Home Guy Pearce Born 1967. Ely, Cambridgeshire. UK.

Background. Raised in Australia. Pearce came through the Ramsay Street acting school on long-running soap Neighbours before The Adventures of Priscrlla. Queen of the Desert propelled him towards a breakthrough role in Curtis Hanson's thriller LA Confidential. Since then. Pearce has shone brightly in tough, intelligent fare including Memento. The Hard Word and The Proposition. while somewhat less luminous in The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo or his humiliating role as Adam Sandler's boss in cheesy kids' flick Bedtime Stories.

What’s he up to now? Pearce's latest film is Traitor. a tense. political thriller produced by and starring Ocean '3 1 1 and Hotel Rwanda star Don Cheadle. Cheadle plays Samir Horn, a special operations officer under investigation by Pearce's character.

On playing a government agent ‘We had an FBI expert on the set who we were able to reference from. and there were also a few books I read. The thing I really wanted to examine was the bad communication between the FBI and the CIA, that's something that's prominent in the script. I think it's also one of the major problems in the world bad communication between nations. Once I got a sense of that. I let the research go. I don't really like to do it. I like to rely on the script. If I have to do a lot of research for a film, it is usually because there‘s something missing in the script. In this case the script was so detailed and the information I needed was very much there.’ Interesting fact Traitor is based on an idea by comedian Steve Martin. ‘Funnily enough. I did meet Steve many years ago because his wife was working on a TV show in Australia I was involved with.’ says Pearce. ‘He was out in Australia and did a workshop of one of his plays... it would be interesting to talk to him and see how much his original idea had changed.’ (Eddie Harrison)

I Traitor, general release, Fri 27 Mar. See review, page 45.

50 THE LIST 19 Mar—2 Apr 2009

The Damned United IM .0 (lulll Hooper. [‘K, INN) Mlcllacl Sheet). Jim Broadbent. 'limothy Spall ‘Vmin See res less. page 4" (ii iii ’(1/ It fl (1H mini lit 3* .Uiri Dance on Screen/Re:surface tl'l i.'\le\ Reuben. (S. 2005) ‘Nlrmn Programme of historical films e\amining the relationship bet“ eeri dance. mos ement and the camera l'his screening presents the \soi‘k of dance filmmaker .s\lc\ Reuben liispiied by Harry Smith's \iil/iiiluei oi lint Ilr (Ul Iii/k \Iirxit Retiben's film Rout: \ documents lesser knoysn forms of -\merican clllllilc. song and dance of the Deep South ( ( '\ (Iftl\L‘I‘H The Dark Knight I ISA) O... i(‘hristopher Nolan. l‘S. 300M (‘hristian Bale. lleath ledger. Maggie (iyllenhaal I52min Nolan's ieyamp of the superhero franchise reaches its apotheosis \sith this sequel to Hut/mm lfi'ciiis. .i stiptctllely \s ell imagined. perfectly L'\CLUlCd film that combines blockbtistei spectacle \sith indie cinema cool and smarts Psychotic. chaos lt)\ mg cloysn ‘l‘llc Jtikcl' (ledger) Is introduced as the dark kmght's ultimate nemesis and a thrilling battle \l()\\ Iy terroi‘ises the populace ol (iotham. ("mm o. lui/iIi/iiire/i, Defiance I IS) .00 tl‘.(l\\.tl'tl /.\s iek. IS. 3009) Daniel ('raig. |.ie\ Schreiber. Jamie Bell. | itimin. Remarkable true story of the Blclskl brothers. lllt‘cc t'ealrlifc heroes who. against till (Kids. presery e a community of lens \sho escape Poland for the forests of Belarus during \\ \Vll Allied mm the Rrissian resistance. the community thrnes tirie\pcctedly. leay ing leader 'l'uyia Bielski (Craig) \Hlli heasy responsibilities l’layed \sith steely intensity by Craig. partisan Bielski is no pacifist or diplomat. and lights fire \\ ith fire. lire lz'i/iri/iureli ()i'eiin. lit/iiiliiii'e/i. Diminished Capacity I l5) 0. i'l‘err'y Kinney. IS. 3000) Matthcss Broderick. .-\|an .-\lda. Virginia Madsen .S'Smm. See re\ re“. page 4b ('iiii'uo/li/ Rt Ill/'(‘lt Slit't'l. (i/iiseou. Dinosaurs Alive 30 it) tl)tl\ ltl ("Iark/Bayley Silleck. [S 2007) 40mm. l"()ll()\\ palacntllnltlglsls as lllcy scout lltc globe for" some fantastic dinosaur finds. then \satch the creatures burst into 3|) life. l.\I.-t.\' I‘llr‘tlll't'. (i/ihg‘rm.

