Visual Art

I TRAMWAY 35 Albert Iii‘ixc. liS’Ji HH 5”] Inc I'll Iliam 5pm; Sat A. Sun noon 5pm FREE Our Starry Night l'ntil \\ed 30 May I3It tall sculpture ol aluminum and Hal) lights. acting as an interactnc gateway between 'Iiaiuway and Hidden (iaidens Artist James Yamada content-d the piece as a response to New \lilbl\ post ‘HI I siii\eillaucc culture Glove I ntiI Sun 33 \Iai lust Scottish L‘\Illlillllill ol work by innmatnc animator Sebastian Iiuerllnci [sing a sophisticated. dreamlike \isual language. sharply rendered by I‘Iasll technology. lillt'llsllt'l creates surreal \ istiaI iiaiialiyes which t Iiallciigc [it'ch‘tilllills lil spat c and llliit' St't' caption. page 3‘) FREE Aileen Campbell I“ (i Mai Sun S \pi Sound peiloiinanccs and Iiliiis that can lie understood \\ IIIIIII the realms oI both .nt .nid expeiiiiieiital music


I CITY ART CENTRE 3 \ltlllxt'l Slit‘t'l. Q3" “I‘M Iliani 5pm

FREE Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series I Iilll Sun I5 .\Iai. Izdinbuigh's (‘in Ail ('enlie presents an exclusne Iiee t'\lillillllill ol ilic artwork oI liob Iiylaii. which promises to cast a \iliianl new light on the cicathily oI one ol the world's most important inIIuenlial cultural ligiues.

FREE Visual Arts Scotland 2009 l‘ntil Illll I‘i .\Iai. 'I he society 's 85th annual open t'\lillillllili slum cases some ol the best \ isual art produced by Scottish artists in the past year. Run as a companion slum to .II ('u'iim-r Iii/i t'. FREE A Creative Voice l'ulil Sun 33 Mai". :\ ieti'ospcctne ol work by the members past and present ol the Scottish Society oI' \Vonien Artists inow Visual Arts Scotland i

FREE My Love and Native Land, Farewell l'iitil Sun 33 Mai. laxaiiiining the roots oI Scottish Iiiaspoi'a. l’tii'l of llUIHt‘i'iiliIlIlg' St Ul/(lllt/ SUUV,

.\Ion Sat

I CORN EXCHANGE GALLERY (‘onstittitiou Sti'ccl. 5M Tilili, \Ved Sat I Iain -I..ilipni.

FREE [ilflfinite Ill b Mar 'I'hu It» Apr. I I..iliaiii 4pm. Iii‘ian Ilewiit has L'alt‘llltllt‘tl illlll [ilt‘lllc‘lctl lllc tl;l_\ llt‘ \\ ill die. based on \arious Iactoi's including Ins health and the amount ol' radiation he will be e\posed to. In this installation he display s Ius lindings and counts dow n the numbers pertaining to his IlIt‘.


73 liellord Road. 034 li3lili, Iliam 5pm. FREE Four Scottish Painters l'nul Sun 3S Jun. Iliain 5pm. .\ display ol the work ol Iour Scottish artists ol the post? war period; \Vilhelniina liarnslii'ahain. John Iiellany. .»\Ian I)a\ re and Anne Redpath. aII oi whom has e had a signilicant inl'Iuence on their on n and subsequent generations.


I I (lay Iield Square. SSS 7] Ili. ’I'ue I‘i‘i Iliam lipni; Sat noon 5pm.

Jonathan Owen 0000 l’nul Sat 38 Mar. New e\hibition ol intricately- worked sculptural pieces by the Iidinburgh-based artist.

I DUNDAS STREET GALLERY lia liundas Street. 553 Mo}. Iliam lipm. FREE ViVid Skies Hi (i Sat I4 .\Iar. New collection ol' lidiuburgh cityscapcs by Jamie Primrose.

