Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. ()mni Centre. (ireenside Place. 0844 844 0044. 7.30pm. Horn £I I Corned} iuice \arious Ilamtirs from the chipper l)an Nightingale. Rudi l.lL‘l\\\()()(l. Simon B Cotter and Ra}mond Mearns

Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Lunchtime Laffs 8. Lattes Sloan‘s. Argue Arcade. 357 5387. Iprn. £8 (£"i See 111)) 1‘).

Happy Hour Comedy 8- Cocktails Cosmopol. I05 Hope Street. 22l ‘ll .30. 7pm. £4 (£3). See Sat 21.

Robin Cairns Britannia l’anopticon Mtisic Hall. I I 3 I I7 'l'r'ongate. 553 0840. 7.30pm. 'l‘icketed, See liri 27.

Des Clarke Rarnshor'n 'l'heatr'e. 98 Ingram Street. 548 3444. 7.30pm & 0.30pm. £8 (£5). (ilasgou 's Iunn} ho}- done-good is here lor more ()1 the charm and cheek \\ Inch haxe helped make his Jongleurs Comedy Club .longleurs. l'(i(' Building. I I Renlr'e“ Street. 0844 844 0044. 7.30pm. I'rorn £12. See It) 27. American Homecoming The Stand. 33.3 \Voodlands Road. 0870 ()00 005.5. 8pm. £10l£81 'l‘lit'eeol America's top acts time come all the ua) over here just to make )ou happ}. nainel): Bernadette I’aule}. Marshall ('hiles. Darin} I.obe|| pltis host Scott Captir'ro. Kevin Bridges ()ran .\Ior. 731 735 (ireat \‘l'estern Road. 357 6200. 8pm. £10 (£9). See I-‘ri 27. Janey Godley 'l‘i'on 'l'lieati‘e. 63 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. 8pm. £12.50 (£11.50).See'l‘hu 1‘). Hell McFarlane The State Bar. 148 Ilolland Street. 332 215‘). 8pm. £5 (£4). xii! .‘itlt/lt'llt't' it'll/t .Vr‘l/ .Ur‘l‘iu‘lum' .Vr'ul'ln’ promises nice-smelling corned) from the gin-qualling cad. Benefit for Special Care Baby Unit The (iarage. 400 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1121). 8pm. £15. A brillianth north} night to raise funds lor the Princess R()_\a| Special Care Baby [hit in (ilasgou. featuring a very special guest indeed. Best of Red Raw 2009 (‘Iassie (Brand. 18 Jamaica Street. 847 (I820. 8pm. £7 (£5). See (“rt 20. Billy Kirkwood and Austin Low Bacchus. 80 (ilassltn'd Street. .572 0080. 8pm. £7 (£5). Alter llIe success ()13 the ltt‘sl two. the gleeful dtio present more childish stupidness \\ ith Smell in Man 3: Smell .‘ilml/It'l' .Wuti'. Paul Merton’s lmpro Chums King's Theatre. 297 Bath Street. (I870 (I60 6648. 8pm. £I‘).50 (£17.50/£l5.50). You kntm this improx' drill b} no“. Half Price Comedy Club l'isge Bealha. 2.32 7246 \Voodlands Road. 3.32 1622. 8pm & 10.40pm. £6 (£4). See It) 20. Jimmy Carr SIiCC: CI_\de Auditorium. Finnieston Qua). 0870 040 4000. 8pm. £20. See Fri 27. Steven Dick The Bull Club. 142 Bath Lane. 248 1777. 8.30pm. £6. The magical comedian sets about tackling life. love and death one brilliant card trick at a time in l)l.\‘l/lll.\‘lml¢'(/. Jason Cook Blackl‘riars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 8.30pm. £8 (£6). ./r)_\' is a beautiful and funny look at happiness. sadness and all the stops in betxseen. Comedy Out WEST WIiST. Templeton

Building. Glasgow Green. 550 0135. 9pm.

£8 (£6). See Fri 20.