Il Divo ( I5) 0... tl’aolo

Soi‘rentino. ltaly. 200M 'l‘ony Sei'yillo. Anna Bonaiuto. (imlio Bosetti. IITmm. See i‘eyien. page 45. (i/tiseoii l'l/Hl I'lit'iitre. (i/iiyemi; (tuner). Iii/iIi/iureli. Duplicity ( IDA) 0. (Tony (iilroy. l'ls'. 2000) (Inc (My en. Julia Roberts. Tom Wilkinson. l24min. Sec resie“. page 4b. (ieiiem/ re/euu'. Five Children and It it) .00 (John Stephenson. l'K. 300-1) Kenneth Branagh. Zoe Wanamaker. l’reddie llighmore. Jessica (‘laridge. l‘.tl(llc‘ l/lard (\oice). S‘lrmn. (‘hai'ming adaptation of l: Nesbit‘s classic children's book. set during WWI \shcn a btiiich of city kids are bundled off to stay \sith their l'nclc Albert (Bianagh) Soon they discoyei' a my stei‘ious creature liy ing in a sandy alcoye nearby. lake Harry Potter with a heart. (il‘t'.\l'('llt’IL (i/uyeim. Flame and Citron t l5) .0 (’hristian Madsen. Denmar‘k/(‘lech Republic/(iermany. 2008) 'l'hure l.indhardt. Mauls Mikkelson. Stine Slcngtidc. [30min Staid and o\ ei'ly self-conscious film that aims to demystify t\\ o of Denmark's big our heroes lilammen (Lindhardt) and (‘itroncn (Mikkelsen). A big hit in Denmark. “here the No fighters belonging to the ”older Danske “WV“ t'L‘st\l;tllcc group are legends. the film will base less significance to an international audience or to anyone \sithout a specialist interest in WWII. (i/iiseou I'ilni 'I‘Iieirlre. (iltrsernr: I'iIni/ioim'. Iii/iiilmrgli. Flash of Genius ( 12A) 0.. (Marc .-\braham. IS. 2008) (ireg Kinriear. Alan Alda. (irant Boyle. I I‘lmin. See reyicyy. [Migc‘ 47. Se/r't‘h'r/ I‘r'lc'uu’. Full Metal Jacket t 18) O... (Stanley Kubrick. l'ls'. l987) Matthcys Modinc. Dorian Harewood. Lee Ermey. l09min. Technically effective and narratiy'cly balanced depiction of rays