I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 33 l'nion Street. 55,” 3-1.“). 'I'ue Sat Iliam lipm.

FREE Feels Like Forever l'niil Sat 7 Mar. Anne l5oi'te takes up residence in (iaIIery I. \\ ith Joyce (lunn (‘airns' e\hibition Built/y Train in (ialIery 3 and Leena Nannnari's Space In Bruit/i in

Gallery .‘.

90 THE LIST 5— 19 Mar 300:)


North ('aiupus. H7 I’iIion Asenue. 33 34‘”. Mon Iliam 4pm. ’I'ue 'I‘hu Iliain Spin; I‘ll Iliam 3pm Demarco Collection l'nul l'hu It) \Iai. Ilaiii 3pm latest collection Iroin the Iieinaico lauropean Art I'oundation. as part ol the ('oIIege's Jlith annnersary celclilaliolls


I i 3‘) Nlelilstili Slit‘el. 53‘) (ililili. litil. Catharsis l'niil 'Iue Ili Mar. Izdinbui‘gh (‘ollege oi Art L'\Illlillllill raising Iunds and awareness lot the Mental Health I'ouudation.


45 Market Street. 335 3333. Openwide 0... [mil Sun I3 Apr. .\Ia|oi solo exhibition by Scottish artist (‘IiIIC lititclti}. \\Illi Iias tlt'\t‘lli[it'tl a reputation lot the way she brings sculptural obiecls and pieces together in precisely plotted relationships.

I THE HENDERSON GALLERY J Ihistlc Street |.ane NW. 3357~1li4. FREE David Sullivan 'I’hu 5 Mar. (‘olourIuL \ibraiit paintings by the Ioriiici ciocodile Iai‘nici',


I5 (‘allon Road. 556 IN I. Iliani 5pm. Billboard for Edinburgh: Bob and Roberta Smith l'ntil Ihu 7 May. 'I'hc conlusmgly rmoiiikercd artist tlll\t‘ll\ his new I} *L‘liIIIIIIlssllilIL‘ll secret painting on llit‘ city til Ilil'flt'.

Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing l’niil Sat 38 Mar. .\Ii\ed media group slum about creation and ti‘anslormation. Ieaturing work by l'i‘ancis .-\|_\ s. Iran do I',\|iil'llli Sauto. ('alluin Inncs. I’ctei‘ l.i\ersidge and ('ornclia I’ai’kci‘.


I3 Randolph (‘i'escenL 335 53M).

.\Ion \Ved is I‘I'l ‘iiliam 5.30pm; 'I‘Iiu noon 5.30pm; Sat 0.30am 3pm.

Vive Ia tapisserie! French tradition, Scottish tribute l’niil 'I‘hu ti Apt. Scottish ’I‘apesiry Artists Regrouped lS'IAR i. all graduates Iroin the lidinbui‘gh (‘ollege ol Art. hayc t‘\liilillt‘tl till li\c‘l‘ lIlL' \Hit‘ltl. Sc\enty -l\\ii miniature pieces \\ ill be on display. A talk by Joanne Soroka. a ('aiiadian 'I'apestry artist. will be held on I7 March.


5t) Wai‘i'ender Park Rd. 338338.

FREE Art on show: Regina Fernandes l'ntil In 30 ()ct. Iliam. An opportunity to look at work I'i'om a range til Sclitlisli artists.


'l'he Mound. 034 (i3lili. .\Ion Wed & I-i‘i Sun Iliam 5pm; ‘l‘hu Iliani 7pm. FREE 25 Years of Photography l'ntiI Sun I0 .-\pr. A small exhibition celebrating the 351h birthday ol' the Scottish National Photography ('oIIection. containing a wealth oI' historic and modern Scottisli photographs \\liic‘li ha\e been accumulated ox er the past quarter- century.

I PATRIOTHALL GALLERY \VASI’S l’ati‘iothall Studios. oil—18 Ilamilton Place. 336 7I3li.