Triple Scotch Sloan's. Argyle Arcade. .357 5387. 9pm. £8 (£6). See Fri 20. Best of Ha Ha Comedy Capitol. 468 Sauchiehall Street. 3.31 1040. 9.15pm. £8 (£6). See Sat 21.

Chris Broomfleld The State Bar. 148 Holland Street. .332 215‘). 9.30pm. £5. A look at life as a hard of hearing comedian in DeufRum Comedy.

Magners Festival Club The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. 10.30pm. £13 (£10). See Thu 11).

Late ‘n’ Loud Sloan‘s. Argyle Arcade.

STAND-(JP JAY LAFFERTY Buff Club. Glasgow. Fri 20 Mar

A competition where the participants are at the mercy of a set of judges is by its very nature a contentious entity. In local stand-up circles, the Scottish Comedian of the Year tournament of 2007 left many people aghast at how the top three placings could have been arrived at without certain names being included. However. there was a consensus that the comic in the number two spot had thoroughly merited that position, as Greenock girl Jay Lafferty walked away with pride intact and a stand-up future

getting ever rosier.

Eighteen months on and 27-year-old Lafferty is now performing her second solo show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. following up last year‘s Offside Rules with Jayded. ‘It will be much different from the show I did last year which I felt I had to do as it was part of the prize, but I'm much more ready for a solo show this year. It‘s not just a link of stand-up material shoved together to make up an hour, there’s some linkage to it.‘ And the glue which sticks it all together is that peril of contemporary relations. ‘The show is about the lies people tell you and getting to that point in your life where you just don’t really believe much of anything and how the likes of reality TV has eschewed people's views on things.’

Despite the show title and her mention of reality TV. don’t expect much material on the celebrity currently dying before our very eyes. ‘I don't do Jade Goody jokes and I never have. though it’s not been a conscious thing. I did take the piss out of Britney Spears’ breakdown. But especially in a solo show I wouldn’t want to upset the audience and have them walk out when I’ve still got 55 minutes to go.’ (Brian Donaldson)

357 5387. 10.45pm. £7 (£6). See lit 20. The Late Show Blackl'riar's. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. 1 1pm. £8. See Hi 20.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. ()mni Centre. (ireenside Place. ()844 844 0044. 7.30pm. From £11. See I-‘ri 27. The Saturday Show The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm, £13. See Thu 27.

Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Alan Anderson's Comedy Coach Tour Cit) Chambers. (ieorge Square. 334 1051. 2.30pm. £8 (£7). See Sun 22. Lemoncustard Comedy Brel. 3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3pm. £3. See Sun

Best of Ha Ha Raw Comedy l\()r‘} llotel.;_'side .-\\enue. Shaulands. 8pm. See Sun 22. Vladimir McTavish The Stand. 333 \Voodlands Road. 087061N16055 ".30pm. £8 (£2 ). Superb satire and Scottishness Ir'oin .\lel'a\ish in [In [hp .51) (irerrlt'xl Si or) or .ii// lime lzii'r' Jimmy Carr SIiCC: (hde Auditorium. l‘innieston Qua}. ()8"() (L40 4000. 8pm. £20. See in 2" Alun Cochrane 'l'ron 'l‘lieatre. 63 'I‘r'ongate. 552 426" 8pm. £ I 2 (£10) The pluc‘ttl (ilasgtm -\'()t’ksltlreltlalt sc‘ls sall once more into the lancil'ul “itiL‘l‘s ()l .Vunseiru' um/ Sriill. Sinful Sundays ('osinopol. 165 Hope Street. 221 9130. 8pm. £3. See Stir) 22. Jim Hobbit Maggie .\la_\ 's. 50 'l‘rongate. Merchant Cit}. 548 1350. 8.15pm. £6 (£4). (ilasgoxx 's \er} (mt) cult star.