\ ietnarn recruits as they endure basic training and the eycn greater horrors of the I‘ll“ let offensiye ()ne of the better \ ietnam mmies of recent years Part of Kubrick season l‘l/ltllu’ilu’. [ciliri/iiuje/i Gardens in Autumn rm}. .0. it )tar losseliani. l‘rance. 2008i Seserm Blanchet. Michel l’iccoli Illinin Bree/y l-rance set satire from (ieorgian director losseliam featuring ageing politician Vincent (Blanchet) \s ho is forced to relinquish the \amties of his office and return ll) llic streets “till the help ()l ltls indomitable mother Marie (l’iccoli). Vincent rediscoyers the simple _|t)_\\ of camaraderie. sc\. alcohol and music (i/mcon l-i/ni Illr'tlllr'. (i/tht’illt Gazvvnr - The Films of Jeff Keen ilS) (Jeff Keen. l'ls'. Various) ‘Nllllltl Retrospectiyc screening of 40 years of home made art films by Brighton-based collagist Jeff Keen Britain's Kenneth Anger. (i/meon I'l/Hl I’ln'titri'. (i/riserni Genova ( IS) 0... (Michael Wmterbottom. l’K. 2008i (‘olin birth. ('ather‘iiie Keener. llope l)a\is ".“llllli See feature. page ~14 and icy re“. page 47. Sr'lr't'lt'i/ I'r'lr'ilu'. Gomorrah i IS) 0... (Matteo (iarr‘one. Italy. 2008) Salyatore Abrunese. Simone Sacchettino. Salyatorc Rocco. |37min (iarrone offers an intriguing account of the Napoli-based (‘amorra. adapted from the bestselling book by tournalist Roberto Say iano. 'HHS e\cellent ensemble drama shoyss us \ar'ious facets of Mafia life. from the recruiting of young kids to the infiltration of seemingly legitimate industries such as haute couture and segues into the waste industry. A descn ing \sinncr of the (irand l’i‘is at (‘annes ()t/eoii A! The Quin; (i/uygoir: Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson I IS) 0000 (AIM (iibney. IS. 2003) ll‘imin. Informatiyc ne\\ dm'uiiientary about the pholtiiournalist and sociopolitical chronicler Hunter S 'l‘hoinpson‘s turbulent life and work. layeryonc from Tom Wolfe and Ralf Steadman to Johnny Depp are \\ heeled out to recall the mischieyous outlgm journalist \slnlc (iibney utilises intimate. neyer-before-seen home \idcos. fancy split screen rostrum and animation work to paint a reyealing portrait of the comic .-\liict'lcatt \\ rllct‘. (i/usgon' I'll/m I’llt'rlll‘r‘. (ll/(l\k'HH. The Good, The Bad, The Weird I l5) 0... (Kim Ji-ysoon. South Korea. 2008) Song Kang-ho. l.cc Byung-hun. Jung Woo-sung. lillmin. (iifted South Korean filmmaker Kim .ll-\\()t)li takes on Sergio l.cone's greatest \scstern and tunlwlieyably l emerges \ iclorious. It‘s the Wills in the desert wilderness of Japanese colonised (‘hinese Manchuria and three treasure hunters are in a race for booty. An incredibly L‘li_|()_\ able adyenturc that pulls in the army. Manchurian bandits and the inhabitants of a mysterious ghost market. l'l/Hl/lrtllu'. lat/iii/iu/‘e/i. Gran Torino I IS) I... ((‘Iinr l'..l\l\\t)()(l. l'S/Australia. 2008) ('lint l'.;ist\yootl. ('hristopher ('arley. Bee Vang. | lbmin. liastuood attempts a light-heaned reproach to some of the more reactionary \alues of his preyious films in this. his acting syyansong. ()ld»fashioncd patriot Wall's tlzastuood) nonchalant relationship toysards the Hmong family a ho ll\C next door changes \shen he catches shy young 'l'hao (Bee Vang) try mg to steal his car. A film rich in allusion. pride and st arm comedy. (it‘llt'l'tl/ release. The Haunting in Connecticut I I5) 0.. (Peter ('ornysell. l'S. 3009) Virginia Madsen. Kyle (iallner. Martin l)ono\an. l02mrn. See Also Released. page 48. (ieiieru/ release. I‘l'i 27 Mill: He’s Just Not That Into You ( IZA) 0.. (Ken K\\;tpl\. l'S. 2009) Jennifer Aniston. Ben Affleck. Scarlet Johansson. 129mm. Romantic comedy based on the self-help book of the same name by (ireg Bchrcndt and LI! 'l‘uccillo. following the loyclorn misadyentures of seyeral indn iduals in their 20s and 30s. Lightys eight occasionally amUsing comedy pitched at the Sea and the (in demographic. Selected release.