FREE To Another Journey By Water l'ntil 'l‘uc Ili .\Iar. New c\hibition by Jonathan McFadden and Kathryn \Viggins. which c\presscs the L‘_\ellc‘;il. \L'qtlt'lillal. illitl poetic L'\\CIIL‘C ol a journey than one place to another.

I THE QUEEN’S GALLERY Palace of IIlil_\l'lilitlIIlill\C. 556 5 Ilili.. £5 H.450).

The Art of Italy in the Royal Collection: The Baroque t'niil Sun 8 Mar. 9.30am 4.30pm. £5 l£3 £4.50;

under lixes Iree. lainily ticket {I ii. Part two ot the gallery 's Italian art exhibition includes "I’he (‘allmg oi Saints Peter and Andrew" by (Kirasaggio. Annibale (‘arracci's ‘Allegory ot [huh and lime'. lira/lo (lentileschi's "Joseph and l’otiphar's \Vile'. (‘ristolano Allori's ‘Jtitlltli with the Head oi Illilolerties' and drawings by (illltlli Reni. (iuercino and Iiernini last admission is one hour belore the gallery closes.


Imei'leith Row. 34S 3‘i7I. Inc Sun Iliaiii 5. ‘slipni.

FREE Hayley Tompkins: Autobuilding l'ntiI Sun I” Apr.

Iliam 5. ilipni. New works by Hayley Ililllpklll\.

FREE Mary Maciver: Pilgrim Souls l'ntil Sun I‘i Apr. Iliam 5.30pm. New \soi‘lxs by Mary Maclyer.

FREE Sue Tompkins: PTO l'ntil Sun I‘i Apt. Iliam 5.30pm. New works by Sue Ililllplsllls

FREE Fragile Line lTnul In 37 Mar. Iliam .1. ilipm. Scotland's dixerse coastline pros ides the inspiration I'or this exhibition oI abstract ink drawings by Maggie Mow bray. 'I‘Iie l.othian based artist Uses a combination oI' black and white Ii‘agile lines to depict organic growth and movement made solid by human interaction with nature.


3 St Stephen Place. 335 (i357. Mon I‘ri Ili..iliaiii 5,.ilipiii; Sat Iliam Silipin; Sun noon 5pm.

FREE Pat Kramek Solo Show l‘ntil Wed I Apr. ('ollection ol landscapes Iroiii the Scottish artist.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART 75 lit‘lllil‘tl Road. (>34 (i3lili. Iliam 5pm. FREE No Horizons Until Sun It) Jtil. \Voi‘lss Ironi the collections oI ('harles Asprey and Alexander Schroder are brought together in an exhibition whose compelling juxtapositions. wry obsenations. and surprising discoyeries re\eal much about recent developments in contemporary art,


Mar Stiii 8 Nov. An outstanding collection oI contemporary art recently acquired by the National (ialleries oI Scotland and the late. through a generous donation by British collector and dealer. Anthony d'()l‘I'ay. Individual l'lililll\ demted to a particular artist will be on display all over the UK. In the opening displays in lidinburgh. works by Andy Warhol. Vija ('elinins. lillcn (iaIIaghei'. liamien Ilirst. Alex Kat/ and I-raiicesca Woodman can be viewed. See prey iew. page S7.


I Queen Street. 034 (i300. Mon \Ned t’i’ I-‘ri Sun Iliam 5pm; 'I'hu Iliam 7pm. FREE Homecoming and Portrait of the Nation Until Sun 5 Apr. I'iye works Irom the Portrait (iallery collection. each of which Iias been chosen I'or Homecoming Scotland.


33 (‘ocltburn Street. 633 ()3lili. Mon Sun I lam (ipni.

FREE Urban Reflections l‘niil Sun 33 Mar. I:I\L' diIIerent artists respond to the contemporary city. and the human imprint on the urban landscape.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niyersity ol' Iidinburgh. South Bridge. 65” 33Ili. 'l'ue Sat Iliam 5pm.

