Around Town

8000. 6. 30 8 30pm .-\dult cottititutttty chott' tltat is open to all ages \o c\perience is required aitd next ntctitbcrs are always u. clcoiite.

Masterclass: Sound, Environment 8 Movement in Film 'l‘hu 26 Mat‘.('(‘:\. 350 Sanchteltall Street. 352 4000. 2pm L8 (L6) \Vorkshop \kllll l)J. choteographcr and liltit maker .-\le\ Reubetts. looking at his tise of sound. cit\tt'oitiitcitt attd lll()\L'lllc'l)l ttt short liliits atid \votk tti cotttiitctctal contests. lt \ttll also c\ploic his tisc ol ttitpro\tsatiott tn (ltlllct' llltt)

Beads Galore! 'l hit 26 Mai. lltc Bcad ('otitpaity. 7 Keith Street. l’artick. 5. 30pm. £7 See picture. page 28

FREE Yishan Li: Manga Drawing Sat 28 Mar. Borders Books. ‘18 Buchanan Street. 222 7700 2pm. Signing attd \vorkshop \\ itlt Yishan l.i. Mattga ai'ttst. Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Sun 2‘) Mar. The Arches. 25 3 .\t‘gy le Street. 565 1000. 4 7pm. £7 (£5). l.t\c music. aitd ll\c all at lltt' st‘\} sc\_\. (lttllcc) (lttltcc). drittky di'ittky. ct. dt‘au ittg classes.


Activities 8 Events Irregular llttl l‘) Mat. The Voodoo Rooms. l‘lti \Vc‘Sl chhlt‘t' Sll'ct'l. 5.56 7060. 8pm latit. £5. See picture. right. Place Project Thu 1‘) 'l‘ltu 26 Mat. The Boiset'y. 2 Ro\burgh Place. limes \ary. Prices vary. Sec prc\ te\\. page 27 FREE Happy Anniversary! 150 Years of the National Gallery of Scotland Hi 20 Mar. National Gallery of Scotlattd (‘omple\. 'l‘he Mottttd. 624 6200. 12.45 1.30pm. (iallery Director Michael ('lat‘kc t‘e\ icvs s the l5“ )ctth (t1 tltc National Gallery since its opening itt 185‘). Public Evenings l't'idays. Royal ()bsei'uHot'y Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 6638404. 7 3.451)”). £4 (£3). SL‘L‘ lltc Royal ()ltsct'\;tlt)l"\ ‘\ telescope (ltttttc. go on a journey through tlte Solar System. and hold a titetcoritc. If it's clear (aitd you're \et'y \et'y good) they tttigltt even lL'l )0“ Use :1 lL'lk‘\CUPL'l

Edinburgh Charity Fashion

Show 2009 Hi 20 & Sat 21 Mar. ('ot‘tt li\chatige. l 1 Next Market Road. 477 3500. 7pm. Friday £15- £20 Saturday £75 (Saturday: VIP tickets. plus gootlic hag £ llKl \'\'ll’ llckch £125). See lltllisl. Poetry Open Mic Night Sat 21 Mar. Word of .Motttlt. 3a .-\lbcrt Stt‘cct. Leith. 523 l 100. 7.30 0.30pm. Suggested donation £2. \\'elcomittg poetry session \vith foe-tittmtte slots. FREE Cleanse the CausewaySun 2*) Mar. National Mitseum of Scotlattd. Chambers Street. 225 7534. 12.45pm. 1.45pm & 2.45pm. Cleanse tlte Causeway \sas a gitarly street battle iit lidinburgh iit 1521). Yes. we said ‘gitat‘ly '. Living History Scotland presents an interpretation of the \veapottt'y attd clothing ttst‘tl. Cachin Cachan Cachunga! Suit 2*) Mar. The Street. 2 l’icat'd} Place. 556 4272. 8.30pm. suggested donation £5. Monthly-chaitgiitg ttttct'disciplttay arts exettt. This ntotttlt you'll be treated to short films. .-\fro-('ubatt dance. hilarious poetry -music. a fashion shots. dattciitg aitd general titerrittiettt. Sounds worth it to April Fools’ Festival Wed 1 i'l‘llL‘ 14 .-\pr. The Big Red Door. 10 Lady Laxv son Street. 228 4567. Times \ary. Prices \at'y. April Fools has conte aitd gone; \vho‘s the fool \\ ho‘s carry iitg ott'.‘ ()ttgoittg progratitme of ex ents at circus cetttre 'l'e

l’ooka. ‘the home of tlte mischief makcrs'.

including a cabaret night. acoustic music. storytelling. clothes svvaps. e\hibition aitd more. See \v\v\\.teptxtka.org for full tlc‘ltttls.