complete \\Ill1 rubber _~_‘uttat. presents.) glimpse lIIl)‘ llls oorltl Four Quid Comedy Cabaret l‘l (Itattips. 1.“ Bsies ls’oatl. \ 30pm 14 \‘e \un 22 See Stirling Kane Comedy \lcl’ltal‘l‘s_ 23 \.itltl\li)ttl l'late. 22I ('22)) 8 30pm 15(1-4' lhn; Itone touted) presents stand up Ili‘lll hot sour); Il1111_‘_'\ lIa\e\ See. lain \tirlti);.‘ and Rob l\.t11t' The Wee Man Blacktuais. ‘6 Bell Street. 55‘ 5‘124 \ lupin 12(5) \ou I (thus I.i\i)urite \etl drags _\()u dour) the aIIe\\\.i_\ ()1 his \\\‘ll\l it) \( il.).’:i:iu): Gangster Party lhe \tatld. 31‘ \\oo.||.m.t\ Rod.) (i.s"() 600 (toss ‘Iptn \( II II ( II I I rankre Bo_\Ie and KM in Bridges are l1.t\lll_‘_' a part) but )oti‘re not in\ited unless some 111.) stiit (puss) or a dress (all sou pretts ladies) The Sunday Roast \Iaeeie \l.r\ ‘s. 50 Ironeate. \lt'lclldlll (it). 54.8 I 350 ‘1 30pm £1) ) £4) \ \u‘tllSlI hero is the eentreol tonight‘s Roast \\lll1\()lllI\ s l.tklllj_' turns to celebrate or tip tlierti apart


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? lhe Stand. 5 \ork l’lace. 555 “2‘2 Iptn See Sun 22 The Sunday Night Laugh In Ilie Stand. 5 \oik l’late. 558 "222 8 30pm £5 (£4. members £1) llost Sian Bexai) introduces a concoction oI at ts to \\l11// up _\oui Sunda} ('hiis \eill. ( ius l.i\\s('. \lllst'} \(l.llll\. Rlc'k \l()ll.ttltl .tlltl l (ltllt‘ (”Miser Smith


Fit 0' The Giggles Absolute Beginners Beeline Inn. ( iiassinarket. 225 "I21. 8pm £2 See \lot) 23

Red Raw lhe Stand. .5 \(u'k Place. 553 2222. ”pm. £2 (£1) It's happening; a \\e(' bit later tonight. but it's still the same ne\\ talent e\tra\a_)_'an/a \\ ith ( iiaenie lhonias .ttttl .l()l1|1 RHss


Red Raw llIL' \ldlltl. 333 \\t)()(ll.tlltl\ Ru...) ()8"() ()llll ()055 .s 3(Iptll (.2 «(I I Red Ril“ pt'()\l(lt‘\10])t‘lllt'l'laltlltlettl \iith neoei acts joining the more e\pei)ei)c ed ('harlie RHss and (itis l.l\\st' lor the night


Midweek Comedy Cabaret the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 2222 X with) £4 (£2 members). Brighten tip _\oui‘ middle oI-the \seek. erid ol the month blties \) ill) comedians such as Susan Morrison and Joe Ileenan


Midweek Comedy Cabaret llie Stillltl. 3.33 “()(Kllgtlltls Rngitl llH-7ll till) 6055. 8 §()pin, £8 (£4; members £2) Into} a selection ()1 the best talent spotted at Red Rim. \kill) an e\perlenced headliner and compete to top llIIIIjJS oll


The Thursday Show 'l’lie Stand. 333 \\'oodlands Road. 0870 600 6055

8 30pm, £8 (£7; members £4). Ilost Raynond .\Iearns is the pilot ()I this \seekend's Iesti\ ities. with (hr) in Webster. l)a\e Ward. Izlaine Malcolrnson and John (iaxin comprising the prett) impressixe line-up.


Heresy 'l'he Jek_\|l a; ll}de. I 12 llanmer Street. 225 2022, 9pm. £3. See Thu 1‘). The Thursday Show The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £8 (£7; members £4). It‘s nearl} springtime rim) so celebrate all the Iarnbs and exer}thing \sith host Stisan Calrnan. as she intrmluces acts such as Sean I’ercixal. Tedd}. .\'ick Coo an and Stan Bexan.

1.51;, L1 #41 z’.’,’: THE LIST 43