batiks w ltett they uncover some reprehensible illegal activities. 'I‘otally ridiculous btit entertaining thriller tailor ttiadc for these bankrupt times. (ienerul t'e/t'tive,

Knowing t IS) .0 t.-\|c\ l’roy'as. IS. 3009) Nicolas ('agc. ('liandlcr Canterbury. Rose llyrnc. llltiiin. See Also Released. page 43. General t‘t'lt'ttvt’.

Kung Fu Panda tl’(i) 0.0 (Mark ()sbornc. John Stevenson. l'SA. 3008) Voices of Jack Black. Jackie (liar). Angelina Jolie. ‘llmin. ()v erw eight panda l’o tlllack)joins his heroes. the l-‘ierce l5iv'e. iii a butt-kicking adventure when the valley of peace is threatened with the return of bad kung fti master. 'l‘ai Lung tMcShane). This is l)reamworks-does-manga animation. overlaid with an liastertt version of the fated place-in-the-univ'erse style philosophy originally trademarked iii The [ion King. (If/ll'ii'UI-ltl I’tll'kllt'tltl. (iltlagtiti‘; (.llif'lt'Ul‘ltl lz‘ilttilitugh. lz'ilinliurgh.

Lesbian Vampire Killers t )5)

.0 (Phil ('laydon. l'K. 2009) James (‘ordetL Mathew Horne. Silvia (‘olloca Sb'min. See review. page 45. (ienerul I't'lt'th’.

The Life Before her Eyes t )5)

OOO (Yadim Perelman. l'S. 2007) l'ma Thurman. livan Rachel Wood. liva .-\tiiurri. 90min. See review. page 47. (ienerul t‘t'lt'ttst'fi‘otti Fri 37 .llittj

Llll Marleen 1 I5) O... (Raitter Werner Fassbinder. (iermany. I‘lh’l ) (iiancarlo (iiannini. l'do Kier. Hanna Sehygulla. 120mm. Fassbinder's Third Reich chronicle about (ierman singer Wilkie (Schygulla) and her love for Jewish Nazi resistor Robert ((iiannini ). Part of Fassbinder seasoti. (ilnvgovi' I‘ll!” 'l'heutre. (iltls'gtitv'.

Making Film: Helen (PG) .00. (low l.awler/(‘hristine Molloy. l'K/lreland. 3008) Annie 'I‘ownsetid. Sandie Malia. Dennis Jobling. 78min. l'K drama about a teetiage girl who is forced to confront her troubled past when asked to participate in a police reconstruction A Making Film event. this screening will be followed by an iii- depth dichssion with writers. producers and directors (‘hristine Molloy and Joe Lawlor (Desperate Optimists) and writer. artist and film programmer Lucy Reynolds. ((24. Glasgow.

Marley 8: Me tl’(i) O. tl)av'td l’rankel. IS 3008) ()w en Wilson. Jennifer Amston. .-\lan .-\rkin. 130mm. A revoltingly reactiotiary tale of a schizophrenic dog. the model American aspirations of his blaiidly uninteresting owners and the compulsion to ignore the community and tnove to suburbia to make your brood sale ttt today is world. Based on a bestselling book. (ienerttl release. The Marriage of Maria Braun t l5) 0... (Rainer Werner Fassbinder. West (iermany. l‘)7‘)) Hanna Schygulla. Klaus Lowitsch. Ivan l)esny. I20inin. The life of a young (ierman woman. married to a soldier iii the waning days of WWII. liasily l'iassbttider‘s most accessible film. this is his round about take oti Min/nine BUHH'V. All l-‘assbinder’s work is worth seeing but this may be a good entry point to his canon. Part of Fassbinder season. (ilusgoii I’ll"! ‘l‘lteutre. Glasgow.

The Metropolitan Opera: La Sonnambula tl-Z) it's‘. Zoom l20min. Joiti the New York Metropolitan Opera for Pellini's [at Sonnunilm/u. Screened live and in high definition. ('ineii-orlil Rent'reii- Street. (ilusgmr;

Milk t l5) O... ((ius Van Sant. (S. 2008) Sean Penn. Josh Brolin. limile Hirsch. IZS’min. This fairly conventional biopic of the first openly gay elected politician iii the l'nited States succeeds it) overcoming genre limitations to create a powerful and compassionate llliii. Tracing Harvey Milk's tl’etin) life frotn his apolitical forties. through three unsuccessful political campaigns. before w inning a seat on the San Francisco board of Supervisors. Van Sant deftly weaves archive footage with drama. crafting a film that's undoubtedly tip there with the very best of his work. (‘unieir Edinburgh.

Morvern Callari I5) O... tl.ynne Ramsay. ['K/(‘anada 2002) Samantha Morton. Kathleen Mcl)ermott. t)7min. Small towti hedonist and check-out girl Morvem ('allar tMorton) awakes one morning to find her boyfriend has committed suicide. When she finds the finished manuscript of her boyfriends time] she puts her name on it. sells it to a publisher and goes on holiday with her best friend Lanna tMcDermott). In an age of saccharine and spice and all things predictable this is surprisingly brave

This year’s live action and animation Oscar- nominated short films are the subject of two feature-length post ceremony presentations. Winning film Toy/and is among the live action nominees which include Smith and Foulkes' This Way Up, Reto Caffi's On the Line (pictured) and Irish entry New Boy directed by Steph Green and based on a Roddy Doyle short story. Also screening is the latest Pixar Animation Studios short, Presto. See www.shortsinternational.com for more information. I Cameo, Edinburgh. Mon 23 Mar l/tvo act/on) and Mon 30 Mar (animation).

cerebral iilmtiiaking. .-\ Monorail l'lllli ('Iub presentation. (ilitvgmi l'tlnt I'heiitre. (iluvgmi‘.

