Comedian and presenter Rufus Hound brought us the last episode of the much missed Top of the Pops. Here, the moustachioed one talks about crying, electric cars and the perfect lemon baked lamb

First record you ever bought Doctor and the Medics” cover of ‘Waterloo'.

Last time you were chatted up

I ran off. I'm REALLY married. and it makes me feel bloody awkward. but it happens a fair amount at comedy clubs. I think it's the heady combo of alcohol and laughter that makes a lady think ‘l'd dude like to have a go on him'

First film you saw that really moved you

ET when l was ab0ut four. I remember crying and crying, inconsolably. As an adult. my Wife perennially reminds me that Within a month or so of us gomg out. we watched Keyin Smith's Jersey Girl and I cried like a pregnant nun. Not a strong look.

First film you ever went on a date to

Labyrinth. It was a PG and I went With my mum. dad and apple of my eight- year-old eye. Sarah Hoskins. I think she found it a bit too scary though. and had to Sll in the foyer With my mum.

Last time you cried When I was hungover. I get very emotional. l celebrated when I won the


songs are at

I Daffodils in bloom, all over the desks at List Towers, and making even the most curmudgeonly of staffers force a wee grin. Yeah, we saw

I Finding out what our new-old favourite, a site hawking expertly-curated mp3 mixtapes with themes like

Chonie award for Best Can‘rere. w the fellow/log oat, l as a ; ccev'"; wreck. I Cried at two 80.8".8. i i BliiRay. and then t'ie news cane 2" abOut Isaac Cartieron and coir: barely speak was crying sr: M, own little bOy was sat on in, an aro '. brought home to me how _.'.terl, insurmountable the death ’1:“,f>ti' ".".i’) must be,

Last great meal you cooked Lemon baked lamb. which .s the eaSIest thing in the world. lake ian‘ft) neck fillets. cut into inch thick slices and lay on tin foil, Prick the lamb and stuff the holes With slices of garlic. then squeeze loads of lemon over at. Make a tinfOil parcel and bake for (3 hours at 140 C. Serve With COUSCOLJES. sprinkled With flat leaf parsley. garlic and lemon rind. It IS. I aSStire you. deiiCious.

Last extravagant purchase you made

A second hand electric car for my missus' birthday. But the batteries need reconditioning, and we cannot find anyone in the UK who can do it. It's a nightmare.

Last book you read

The Assault on Liberty by Dominic Raab. Brilliantly researched and deeply angenng.

First crush Dannii Minogue. back in the days when her face moved.

Last time you exploited your position to get something

I work in an GDVIfODmGDI where runners ask if there's anything they can get ini all day long. so probably yesterday. It was a Cup of tea.

The things making our world just that little bit better


I Speaking of things teensy and totesy, we’ve also got into tilt shift photography: making real-life scenic photos

‘Heartache’, ‘A History of Disco’ and ‘Sonic Youth B-Sides’ at teensy-totesy

look like miniatures. Have a wee coo to yourself at IThe YouTube ban on music videos

First great piece of advice you were given

”Do a 50% {xi tum. (il‘."" ’5 "‘i‘ t), my dart. .'.' was ai‘ .i' <1 ..'\'..r'

and hater: exec, inmate “‘

First thing you’d do if you ran the country

Disband all local councils. to he replaced by one bloke. sat r‘r:xt '3 desk With a phone or: 1. Next f'w: phone. three phone f‘iLil“l:(3";. lint,- people who do the illf‘53. The rent .. who do the parks a'tr: the uni r-

do the roads. Anti triaf's 'f Last meal on earth - what would it be?

Pizza and Bfl‘étLi‘J‘Olilifi

Last time someone criticised

your work

First time you realised you were


Last thing you think of before you go to sleep.

‘f’ . . rf

has rocked us, it's true, but we’ve found an adequate substitute: trawling for clips from Spitting Image during the last

recession. Then marvelling that they’re still relevant . . .

I . . .similarly, fashion icon of the fortnight is Neneh Cherry. Trust us. By July, you too will have yanked

, your hightops out of the mothballs and adopted a buffalo stance.

2 THI ”81’ 19 Mar—2 Apr 2009