Name: Harmonic 313, aka Mark Pritchard.

Where have I heard that name? In the credits on any of two-dozen different electronic projects during the last 20 years. However, Pritchard always records under aliases (he's had a whopping 23 at the last count). hence the lower levels of name- recognition than similarly influential contemporaries such as Richard D James. Tom Middleton or Luke Slater.

Why all the aliases? Because each one channels a different strand of his sickeningly limitless musical abilities. Early doors. he and his friend Middleton redrew the mid-90$ ambient and electro landscapes as Global Communication and Jedi Knights respectively. Since then he's successfully nailed everything from drum 8. bass (as The Chameleon) and Brazilian club music (as Troubleman) to sci-fi exotica (as Harmonic 313). An inspiration-hog. basically.

So what’s Harmonic 313 all about? It's about Detroit and Britain. 313 is the telephone area code for Detroit. you see. but rather than nodding to Motor City's famous techno scene. the project is primarily inspired by the warm, textured beats of another of Michigan's most revered musical sons the late hip hop producer J Dilla. From there Pritchard provides his own take on the many current strands of ‘UK bass music’. as he calls it. making stops at rumbling dubstep. 8-bit electro. synthy hip hop and more. The resulting album. When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. released last month on Warp. should probably be a bit of a mess. But with Pritchard at the controls it makes perfect sense.

What’ll he be playlng? Pritchard is DJing rather than playing live on this tour, but a listen to When Machines. . . tells you what to expect from him: an effortless melding of seemingly disparate genres united by enough bass to fell an elk. (Kit Macdonald)

I Harmonic 313 plays Kinky Afro at the Sub Club, Glasgow, on Fri Mar 27

34 THE LIST 19 Mar-2 Apr 2‘09

HOUSE MUSIKA DOWNTOWN Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Mar

Musika step it up a notch this month as they spread their love over Ocean Terminal. Usually found in the Liquid Room until the recent fire ousted them (and currently making a home at Faith on a monthly basis), once in a while Musika ups sticks and heads down to Leith for a big ol’ house party.

With a guest of Eric Prydz’s calibre you’re going to need that extra space. ‘Eric Prydz is about as hot as you can get at the moment,’ explains promoter/DJ Derek Martin. ‘He played Musika two years ago, which was a pretty special night, and his profile and reputation as a DJ/producer has just continued to grow.’ He’s probably best known for ‘Call on Me’ and its cheeky aerobics-themed vid, but he’s stepped


Riddim Tuffa has been steadily gathering momentum Since moving to the GRV in 2008. Their music policy has its roots in reggae but happily embraces all the myriad forms it has inspired. With ragga. Jungle and dubstep permeating the soundtrack as the night progresses. 'It all starts With reggae. roots and dub then comes to dubstep.‘ explains promoter DJ Adham. ‘We don't play the same muSic every month we bring different guests and change the night around them.‘

PreVious guests have included YT. Radikal Guru. Mungo's Hi-Fi and Jahtari prowng their love of digital dub and its multitude mutations. This is further complimented by March's guest DJ Aries. a drum 8. bass DJ/producer

Eric Prydz

back to concentrate on his own labels Mouseville and Pryda for more techno influenced and melodic house respectively. There’s far more depth to his productions than just chart successes like ‘Pjanoo’ and the Pink Floyd remix/cover ‘Positive Education’.

Musika are presenting three rooms of dance beats. ‘The main room features Eric Prydz and Sebastien Leger,‘ adds Martin, ‘the second room is on a electronica kinda vibe with Doorly from Ibiza Rocks headlining, while the Terrace plays host to a deep/minimal vibe.’ Understandably Martin is suitably excited: ‘People can expect one hell of a party and most definitely something a bit different from the usual club experience Edinburgh has to offer. Our last event there was outstanding and this one is set to sell-out, so should be quite a night.’ (Henry Northmore)

With a deep love of heavy dub and weighty basslines. Roots vocals and samples pepper his frenetic productions on Co-Lab. Pure Vibez and Lion Dubs. ‘He'll be playing a lot of drum 8. bass and dubstep.’ adds Adham, ‘it's all got a reggae Vibe so it works perfectly for us.‘

With the potential to open up more rooms and stages across the GRV as the night grows. the future is looking bright for the Riddim Tuffa crew (which also includes Eminence. Jammin' J and Mania). Already cutting excluswe dubplates With guests. core members Jammin' J and Eminence are currently produCing Jungle tracks With plans to release them on their own label. With hopes to snag even bigger guests as the club forges ahead thOugh 2009 and beyond. Adham's maXim of “quality mUSlC and a pure reggae Vibe' is hard to resist.

(Henry Northmore)