As an exhibition featuring some of the most iconic images of the Time Lord lands in Glasgow, David Pollock charts the legacy of Doctor Who

it four years time Doctor Who will be 50

years old. but still it remains one of the

most popular and imagination-grabbing shows on television. While the best of British actors and television writers are lining up to work on it. the series‘ first appearance of 2009 the Easter special 'Planet of the Dead‘ is about to hit our screens. marking one of tenth Doctor David Tennant's and showrunner Russell T Davies‘ final adventures before their respective replacements Matt Smith and Steven Moffat take over in 2010.

Before any of that. though. a nationally- franchised exhibition of costumes and props is coming to Kelvingrove for an eight-month run. joining similar permanent and temporary displays in Cardiff. Blackpool. Land‘s End and Coventry. With former Eustenders and Bionic Woman star Michelle Ryan and Brit comedy actor Lee Evans declaring their excitement at being involved in the new special. the great British public's fascination with all things Who shows no sign of passing. So how has the Doctor done it? How has an eccentric alien

with two hearts and a blue police box shared the nation‘s imagination for hall a century (give or take the l‘)‘)()s)'.’

The answer. in more ways than one. seems to be regeneration. ‘()ne ol’ the smartest things about the show is the way it's developed.' says Stephen (ireenhorn. the Scottish creator of River City and .S'lms'him' on Ix'ith: The Musical. and also the writer of two episodes of 'new Who'. ‘There’s this in-built logic about how the actor playing the Doctor will change so that the show can reinvent itsell'. Beyond that. the

THE MAKING OF A TIME LORD Amy Taylor chronicles the rise and rise of the Doctor

Nov 1 963 Doctor Who is devised as an educational science fiction show to appeal to Viewers of all ages and is given an evening time

Aug 1966 Doctor Who and the Da/eAs. a film based on the TV series. in partiCular the episode The Da/eks. is released.

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18 THI LIST 19 Mar-2 Apr 2009

1966 The Doctor's regeneration ability is introduced by producer John Wiles and writer Donald Tosh as

1 974 Tom Baker becomes the towth and most memorable doctor His boggle eyes. bohemian look. complete

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1976-6 The show starts to receive complaints Over its Violent content. Moral campaigner Mary Whiteh0use releases

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1977 K-9 debuts in the serial The Inyisio/e Enemy Initially named the (fan 3 ' story, To". FIDO. K-9 became a Baye' s’c-(x. ”tax/r. from popular recurring the toe ’1‘. 29. Pete” Character A pilot

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