FREE Desire Lines l'niil Mon 3‘) Jun. Iliam 5pm. Talbot Rice (iallery is branching out of its Usual setting and has in\ ited a selection ol‘ artists (Miranda Bleiinerhassett. Alec I’inlay. ()Iiyer (iodow. Iain Kettles. (‘had Mc(‘ail. Iillen Munroi to create artworks across the University campUs while the gallery is closed Ior reI‘urbishments.


lb liundas Street. 558 I300 .\lon l-ri Iliam 0pm. Sat Iliam 4pm

FREE John Brown: Mekong Lite Mon ‘i Mai Sat 4 .-\pi l’aintiiigs liascd on Brown's c\periciicc ol the Iloating markets on the Mekong lollowing an extended l'l\ er trip in Vietnam last year .-\ccompanied by a mixed icwcllciy exhibition and ceranncs by Jill Ituishasse-Kato



('i‘assloi’d litiildiiig. liJl'Al). I i l’eitli Road. (”333 ‘45 ivili, Mott I'll *i,3liaiii 5pm". Sat Iliiliam 4 ilipm FREE Back of the Head: Some Alternative Approaches to Portraiture l'ntil I'll i.-\pi. Bringing together national and inteinational artists including Swedish artist \Iagnus |.ai‘sson and Scottish artist l’etci llaming. this group show explores alternatiw \isions ol the portrait.


I53 Nt‘lllt‘l'gtile. (ll ‘33 ‘ili‘i‘ilili. Itit‘. Wed. in t& Sat lli. iliain 5 ilipni; I'hu Ili._iliam 8.30pm; Sun noon 5 iliplll FREE Timecode l'nul Wed l.\' Mai (iroup exhibition oI works that exhibit an interest in the practice ol iiiaiking time. l'caturing work by botli accomplished and emerging artists. including Douglas (iordon. Ilaiia Ilalperin and (in ls'awai'a.


I THE PARK GALLERY ('aIIendar Park. (H 334 SliWX‘i.

Mon Sat Iliam 5pm; Sun 3 5pm. FREE Documenting Lite: Joan Eardley & Audrey Walker l'niil Sun I‘) Apr. Paintings and drawings by liardley. shown alongside images by her pliologt‘apllc‘l‘ alitl It'lt‘titl Audrey Walker.


I THE CHANGING ROOM 'llilboolli. Jail \Vyntl. lil7l'4(i 374005. 'I‘ue Sat Iliam ()plll.

FREE Somebodyelse oooo

l’iitil Sat II Apr. Iliam (iplll. lixeilillg solo exhibition lil photographic portraits by accomplished artist (irahain liagen exploring notions ol‘ cultural identity. I‘ealuring images oI Alex Salmond. Arthur (”ainpbell Hamilton and past and current chairmen of RBS and IlliliS. Sec res iew. page 88. FREE Somebodyelse: Artist’s Talk and Music Pertormance Sat I4 Mar. A live perl'orniance oi a new interpretation ol the words oI Robert Burns by artists (iraham I'agen and Adrian Sherwood. Set to roots and dub reggae. l Mun/er Huli' will be perl'orined by a cast ol' musicians and singers including (ihetto I’riest. Skip MacDonald and Pete I.oL‘I\elt. Sherwood and I'agen will take part in a question and answer session at (iplil before the perl'ormance starts at 8pm.


I TRAVELLING GALLERY VarioUs Venues. 0| 3| 53‘) 3930. FREE Finger Buffet lViitiI l-‘ri l3 Jun. The Travelling (iallery presents an exhibition of sculpture. painting. Iilin. photography and installation exploring the pleasures of food. as well as issues including packaging waste and (EM foods. With works by Mariah Skelhorn. Kate ()wens. Alex Frost and (iayle ('hong Kwan. See www.travelIinggallerycom for dates and locations.