FREE Dreams on Wheels Royal Botanic (iardeit. 20a 1m erleitlt Rois. 552 7171. l'ntil Sat 21 Mar. 10ant—5.30pm. Denmark‘s unique c_\ clittg culture has

inspired all those interested ttt greener transport systems The l)aitish lttstttttte presents an cshibtttott \shich protttotes ttrbatt cycling “1”] iitito\att\e bicycle designs.

FREE Scots Music Abroad \attottal Libtat'y ol Scotland. (icotgc l\' Bridge. 623 3845. [mil Sat 23 May 10am 8pm; 10am 5pttt;2 5pm l:\hibtttott about the ttitlttettcc of Scots aitd tltetr music iii the ('otttiitottvtealth.

FREE The Bard at the Writers’ Museum \Vt'itets' Museum. Lady Stair's ('lose. Latsttntarkct. 52‘) 4001. l'tttil Sat 18 .’\pr (not Sun). .Moit Sat 10am 5pm. Poke about iii a collection of intimate ctirrespottdcttcc bctvsectt Robert Burns attd his many. er. atiuatnt.’ittccs. \Vc tlttttk this is tlte 18th Century cqunalettt of a look at Rtissell Brand's titbo\. but we're stit'dld like that

FREE Treasured: Wonderful Things, Amazing Stories National Mtiseum ol Scotland. Chambers Street. 225 7534. l'itttl Sat 1 .lait. 10am 5pm. A dt\ci'se treasure time of itettts tront \arious different centuries attd

cix ilisattotis. from ancient tossils to royal possessions. Victorian cot‘scts. a Sttttiatratt tiger attd even a Mat'ttait tttctcot'itc.

Food 8 Drink FREE Ever So Sweet tst Birthday Party Sun 22 Mar. ('abat'et Voltaire. 36 38 Blair Street. 220 (il76. 7 lllpttt. Sec lllllt\l. Georgian Evening Tue 24 Mar. l’ani Solittska. 73 Broughton Street. 7pm. £28. All evening of ( ieorgiatt food. sottg attd dance (space permitting? ). 'lraditional (ieoi'giatt food cooked by two visiting (icorgiatt singers. \\llll song at tlte table. Proceeds iit aid of hittitaititarian \tork itt (icorgia. Barnardo’s Mongolian Feast Wed 25 Mar. Khublai Khan‘s. 43 Assembly Street. Leith. 6.30pm. £20.95 for tltrcc courses. .-\ night of Mongolian themed food attd

etttei'taitttitcnt iit aid of Baritardo's Scotland.


FREE Water for Life - a Precious Resource Sun 22 Mar. Royal Botanic (iardett. 20a lnverleith Rots. 552 7171.

2 3pm. li's World Water 1);in Splash? l‘ittd ottt ho“ plaitts take itt attd tise \tater for their sUl'\ ival aitd grovtth. aitd how they ha\e adapted to |i\c any where from marshlaitd to desert.

Winter Talks Mon 23 Mar. Royal ()bser\atoi‘_\ Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8263. 7.30 8.30pm. £3 (£1.5t. Weekly astrottoiiiy talks cmering topics ranging froitt ()bscruHories iit Space atid (iiant 'l'elescopcs. to Violent (ialaxies aitd 'l'ltt‘ llt\ istltlc l'ltlu‘t'sc. .'l// ()l' llic‘sc‘ ltllcs have us very e\cited.

FREE No Reflections Tue 24 Mar.\\'estoit Link. llavsthoritdeit Lecture 'l’hcatt‘c. National (iallery. tltc Mound. 624 6560. 12.45 1.30pm. .\'ot a chat about vampires. sadly. Judith Winter discusses the \sot‘k ()l' Sc‘tttlish (mist Martin Bo) cc. who has been selected to represent Scotland at the 200*) Venice Bieitnialc.

An Evening with Mel Young Thu 26 Mat. The Melting Pot. .5 RUsc Street. 245 2626. 6.30pm. £10. The founder of The Big Issue Scotlattd attd tlte Homeless World Cup talks about tlte ltiglts and low s of a life as a social entrepreneur.

FREE John Murray’s Handbooks for Travellers l-‘ri 27 Mar. l'niversity of lidinburgh. .Maitt Library. (ieorgc Square. 650 3384. 1 2pm.

Lecture by Barbara Schaff. front the l'tiiversity of (iottittgett. about John \lttt'l'u) ls Handbooks fur li‘tlt‘t'llt'l‘s. SSHoP 25! l-‘ri 27 Mar. Weston Link. llavvthorttdeit Lecture 'l‘heatre. National Gallery. the Mound. 330 6135. 6 7.30pm. £20 (£15; students £10).

