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FREE Music in the University: Arta Arnicane (ilasgow l'nrversity (‘oiiccrt Hall. l'mversity Avenue. 330 4092. 1.10pm. The pri/e-wiiiiiing Latvian pianist performs llaydii's Andante con viiriunnni in I: Ininur. Brahins' Sonata 0]) //7 and Ravel's l.c loin/mm (1e (‘nii/n'rin.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra: The Symphonic Collection 5 (‘ity Halls. ('andleriggs. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £10 £23 (£8 £21). llan Volkov conducts the Scottish premiere of Spelt/vines. a major new piece by Jonathan Harvey co-coinmissioiied by the BBC. lR(':\.‘vl and Radio France. and Hruckncr's unfinished .S'vm/ilimiv .N'o 9. With a Pre-(‘oncert Prelude at 6.45pm and a l’osl-(‘onccrl ('otlzt.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Classic West End Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Stillelnelittll Street. .353 8000. 7.30pm. {l0 £32 (concessions available). Enjoy your favourite Broadway and West lind show tunes from the old-time classics of (iershwiii and Porter to the more recent work of Sondheim and Lloyd Webber. with the RSNO and some lightning-quick ja/l musicians.

I Cryptic Hights('(‘;\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 8pm. £5. lt's classical music. but not as you know it as J Simon van dcr Walt appears as his alter-ego led the Trumpet and Uses bi/arre instrumentation to present an 'iiisaiie village baiid‘. l-‘ollow ed by music in the cafe.


I Jack Liebeck and Katya Apekisheva Queen's Hall. 87 8‘) ('lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. £12 (£10). The duo performs works with connections to Einstein. linking to the afternoon Einstein '.v' ('niverse lecture. To include works by Prokofiev and l’ranck.

Friday 6 . '


I Friday Lunchtime Concert Series RSAMI). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. lpiii. £9 (£6). The Primrose Piano Quartet performs quartets by Fame and Maxwell Davies.


FREE Harpsichord Recital St (‘ecilia's Hall. Niddry Street. 668 201‘). 1.10pm. Peter Williams performs (‘ouperin's [xi 'Ii'i'onip/iunie. Bach‘s fifteen Inventions and Viv'aldi's ('oncerto in 1) major (arr Bach).

I Edinburgh Studio Opera: La Clemenza di Tito St (‘ecilia's Hall. Niddry' Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £10 (£5). liSO presents Mozart‘s final opera. a tale of love. revenge and power struggles set in Ancient Rome. \'itellia. woman scomed and daughter of the deposed emperor Vitellius. plots revenge against the current emperor Tito.


I Children’s Classic Concerts: Crash, Bang, Wallop! Royal (‘onccrt Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 3pm. £10 (£6; family ticket £29). Join Owen. ()lly and guests for an energetic percussion spectacular. With everything from guiros to goiigs. bells to boiigos. Japanese taiko drums to inariinbas. as

80 THE LIST 5-19 Mar 2009

well as a debut performance by the ('('(' Schools‘ Samba learn. there's more than enough to keep you tapping and clapping.

I Glasgow Chamber Orchestra RSANII). 100Ren1rew Street. 3.32 5057. 8pm. £10 (£7). One of Scotland's leading amateur orchestras pertorins Beethoven's groundbreaking Svm/i/iunv .N'n .i’ I 'Izl'im'ii i). one of the most endurmgly popular of his tune symphonies. sandw rchcd between Mo/art's magnificent [aim/mic. .Iu/ii/uie and Brahiiis‘ Si :liii/ionv liiriulionv.


I Scottish Opera - Fivez15 lllt‘ Hub. ('astlehill. Royal Side. 473 2000. 3pm & 7.30pm. £15. l'ollowiiig the success of last year‘s liver/.5. Scottish Opera has again learned up w itli some of the Scotland's leading creative llgllres to produce a new st‘l ()1 l5- iiiiiititc operas. All different in character. style and subject matter. they provide an inlornial introduction to where opera is headed in the 2 1 st century. Tickets are available from ww'w.hubtickctsct).uk. See What Did You Think. page 75.

FREE Scottish Opera - Five:15 Discussion Royal Society of lidiiiburgh. 22-26 (ieorge Street. 473 2000. 5.45pm. ('l'icketed.) .-\n liorii'~loiig informal discussion which gives audiences the chance to meet the creative teams behind the current showing of live: [5 ()lu'i‘iiv Min/e in Scotland. Any questions about the process of making a new opera‘.’ .\'ow is the chance to have them answered.

I Edinburgh Festival of Music, Speech and Dance: Final Concert Queen's Hall. 87 8‘) ('lei'k Street. 668 201‘). 7pm. £8. .»\ showcase of some of the highlights from this year’s festival. including four ('oncei'to (‘lass finalists. accompanied by the Friends of The l‘cstiv‘al ()rchesti'a.

I Edinburgh Studio Opera: La Clemenza di Tito Si (‘ecilia‘s llall. Niddry Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £10 (£5). See liri 6.

Mr McFall’s Chamber & Michael Marra The Bongo (duh. Moray House. 37 llolyt‘ootl Road.

558 7604. 7pm. £8 (£6). Last seen collaborating at the infamous None of the Above sessions. .‘ylr Mel-all's once again team up with Maria to perform new workings of his songs. pllts instrumental works from Zappa to Cuba. See preview. right.