Heading South (Vera le Sud) ( ts) ooo il aurent ('antet. France Canada. 2005) (‘harlotte Rampling. Karen \oung. Louise Portal. Menothy Cesar l0t\'min In N‘l. Haiti. three \ery different women come to enioy the se\ tourism \sitnout realising the \soild of the e\piopiration. economic suppression and corruption that it masks Highly laudable and ssell intentioned. the film is derailed initially by poor period detail. an obs ious script and cringy. direct to camera monologues but ultimately is undemably \satchable. resonating long after the credits roll Matinees only (UNI! o. [flirt/midi Heavy Load l ISA) 0... (Jimmy Rothysell. l'K. 2008) Jimmy Nichols. Michael White. Mick Williams "lltllii Brighton punk band lleasy l oad is uniquely made tip of musicians with and \sithout learning disabilities Rothys ell takes a comical look at their rise from social care to starry heights. and back again Part of World |)o\sn's Syndrome l)ay \\ \s \s dsscotland org tik l'i/ni/ioim' Izt/iii/iiue/i Horton Hears a Who! il') .0. (Jimmy llayysard. Steye Martino. IS. 3008) Voices of Jim ('ai‘iey. Steye ('aiell Sbrnin Animators Blue Sky take a break from their ongoing It i' A er franchise to colorir'fully realise the umyerse of Dr Setiss‘ test Both ('arrey and (‘ar‘i‘ell are alloys ed lull rent for their brand of \ocal mugging as co directors Hay \yard and Martino skilfully guide Horton tossards a comforting moral about si/e not being all that important ('iiii'noiltl l’iirklieiirl. (i/meoie ('iiieuoilt/ Ifr/iiiliiiieli. lit/Ill/Hll'u/l Hotel for Dogs rt) 0. i'l'lioi l‘rcudenthal. l'S/(iermany, 2000) limma Roberts. l.isa Kudroys. lake 'I‘ Airstin 99min. ()rphancd siblings turn their lleys foster home into a dog retreat ('ute family c0lllcdy based on the tiny el by l.t)ts Duncan. undone by lame dialogue and buffoonish adult performances (it-rieni/ I‘t'lr’tlu'. House of Flying Daggers I IS) 0.. (Zhang Yiinou. ('hina/llong Kong. 3004) 'l‘akcshi Kaneshiro. [hang Ziy I. Andy Lari. ll‘hnin A pair of police deputies. Jin (Kaneshiro) and Leo tl.au). track a sUspected member of the insurgent faction lily trig Daggers circa 859A” \Hlli surprising results (iiyen the preyious form of Hero it‘s a disappointment (iood combat sequences. though Sr oimiuri Si rte/ring RUUIII. Ift/lll/Nll‘t’ll Hush ( l5) 0. (Mark 'ltllltlc’ltll. l'K. 2009) William Ash. ('hristine Bollomlcy. Andreas Wisnicw ski. ‘)lmin. Bickering couple Zakes (Ash) and Beth (Bottomley') are on a midnight car Journey dovtn the M l. When the shutter of a van in front of them momentarily fires up. lakes is com iiiced he's seen something and their problems are really just about to begin. 'l’onderai makes his loss budget go a long way. but too many sections lack tension and fail to engage; it's jUst not that scary. ("iriewor/rl ken/rm Street. (i/mgrm .' ('irierrorlrl Iz'i/iIi/iureli. Edinburgh.

in the City of Sylvia (l’(il

0... (Jose l.urs (iuerin. Spain. 2009) l’ilar l.opc/ dc Ayala. Xayier Lafitte. Tanya (’Iichy. 84min. See reyieys. page 47. (i/uwmr I'll/m 'I‘Ileull‘e. (i/uxr‘lrm. In the Night Garden it') (VarIUUs. (K. 2009) ()Ullllil Tyyr) episodes of the soothing BB(~ TV programme that readies children's minds for bed while freaking out parents. The programmes are Where Are The Hiittirigerx " and Mir/(Lu I’ukku 's Pile of Three. (‘unrera Edinburgh. Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner (Ii) 0”. (Murray (irigor. LS 2008) 90mm. Scottish filmmaker (irigor's excellent re-ey'aluatiye documentary about the work and legacy of mayerick architect John Lautncr. See feature at wwwhstcouk. (ilmgmt l'i/ni 'I’lieutre. (Human. The International ( IS) 0” (Tom Tykyyer. LS. 2009) (‘Iise ()wen. Naomi Watts. Armin Mueller-Stahl. I I7min. Interpol Agent Louis Salinger (Owen) and Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman (Watts) decide it's time to bring down the world‘s most powerful