My Bloody Valentine 30 1 Is“)

0.. tl’atrick l.ussier. IS. 2000) Jensen Ackles. Jaittie King. Kerr Stiittli. 05min. Decent if unsurprisingly slick remake of well regarded early 80s stalk and slash horror. ('tnevmrltl Rent/en Street. (i/uvgoii. New in Town t 12A) 0 tJotias lilmer. 1S. 2009) Renee Zellweget. Harry (‘onnick Jr. Siobhan liallon. ‘ltiinin. liiiagitic Loeul Hero short) of wit. poetry and atmosphere and you have New In It'll n. a cheese-ball rom-com which sees Zellw eger play a corporate high-flier from Miami who comes to the Minnesota backwater town to restructure a manufacturing plant. Selet ll’t/ release.

North By Northwest (PG) 0000. t.-\lfred Hitchcock. (S. 1950) (‘ary (irant. live Marie Saint. James Mason. Martin Landau. l3(iiiiin. Quintessential Hitchcock comedy -actioner with (irant perfect as the every day adman pitched itito a freewheeling espionage adventure. in which nobody believes his innocence but he finds self- wonh and romance along the way. ('lasstc sequences abound. including the crop- dusting routine aiid the Mount Rtishmore climax. Brilliant entertainment. Seotvntun Screening Room. lz‘ilittlitu'gh.

North Face t 12) 00. it’htlip siol/l. (iermany. 2003) Benno I-urtnann. lilorian Lukas. Johanna Wokalek. I2ltnin. lixciting historical adventure recounting the dangeroUs ascent of the liiger in NM) by two Bavarian soldiers. 'lliink lone/ting tlte \iittl but with .\'a/is. (ilusgovv I’ll"! 'l'heutre. (llavgrmt

Oscar Nominated Shorts 2009 - Live Action iii) tv’arious. (iermany/l-‘rance/lreland/Denmark. 2008) l00min. l-‘ive ()scar nominees: ()n tlte l.tne. New Buy. Mutton “l the .-i'./iliult. The Pig and lirvlunil. See above. ('unteo. lit/lllhllrk’ll. Paris 36 ( ISI .. (Christophe Barratier. France. 2008) (ierard Jugnot. Clovis (‘omillac. Kad Merad. l20min. Sugar-coated tnUsical drama set in Paris in the 1930s. The (”horns director Barratier delivers a sentimental and disappointing homage to Jean Renoir's I936 The Crime of Monsieur hinge. (ilusgoiv Film Theatre. Glasgow.

Paths of Glory it’tiu COO. iStanley Kubrick. l S. NF“) Kirk Ilouglas. Ralph \lecket. >\dolphc \ieniou Munin New print ot this itiov itig portrayal ot the madness of war lhtee men are selected tot trial for cowardice atter the unsurprising tatlurc ot a tutile \\otld “at | mission Douglas is superb as the detence lavvyet during the court tiiatttal scenes. shot on location it) a trench castle Kubrick's lengthy tracking shots through the trenches are among the most ettccttvc scenes ol l‘alllc cvct lillitcvl l’an ot Kubrick season l-ilnihouvi. liltnlititgh

Paul Blart: Mall Cop mm .00 iStevc (art. l \. 200”) Kevin James. Keir U'Donnell. .laytiia \lays ‘Nllitlli See

tcv iv“. Page ~16 o. Hi In! H it me Pavarotti Tribute - Salute Petra tl’(i) tJotdan. 200M ‘\it\ltc.t Hocccllt. Angela (iheotghiu. .-\ndtea (ititnincllt ‘Nltiitti -\ tribute concert to the late ltaliati tenor lucratio l’avatotti. pettottited Ill ltont oi an exclusive invited audience of royalty. classical atid poptilat music stats at the world lictttage site l’etta. .Ioidati l-tltnhouve liltnliuigh

The Pink Panther 2 «Pro 0.

illatald /wart. IS. 2000) Steve Martin. .-\ndy (iatcia. Jean Reno ‘llmtn llits time the hapless detective Inspector (‘lotiscau «Martini teams up with a bunch oi international crime fighters who are as clumsy as he is l'lllilllcl and more ct)tnpteliensible tltati the 200!) first iilii) but sllll Ialt’l} lt'tlllllh \‘f'lf't lt'tl Him“!

The Reader« I5) 0... «Stephen l)aldt'y. l‘S/(iei'iiiany. 3008) Ralph l'lctilics. Kate \Vitislct. l)avid Kioss l2 initn In a West (ieiinati town at the end of the I‘Wls. 15-year old Michael iKross) starts a passionate atlatt will) Hanna t\\'inslct ). a tiatn conductor tiiotc than twice his age. But after a few tiiotitlis. llatitia suddenly disappears. atid it's almost a decade belore Michael sees her agatti Hy tlits tttnc be Is a law student and she is standing trial for war crimes. Si'li’t‘lt'tl I‘t'lt'ttvi‘,

Falkirk Council

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Masterclass: Bristish Board of Film

Classification (age 15+) Thursday 79th March 7:30pm

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