.-\ conference marking the 25th anniyersary of tlte founding of the Scottislt Society for tlte History of Photography and the National Photography Collection. The e\eitt \\ ill e\amiiie tlte evolution of photography as an art and graphic medium ov er the last

Words, w rds, words

This is Joe Dunthorne. Some people out there have likened him to JD Salinger.

Find out for yourself at Irregular, a new kinda club night run by Canongate Publishing, featuring live acts, poets, writers and DJs. Reading, performing and making merry alongside Mr Dunthorne will be Sara and the Snakes, Chocolate City VJ/DJs, author Dan Rhodes, and

slam-poet Tim Turnbull.

I Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms, Thu 79 Mar

quarter-centiiry. Please book tit adsance by phonittg or emailing

\\ \v \v.sshop.aits.gla.ac.uk.

FREE Behind the Scenes - The Portrait Gallery Thu 26 Mar. National l’ottt‘ait (iallcry. 1 Queen Street. 624 6200. 5.30 6pm & 6.15 6.45pm. Maitagiitg ati art gallery is no small task. Before the National Ponrait (iallery's closure for redevelopment itt April. ltead of Collections Management Anne Buddle gives ait iitsight into tlte planning and logistics of the move.

FREE Room 13 - The Future of Art? Tue 31 Mar. Weston Link. llattthornden Lecture Theatre. National (killer). the Mound. 624 6560.

12.45 1.30pm. Run by and for youttg artists. an studio Room 13 is currently exhibiting \Hil'ls's in the National (ialleries. Natalie Bray sham and Stephanie Macl.emtan discuss the exhibition and give ittsights into tlte studio aitd \that it could titeaii for tlte future of an arid education.


Dance Base Drop-in Classes L'ntil Sat 28 Mar. Dance Base. 14—16 (irassmarket. 225 5525. Times vary.

£3- £7.50 (£3—£5). Drop-in dance classes iii a comprehensive prograntnte coverittg everything front basic ballet steps to Hip Hop for Lunch. Current season runs Mon- Sat until Sat 28 Mar. Please see

u \\ \\.tl;ittccbase.co.ttk for full details. Burlesque Make-over Photography Workshops Sat 2| Mar. Out Of The Blue Drill Hall. 30—36 l)a1meny Street. lcith. 555 7101. l~5pm. £100.

Working \\ ith a professional photographer. hair & make-up artist and model stylist. aspiring burlesque vixens

w ill be shown how to style a vintage glamour look and pose for the camera. FREE Knitting Group Mon 23 Mar. .\'onh Edinburgh Arts Centre. 15a

Penny \sell Court. 315 2151. 2.30—4pm. .-\n inclusive knitting group for beginners and those more experience with purling of all ages.

FREE Our Back Green Tue 24 Mar. North Edinburgh Arts Centre. 15a Penitywell Court. 315 2151. 1—3pm. Turn your thumbs a nice shade of chanreuse as you potter iii the centre‘s back garden.

Shoe Swing Wednesdays. Counting House. West Nicolson Street, 667 7533. 7pm. £4.5()—£7 (£3.50—£6). A swing dance workshop run by lidinbop every Wednesday night. Tutored classes from 7pm and social dancing from 9pm. Swing dancers. lindy-hoppers and jivers of all persuasions very welcome. No need to book. and you don't even have to have a panner

Digital Plant Photography Workshop ll Sat 28 Mar. Royal Botanic Garden. 20a lnverleith Row. 248 2937. 9.30am—3.45pm. £35 (members £31.50). A one-day advanced course on how to use the features of a high-end digital camera to get the best quality photos. including RAW files. depth of field preview, lens quality and ntore. Suitable for those who attended the ‘Digital Plant Photography 1' course or those experienced with digital photography. Please book in advance. Simple Art at Meditation Sat 28 Mar.Royal Botanic Garden, 20a lnverleith Row. 248 2937. 10am—4pm. £40 (members £36). Escape the rat race with this introduction to the art of meditation in the calming atmosphere of the Botanics. Please book in advance. Spring Song Sat 28 Mar. Gillis Centre. 100 Stratheam Road. 623 891 l. 10am—4pm. £50 (£20—£35).

Learn seasonal song from Scotland and beyond with voice coach Wendy Carle Taylor.

Chinese Landscape Painting Sat 28 & Sun 29 Mar, Weston Link. Hawthomden Lecture Theatre. National Gallery. the Mound. 624 6560. 1().30am—4.3()pm. £30.

A two-day practical course exploring the differences between Chinese and Western landscape painting. with artist Suzanne Chong. Please book in advance.

19 Mar-2 Apr 2009 THI LIST 29