I Glasgow Orchestral Society RSAMl). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £‘) (£6). 'l'rumpet player Mark ()‘Keefe joins the Society for works by Walton. Hummel. 'l'eleinanir and Stravinsky. liric l)uiilea conducts.


I Children’s Classic Concerts: Crash, Bang, Wallop! Queen's liall. 87»«8‘) (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 3pm. £10 (family ticket £2‘)). See Sat 7.

FREE Sunday Music St Mary \ Cathedral. Palmerston Place. 225 6293. 4.30pm. The Rose Street Quartet with guest pianist in music for piano quintet. I Scottish Opera - Five:15 The Hub. (‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 473 2000. 3pm. £15. See Sat 7.

I St Giles’ at Six St (Eiles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 226 0673. 6pm. Retiring collection. ()rganisi Jeremy (‘ull performs excerpts from (‘hauvet's ling! .IIUH‘HHM. mUsic by Saint-Saens and his own transcription of Ravel's Mother (Jame Suite.

Glasgow I Music on Mondays RSAMI). 100 Renfrevv Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £5.



Bongo Club. Edinburgh. Sat 7 Mar

If there is one thing predictable about Mr McFall‘s Chamber. it is that they are never predictable. Every performance brings something completely out of the ordinary. For their latest musical adventure. the core string quartet is joined by keyboard player David McGuinness for a programme featuring singer/songwriter Michael Marra. Often referred to as ‘Scotland's answer to Tom Waits‘. Dundee-born Marra writes songs which are. according to Robert McFall. ‘very intelligent. with beautiful melodies. Some are more jazzy, some more soft rock. some folky or humorous. poignant or political.‘

It is a partnership which dipped a first toe in the water in 2006 when both parties happened to be performing at the very last event of None of the Above at Edinburgh's Bongo Club. ‘The people who had been running that for almost a decade decided it was time to wind up.‘ explains McFall. ‘and asked Michael to sing. We were the resident group so did a couple of songs with him as part of his set. Since then. we‘ve always had a desire to do a full set. so that is what is happening now.‘

The ten songs with Michael Marra. specially arranged for the occasion. form roughly half of the evening. the other half being taken up by a mixed bag of instrumental numbers ranging from Cuban and Argentine music to Zappa and music for harmonium and musical saw.

The harmonium features heavily in the programme.‘ says McFall. ‘as Michael Marra really likes it. The combination of strings and harmonium makes an extremely satisfying sound that is part of a whole spectrum of sounds. The mix also sometimes includes mandolin instead of violin and Su-a Lee playing musical saw instead of cello.‘ (Carol Main)

Pri/c-winniiig RS.'\.\ll) students. violinist lan Watson and pianist l‘lora 'l’lanetakis. perform works by .lanacek. Racliinaniiioy. Ysayc and Scottish composer liddic .\lac(iuire.

FREE BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra: Discovering Music ('ity' Halls. (Xiiidlei‘iggs. 353 8000. 2pm. Presenter Stephen Johnson. cellist 'l'iin Hugh and the HH(‘ SS() esplore Brillen's Svni/i/ionv [or (Tl/u um/ ()I'i‘lli'yll'u. one of many pieces the composer wrote especially l'ot‘ \lsllsltty Rostropov ich. (l'ni‘escrv ed seating: two tickets per applicant; children under 12 not admitted.) l-oi‘ an extra £6.20 enioy a lunch of soup and sandw iches with cakes and tea/coffee. Please book this in advance.

I A Concert, 3 Cocktail and a Canapé ()i‘an .\lor. 731 735 (ircal Western Road. 357 6200. 6.15pm. £10. James l.owc conducts a 20th-century programme featuring works by Nordgren. Vasks. (it)llJ()\ and Pia/lolla. Doors open at 5.15pm.

FREE Guitar Masterclass with David Leisner RSAMI). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7pm. The award- winning classical guitarist shows how it’s done. with the help of RS.-\.\ll) students.


I Edinburgh Studio Opera: La Clemenza di Tito Si (‘ecilia‘s Hall. Niddry Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £10 (£5). See Fri 6.


FREE Music in the University (ilasgow l'iiivcrsity \lciiioi'ial (‘hapel 'l‘lie Square. otl l'nivei‘sity .\venue. 1.10pm. ’)i'ganist Ross l.iieschei pei'lorins works including _lS Bach's

'liu ( (I’ll (Ull/ [new [/1 /' nut/o);

I Evening Concert: David Leisner RSAMI). 100 chlrew Street. 332 5057 7. 30pm. £7 (£5). 'l he internationally renowned classical guitarist pci‘loiins works by \illaAlobos. \\en/eslaiis and others. as well as his own works and arraiigeiiienis.


FREE Sarah Watts and Antony Clare Reid (‘oncert Hall. ladiiiburgh l'niversity. Hristo Square. 650 2427 1.10pm. 'l‘he bass clarinet and piano duo performs works by students at the l'inversity o1 lidinburgh and lam Mallieson's Ink/nu .S/iii/n'.

I Edinburgh Studio Opera: La Clemenza di Tito Si ('ecilia‘s Hall. Niddry Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £10 (£5). See IT! 0.


Edinburgh Edinburgh Quartet Siockhridge Parish ('hurch. Saxe ('oburg Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £12 (£2 £8). A century -spanning concert of quartets by Haydn. Mendelssohn and l)ohnanyi.