'llL

FREE Music in the Bar 'l'olbootli. .lail \Vy nd, (11730 27411111). 7pm. .‘\ free traditional music session in the bar. I’urr or The If/i'lli/ I'i'vlli’ill.


I BOX Club ('11) iitllls. (ittlldlel‘lggs. 555 8000. 8pm. £8. l-‘our brilliant accordionists front the pow erliouse band. Sec Hi 13.


I Heidi Talbot with John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine The Bongo Club. Moray llotise. Holyrood Road. 558 7604. 7.30pm. £12. The lidinburgh-based Irish singer res-Cherish the ladiesi on tour. Sec Fri 13.

I Dean Owens and Kim Edgar The Voodoo Rooms. West Register Street. 556 7060. 7.30pm. £10. Classy country rock and acoustic ballads. ()w ens performs his Americana sty lings. and lidgar showcases her great songwriting and piano skills.

I Edinburgh Knockout Piping Competition Scots (iuards Club. 2 Clifton Terrace. 337 1002. 4pm. Pipers Alastair Dunn and Angus MaeColl go head-to-head.


FREE Stirling Youth Gaitherin‘ lolbootlrlatl\\ylld.lll~i\t\224111111 3pm Showcase of youngsters learning traditional music at the l'olbootli and the RS \\ll) \ Ltsses held 111 Callc‘nder l'..".' 1". [in [in Ira" It sfiiiif

I A Guitar Journey - from Ragas to Flamenco loll‘oollt. .lail \\_vnil. ill ‘so 274000 4pm :5 Peter \\alker leads an informative guitar workshop \II are welcome l'iiir i" [in lift in! It srriir/

I Friday Night Fling lolbooili. .lail \\)llvl. ol‘stv 271111111 5 illl‘lll {5 Concert leaturrrig the toitlicoriirng BBC Radio Scotland \oiirig liaditional \hisician of the \ear 2009 and big local band Sttlsllle 11/! it! list li'fi In! It striiii' FREE Music in the Bar lollmorli. l.iil \\vnd. 01786 274000 "pin l'larnenco guitarist \laria ('otite presents .i free music session in the bar in! or [iii lit. in! It slliii/

I Gabriel Gonzalez 8. Miguel Linares and Peter Walker lolliooili. .lail \\yiid. 01786 274000 8pm £14

1 2i '\ performance of music by legendary flamenco singers and guitarists such as H ('aiiiaion dc lsla .iiid l’aco lle i llCl.1 I’ll/I i" [/14' “/1711! ll \Illll'f,

Monday f"'1o"§


I Music on Mondays Rs \\11 ), Renfiew Street. ‘32 5057 lpiii £5 Barnaby Brown interprets the old pibroc li arid poetry o1 laill 1)a|l \lackay. known .is The Blind l’ipet of (ianloch. one ot Scotland's greatest composers and bards


I Claire Mann and Aaron Jones Stirling l'olk ('liib. Stirling ('oiinty Rugby lootball ('liib. Bridgeliaugli l’ark. Causeway head Road. 01 25‘) 218521 8pm .\lann is a leading evpoiient ot ltisli flute. fiddle and song. llere shes ioined by it )ld Blind l)ogsi Jones on guitar. bou/oiiki .iiid \ocals.

I North Sea Gas leitli lolk ('luli. .lilte \lllltt‘L‘e. Stitlllt i‘tilt Street. 47.8 7810. 7.30pm. £6. lanteitaming Scottish folkies combine vocals. guitars. iiiandolins. botlliians. barrios. whistles and rnandolas.

I Ceilidh Club 'I lie Lot. (iiassiiiaikel. 225 9922. 8pm. £6 ('eilidh dance with live music and callers to lead you through the steps, .\lusrc froiii Ileeliegoleerie


I Diana Jones (‘(‘.\. Saiieliieliall Street. 352 4900. 7.30pm. £11 l'.riiei'girig American songw titer of intelligence and experience. Acoustic storytelling in song She's also a professional portrait painter.


I Lyle Lovett Queen's llall. (“lei-k Street. 668 2019. 7pm. £26. 'I he iiitiltiple (iratniny :\\\ttl'd>\\lllllllli_' country singer and actor lformerly married to Julia Robertsl.

I MacGregor, Brechin & O’Headhra lidinburgh l'olk Club. Cabaret Bar. (ill The Pleasarice. 650 2458. 8pm. £7 l£6i. \ltisic and song from the (iaelic and Scots traditions. on guitar. fiddle and accordion I Absolute Beginner Ceilidh Dance Class Bruiitsfield Primary School. Montpelier. Bruntsfield. 229 1821.

7 8.55pm. £7 l£4l. See Wed 11,

FREE MacPolvo The White Hart Inn. (irassmarket. 622 71 18. 9pm. See Wed 1 1.

St Andrews

FREE Exhibitions Launch Byre Theatre. Abbey Street. 01334 475000. 6pm. l‘eaturing traditional music frotn licrry port liiddlers and the chance to v iew five exhibitions around the Byre. I’url of erlnru.‘ Si til/unil'v International Poetry Festival.