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Geneva and the cinema ot cities

Age of Stupid


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Lesbian Vampire Killers The Damned United Tyson


The Book of Beasts

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LGBT Arts Festival Weekend


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The Red Well


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Cover story: Doctor Who

Be Near Me

Ballet Lorent

Company Chordelia

Who's Afraid of Viginia Woolf? Edward Gant's Amazing Feats . . . Curse of the Starvmg Class


Knock knock, who's there? It's Doctor Who. Prepare for grown adults talking in dalek voices and kids wearing their cyber masks. As a major new exhibition lands at the Kelvingrove, David Pollock explores our

Visual Art

Turner and Italy

John Lautner Toby Paterson Brian Hewitt Michael Hakimi

fascination with the time lord. See page 18.

Features Classified

22 Sports Movies With a Mike Tyson documentary and football flick The Damned United both released this fortnight, The List team looks back over some of the best and worst sports movies of all time. Whether it’s the hits and the misses or the slam-dunks and the own goals.

we’ve rounded them up.


7 Noticeboard Spotlight on new festivals funding and latest music line-ups revealed

10 Live it

Get Out: Colonic hydrotherapy on trial

Get Stuffed: Eating out at Tony's Table and favourite sandwiches

Spend it: Fashion turns to sloganeering and 805 punk rebellion

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