How did you get that job?

l‘lamo Gregor Urquhart

" Job Title Communications Director

Company Young Scot, the national youth information charity for Scotland

When (lid you start your job? I started at Young Scot as a writer for the website in September 2002. but have been in this position since December 2007.

So what does; your JOi) actually involve? l’m responsible for the external relations and communications of Young Scot services to our 360,000 members aged 1 1-26. This includes things like the Young Scot magazine. use of social networking sites, presence at events like T In The Park, as well as general PR, marketing and advertising.

Best / Worst Aspects? Every single member of staff is genuinely passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of young people in Scotland. so it‘s a really inspirational, innovative and supportive place to work. Plus one of my colleagues brought in homemade chocolate brownies in today. you cannae beat that. The worst aspect is that we are located at Haymarket. at the epicentre of the tram works. When the drilling starts my keyboard starts shuffling along my desk...

What did you do before you started this job? l was a reporter at a fish farming magazine. It was a bit bizarre to

be writing about fish farming but a great way to learn about communication. The way I see it, if you can write about something you know nothing about and don't really care about. then when it comes to working on something you actually are passionate about it's easy!

What's tll(: bout way to out a iol) likr- yours? I’m lucky in

that Young Scot is the sort of organisation that really nurtures staff. so I joined as a writer on the website and six years later I'm responsible for all communications. The best way to get a job like this is hard work. When we’re recmiting we‘re always looking for people with new creative ideas, so I'd advise people to think big and think different.

What arlvrcr- would you own to a young Cr'rroor at the start of his carom '2 I would first of all inform him that a ponytail REALLY does not suit him. I'd also tell him to look at the options available to him. especially at things like volunteering overseas. I wish I'd had sources of information like Young Scot too. Some young people don't realise that Young Scot works with older young people too, so you can still get a Young Scot NEC card and make use of our services right up to the age of 26.

What can Ll.‘.t roatlort. do to out IllVOlV‘Kl wrth Young

Scot? For a kick off, why not sign up to be our friend on Bebo. MySpace or Facebook? It‘s a good way in to find out about all the services on offer to them.

Contact: 0808 801 0338 - Free and confidential Young Scot InfoLine

92 THE LIST 5 Feb-IE3 Mar 2009






drop-in and dance see UcII‘ICCDITSt".CO.tll\( for details

I Bertitz Language Centre. language courses. li\enings. l 5 hours. l‘oreign Languages l.' I40 for It) “cckfls. linglish UN lot 5 xxeeks. l-I I'II‘L'tlL'l'lCl's Street. (Il 5| 230 7W8. edinhur'ghm larrguagecentresctrrn

Glasgow I Female, earty 40s,

looking to share hr‘rghl. spacious flat in ( ilasgtm \\ rth one other“.

Will also take unfurnished. Non smoker. (’reatn e artistrc person preferred. lel: (I787!) (I5l H5



Do you want to improve _\our S()('l:\l. l.ll-'li'.’ Then check its otit at W“ \\.gla.sgo\\ i\ tlk or contact (I754 (r57 (H50 lexenings \seekerrdsl for more inlorrnatiorr. We are a l'riendl) social and acti\ ities cltrh - Wining. Dining. Theatre and Walks etc. Merrihership lee only £40 per year

I Non-Fiction Book Club. New non-fiction book club and other exents in lidinhurgh. Meet IICW people. ha\ e a drink and an interesting conversation? limail nonliclionm toucansurfcorn



Beginners Pilates in the West lind. ol‘l~ Queen Margaret Drixe (Ground Floor. Stow College West. 75 llotspur Street. (i2(l XIJ l. A great na} to dexelop posture and tone. 'I‘uesdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm and 'l‘uesdass 7.30pm - 8.30pm. ()nl) £5.50 per class or £45 for block of III. For more info call 07876 473 32%| or email: kerrystewartO?

l’rel'erahl) West land or Southsrde.


Accommodation wanted Property to Let


The Shore, Leith liriglil. spat rotis. lull} lurrrrslied lst lloor studio llat lll corrxertcd \sareliouse l'\tellent location

lor shops. transport. rriglrllrle {50“ pcrn plus lrrlls \\\|c rrrrd \prrl Tel:07772 834 528

I Newhaven/Western Harbour. Lovely i lX'tl llc'\\ huild llar l’anor'arrrrc \ re\\s set me underground parking \\.rr|.il\le rrrrd \Iarclr L335 pcrri lel ll""~I' 73 i ”35


HIRE A VAN WITH A MAN l.ocal tk long distance I arge .\ small llotrse ()Ilrce garage clearances lkea l’rckups etc Reliable. l'r'iendls land on tuner l‘r’ee quotations l)l\t‘ltt\lllt' Scotland (‘ertrltcate ('orrlact l'hrlrplIHl 3‘3 II")

07836 633 006

Home Improvements

I IAM Decorators. 25 _\l\ L'\pL'l'lClch'. qualrt) assured “tilts. Interior's ts l'.\ter'ror's, all \mrk c‘trlisltleretl. l'iRl'l'. l'..\“lil\l '\I IS ('ontact lain \Iackechnie on Ill ii 467 ‘IX l 3 HT lll‘)(i7 .1 I 3 25-1 l,\lolri


I Large double in 3 lK'tl gorgeous. spacious Sotrtlrside llat. Sharing With 2 females late Ills earl) 30s. l’l‘ol trill}. (ii‘t'al transport links. local arrierirtres. consersation area. close to parks. Ulll perrr all me. + deposit. lel: (I7l'<(r(i 553 Ill

I Double room, friendly Sotlllisitle llal o\ el'ltxrking Queens Park. 3 others. huge lixing roorrr. lurnished. .\'o deposit. axailahle no“ til l5lh Ma). L55 p \\ to cm er end

ol lease. Still eco auar‘e 3U sorrrething. 'l'el: ll75|5 5|: 277

I Bright double room in llat in Workllands. (ir‘eal location and amenities. Sharing \sith tuo postgrad professionals. L3 Ill pcrn plus hills and deposit. Would strrt creatixe t} pes. Tel: 07340 Mil 36-1

I Large double room Ill full} furnished relurhished llat in Battlefield. 2 rnins walk to train station. 5 mins \salk to Shaw lands asailahle 6th March. Non-smoking Rent £375 plus hills. Tel: 079-13 l()() 867

I Queens Park. Luxury furnished room in warm friendl} llatshare. High ceilings. \sooden floors. \sasher tumble drier. £65 p u all bills inc. l’ree (VT and broadband. ('learier. Ltm deposit. Sorr) no smokers or couples. Tel: 0797-1 233 537